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As a newborn, an older couple, Frank and Maggie Reddington who had no children of their own adopted me; my name is Evie Reddington. My adoptive father was a minister and a rancher, my mother a school teacher. They were wonderful people and as far as I was concerned, extraordinary parents intent on giving me a sheltering home and love filled upbringing. Perhaps because Daddy was a minister I grew up shy, quiet, innocent and for the most part inexperienced of life and people. I saw good in people and perhaps sometimes could be too trusting, but I expected the best from people, and usually, this is what I received.

Daddy had inherited a small horse ranch from his father years before they adopted me and with Daddy beside me, I was sitting a horse before I could walk. By my mid-teens, I was a pretty good lay veterinarian, had some experience nursing sick horses, knew the intricacies of breeding a stud to a mare and had even delivered one or two foals. I grew up around horses, and my dream was to one day own a ranch and breed thoroughbred horses.

Soon after my eighteenth birthday, Daddy suffered a stroke that left him unable to manage the ranch the way he once had. As Daddy began a slow recovery, it was Chad Jamerson, our neighbor who was always there helping. During this difficult time, Chad was present with help and support, for Mom and me. Without Chad, I have no doubt we would have lost our ranch.

I think Chad was about forty-five years old, younger than my Dad was and a lot older than me. Chad had been an athlete in high school and an above average college student, who had enlisted in the military and risen in rank before leaving the service after twenty years. As many women would attest, he was ruggedly attractive; tall, broad shouldered, hard bodied, with salt and pepper colored hair and sharp facial features. Most striking, however, were his steely blue eyes that could see right through you and a gruff sometimes abrasive bearing. Even at my young age, I knew he did not want for female company. I remember one day he and Daddy were out in the barn talking, and I overheard him telling Daddy that sure he was lonely sometimes, but everything considered, he preferred being on his own, only being responsible for himself. I had mentioned the conversation to Mom, telling her that in a way I felt sorry for Chad, that with no wife or children, he seemed sad to me.

Mom stopped what she was doing and turning to me said, “Sweetie, you’ll learn this on your own, but for some men having a little temporary comfort at night is easier than nurturing a lifetime of satisfaction with one special person.”


We had known Chad since he bought and moved into the neighboring ranch. He was our closest neighbor, and he and Daddy had hit it off from their first meeting and become friends. As for me, I always liked Chad, and we developed a friendship initially centered on my love of horses and horse breeding. Despite his sometimes brusqueness with people, he was always kind, funny, emotionally generous and thoughtful with me. I think in a way, as I grew older and grew to know him better he became a trusted friend and almost a second father to me; someone I knew had my best interest at heart.

Daddy’s recovery from his stroke was slow, and the stress was sometimes overwhelming. What with concerns for my Mother and the hard work that went into helping with and managing the ranch I gratefully welcomed Chad’s help. Sometimes Chad would come by and insist that I get away for a few hours. I grew to appreciate this time away and looked forward to those brief excursions with Chad. Now that it was summer, we would go riding together and swim naked at the small secluded pond that was about a mile from the house.

Despite everything that was happening in my life at the time, I think even then I knew Chad was interested in me in a non-fatherly way. Occasionally when he would join me for a swim, I would tease him by slowly undressing knowing he watched my every move or shamelessly let my breast rub against his arm or my butt brush against his cock. I know it was immature, but it made me feel in control.

One warm summer’s day I packed a picnic for us, and we headed off for a ride and swim, it was that afternoon, our relationship changed.

After our swim, we stretched out naked on the blanket, letting the sun dry us. I closed my eyes and dozed until I felt Chad’s work roughened hand lightly caress my breast; he had never done anything like that before. I opened my eyes and stared almost mesmerized into his blue eyes that were now soft and longing. I wasn’t afraid or resisting when he pulled me on top of him and pressed his cock between the lips of my moistening slit and tentatively began moving my hips so that my clit rubbed along the length of his cock. It sounds silly now, but I didn’t think anything nasty about it, nothing dirty, just that it felt nice. He moved his hands to my behind; each large hand easily covered a butt cheek.

He began to sway his hips upward against me.

“Chad?” I murmured, a warm tingling sensation blossoming between my legs, and without warning, kızılay escort I began to tremble as Chad’s trapped cock, began ejaculating cum between our naked bellies.

Chad groaned and almost whimpered as his cock continued to erupt until it finally began to soften.

“Oh my God Evie, I’m sorry . . . I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“No, don’t be sorry,” I said.

“You’re eighteen years old Evie, I’m old enough to be your father; hell your father is my best friend. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you,” he said.

“You didn’t take advantage of me, and I don’t care if you are Daddy’s friend . . . I liked the way you made me feel,” I said, unashamed and unembarrassed by what had just happened between us.

I lifted off his body, his cum sticky and thick on my stomach and slowly spreading into the sparse patch of brown hair that covered my swollen, puffy mound. For some reason, overwhelmed by unexpected emotion, I found myself struggling not to cry and with my back turned to him, I reached for my clothes, and I began to dress. Chad stood watching me, and despite the beginnings of another erection, also began to dress. He helped me onto my horse and then mounted his as we began the ride back to the ranch.

I think we were both surprised by the suddenness and intensity of our sexual attraction to each other, but it also frightened me, and I promised myself I would not let the incident at the pond repeat itself.


After that day at the pond, Chad seemed always to be angry with me, critical and argumentative whenever he was around. He never said anything, but if he happened to see me out with my boyfriend Mick, or if Mick was at our ranch when Chad came to visit it clearly upset him. I knew he didn’t like Mick and I suspected he had said something to my Dad about it not being appropriate for me to see so much of one boy, Mick in particular.

At the Fourth of July festivities, I went with Mick. Mick was the cousin of one of my school friends, and I really liked him. After doing the carnival, we had a few beers, danced and made out a little, it was great, and I had a good time. We sat and talked for a long time about things we had in common, like horses, movies, football, and camping. He was perfect.

We slow danced, grinding and humping each other in a dark corner on the dance floor, his hand under my skirt and inside my panties. Things started getting heavy. Frankly, I was feeling uneasy, but I didn’t know how to get myself out of this situation without hurting his feelings. I was still a virgin, while Mick was a freshman at the University and already sexually active. Nonetheless, I went out to his car with him where I’m sure Mick thought he’d be getting some quick, cramped car sex in the back seat. Despite my attraction to him though, I wasn’t ready for what he had in mind.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but he had gotten another beer into me, and there I was Miss Goody Two Shoes, on my knees, between his legs getting ready to suck his cock. Mick had just unzipped and dropped his pants when all of a sudden a voice boomed from the darkness.

“Pull your fucking pants up and get the fuck out of here boy, before I beat the shit out of you!” It was Chad.

Mick stumbled backwards almost falling from the pants bunched around his ankles. As Chad advanced towards him, Mick pulled up his pants and took off running back towards the fairgrounds. Chad turned to look at me, but I couldn’t face him and kept my head down.

“Just what the hell do you think you were doing? Were you going to suck that boy’s dick, so that he could go back and tell all of his friends?” he said angrily.

“No, he wouldn’t do that, I protested, Mick’s not like that.”

“Fix your damn clothes,” Chad ordered before he took me by the arm, “we’ll see what your father has to say about this,” he threatened angrily.

“No, Chad . . . no, please don’t tell Daddy,” I pleaded, as I began to cry hysterically and pull away.

“Please Chad, don’t tell Daddy.”

“What’s it to you anyway?” I managed to ask in between sniffling and wiping my eyes. Chad didn’t answer, just stood there, the anger gradually fading from his face, being replaced by a strange hooded stare.

Chad released his tight grip on my arm and took several steps away from me. He stopped and turned around to face me, that strange expression on his face. “Stop crying,” Chad said, his voice softening. After a few seconds, he opened and extended his arms to me, and I went to him, clung to him my head resting on his chest as the tears came in an unexpected flood.

“I’m sorry. I can’t imagine what you must think of me,” I whimpered.

“Stop crying; you don’t need to be afraid. I won’t say anything,” Chad said holding me so close to him, I could feel my breast pressed against his chest, and I could also feel the hardness of his cock growing against my stomach.

“Shhhh, I won’t say anything to your father,” he assured me as he reached down, and slowly, deliberately pulled out his cock and began stroking it. I stood watching him, shocked kolej escort but silently fascinated with the transformation of his cock from soft to semi-hard to rigid and pulsing.

I don’t think I was freighted, just surprised at what he was doing, “It’s okay; it’s okay, sweetheart, he cajoled. I want you to get on your knees and suck me like you were getting ready to do that boy. Come on now; no one will ever know except you and me.”

“Ohhhh, Chad . . . I can’t, I can’t,” I protested even as I felt my clit begin to pulse.

I looked up at him imploringly as he pressed me to my knees and pushed his swollen cock between my parted lips. I heard him moan and looking up at him, saw a glazed look in his eyes before he closed them and began stroking into my mouth.

“Yes, yes . . . oh my God yes,” he kept repeating.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, but the only way I can describe it is to say I suckled him, you know, like a baby feeding. My tongue slithered around the edge of his dickhead, up and down the length of his shaft and then back up over his cap where I swallowed it and slowly suckled him again. Chad started to groan, the sound coming from deep in his chest. After a few minutes, he began to thrust. He placed his hands on the back of my head and held it tight to his groin as he stiffened and came in a shuddering explosion into my mouth.

“Yes, baby . . . love daddy just like that,” he said breathlessly.

Finally getting his breathing under control, he took his hand and wiped away the thread of cum that had overflowed and now dripped down the side of my chin.

“It’s okay baby, I know you’ve never done anything like that before, but it’s okay,” he said for all the world sounding like a father offering his understanding, reassurance, and comfort.

That was the beginning.


Chad took my virginity a few weeks later in of all places, a birthing stall in the breeding barn at his ranch. We had one mare in heat, and since Chad had several mares that were going to be inseminated, he and Daddy arranged to have Queen Cleo covered by Lucius the 3rd, Chad’s prize stud.

After badgering Daddy, he had finally given in, allowing me to go with him to Chad’s to help get the stalls ready and if needed with the breeding. The day started early and had been long and tiring. I had spent most of the day working and prepping stalls for the mares. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to help with the breeding as I had hoped. By six o’clock the mares had been put into their respective stalls, water and feed distributed and the Vet along with her assistants had long departed.

As I gathered up my things and prepared to leave, I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Chad standing at the stall’s entrance gate.

“Hi,” I said as I looked at him and smiled.

Chad walked into the stall closing the gate behind him.

“Chad, is something wrong?” I asked concerned by his silence. He said nothing as he came towards me.

“Chad,” I said again and then gasped as my eyes dropped lower and saw the long thick erection that was obvious inside his pant leg. At that moment I knew what he wanted, what was going to happen and even in my relative innocence, I could feel myself becoming wet in anticipation.

“I haven’t seen you all day, little one,” he said pulling me to him. He lifted my chin and kissed me, inserting his tongue, exploring, possessing my mouth. As he kissed me, I felt him lift my shirt and his hand inch downward over my belly and stop at the slit between my legs. Chad brushed his thumb over my clit, and I involuntarily jumped, surprised by the sensation that swept through me and how my legs began to tremble when he slipped a long finger inside me. He felt the resistance and paused.


Chad wanted Evie, had thought about finally sliding his cock inside her since witnessing the horses going at it for the last several hours.

After watching humongous horse cocks being milked of semen most of the day, Chad was primed, and his balls hurt something awful. He had watched Lucius the 3rd mount Queen Cleo and fuck her until he ejaculated so much semen into her that it gushed out of her horse pussy dripping and squirting onto the hay covered floor.

Queen Cleo had been nervous and agitated at first. Lucius’ almost 14″ cock had emerged from its sheath and flopped around under him as the experienced stud patiently followed Cleo about the enclosure coming close to get her smell but quickly stepping away to prevent being kicked. When Queen Cleo finally settled down and allowed Lucius to put his muzzle in her pussy and smell her scent, her pheromone laden pussy made Lucius’ cock harden to its full 17″ length. Rigid and parallel to his body, Lucius mounted her and immediately started thrusting at her.

Chad had seen horses breeding before, but he stood quietly watching, amazed at the size of Lucius’ cock head, it was enormous. Lucius found the entry he sought and in his excitement began to thrust hard and violently in his effort to penetrate Queen Cleo. After a few hard thrusts, maltepe escort he managed to get that monstrous cockhead and his full length in her. Snorting loud and wetly, Lucius filled her with horse cum until his cock soft and empty, slipped out of her pussy. The Vet’s assistant led Lucius away, and Cleo quietly stood as her pussy continued to spasm and the overflow of Lucius’ cum slowly leaked out of her.


Holding Evie in his arms, smelling her woman’s scent and feeling her growing wetness he knew she would soon be ready for him. Chad pulled Evie down onto the mound of fresh, fragrant hay and unzipping her jeans began to work them down her legs until he could remove them completely. Evie lay quiet and complacent.

“I know you haven’t been with a man before Evie . . . I’ll try and not hurt you,” Chad said, before adding as an afterthought, “I won’t do this if you don’t want me to.”

“I want you to” Evie replied in a barely audible voice.

Chad looked down at Evie and seeing the small, white cotton panties that she wore he thought to himself, ‘little girl panties,’ before bending and burying his face between her legs. He licked and nibbled her pussy through the fabric of her panties until she was sopping wet. Chad pulled the crotch of her panties aside and began to kiss and lightly suck her rapidly swelling clit. When it was hard and engorged, he grazed it with his teeth and sent her young, lithe body into orgasmic spasms.


I had barely recovered from my orgasm when Chad pulled my wet, cum stained little girl panties off me and covered my body with his. Pinning me to the floor, he pressed the tip of his cockhead inside my wet still pulsing pussy and pushed.

It hurt; it felt as if I were being torn in two.

“Chad, Chad . . .” I began, when without warning, he plunged further into me.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” I cried as he settled his weight on top of me and to the muffled sound of my protest he began to slowly, stroke in and out of my traumatized pussy.

Holding me, he cajoled, “shhhh, shhhh, relax, just try and relax, baby.”

He pulled out of me and slipping his hands under my knees, pressed my legs up beside my chest so that I was wide open and able to accommodate his entire length when he reentered me again. I could feel myself stretching around his cock. He leaned in, kissed me full on the mouth and when he did, I could feel his cock rub over my clit and send hot sensations sizzling through me. I looked up at him with what must have been the adoring, lust filled eyes of a silly girl. My hips began to sway, tentatively trying to fall into rhythm with his and to my surprise I realized what he was doing to me had indeed started to feel better, to feel good.

I could feel the tension building between my legs. Chad’s hands slipped around my throat and startled by this I tried to pull them away. My hands fell away as he slowly, gently squeezed with his thumb until my eyes fluttered closed, and I gasped as a warm, powerful orgasm undulated through me.

That afternoon I learned what it was like to be with a sexually knowledgeable man and not a groping, inexperienced boy. Making love with Chad became a frequent occurrence, but despite the immense sexual pleasure and satisfaction that Chad gave me, I felt occasional guilt. Knowing that I was a minister’s daughter and what I was doing was a sin left me racked with remorse, and on more than one occasion, I found myself on the verge of confessing to my Mother and Father.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of Chad. Despite Chad grumbling about being too old for sneaking around, at his urging, I would sometimes leave the back door unlocked for him at night. Usually, I’d fall asleep before he arrived, but would awaken face down with a small pillow under my hips and him stretched out on top of me. Sometimes he’d do it slowly so that we both could feel the entire length of his cock as it slid in and out of my pussy. Sometimes he’d do me fast with short, sharp thrusts so that his cock only partially filled me. What I liked best was when he had to cover my mouth to quiet me and give it to me hard, pounding into me until I was left grasping handfuls of the sheet and writhing beneath him.

“Who’s pussy is this?” he’d demand until I answered on the brink of cumming, only to have him suddenly pull out leaving me empty and desperate. He sadistically enjoyed hearing me whine and beg for him to fuck me, and once his ego was satisfied and his control and dominance clearly demonstrated he’d plunge his swollen cockhead back into my pussy pushing me into an intense orgasm.


Little did I suspect that a short six months later my life would change suddenly and drastically? Daddy had fully recovered from his stroke and was becoming more and more like his old self each day. Daddy had planned to attend a horse show upstate and at the last minute decided to make it a long delayed vacation that we as a family could enjoy. We decided to make it a driving vacation, and so a week later, bright and early on the date of departure we loaded up the SUV and hit the road. A little more than 100 miles from home, a drunk driver struck us. In a horrible head-on collision, both my parents were fatally injured. Fortunately, I was riding in the rear of the vehicle, and though seriously injured, I was released and discharged after a ten day stay in the hospital.

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