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As Claudia ascended the stairs and crossed a raised area that overlooked the main foyer, my eyes were glued to her long shapely legs encased in her sheer black stockings. As I mentioned after meeting her in the sex shop, she was a tall women about 5′-10″. With her high-heeled sling-back shoes on, she rose to over 6′ tall and towered over me. Her round perfect ass swayed nicely beneath her skin-tight skirt, the stretchy material hugging her supple thighs.

She opened a set of double doors that opened into the master bedroom. The room was absolutely huge! It had high ceilings and the room alone was bigger than my whole apartment. One side had a sitting area with a couch and a couple of chairs. There was a large dressing table area with mirrors and a chair. I could see off to the side the entry way into what I assumed was a large walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom wing. The centerpiece of the room was a king-size four-poster bed with a draping canopy over it. The whole room was beautifully decorated and had a luxurious warm feel to it. As I gazed around the room, Claudia walked over until she stood next to the bed and then turned to face me.

“Come over here, boy,” she said as she put her hands back on her hips and nodded to the space right in front of her. I quickly walked over until I stood where she had pointed. “Now strip,” she commanded. I took off my shirt first and then quickly followed with my pants. I set them aside and stood in my underwear with my hands cupped over my crotch.

“Everything slave,” she said nodding towards my covered groin area. Blushing profusely, I pushed down my underwear and kicked them over onto the rest of my clothes. I stood up and let my hands drape at my sides. I knew if I didn’t, she would instruct me to anyways.

“That’s a good boy,” she said as she walked around behind me. I felt her long fingernails scrape down over my back and across the cheeks of my ass. She didn’t do it hard but I knew it would leave fine red trails that would disappear shortly. She continued around until she stood right in front of me. She looked down at me with a sultry smile on her full red lips as she towered over me. She reached out with the blood-red fingernails of one hand and drew them slowly down the center of my chest. I drew in a quick intake of breath as I felt the blood rush thru my body as her nails scraped downwards. I felt my cock start to swell and lengthen as her nails slid over my abdomen and into my pubic hair.

“Not bad for a slave,” she said as my cock continued to fill with blood as she scratched all around the base of my cock but never actually touched it. She drew back her hand and placed both of them on her hips as she stood next to the bed facing me with her feet shoulder-width apart. My face was looking directly into that perfect set of tits of hers encased in that tight mauve cardigan. Her hint of cleavage left me praying that the buttons would fly off and her breasts would burst forth the next time she took a deep breath.

“Do you like those tits, boy?” she asked as she noticed me looking intently at her line of cleavage.

“Yes Mistress,” I said as I tore my eyes away from those beautiful mounds and looked up at her gorgeous face framed by that beautiful blonde hair. Her shoulder-length hair was perfectly cut and framed her face in a fashion that enhanced her beauty even more. For a mature woman of about forty, she was absolutely stunning. She reminded me of the British actress and model, Elizabeth Hurley.

“Well, here’s the deal then,” she said as she swayed her hips seductively before me. “Every time you make me cum, I’ll undo another button of this sweater. The first one’s for free,” she said as she reached up and plucked open the next button on her mauve sweater. My eyes were instantly drawn to the opening and I saw more of the upper slopes of those tremendous globes. Instinctively, my tongue slid out to run over my lips as I looked into her deepening cleavage. I quickly looked down at the front of her sweater and counted six more buttons.

“Now, get down on your knees, boy” she commanded. I dropped to my knees immediately and looked up past the pronounced curve of her bustline to see her looking down at me. “Now, get underneath that skirt and get to work,” she said as she kept her hands on her hips but parted her feet a little wider apart. As I moved forward I watched her tight skirt rise higher on her thighs as she parted her feet. I moved my head lower and looked up beneath her skirt. She was wearing thigh-high stockings that stayed in place with elasticized tops that hugged her creamy thighs a few inches below her pussy. I could see the mauve material of silky panties that encased her womanhood. A damp spot soaking thru the silky material acted like a homing device as I raised my face towards it.

I felt the stretchy material of her skirt against the back of my head as I moved my mouth higher until I was just below her steaming crotch. I breathed deeply and her warm womanly casino oyna scent filled my nostrils and seemed to settle on my tongue. I moaned with lust as I slid out my tongue and drew it across the damp material covering her pussy. I could taste her juices as I drew my tongue back and forth over the soaked fabric.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Get a taste, boy,” she said as I felt her hands grip my head beneath her skirt and pull me against her. I slid my tongue lower and drew it fully upwards as I covered the front of her panties from top to bottom as she directed my head around her smoldering box. After a few minutes, I reached up beneath her skirt and drew the soaked gusset of her panties over to one side of her swollen pussy-lips. She moaned out loud as I plastered my mouth against her dripping labia. I took long swipes from the bottom to the top of her moist slot and she gasped as I nibbled gently at the engorged spire of her protruding clit.

“That’s it. Stay on my clit,” she said as her gripping hands held my head tightly against her. I slithered my tongue all around her swollen nubbin of flesh as she moaned above me. I felt her start to gyrate against my face. “Oh yeah…..that is so good….oh fuck…yeah…yeah…yeah……ooooohhhhhhhhhh…” she pressed my face tight against her as her climax overtook her. I drew gently on her clit as I ran my tongue lovingly over the sensitive end. I felt her juices flow out onto my chin as her orgasm flowed thru her. I slid my tongue lower and gathered up a mouthful of her creamy discharge onto my tongue. I purred into her swollen pussy lips as I tasted her delicious womanly nectar.

“That’s number one,” she said as she moved herself off my face and sat back on the side of the bed. From my place on my knees before her, I looked up at her ample chest heaving beautifully as she drew in cooling breaths of air. “For doing such a good job slave, here’s the reward I promised you.” I watched as she reached up and opened another button. I saw the line of her cleavage deepen as more of the fabric parted. “And here’s your second reward,” she said as she sat back with her arms behind her and let her legs drift apart. My eyes were drawn to the widening expanse of creamy white thigh coming into view. I moved forward on my knees until my face was inches away from her hot little cunt.

“Get rid of those panties first,” she said nodding towards her crotch. She raised her hips as I reached beneath her skirt and drew down her soaked silky panties. I set them aside and she parted her legs further. Her skirt rode well up until the material was stretched tightly across the junction of her legs with her body. I had a perfect view of her moist vagina. It was as beautiful as I remembered it being from a couple of days ago when I had cleaned Frank’s load of cum out of it and then brought her to a further orgasm.

“C’mon boy. If you want another button opened, you better get to it.”

Her words snapped me out of my trance and I extended my tongue into the soft wet folds of her deep trench. I ran my hands up the insides of her smooth thighs and used my fingers to hold open her swollen pink pussy-lips. She moaned as I delved and swiped with my eager tongue. I bathed the inner walls of her vagina for a good ten minutes as she moaned and pushed herself against me. I gathered up every sweet morsel of her slick discharge as I kept my mouth pressed tightly against her.

“Oh fuck yeah. You love that, don’t you boy?”

“Mmmmmmhhmmmmm,” I moaned in agreement as I kept my lips pressed tightly against her as my tongue slid across the soft inner folds of her fuzzy box.

“Oh yeah….here we go…..yeah…..ah….ah….ah….aaaahhhhhhhhhhh…” she groaned again and again as her second orgasm flowed thru her. She bucked and writhed against my soaked face as I kept my searching tongue pleasuring the inner walls of her vagina. Her juices surged forth and I swirled my tongue to capture as much as possible as her gigantic climax continued. She finally put her hand on my head and held me still as I very delicately ran my tongue along the outer edge of her swollen inner lips.

“That’s number two,” she said and I raised my eyes as she plucked open another button and I could see almost the full length of her cleavage as the imposing slopes of her breasts strained at the clinging material. My cock had been rock hard the whole time since she had first drawn her fingernails over me. It lurched and I felt a drop of precum slide down the shaft as I looked deeply into the shadows between her two upthrust mounds.

“If you want more of this,” she said nodding to her leaking vagina, “pull the covers off this bed and plump up some pillows for me,” she instructed as she got to her feet beside the bed. I reached to the top of the bed and kind of rolled and folded the blankets and sheets until they were arranged near the bottom of the bed. There were a mass of pillows and I fluffed up a number of them and arranged them at the slot oyna head of the bed. When I finished and stepped back, I saw that Mistress Claudia had removed her skirt but remained wearing her sweater, thigh-high stockings and high-heeled sling-backs. The tight sweater tapered in significantly at her waist and the womanly hips of her hourglass figure led into those stunning long legs of hers. I could only stare in awe at her magnificent classic beauty. Never in my life would I have ever thought I would have the chance to be in this position.

“Step aside,” she said as she moved towards the bed. I moved to let her past and she slid gracefully onto the bed and sat back against the pillows piled against the headboard. “Come on up here,” she said as she drew her long legs up and apart. I crawled onto the bed and moved up to take my place between her parted thighs.

“Unnhh-unnhhh!” she warned. “I want you to start down here,” she said as she brought one of her pointy shoes towards my face, “and I want you to take your time and tell me all about your weekend with Frank.” She flicked her foot and the rear strap of the sling back came loose from her heel. I took that as an indication of what she wanted and slid her sexy shoe off her one foot and set it down. I felt the sensual texture of her sheer stockings in my hands as I caressed her delicate foot. I moaned out loud as I breathed in her womanly scent as she brought her foot up and slid it all around my face. She raised her other foot sensually towards me and I drew off that shoe as well and then she had both feet running over my face and upper body.

“That’s a good boy. You do want to please your Mistress, don’t you?” she said as she sat back with her hands clasped behind her head.

“Yes Mistress,” I said as she pressed the smooth silky soles of her feet all around my face.

“Good. Now tell me about your weekend.”

As she rubbed her feet over my face and chest, I gradually told her how I had met Frank at the bar and he had taken me back to his place and then started feeding me loads of his cum. I described to her in detail of how Frank had loosened up my throat over the side of the bed, taught me to drink his piss, showed me how he liked a hand job and even drink his cum from a glass. When I got to the part about the load of cum in the wine glass, she stopped me.

“Okay, I need that tongue again,” she said as she sat partially forward, took my head in her hands and pulled my face into her steaming twat. She was absolutely soaking wet and I realized my story must have been turning on, especially my description of Frank’s thick huge cock and his massive loads of cum. I swept her drooling labia into my mouth and slid my tongue all around her leaking opening. She moaned as her hands gripped my head tightly and pulled me harder against her as she leaned back into the pillows. I slid my head upwards and when I captured the swollen hard flesh of her clitoris in my mouth, she gasped and I felt her start to twitch.

“That’s it. That’s the place. Right….fucking….there….” she said and I could hear her panting like a steam engine as she kept my mouth pressed against her engorged clit. I vacuumed my lips around that erect spire and felt her start to buck into a series of orgasmic convulsions as she let go a screech of ecstasy.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHH!” Her scream seemed to echo in the huge bedroom as she thrust her hips up into my eager mouth as she erupted in a shattering climax. She spasmed beneath me as I kept my lips and tongue pressed against her pulsing clitoris. As she released her grip on my head, I slid downwards and swabbed my tongue into her inner sheath to taste her slippery discharge.

“Oh fuck. You are good with that tongue of yours, boy. That’s number three.” I looked up at her heaving chest as she teasingly undid the next button. I could see the bottom of her bra as the opening spread a little further open. Her bra was a pale mauve and obviously was part of a matching set with the panties she had cast aside earlier.

“Now sit back and massage my feet. I want to hear more of your story.” I sat back on my heels with my hard cock rearing up before me. It was leaking a steady stream of precum and I could feel it running down my erect shaft. She raised one beautiful stocking-covered foot in front of my face and I took it into my hands and started massaging it as I kept it pressed against my cheek. I told her about me going to sleep with his cock in my mouth and then him waking me up in the middle of the night and filling my throat. I then told her about me waking him up in the morning with a deep rim job and then him filling the plate with cum for me. When I got to the part where we arrived at her store, she stopped me again.

“Turn over, slave. I need to cum again,” she said as she pulled her feet away from my face. She slid them back into her shoes and got to her knees as I flipped over on my back. My cock was still rock hard and pointing straight up canlı casino siteleri towards my face. Still wearing her shoes, she straddled my chest and slid forward until her hot twat was right over my face.

“Get that tongue out, I want to ride that face for awhile,” she commanded. I extended my tongue and she settled her slot right onto it. I kept it hard and extended as she rocked herself back and forth. After a couple of minutes, she slid back slightly until her crotch was clear of my mouth. I looked up at her with pleading eyes as she had taken my desired treasure away from me. She reached down between her legs and then withdrew a glistening finger and held it up before me.

“Is this what you want?” she asked as she waved it teasingly in front of me.

“Yes Mistress. Please Mistress,” I pleaded as I tried to capture her moving finger with my gasping mouth. She slid it between my soft lips and I quickly closed them around her invading digit. I purred as I savored the sweet nectar she wiped across my raspy tongue.

“Oh fuck. You little cum-slut. Get that tongue back in there and make Mama cum,” Claudia said as she slid herself forwards and dropped her sopping vagina directly onto my waiting mouth. Referring to herself as “Mama” only inflamed me even more and I felt my cock give another lurch as I thought of my own mother……

She had become pregnant with me at an early age and was now just past fifty. I was an only child and she and my Dad had divorced years ago but both of them still lived on their own in town. Neither had remarried. My mother still kept herself in good shape and exercised regularly. She was by nature a stern woman and perhaps that was why, at this age, I was drawn to authoritative figures. Mistress Claudia’s mention of the word, “Mama”, when we were in this situation caused me to think of the possibilities of actually being in this same position, but under my mother’s control. I shivered at the thought but Claudia’s gushing juices drew me back to the present.

I shoved my tongue as far into her as I could and she grabbed ahold of my hair and pulled my face up into her. She rode my face for about fifteen minutes as my tongue continued to lap up all of her sweet juices.

“Oh fuck…..I’m gonna cum again….oh fuck……ooooooohhhhhh….” Again, I felt her start to convulse and groan as she rode my face thru another brutal climax. Her discharge was running down my chin and neck as the exquisite sensations coursed thru her. My head slipped back onto the pillow beneath me as she finally released her tight grip on my hair. I gasped in cool fresh air as my face came away from her sodden vagina.

“Number four,” she said and I looked up towards the inviting slope of her breasts as she popped open the next button. This time, I could see a portion of her taut flat stomach beneath the bottom of her bra. There were only two buttons left to go.

“Well boy, I think it’s time you gave me a deep rim job like you gave Frank,” she said as she slid forward until her succulent ass was poised over my face. She settled down and my tongue slid around the perimeter of her pink rosebud. She wiggled her smooth ass downwards as I pushed a mouthful of saliva into her relaxing anus. My tongue slithered deeply into her and I tasted her womanly flavor as my tongue bathed the pink membranes lining her sphincter. I heard her moaning and gasping with pleasure as I withdrew my tongue and then plunged it deeply into her backside. She was unrelenting as she skewered herself down again and again on my thrusting tongue.

“Oh that’s so good and deep. C’mon now boy, it’s time for Mama to cum again.” She moved back slightly and reached down to pull my face right onto her engorged clit. Once I had latched on, I could see her reach up and grip the back of the headboard with both hands. Her blonde hair was flying about her face as she gyrated and ground herself against my suctioning mouth. Her panting and gasping escalated as I pressed my tongue firmly against that sensitive bud and hummed. The vibration coursing thru my tongue to her clit must have hit the right spot because she started thrashing wildly on my vacuuming mouth.

“Oh shit….yeah…gonna cum…..gonna cum……oooooohhhhhhhhh….” She settled down firmly on my suctioning lips and I felt her body go rigid as I hummed into her trembling flesh once again. She quivered and gasped as she rode my face thru another orgasm. I could feel her discharge gushing forth to coat my chin and run down my neck once again She finally stopped shaking and a could hear her gasping as I slid my tongue gently down to her sopping lips and lapped up some of her juices. She sat back on my chest and looked down at me.

“Your face is a fucking mess! But you like it that way, don’t you boy?”

“Yes Mistress,” I answered as my eyes focused on her large breasts pushing against the lacy fabric of her bra. Most of it was visible now. She smiled down at me as she reached up and undid the next button. The material spread further open and nearly all of the tightly-packed cups of her bra came into view. I could see the taut muscles of her flat stomach clearly defined in the V-shape of smooth skin showing above the final button.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32