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Kate Knows Sex

Kate Ramson looked at herself in the mirror, she had a bikini on and she looked with satisfaction, the running, the working out, the walking regimens were paying off big time. She hadn’t lost weight really, but was toned and muscular, her voluptuous tits were barely contained by the bikini top. She turned sideways to get a better look, I look hot! Kate thought.

Her legs and torso looked good too. Kate had excellent hips, wide and supple looking, shapely legs and ankles. She turned around and looked at her tanned legs and well turned butt in the mirror over her shoulder. She looked young for her mid thirties. And pretty, wide spread eyes, good complexion, gorgeous mouth.

Kate was in certain respects a late bloomer, but once she saw that she could get the hottest of young boys to sleep with her, she began pursuing it eagerly.

She was on her way to a pool party that her friend Angie was giving.

Later the women were sitting around sunning themselves and drinking beer.

The talk turned to men, as it usually did at these kinds of gatherings.

“You all know what Kate has been up to don’t you?” Angie asked the group.

“What?” Heather Lineman asked.

Heather had a revealing bathing suit, as did all the women, she was pretty in a way but something off of the sexy and vivacious Kate.

“Well you remember Ginny Wade? Kate has been screwing her son Caleb for the last three or four months,” Angie said.

Angie was attractive too, but seemed at least five years older than Kate, and dark haired with a pretty golden colored deep tan.

Heather said, “What is he like 16?”

“He’s 18,” Kate said.

“He is a hottie, I’ll say that,” Angie said.

Kate sat there smiling at the other girls, they’re probably jealous she thought.

“Way to go Kate,” Trisha said.

“Oh he’s not the only one,” Kate said, unable to resist bragging about her sexual conquests.

“There was a soccer player from down at Price Junior College, shit was he a fucking hunk,” Kate said and giggled.

The women laughed.

Kate had been drinking so then she got up and went into Angie’s house on the way to the bathroom.

When she got there she noticed a guy working on the sink.

“Excuse me, but I need to go pea, what do I do?” Kate asked.

“There’s another bathroom, just go right down the hall,” the guy replied.

Kate looked at him, he was big, blond and muscular, and, young looking.

“Okay, thank you,” she said lightly.

“No problem.”

Once she got back out to the pool area, Kate said, “Who’s that guy working in the bathroom?”

Heather Lineman had noticed him too and asked, “Yeah what’s he doing?”

“Working on the plumbing in the bathroom,” Angie replied,”he’s putting in a new sink.”

Trisha said, “From what I’ve seen I like to have him work on my plumbing.”

Trisha was about the same age as Angie and looked something like her.

The women laughed at that.

“Yeah how old is he?” Kate asked.

“Hold your horses cradle robber,” Angie said.

“What about this plumber?” Kate asked.

“He seems to be a plumber and handyman,” Angie said.

“And you’re not the first to notice him, I already tried, he told me that he thought fornicating outside marriage was wrong!” Angie said and laughed.

“He’s Robbie Nichols,” Trisha said, “his father was a plumber too.”

“I’d like to bag him,” Kate said.

“Dig her,” Angie said, “she bangs a couple of kids and all of a sudden she’s a sex expert.”

“I am getting pretty confident,” Kate said throwing her glossy hair around.

“Oh shit,” Angie said and laughed at Kate.

“I’ve had no trouble picking up these young kids and I’m getting pretty fucking confident that I can do it,” Kate said.

“I’ll bet you can’t,” Angie said.

“You fuck a few kids and now you’re irresistible, knock it off,” Angie said.

“I’ll bet I can do it,” Kate said confidently, “the guy in the bathroom looks like a stud and half.”

“I’ll bet you, what do you want to bet?” Kate asked.

“Dinner and drinks,” Angie said.

Kate said, “Okay.”

Angie said, “So the bet is you have to get this guy and bed him in two days, and if you do I buy dinner and drinks at the Dos Amigos, and if you can’t and I don’t think you can, then you buy dinner for me.”

Kate, over the last three months had gained more and more and more confidence in her ability to find and get the young men that she wanted for sex, since seducing young Caleb; who she was still screwing, she had added two more notches to her lipstick case. The next one had been a soccer player she had met at a junior college soccer match, she had given him the look, she eyeballed him with her seduction stare and he had come running right after the game. The end result had been a knee quivering mind blowing fuck standing against a wall in the guy’s apartment. Next had been a young guy working in a small carpet store in town, Kate had made several brazen come ons until he had cajoled her into a room in the back, thrown her down on several roles of new carpet canlı bahis şirketleri and had simply fucked her until her ears bled. Kate was astonished at times, she had never really known that things like this really happened until she had started openly pursuing young guys. She had become an aggressive and persistent cougar, and, she could have had even more men, but she was picky about who she had sex with.

Kate smiled and said, “I say I can bag this guy, it’s no big deal.”

“I call bullshit,” Angie said defiantly.

“If he isn’t some gay dumb ass, I can get him,” Kate replied confidently, “he won’t resist for long.”

“Oh shit,” Angie said good naturally.

Kate said, “Bring ’em back alive.”

“But how will we know?” Angie asked, “how do we know that you actually fucked him.”

Kate giggled and said, “Because I’m telling you.”

“We’re gonna need proof,” Heather said.

Angie said, “Make a sex tape.”

“A sex tape,” Kate said with a surprised look.

Angie laughed and then said, “Within the year I have been banging this nineteen year old boy a bunch of times and we made at least three sex tapes.”

“Really,” Kate replied a little shocked and amazed.

Angie said, “Boy does he ever know how to fuck!”

“Who is this nineteen year old?” Heather asked, interrupting.

“He’s a friend of Ethan,” Angie replied.

“Your son, you screwed your son’s friend?” Heather asked.

“Yeah,” Angie replied laughing at Heather.

Heather said, “You slut.”

“Uh huh,” Angie replied nodding her head up and down.

All the women laughed then.

“I wouldn’t do something like that,” Heather said.

Angie said, “That’s because you couldn’t get him.”

“I could so,” Heather replied.

“Haven’t you ever made a sex tape?” Angie asked Kate somewhat credulously.

“No, I haven’t,” Kate said.

Angie said, “Do you have a web cam?”

“No,” Kate replied.

“I have one, you can borrow mine if you want,” Angie said.

Kate heart raced a bit, a sex tape, wow!

“Sure I’ll do it,” Kate said confidently.

“You show us a tape of the fuck, and we’ll concede the wager,” Angie said and giggled.

“Yeah I can do that,” Kate said.


Actually Kate had remembered seeing Robbie before but never up close. Kate had never talked to him. She remembered seeing him riding around in the small town they lived in on a bicycle. And she had seen him sitting at the Dairy Dell, an outdoor ice cream and sandwich place. So she put on short tight red shorts and a cut off white t. shirt that had part of the St Louis Cardinals emblem on it and headed for the car. It was about 6:40 in the evening and hot. I hope it isn’t too hot for him to be out, Kate thought as she started up the air conditioner.

“No pre marital sex, my ass,” Kate said looking at herself again in the rear view mirror.

She was really excited at the thought of making a sex tape, she had thought about it but hadn’t ever done, now hopefully it was going to happen. Kate cruised the town looking for him on his bicycle.

Going all around the small town, she found nothing, he wasn’t there, she went past the city park, the pool, the cemetery, the town main drag.

Kate got back to her house and pulled into the garage discouraged, she could lose the bet without ever getting close enough to fuck him! This was something she hadn’t thought of. She had figured that seducing him would be the hard part, not just finding him.

She plopped into an easy chair in the living room and thought, I’ll go out again around eight, it’s only seven now.

Kate waited an hour and then tried again.

She went up to the town square and found him the first thing.

He was sitting there eating an ice cream cone! His bike parked next to him. Kate looked him over, he was a neat as a pin and looked like he’d just gotten out of the shower; he had on blue shorts and a blue button down shirt that didn’t completely obscure the bulging arm muscles he had. He was wearing shoes that looked look loafers. It was hard to imagine that he was a plumber, or looking less like a plumber. He had light blond hair cut short and blue eyes and a ruddy complexion. He had a young looking face that alternated being innocent and something else, Kate couldn’t tell what. He was big guy, she could see that even when he was sitting down. She pulled her car off the street and parked it.

Kate went up to the window and ordered.

She leaned up against the window of the place and stuck her ass out so he would get a good look at her tanned legs and butt. It was hot and she was nervous and she ordered a banana split and sat down in the chair next to him. She began eating, he looked over at her and said, “Hi.”

“Hi,” Kate replied.

She said, “I saw you at Angie Borzini’s house, you’re the plumber handyman guy.”

“Yeah,” he said, “I really like that house, the pool there is great.”

Then he said, “She was having a party or something, and you were there.”

She looked at him smiled and said, canlı kaçak iddaa “I’m Kate Ramson.”

“Robbie Nichols.”

Kate told herself smile, make eye contact.

Kate said, “Yeah we were a having a pool party.”

“What we mostly did is sit around and talk about men,” Kate replied.

Make eye contact she thought, sometimes that was enough to get them going, her sex stare could be pretty potent.

“Actually your name come up that day,” Kate said.

“Really?” he said smiling at her.

“Uh huh,” Kate said and giggled at him.

Kate was eating her ice cream pretty fast.

Robbie said, “I hope it wasn’t bad.”

Kate replied, “No, it was all good stuff.”

Kate had learned to be confident with men, the more confident the better, she approached these seductions with the attitude that there was just no way they could possibly turn her down.

He sat there not saying anything for a bit.

“We thought you were pretty hot,” Kate said.

“Cool,” Robbie loudly.

He was looking off across the street, not looking at Kate.

Look at me Goddammit! Kate thought, the idea practically burning a hole in her brain.

“We were like wow!” she said cooing at him.

Robbie didn’t quite know what to think, so he glanced over at Kate. He could see her staring at him. She smiled at him and he could feel that, and she was practically burning a hole in his head with her eyes.

Kate asked, “Do you work out a lot?”

“Some but a lot of it is I do a lot of hard work with the job I have,” he said.

“Yeah well it’s working whatever it is,” Kate said.

He looked at Kate again, she gave him a sexy smile that he could feel in his toes. Kate smiled at these potential seductive targets as though they had just shot lots of nice hot cum into her and made her orgasm.

Robbie looked at her again, it was hard not to, she was coming on to him, it was obvious, she wasn’t being very discrete about it either. Actually it was pretty brazen.

Robbie could heat coming over him, he didn’t want to get an erection in public, there were a couple of kid’s standing at the Dairy Dell window, Kate didn’t seem to notice them or care.

He was looking at her now, not every second but he kept looking away and then looking back.

Kate felt like she was making some good headway, so she continued, pouring it on. she said, “I’m telling you baby, we were really fucking impressed, all of us, I was like look at those arm muscles.”

“Thanks again,” Robbie said with a friendly tone.

“You’re welcome baby,” Kate said with a saucy tone.

Robbie looked at her again and she said, “I mean hells bells, a girl can only take just so much.”

He just could not help it, he was getting turned on.

Kate had learned a few things about the hot points and the breaking points of her bad girl routine, be confident, be aggressive and make lots of eye contact,

She got up and stood over where he was sitting, she said, “I’d like you to come over, I’ve got a hole that needs fixing.”

“Well I can’t do anything now, it’s way after hours,” Robbie said uncomfortably.

Robbie didn’t know what to do, he was getting into a sexual fever, and he didn’t always care for such feelings, this one had gone a lot farther than they almost always went.

Kate flashed a shit eating grin at him and said, “Well I’m sure you’ve got the right tool for the job, don’t you.”

Robbie couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Kate said, “Wanna come over?”

“Okay,” he replied swallowing.

Kate said, “Do you want to follow me on your bike to my place?”


“Yes!” Kate said as she got in her car and started the engine up, she was getting close to it now.


Kate’s house wasn’t far from the Dairy Dell, she parked and he followed her. Kate opened the door and went in first, turned a light on and stood there provocatively.

“Well here we are,” Kate said.

Kate turned her back to him and stuck her ass out and ground it, “Look at this,” she said.

Robbie took his hand and slapped it hard.

“Owwww!” Kate said and then giggled.

She turned back and around and said, “You sonavabitch.”

He put his hand down and pulled at her tight cut offs, “Get those shorts off,” he said.

“Yes sir,” Kate said and pulled her shorts down and stepped out of them.

Kate grinned broadly, the quiet kid had turned into an animal! Fantastic!

She smiled at him and ground her hips suggestively, in an attempt to turn him on even more.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re gonna do?” she asked provocatively.

He grabbed her and threw her up against the wall.

“What do you think?” he asked.

Then he kissed her hard, his tongue jamming itself into her mouth.

He grabbed her tit and squeezed.

“Owww, you fucker,” Kate said and giggled again.

He was being rough with her and demanding, Kate’s heart raced, this was better even than she had hoped for.

Kate could his cock throbbing against canlı kaçak bahis her thighs, it was close now!

Thinking about how she needed to film something, Kate said, “Wait baby, I want to tell you something.”

He paid no attention to her, his powerful arms crushing her and then throwing her against the front door.

“Let me tell you something,” Kate tried again.

It was too late, Kate could see that, she had seen this before with guys, he was ready and he had to that pussy! Her pulse raced and she wrapped herself around him as tight as she could, and waited for the fuck to start.

His dick was a big and powerful as the rest of him was, it was hard and hot and she felt in penetrate her waiting snatch.

“Oh fuck!” she said as it filled her up.

“Come on baby,” Kate emphatically, “harder, come on.”

Kate was already sexually excited to a high degree, and she liked to encourage her men to really fuck her as hard as they can.

Robbie heard her gasp as he got in, good! He thought. Kate was very pretty, Kate was sexy, also she was a vixen running around trying to get younger men to screw her. She was a pushy brazen little bitch, and he was turned on by her! But he resented her too, in a way he couldn’t hardly describe.

So he pounded away at her, as viciously as he could, long hard strokes, as hard and fast as he could.

“Aw shit!” Kate yelled as he went harder and faster.

“Owww!” Kate yelled.

He was really being hard on her, and it hurt at first, then her pussy recovered after a minute or so and began responding to it. It was like electrical shock waves coming out of her ass, jolts of sexual energy began pouring out all over her body, they were hot flashes.

Her head was leaning on his shoulder close to his neck, she opened her mouth and went, “Whewwww!”

He hammered her as though he was trying to see how quick he could cum.

He wasn’t able to cum fast and it went on, he could hear her sighing and the look she had, if he was punishing her, it wasn’t working.

So on he went.

Kate usually felt her orgasm’s start with her pussy spasming, then a bright light would flash on and off. Then she would feel a sensation of motion or floating, it would be like floating in the air. An intense sense of bliss would come over her when she came into it completely.

Her breath was hot and short, she laid her head on his shoulder again and waited for it to hit her full force. This wall position had worked very well to get a sensitive spot in her vagina.

Her mouth opened and she got an ecstatic look when it came full blast.

Robbie could feel her cunt constricting, and she seemed short of breath, he knew she was close to orgasming.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she yelled when their fuck session reached it’s peak.

Seeing what he had done to her, excited Robbie even more than ever, and his cock, already burning, reached a fever pitch. His balls boiled with the need to shoot their load.

He hadn’t been interested at first, but she had seduced him, and then he just had to fuck her, now he was ready to finish, he needed to reach orgasm and find the satisfaction of cumming.

Robbie could see that she was already in some kind of high state, and he pushed harder and harder to reach the peak.

Then suddenly he could feel it! Robbie shut his eyes and let his cock shoot out it’s payload of hot white cum. He felt himself moan when he finally hit the orgasm button. God how had wanted to let that little bitch have it! Then the shots of hot cum started hitting her equally hot pussy!

Kate had her head on his shoulder, she held her breath in anticipation of what she had wanted all evening, her cunt being blasted with loads of scalding male cum.

She had one orgasm and then had another one.

Kate stood there panting.

“Wheww!” she said.

She kissed him twice, “Thanks for that, wow!” she said.

Robbie was satisfied now, he had gotten into this hot new chick like a runaway freight train, had gotten her fast and hard and got his rocks off like crazy.

Once he had had his orgasm almost immediately Kate noticed he turned back into the quiet nice guy he was before she got him turned on.

She grinned at him, “You do good baby.”

“So do you Kate, I like you a lot,” Robbie replied.

“I wasn’t sure about you there for awhile,” Kate said, “but then you came around.”

He kissed her and said, “What was it you were trying to say before Kate?”

He had pulled out but Kate could feel all the cum in her wet pussy.

“I couldn’t talk to you before, you had to have your piece of ass,” Kate said and rolled her eyes at him.

“Well,” he said.

Kate kissed him, then she said, “You had to have a fuck.”

Kate said, “I know you guys, if I ever made a pornographic movie it would be called, He’s just gotta have it.”

Robbie said, “I don’t know that’s true.”

“Oh come on!” Kate said laughing at him.

She said, “That day I had to go to the bathroom at Angie’s house I saw you and I thought boy is he handsome.”

“You’re beautiful Kate,” Robbie replied.

“Thanks,” she said kissing his cheek.

“My friend used to talk about cougars a lot, he said the best of them usually had a certain look, you’ve got that same look Kate, my friend used to call it the Cougar Stare,” Robbie said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32