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I had to move out of my home of the last ten years when the man I loved told me he didn’t love me anymore. I had expected us to one day marry. Instead of asking for my hand in marriage, he asked me to move out. No explanation why, just that he no longer loved me. Heart broke and wounded, I did.

I took my dignity and what meager belongings I had and moved into a quiet cookie cutter neighborhood in the suburbs. It was a far cry from the busy city life I had gotten used to, but it was what I could afford and the commute to work wasn’t that bad. It was a chance for me to start over again at thirty five.

I met my neighbors as I was moving in, young couples with children. They made the usual welcome to the neighborhood small talk before heading back into their homes to watch from their windows what the movers were unloading. None of them seemed like people I’d like to get to know better. Then I saw him across the street.

He was mowing his lawn, shirtless. He was tall and strong with muscles that came from hard work, not from the gym. His short brown hair was graying at the temples, but his thick chest hair was still as black as night. His skin was rusty brown from working out in the sun. When he caught me looking he gave me a friendly wave that sent chills down my spine.

I returned the friendly gesture before running inside to hide, fearful that if I stayed any longer he’d know I was lusting after him and come over and beat my ass. All I needed to do was alienate my neighbors before I even unpacked and end up going viral on social media in some front yard brawl.

I wasn’t a slouch in the body department. I did yoga and spin classes, but I’m more curvy thick than muscled thin. No matter how hard I work out, it just seemed to plump my butt even more. Eventually I just embraced my figure calling myself a sexy teddy bear. It just fit, especially since my name was Teddy.

After the movers had left, I had boxes everywhere. I didn’t have anyone to help me. My family lived far away and my friends were my ex’s friends. They chose him in the separation. I threw open the windows and opened the front door to air out any dust I might stir.

My first order of business was putting my bed together. It was brand new and lay in pieces in my bedroom to be. When it comes to things like this, I’m all thumbs. I even sucked at building blocks. I was pouring sweat, angry, frustrated and about to cry when I heard his gravelly voice.

“Do you need some help?” There he stood in the doorway, all hot and butch. From far away he was hot, up close I saw he was handsome with classic. All he needed was a tuxedo and he could be an older Cary Grant. “The front door was wide open.” He explained as I admired the salt and pepper stubble that decorated his jaw line.

It took me a moment to bring myself back to reality and realize this wasn’t porn and he wasn’t here to snake my pipes, so to speak. “No, I’m good.” I lied, refusing to let some hyper masculine man come to my rescue. “I can do it.” I raised my chin up at him in defiance. “Thank you though.”

The amused smirk that crept across his face made me tingle. “I see. Do you always use a butter knife as a screwdriver?” I unconsciously moved the butter knife behind me. “Listen, cupcake, you’re obviously need some help, why don’t I go grab my tools and some beer while you order us a pizza, preferably with lots of meat.”

He gave me a wink and I instantly relaxed. I didn’t even take offense to him calling me a cupcake. He left, shouting “Call Toni’s Pizza and tell them it’s for Mel, they know what I like.” We spent the next couple of hours, eating pizza, drinking beer and him putting things together for me. That was the beginning of our quite unusual friendship.

Mel was retired army and didn’t work anymore. He came over and fixed things for me, mowed my lawn and did any manly thing I needed. I, on the other hand, helped him with his housework and decorating. For a Gay man, he was bad at both. Eventually we just exchanged keys so we could come and go as we pleased.

More than once I would come into straighten up to bump into some trick casino oyna he had just bedded. The man was a beast when it came to sex. I jokingly teased him about installing a now serving sign above his bed. He thought it was cute and did it. He said it was easier than carving notches in his headboard.

After a few months, he got on me to get back out there, even if it was a casual encounter. I was hesitant, but eventually agreed since he threaten to send random men to my front door looking to “pound my ass.” While I didn’t have the luxury of sleeping with men all hours of the day and night, I did do pretty well for myself, and it scratched that itch deep inside.

On the rare Friday or Saturday nights neither of us had “plans” we’d end up in one of our houses watching movies. We’d curl up on the couch together, him with his six pack and me my bottle of wine. We’d end up too drunk to walk home and crashing on the other’s couch. It was all second nature to us.

Then it changed. Quite by accident, or so we told ourselves. I was ragging on Mel about his taste in men. Yes, he did lots of different guys, but his preference was young skinny twinks. There was no denying it, especially when I could see the foot traffic in about of his house from my house.

“Admit it.” I said teasingly, wrapped in his strong arms as we ignored the movie. “You have to check the ID’s of half the men you fuck before you let them in the door.” The wine had me giggly. “They are so skinny, how do you not crush them? I bet you wouldn’t know what to do with a real man with curves.”

“Just because I’m not in every bear’s honey pot doesn’t mean I don’t roam the forest looking for otters, wolves, bears and pigs, Cupcake” His hand was draped across me, casually petting my chest. “Who the fuck came up with all these names for types of people? I need a chart to keep up.”

“They come up with them at the annual Gay Congress. If you read the newsletters you’d be up to date.” I teased. “Now quit changing the subject. You’d never do a man with real curves like me.” I smacked my thigh for emphasis. “At least not more than once before calling a twink to come over to pick your teeth with.”

“You sure about that, Cupcake?” I couldn’t believe after all this time he was still calling me Cupcake. “When I came over that first day I had every intention of seeing how flexible you were, but you were there trying to put your bed together with a butter knife and I was like fuck, I got to put this bed together so we can fuck.”

I looked up at him and saw the truth in his eyes. He leaned down. My lips parted. I could taste the stale beer on his breath as we shared our first kiss. I felt the scratch of his beard on my cheeks. I turned so I was lying in his arms, illuminated by the movie neither one of us was watching.

His hand moved up my shirt, across my smooth bear belly to my meaty pecs. He squeezed my right pec, then ran his finger in slow circles around my nipple. His thick tongue maneuvered in my mouth, tangling with mine. I could feel his arousal press into my back while my own stretched across my underwear.

I pulled back, regaining my senses for a moment. “What are we doing?” My voice was low and raspy. My lips were raw from his sandpaper scruff. Everything save my cock told me to stop this before it went too far. His finger continued its orbit of my nipple, filling my body with horny lust. “We’re just two friends having fun.” He answered with casual interest. “Just relax and let me get into your honey pot.”

I did. My hand reached up and fisted his hair, pulling him back into the kiss. His hand glided down body, across my belly causing sparks to dance across my skin. His hand slipped in the waistband of my pants and into my underwear. He slowly began stroking my cock. “I think we need to move to the bedroom.” Came his growl when he broke the kiss.

I didn’t need to be told twice. All common sense was out the window as we stripped and pounced on one another again. Our bodies intertwined, my hands roamed his strong hard body. He caressed my curves, appreciating the hard softness of my body. We weren’t slot oyna making love, and this wasn’t just a fuck. It was some strange blend of the two.

He kissed along my neck, his scratchy scruff prickled causing pleasurable pain. Our cocks rubbed against one another, each hard with need and excitement of finally meeting one another. I rolled him onto his back, meeting gentle resistance. I latched on to his nipple, softly biting the raised nub.

He let out his signature growl. “That’s it, Cupcake, bite daddy’s nipple.” His hand ran through my hair. I teased, sucked and nibbled the nipple before giving the other the same treatment. “Fuck, daddy needs that hot mouth on his cock.” He guided my mouth to his thick long daddy dick. I took the fat cock into my mouth, his seven inch monster easily gobbled up in my experienced mouth.

“Damn, Cupcake, that mouth is silk.” Mel groaned with appreciation while I worked my tongue around him. Mel tasted of man and sex. I groaned around him as I sucked him down to the base, burying my face in his pubes before pulling back to lap at his tip once more. I was toying with him, letting him enjoy the feeling of my soft lips and strong tongue on his dick.

I was lost in the act, enjoying the feel of his stiffness as he breached my throat with every slide into my mouth. I tickled the underside of his shaft, teased his head and swallowed him deep, tasting the richness of his precum across my taste buds as I did so. I cupped his low hanging balls, feeling the heft in them. They were full and needed professional draining.

“Come sit on my face, Cupcake.” Came his deep voice, breaking me from my sexual trance. “I want to taste that ass I’ve been admiring all this time.” I pulled off his cock, sitting up on my knees. “Come on, let me get a little taste of those cakes before I frost them for you.” If I didn’t know him, I would have thought him a cocky bastard. His playful teasing kept this what it was, just fun.

“You think you can handle all this?” I slapped my ass, sending a ripple across my big ass. “I don’t think you’re ready for all this jelly.” I teased, remembering the words to the song. “I don’t think you’re ready for all this.” I waved my hand in front of my body in dramatic show. “I don’t think you can handle it.”

“Shut the fuck up, Cupcake and sit on my face.” He stuck his tongue out, flicking it. “I’ll show you what I can handle. Have a seat and strap in. Daddy’s driving.” He had a smug self-confident grin. “Come on, I’m tired of Twinkies, I want some cupcakes.” I groaned at his pun, but moved to straddle him, lowering my ample ass on his cocky mouth.

The feel of his scruff scratched my skin just right as he spread me open and took his first taste. “Fuck.” I arched into him, letting his tongue dive deeper into me. “You can have the cupcakes, I’m on an all meat diet.” I mused, lowering myself so that I could take his cock back into my mouth.

I sucked, he licked. With every swipe I felt myself relaxing till he was fucking me with his tongue. I felt him darting in, circling around and slobbering over my hole. I felt the pleasurable sharp sting of his hand slapping my ass, tensing me up then relaxing me a bit more for him. I could feel him tickling my insides with his strong soft dashes of his tongue.

I sucked hard on his cock, lavishing it with the tender care. I wasn’t sure what was better, the cock in my mouth or the tongue in my ass, but I didn’t have to choose because I had both. “I need to get in this ass, Cupcake.” Came the muffled moan from behind me. Before I could answer, Mel had me flipped over on my back, his cock dislodged from my hungry mouth. I looked up at him towering over me, my legs on either side of him.

“Get ready, I’m going in.” Before I could respond to his warning, my legs were on his shoulders and he had my knees pressed to my chest. His mouth smashed against mine, rich with the tangy flavor of my ass. His dick was rubbing against my crack, trying to find purchase in my sloppy wet hole.

I could feel his drooling cock wetting me as he humped me with deliberate intent. I was about to tell canlı casino siteleri him to stick in already when the head caught and slipped in. I gasped into his mouth, feeling him stretch me as he slowly inched forward into me. His press into me was insistent and welcome.

“That honey pot is sweeter than I thought.” He sighed when he bottomed out. I was speechless at the feel of him buried deep into me. “I’m going to enjoy this.” He rotated his hips, sending shivers through me. “Fuck me, you feel good on my dick.” He toyed with me with a few short thrusts. “I’m going to enjoy this long and slow.”

I let out a sound of annoyance at his tiny jabs into me. “If you don’t fuck me now,” I warned, “I’ll clench up and pull your dick off.” He grinned wickedly, giving me two long thrust followed by one short one before resting in me. “Have you ever been mauled by a bear?” He silenced my threat with is lips on mine.

He began truly fucking me. He hit that spot in me just right, causing my cock to jump with each hard pound into me. I held him close, digging my nails into the strong muscles of his back. I whimpered into the kiss while he long dicked me then pounded me without mercy. My legs ached to stretch out, but my body demanded he didn’t stop.

Mel reared up, looking down on me. I saw the frenzy in him, the playfulness. He moved my legs off to one side, then continued thrusting into me. Our eyes locked. He watched me, watching how his cock in me made me feel so good. I saw the elation in his face as I took him with ease with each calculated thrust.

He moved to lay behind me, his cock never leaving the confines of my ass. He stretched one leg up for better access, his other arm slipping under me and around me chest to hold me close. “Stroke that dick for me.” He snarled in my ear. I felt the gentle bite of his teeth on my neck. My eyes rolled back in my head as I sucked on my lower lip.

I spat in my hand, took hold of my cock and stroked in time with Mel’s thrusts. He was hitting that spot perfectly, never missing it as he quickened his pace. I could feel the fire in me grow hotter and hotter. “I’m going to fucking cum.” I shouted, shutting my eyes as bolt after bolt shot forth, marking the bed.

“Fuck.” Mel groaned, feeling my body clench up around him. “Your ass is like a vice grip.” He continued slamming into me. “Oh, baby, you’re going to have my babies in a minute.” The warning came and then the hard pound into me with a thunderous cry. “Damn.” I could feel him filling me with his urgent need. He pulled me close to him, letting the last drops seep out of me. “Damn, that was what I needed.”

We laid there, me in his arms, panting in recovery. I turned my head and we kissed a friendly kiss. “You know this doesn’t mean I’m your bitch, right?” He squeezed me close with a laugh. “That was a just a momentary lapse in judgement.” He petted my chest. “Are you going to say something?”

“You talk too much, Cupcake.” His voice was a low purr against my skin. “I know this was just two friends getting off, now shut up and enjoy the afterglow.” I felt him soften slowly as he held me there, gradually slipping from me. It felt nice, him holding me like this, though I knew it wasn’t something we could do on a regular. “You awake, Cupcake?”

I finally had to ask, feeling emboldened by the act we had just done. “Yeah, I’m awake.” I turned to face him, a bright smug grin plastered across his face. “Why do you call me cupcake?” I ran my hand over his stubble face. “You’ve never called me Teddy, since the day we met. It’s always been Cupcake.”

He chuckled softly. “Do you really want to know?” I tweaked his nose in response. “Fine, no need to be abusive. I call you cupcake because cupcakes are plump and sweet, not something you can have every day, but like on a special occasion. They hit the spot just right.” He reached behind me and patted my ass. “If you know what I mean.”

That was the beginning of our casual play. We’d start out watching movies and drinking and end up hot and sweaty, spent from sex. It wasn’t a relationship, neither one of were fooled by that. We both slept with other people, but when we had that itch for each other, we scratched it. It lasted ten years before he finally up and moved down south to be near his grandchildren. We still keep in touch, sharing conquest, loves and our daily lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32