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Looking back, it’s hard to believe how naïve I was at 18. While I had dated quite a few boys since I was 15, I was still a virgin and most of the guys I went out with were quite content with the kissing and hand holding that seemed to make up my dates to movies, high school football and basketball games, and the like. But that all changed one summer afternoon with Teri. Teri, a sophomore at Georgia Tech, is a gorgeous brunette. I had heard the stories from my girlfriends at school that Teri and her friends were lesbians. I wasn’t quite sure what that entailed. But one lazy summer afternoon, Teri opened the door and I walked thru without hesitation.

While I wasn’t quite prepared to write off guys – particularly since I had not even given it a chance. I knew that I liked the touch and feel of another woman. I was even more intrigued with the woman Teri said had first seduced her the previous year. According to Teri, Jennifer was an older woman in her mid thirties. They had met at a bar and Teri went back to her apartment where she experienced her first lesbian affair.

After Teri and I made love that summer day, I knew I wanted to meet Jennifer. Teri had called her and set something up for Saturday afternoon and I was anxious and nervous all day Friday at the thought of meeting her. Teri had described her as someone who liked to take charge, dominant in their lovemaking. Just a day before, I had never experienced an orgasm. Now here I was excited beyond belief that I would submit myself to another woman – a woman I had not yet met.

When Teri picked me up Saturday after lunch I was nervous as hell. I had dressed in a pair of white shorts and a pink low cut top that I felt really accentuated my legs and breasts. I wore a pair of sandals and pulled my blonde hair back in a pony tail. Teri was also wearing shorts. A pair of black shorts with a white halter top. I couldn’t help think how much of her breasts were showing and I could clearly make out her nipples which poked through the thin top.

She was barefoot when she came to my door and the first thing I noticed was the burgundy paint on the nails of her tiny feet. Teri is about 5′ 3″ and has a beautiful body. Even though she may not be attracted to guys, they are certainly drawn to her as she has never failed to attract glances from admiring guys.

Teri has the nicest smile and I could tell she was in a great mood as we started off for Jennifer’s. While I was a bit nervous, Teri seemed to be very relaxed, complimenting me on how nice I looked.

“So tell me about her. Tell me about that night when you guys met,” I begged as we pulled out of my neighborhood.

“Well,” Teri began. “One of my sorority sisters, Jan and I, decided to go down to Buckhead. A few of the girls, and guys too, had talked about partying there one Friday night. We started at Vortex and ended up across the street and were there a couple of hours with a few other girls we knew from school. We weren’t there long before these two guys started hitting on us.”

“They weren’t unattractive or anything, just obnoxious. Like they were doing us a favor they were talking to us,” Teri shared. “Then I noticed this lady with long black hair who walked up and really put them in their place. Even then I noticed how attractive and yes.. sexy she was.”

“What did she do,” I inquired.

“I haven’t thought about it in a while,” Teri said as she recalled the evening, “Jen said something to the affect ‘You guys are a little out of your league aren’t you? The Chucky Cheese is down the street. Maybe the little girls there might find you interesting.’ They were still cussing and muttering she was a bitch as they sauntered off with their tails between their legs,” she added looking over at me with a smile.

“Jan and I asked her to sit down and she introduced herself. She bought all three of us drinks. I suppose we were on our second drink when she made the comment that sort of freaked Jan out a little at the time. Something like she couldn’t blame the two jerks from earlier, since we were such attractive, sexy ladies. Then she asked if there were some special guys…or ladies…in our lives.”

“I thought Jan was going to choke on her drink,” Teri said as she recounted Jan’s reaction, “Ladies? I don’t think so. We’re not into other girls.”

“How do you know if you never tried it?” Jennifer said as she took a sip of her drink and looked at Jan and then me,” Teri recalled.

“Are you hitting on us?” Jan asked, almost indignantly.

“Is it working?” was Jennifer’s response back to her.

“You’ve got the wrong impression. Teri and I aren’t that way,” Jan shot back. She reached for my hand and nearly snatched me up as she thanked Jennifer for the drinks but said we needed to run. And run she was doing. I looked back to see Jennifer taking another drink as Jan said just loud enough for me to hear, “You believe that crazy dyke? She was trying to pick us up.”

I was totally engrossed in Teri’s story as we sped down the road to Jennifer’s. “Well, if you guys left the bar, casino oyna how’d you end up back at her place?” I questioned.

“Well, we didn’t leave. I mean Jan did but I didn’t. When we got outside on Peachtree, I recognized a couple of girls from Tech and asked Jan would she be okay if I stayed and talked with them for a while. Jan had already indicated she wanted to call it a night and head back to campus.

“Are you sure?” Jan asked. “You going to be alright with crazy woman inside?”

“I smiled and told her I was fine. We’d likely go somewhere else anyway. She told me okay and I walked over to Julie and some of those girls as I watched Jan walk to her car. I knew she had looked over a couple of times, perhaps making sure I was okay. As soon as I saw her car move out of the distance, I told Julie it was great seeing her and headed back inside.”

“My heart was beating in my chest as I saw Jen still sitting at the table. It looked like she was reaching around to slip on her jacket when I sat back down in front of her,” Teri recounted.

“Well, I didn’t think I’d see you again. Where’s your friend?” Jennifer asked.

“I told her I was catching a ride back with Julie, a friend of ours outside,” I explained.

“And are you?” Jennifer smiled.

“No. I just told her that,” I replied

“I see,” Jennifer smiled. “I take it you’re curious. Curious what it’s like to be with another woman.”

“Yea, maybe,” I said tentatively.

“Maybe?” Jen fired back. “You were long past maybe when you walked back thru that door.”

“I could feel my heart racing. She was so direct and it was like she was looking right thru me,” Teri explained.

“So tell me. Tell me why you came back,” Jennifer said almost demanding.

“I was curious. I am curious,” I said softly.

“Curious about what angel? What is it that you’re curious about? Tell me.” Jennifer pressed.

“What it’s like to be with a woman. With you,” I added.

Jennifer smiled and took a drink of her vodka. She knew she had me. Now she was just toying with me.

“Good. Very good angel,” Jennifer replied back. Her gaze took in my body. Both Jan and I had worn sundresses that evening. Mine was a little yellow number with matching flip flops.

“I’m glad you came back. You are a very pretty girl. So you got a steady boyfriend?” Jennifer inquired.

“Nothing serious. I’ve been seeing a couple of guys regular I guess,” I added back.

“Oh, two guys, “Jen replied. “And sex? You having sex with them?” she probed.

“Yea,” I answered back softly hoping no one else heard me. I couldn’t believe I was sharing such personal information with a stranger but she was so direct and unyielding.

“And tonight. Tonight you want to have sex with your first woman?” Jen pressed. I remember nodding as she went back at me, “Tell me Teri. Tell me what you want.”

“I want to go back to your place. I want you to show me what it’s like. To have sex with another woman,” I added.

“Something you should know angel. I’m a very dominant lover. I intend to have you. Are you prepared to give yourself to me? Without question?” Jennifer pressed.

It was if I could hear someone else’s voice as I meekly replied, “yes.”

“Very well,” she smiled, “Then as a sign of your total submission. I want you to go into the restroom and slip off your panties. I assume you are wearing some?”

“My panties?” I inquired.

“Yes, take them off and bring them to me.” I watched as she laid her hand on the table, palms up. “Put them right here angel. Either bring me the panties and show me you are ready to submit yourself to me or keep walking out that door. The choice is yours.”

I felt my heart pounding. This woman didn’t want to make love to me. She wanted to use me. My legs felt heavy as I lifted myself out of the chair. Each step closer and closer to the restroom. I wondered if I should keep walking. But she had me feeling things I had never felt before. I was so excited.

I walked into the restroom and there were a couple of girls in there. They were chatting back and forth. My mind was racing and I only heard background noise as I thought about what Jen had said, “Remove my panties and bring them to her.” I didn’t even pay the girls attention as I reached under my sundress and slipped my thumb under the waistband of the panties and slid them down and over my right foot and then my left.

I never looked back to see if the girls were watching. My panties were bikini cut, yellow, matching my dress. I had them balled up in my hand as I looked into the mirror staring at the girl who was looking back. The other two were still chatting about something, paying me little attention, as I stepped out the door, looking back at our table as a waitress set down two fresh drinks.

Jennifer anticipated I’d be back. She knew she had me. I slid into my chair and placed the crumpled yellow panties into the hand that she extended. Our hands touched. It was actually the first time I felt her touch and it was electric.

She slot oyna took my panties and brought them to her face, touching her nose. “Delicious,” she said with a smile before placing them in a purse beside her. “Enjoy your drink angel.”

I took a long sip of the fresh vodka tonic that she had bought us. The cool alcohol seemed to settle me. She told me again how pretty and sexy I was and what an enjoyable time we were going to have.

When we finished our drinks, she paid the tab and then we walked out into the parking lot. She guided me to a blue Mercedes a few rows back and I sat down in her car. While she stuck her keys in the ignition, she didn’t crank it. Instead, she moved closer to me, our eyes locked on each other, as she moved in to kiss me. I let her. There was no reason to put up any resistance. I wanted to be there. I wanted her to take me.

Her soft full lips pressed against mine as she moved her body closer until I felt her breasts on mine. Her left hand slid down to my leg and lightly rubbed up and down and then eased its way up until she was touching me there .. . my pussy, already wet from her touch.

The moment her hand came in contact with my wet pussy lips, her tongue pushed into my yielding mouth as I sucked her in, allowing her to explore. I felt like putty in her arms as she pushed her fingers between the folds of my cunt, continuing to kiss me, sliding her wet, plump lips along mine. I spread my legs wider allowing her full access as she sunk one, then two fingers into my box.

She slipped a strap off my shoulder baring a breast. I hadn’t worn a bra and she slid down to my breast and tongued my exposed flesh, taking my hardening nipple into her mouth, biting, sucking, pulling at it. She pulled the other strap down and then in one motion moved my back off the seat and pulled the dress which bunched at my waist. She touched my other breast, cupping it in her hand as she twisted and pulled at my nipple between her thumb and fingers still sucking on the other.

Her left hand was still working on my pussy as her fingers plunged in and out. She withdrew her finger and brought it up to my mouth, inserting her fingers, wet with my juices into my mouth, which I sucked on with abandon.

“That’s it. Suck on my fingers. You like the taste of your pussy don’t you angel,” she said softly as she returned her fingers to my wet box. I groaned back as she ran her hot tongue into my ear and then sucked and kissed my exposed neck. She returned her fingers to my mouth a number of times. Each instance, I hungrily licked off my juices which coated her fingers as Jen moaned her approval.

I felt my legs shaking as she continued her oral assault on my breasts, moving her fingers deep into my pussy, rubbing on my clit with her thumb. My head pressed back into the head rest as she found my mouth, her tongue again plunging between my lips as I sucked on it. My body shook as wave after wave took me. Jen kissed me harder with each shudder of my body until I went limp beneath her.

I felt her tugging at my dress. “Raise up angel,” Jen commanded as I lifted my butt off the seat as she slid the dress over my hips and down my legs. In moments, I was completely naked in her car. My skin caressed the cool leather seats of her Mercedes.

It was then that I started thinking of what someone might think if they walked by. I could hear voices of people walking through the parking lot but I knew better than to ask Jennifer to let me put something back on.

“You have a gorgeous body baby,” Jennifer said appraisingly, taking in my now naked body before her. She cranked up the car as I slid down lower in my seat, hoping to avoid anyone seeing me undressed in her car.

We drove for a few minutes until she finally broke the silence. “I knew you were a naughty girl when I saw you were wearing that pretty dress without a bra.”

I must have shot her a quizzical look, wondering how she knew, when she shot back. “I saw those cute little nipples sticking out a little while ago at the table. You were so excited earlier. Coming to the bar without a bra, wanting to show everyone those cute little nips. I knew then you were a naughty little thing. I just didn’t know what a slut you really are.”

I was struck by the word ‘slut’ and immediately shot back, “I wouldn’t say slut.”

“Oh really?” Jen smirked. “You’re buck naked in a car with a woman you just met after letting her finger you until you came in a parking lot. What do you call it?”

I hung my head. I knew she was right. I was being a slut. Her slut and she intended for me to be just that.

“Put your feet up on the dash and spread your legs … wider,” she said as she actually reached out and pulled one foot closer to her on the dash.

“Now I want you to get yourself off. Cum again like you did in the parking lot,” she commanded.

I looked over but didn’t think twice as my right hand moved to my box. I inserted a finger and then rubbed it across my clit. I took my left hand and cupped my breast and canlı casino siteleri pulled at my nipple as Jen looked on appreciatively.

I was rubbing my clit with a frenzy as I slid deeper into the seat. I moved my own fingers to my mouth and tasted my pussy juices which drew an audible gasp from Jennifer. I knew I pleased her and that made me that much more excited as I rubbed my clit drawing closer to my orgasm.

“That’s it baby. That’s my angel. Cum for me. Work that pussy,” Jennifer urged.

“So what was it your friend Jan said as you two were leaving a while ago?” Jennifer questioned.

I was in a daze, my mind focused between my legs as I approached another orgasm. “Jan?” I questioned back knowing full well what she was asking, “she said we had to get out of there. We needed to leave.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Jennifer scolded. “What did she say?”

I looked over, her gaze staring back as I continued to rub my clit, the pressure building. “She called you a crazy dyke. That’s what she said,” I groaned. Somehow I think she already knew it. Overheard it. But there was no sense in lying as I plunged my fingers into my cunt.

I shook again as another orgasm welled up and seized my body. I pushed back against the seat as I actually felt my warm juices trickling down my bare leg. I finally came to rest completely spent. My chest rising up and down as my hard nipples testified to my excitement.

Jennifer reached out and took my hand which lay across my lap, raising it to her lips. She kissed my hand, my fingers, before setting it down again on my lap. She looked over at me and laughed. “Your friend Jan is a pretty good judge of character. I am a crazy dyke. I’m just sorry I don’t have you both tonite.”

Jen was looking ahead as she navigated through the lanes. “I would have loved to have both of you taking turns between my legs. Your little tongues buried in my cunt. All in time though. All in time. We have you tonight angel. We’ll work on Jan later.”

It was the last words I heard as I dozed off, falling asleep until I was awaken when she pulled into her drive with the sound of a garage door rising and her driving in.

She closed the heavy door which settled down behind her. “We’re here sweets,” Jennifer said as she looked over. I started to reach behind us in the seat for my dress, when Jen caught my arm. “You won’t be needing that.”

I stepped out of her car, the pavement cool beneath my feet. It felt weird walking naked into her apartment. Here I was completely nude with a woman whom I had just met a few hours before. She ushered me into her apartment through a kitchen door. While it was an apartment, it was gorgeous with oak floors and marble counter tops.

Jennifer lay her keys down on the counter as the heels she was wearing clacked across the wooden floor. She bent down and undid a snap on each, removing them. Then she moved to a cabinet and retrieved a couple of glasses and made us both drinks. As she handed me one, she kissed me softly on the lips, pulling my hair back, and looking me in the eyes. A hungry look which made me shudder.

After a few sips, she took my drink from my hand and set it down on the counter as she tilted my chin up and kissed me hard. I felt completely submissive as she stood kissing me, her clothed body pressing against my naked frame. The only thing bare was her feet which touched mine as I lifted and rubbed my toes against the top of her foot.

Her hands reached down and cupped the cheeks of my ass, pulling me closer into her body. I slid one of my bare legs between hers, feeling the softness of her thighs, as I wrapped a leg around hers. My tongue pushing back into her mouth as she nibbled my lips and sucked on my tongue.

With her right hand, she tugged down on my hair forcing me to my knees as I came face to face with her black leather skirt. I looked up to see her unbuttoning her blouse exposing a lacy black bra which contained her ample breasts above me.

Jennifer has Asian features with a Japanese mother and a father who is South African giving her a very dark but exotic complexion. She had me on my knees as she removed her blouse and then unclasped her bra, slipping it off and freeing her beautiful breasts. They sat proudly on her chest and were capped by two small and erect nipples which stood out.

“Unzip me baby. On the side. Take it off,” she cooed as I found the zipper and tugged it down exposing more of her toned bronze abdomen. I was immediately drawn to two tattoos. One on each hip. Her right hip was a bold black Kanji symbol.

“What is Kanji?” I interrupted. It was the first comments I had made since Teri began her story which had me totally captivated.

“Kanji is Chinese letters,” Teri began to explain.

“I thought you said Jennifer was Japanese… or part Japanese,” I questioned back.

“Yea. Chinese Kanji are symbols that Japanese use,” Teri continued.

“I asked her what it meant one afternoon when we were together and she said she had it done after seducing a girl she worked with. Apparently they had a lengthy and loving relationship. Anyway, the tat stands for master or teacher. The other tattoo which starts on her left hip and runs almost to her pussy is a series of colorful stars,” Teri continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32