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“Like to swim today? We need to practice,” Lena, our lovely maid, said and smiled broadly when she passed me in a doorway.

Of course I wanted to bathe with her and that probably also included my sisters.

I was first at the lake but Lena and my sisters weren’t far behind. They came with spring in their steps. They quickly got out of their clothes and stood proudly in their nakedness. Lena cupped her breasts and fondled them

Together they approached me.

“As I said, we need to practice. Today we want to suck your cock until you come. And we expect you to come twice. Who wants to begin?” Lena asked seriously. She sounded like a teacher.

Then she broke into laughter.

“But let’s get some mutual pleasure. Girls, you knew what to do. Get going,” Lena giggled.

“I’m the eldest. I am first,” Eva hurriedly said. “Come Anders, lie down, I will be on top.”

Eva had me lie down flat and then straddled me facing downwards. She grabbed my cock and started to fondle it.

“Lick my pussy little brother. Lena and Ylva say that you know how to do it and that you can do it well. Show me, do me well,” Eva said and pushed her pussy into my face.

I looked for Lena to get some advice what to do. Licking my sister at the same time as she sucked my cock was something I hadn’t considered.

I startled when I saw Lena. She lay close by. Ylva was straddling her and they were already licking each other. Lena saw me and smiled reassuringly leaving the pussy above her for a moment.

My sisters had in fact tested sucking my cock the other day for educational purpose. And I had licked Ylva to orgasm afterwards. And my sisters were older and didn’t hesitate. So it must be all right then.

Reassured I grabbed the hips of Eva and felt her soft skin. I pulled her closer to me and started to lick her slit. She startled when my tongue went over her clit although it still was hooded.

I felt her mouth engulf my cock that she quickly got hard. Well, I didn’t need much encouragement. I had been horny from the moment Lena asked me to come to bathe.

Eva sucked my cock real good. What had she practiced on? Well, I had to do my work if she shouldn’t be left far behind. So I went to work.

I licked her slit and over her butt hole. Up and down and probed her two holes when passing. I flicked her clit thoroughly and felt that her pussy started to lubricate. Her pussy was small and narrow compared with the mature pussies I had worked on recently. Her labia swelled and her clit started to come forward.

I pushed her butt up to be able to look at her pussy. It looked so nice with light brown outer lips and pink folds covering her hole. It smelled nice and fresh. I fingered her pussy hole lightly.

“Anders, you are not allowed to penetrate her pussy. Well, maybe with your tongue but not with your finger. Her sherry must not be popped.” It was Lena who managed to follow our doings although she was having a good time. I could hear her moans when she now and then took her mouth away from Ylva’s pussy.

My hips moved in the rhythm created by Eva sucking my cock. I resumed licking her and concentrated on probing her pussy entrance and flicking her clit. It was by now fully erect, a nice little pink knob. In between I teased her by probing her butt hole. I felt a sweet nice feeling in my loins. My orgasm was building up.

Suddenly Eva stopped sucking. She sat up and pushed her ass down hard on my mouth. She panted hard then got noisy, moaning and crying out. I took that as a sign to work harder on her pussy.

I was successful minutes later. She sat down on my face again, screaming right out. I couldn’t move but my tongue happened to be close to her clit so I kept on licking it.

“Oh, yes, yes go on. Lick me, don’t stop. Yes, I am coming, I am coming,” she screamed and came violently bouncing up and down.

I pushed her down, away from my face to avoid having my nose crushed. I also had to breathe. She collapsed forward and I got a close look at her pussy. I saw it make sucking movements before she calmed. Her clit was hard and stuck out. I reached out my tongue and flicked it. She rocked forward as if I had hit her.

“Brute,” she yelled. “Bastard.”

She sat up and turned her head and smiled, taking the edge off her insults.

“Well, your turn I suppose,” she said and engulfed my cock in her mouth. I relaxed and enjoyed her efforts. It felt good and my balls got ready to deliver. Her ass was just above me and I couldn’t resist fondling it. I grabbed her cheeks and squeezed. I let my thumb slide through her slit and felt her pussy shiver. I kept on stroking her and fondling her ass cheeks.

Meantime she worked hard sucking my cock. My body stiffened and my hips lifted to meet her sucks.

“I am going to come. Are you ready?” I yelled.

She grabbed my balls and squeezed gently. That made it. I started to come and she closed her mouth around my cock and swallowed frantically. She managed to handle illegal bahis it all.

When I had stopped spurting in her mouth she took a deep breath and laughed happily. Then she took me in again.

Eva pushed her ass back against my face still with my cock in her mouth. She grinded her pussy into my face. She wanted more.

I started to lick her again. I soon felt her pussy shiver and sucked her clit and the flesh around it into my mouth. I sucked steady and pressed on her clit with my tongue. Her pussy shivered and she moaned. I used my thumb to caress her slit. I found her butt hole and pressed against it.

She came. She let go of my cock and screamed high. She was really noisy, my big sister.

Eventually Eva dismounted me. She grinned and laughed of pleasure. She turned and hugged me.

“I loved it. Lena was right. You know how to lick a pussy. How about you? Was I any good?”

I ensured her that she had done a great job.

“And that you could swallow it all was tremendous. How does it taste?” I asked her.

Just then we saw Lena and Ylva watching us. I had completely forgotten about them, not even heard when they got the orgasms I was sure they had had. They grinned at us.

“Well, well, I think you got mutual pleasure,” Lena said. “Eva, you did a very good job sucking Anders’ cock. And Anders, well I know that you can lick and suck a pussy.” Lena was again tutoring. “Let’s take a swim.”

We rose and holding hands ran into the water.

We swam and played for a while. The girls were all over me.

Lena took my hand and led me ashore. She snuggled up to me and pulled my hands around her waist. She turned in my arms. I found her pussy with one hand and her breast with the other.

“Lovely girls, your sisters, aren’t they. Their pussies are so fresh,” she whispered turning her head. “Eva was good sucking you, wasn’t she? Are you ready for Ylva? She is very anxious to taste your cock and please you.”

She stroked along my outer thighs and fondled my bottom. She grinded her ass against my cock.

“Yes, I liked Eva. She was good. And yes I am ready. But it’s you I really want. You are gorgeous and so sexy.”

“Easy, Anders, easy. But thanks. That may come later. Now enjoy Ylva. Go and grab her and make her feel good,” Lena whispered and moved away from me.

I turned and found Ylva standing close by looking away. I sneaked up behind her, grabbed her waist and kissed her neck. I found her breasts and cupped them. She spun round and her face lit up in a broad grin.

“You want me to suck your cock? I was afraid you didn’t want to, that you were satisfied by Eva. I am so happy. Come, shall we do it then?” she said breathlessly.

She took my hand and pulled me to a soft spot of grass. I lay down and she straddled me and began fondling my cock. It soon got hard enough to suck on which she did with great eagerness.

I studied the pussy just in front of me. It looked so fresh, similar to Eva’s but yet different. Her pussy was closed and her clit yet hooded. But her labia started to fill up and pink folds showed. I dove in. Ylva shrieked of pleasure when she felt my tongue in her slit.

The rest was more or less a repeat performance. Ylva was so eager and she responded easily to my caresses. She came twice before I did and then once more just after me. She was as good as Eva at sucking cock and she also swallowed my come without difficulty. I again wondered how they had practiced.

Lena and Eva enjoyed each other at our side. Now and then I heard their moans and cries but most of the time I concentrated on Ylva.

Eventually we were finished. Lena left us and the three of us had a very relaxed time together.

My mother had two friends visiting that day. I had met them at lunch. They were twins and hadn’t been frequent guests in the past so I didn’t recognize them.

In the afternoon mother brought them to bathe as usual. Mother undressed swiftly but the twin women hesitated. They had spotted me.

“Should we really get naked? I mean, with Anders around. He really is a young man, isn’t he?” one of them asked my mother.

“Yes, well, of course. We always do. Bathe in the nude I mean. It’s not healthy to wear swim suits,” mother answered unconcerned.

“It’s all right then,” the woman said and shrugged her shoulders. The twins exchanged glances and started to undress.

I suddenly got interested. They undressed graciously and even teasingly. But that couldn’t be. No need for them to do that I thought.

They stood proudly in their nakedness. They stretched, circled their pelvises with hands on hips and moved around with bouncing breasts. I was speechless. It wasn’t only because they were so gorgeous. No, it was because I had never seen twins before. At lunch I had noticed how alike their faces were. But that their bodies were absolutely similar I couldn’t believe. I stared at them. Although I had had such a good time earlier and was satisfied, my cock twitched and swelled illegal bahis siteleri slightly. My sisters noticed it and giggled.

“You like them? Well, I guess they look good to you with these big breasts and broad hips, don’t they? I hope my breasts will get that big when I grew older. Men like big breasts, don’t you? But they are old,” Eva giggled in my ear. “Oh, look at their bushes. So dark, thick and silky. I would like to have hair like that.” Eva had suddenly stopped giggling and was serious, watching one of the women stroking her mons and playing with her pussy hair. She looked directly at us and smiled.

Well, may be they were at my mother’s age but that meant around 40 years old and they still looked gorgeous and they knew it. They showed off all the time and smiled when they saw my swelling cock. They hadn’t been shy to get naked. Just wanted to be sure it was all right.

“Hey kids, come and swim,” on of the women challenged. I couldn’t separate them.

Eva and Ylva jumped up, pulled me to my feet and dragged me into the water. The women were standing in shallow water and smiled broadly at my cock that swung in front of me. It wasn’t erect but had swelled to a good size.

The women were playful but shared their interest among the three of us. But I felt both pair of breasts at my back when they caught me and held me tight and also both of them grabbed and fondled my cock although briefly. They laughed and shrieked. I hold the hips on both of them when we played around and I caught them. Well, that was easy. Suddenly one of them stumbled close to me and instinctly I grabbed her for support. Somehow she wriggled her body so I got her breasts in my hands. She looked at me, winked and smiled. She freed herself slowly. A little later the other did a similar maneuver ending up with me cupping both her breasts standing over her in shallow water and with my cock pressed in the small of her back.

Eventually we had had enough. One of the women walked ashore just in front of me. I had my eyes fixed on her lovely bouncing ass. When she suddenly stopped and bent over to pick something up from the ground I bumped into her. My cock came directly into the crack of her ass.

Her sister was just behind us. She bumped into me. It felt like she gave my ass an extra shove with her pelvis pushing me deeper into the crack of her sister in front. I was sandwiched between these two women and I felt soft pussy hair against my ass and a hot crack around my cock. For a short while the two women grinded their bodies against mine.

“Watch your step young man,” the woman in front said sternly but the broad flashing smiles of both their faces said something different. They had done it deliberately and enjoyed it.

A little embarrassed I looked around and saw mother watching us. She smiled and waved and looked unconcerned. Hadn’t she noticed?

In the evening I kept myself available. I hoped to get an invitation to a bedroom but the women ignored me.

The following day Lena again asked me to bathe with her and the girls. “To practice,” as she called it.

I was early as usual. When Eva and Ylva came to the lake they imitated the twins from the previous day, doing exercises and walking around trying to show off. I wasn’t unaffected which they noticed and giggled at.

Lena came and quickly got naked. She caressed her body and stroked over her pussy sifting through her thick hair.

“All right, let’s begin,” she called in her best tutoring manner. “Today Anders and I will show you girls how you should take care of a horny male without taking him into your pussy. And also get pleasure yourself from it. Your body holds several good opportunities to create pleasure. Girls, make us ready.”

My sisters immediately knew what to do. Ylva pulled me close to her and started to fondle me. Eva did the same to Lena.

Soon Ylva was sucking my cock and Eva was licking Lena’s pussy.

“That’s enough I think,” Lena suddenly said a little throatily. “Anders, come here. Straddle me; you know how to do this. Now girls, watch how the breasts can be used.”

I straddled her and put my cock in place between her breasts. She pushed her breasts together and I started to slide back and forth in the tunnel she had formed. It was not slick enough so I got some of her pussy juice reaching behind me and smeared it in the tunnel. Lena helped by taking my cock in her hand and milk a few drops of precome out of it. Then I slid easily back and forth.

Lena was supportive with her mouth licking the tip of my cock when it came within her reach. Now and then I moved further up and pushed my cock head into her mouth. That added to the slickness between her breasts.

“Girls, look here what you can do if you think it takes too long,” Lena said. I felt her hand grasping my balls and caressing my crack. She held her breasts together with one hand. It added to my pleasure and I told them. I increased my tempo. Suddenly I felt a finger slid into my butt hole canlı bahis siteleri before my muscles had a chance to tighten. The finger slid in and out and that made me come. My first spurt came in the tunnel. The second and third Lena directed at her face and the rest over her breasts.

Lena scooped up the come in her face and put in her mouth, making a little show of it. The rest she spread over her breasts and nipples and massaged it in.

I remembered what she had said about being aroused by having her breasts fondled so I turned around and started to lick her pussy. She immediately parted her legs and raised her knees to get me full access. I was right. She was very wet and hot. It didn’t take long until she came in a shuddering orgasm.

Lena sat up and smiled happily.

“Well girls, did you get it? It’s easy with breasts that are big as mine but a little more difficult with small breasts. But yours will grow. Your mother has a nice pair and they will do fine. In our next lesson I will show you a way that doesn’t require big breasts. But first let us swim.”

Lena suddenly saw that the girls looked disappointed.

“Oh, so you want to come to? Well Anders. What do you say, one each?” She laughed throatily.

I grabbed Ylva and caressed her body. Her pussy was moist and her clit already out in the open. She lay down and I started to lick from her neck down spending some time at her breasts. Behind me I heard that Lena was giving Eva a good time.

It didn’t take long to please both girls. They came close together crying out loud. Ylva bucked under me nearly crushing my nose. But I kept clear.

“Now let’s swim,” Lena said when we had calmed down. We did but not for very long. The girls seemed to be anxious to learn more and I lusted after Lena’s body although I didn’t know which part she would let me use.

“Are we ready? Well girls, make us hot,” Lena said. The girls switched and Eva sucked me up. When Lena thought that we were aroused enough she got on all fours.

“Anders, come and kneel behind me.”

When I approached she wriggled her ass teasingly. She looked gorgeous.

I knelt behind her and poked her pussy with my erect cock. She let me do that only for a very short while. Then she raised her upper body and stood upright on her knees.

“Come close and embrace me,” she instructed. I moved in pressing myself against her lovely ass and held around her waist.

Lena made sure my cock was well in between her thighs. She put her knees close together. My cock lay along her slit but without entering her pussy.

“Now move as if you are fucking,” she instructed me. And I did.

Her pussy was moist and the slit well lubricated. It was easy to slide back and forth. She used her thigh muscles to change the pressure around my cock in a similar way she would have done in her pussy. I had full access to her breasts and cupped and kneaded them. I found that I could grip the flesh of her mons and rotate it. It seemed to give her pleasure. She moaned highly by now. She put two fingers under my cock head and pressed it upwards against her clit. I think our combined activities stimulated her pussy and clit heavily. It felt good for me too but Lena came first, crying out several times.

The girls had positioned themselves in front of us, lying down with their faces close to get a good look.

I thrust frantically in the tunnel, wanting to come. Lena’s fingers underneath and her clit above my cock head were very stimulating. She was moaning again when I shot my first load in her hand. She quickly took it away and my following shots landed on the girls’ faces. Lena used her thigh muscles to squeeze the rest of my come out of my cock. She rubbed my cock hard at her clit and came again.

Lena laughed out loud of relief and pleasure. The girls followed and the three of them fell into uncontrollable laughter. I saw my sisters laughing faces with my come all over and laughed myself. But at the same time I cupped Lena’s lovely breasts and fondled them. Lena still kept my cock in a firm grip between her thighs but it got limp and withdrew.

Their laughter eventually stopped. Lena had a handful of come and licked it off her hand. My sisters wiped their faces and put my come into their mouths. I thought it was a very nice gesture to take care of my come and not just waste it.

“Well, that was good. What do you think, girls? We will talk it over another day. There are a few things you should beware of when doing it,” Lena finally said. “But now Anders, we have duties to attend to. The girls are horny again. Get going.”

As she said that the faces of the girls brightened and when I rose from behind Lena the two girls flung themselves down on the grass. When I came near Eva she lifted her legs up in the air and spread them wide. Her lovely pussy was glistening in the sun and her clit protruded. I guessed she had frigged herself. I dove in licking and sucking. It didn’t take long until both girls very screaming and came in very satisfying orgasms.

The following day Lena said that she wouldn’t bathe for a couple of days. She said that she was having her period.

“But I like to fuck even then although it gets messy.” she giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32