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Daisy didn’t have to wait for long.

In fact, she had only a few minutes alone in the dimly lit room before the heavy door swung open once again. She expected to see either Edward or Lydia. What she didn’t expect was a stream of strangers-or so she assumed. It was difficult to know who these people were, as each guest wore a mask. These weren’t masks you’d see on Halloween, but rather the sort of elegant, attractive sort one might find at a masked ball. The men wore masks of silk, mostly across the eyes with holes through which to see, some which covered part or even most of the face. The women (and there were women, to Daisy’s surprise) wore masks of silk, lace, and feathers.

All of the guests were dressed elegantly to match in tuxedos and ballgowns, although most of the gowns were rather risque. The neckline of one woman’s navy blue silk gown plunged all the way to her pelvis. Belted just below her breasts with a slim lace corset, the gown lacked the usual modesty panel, revealing instead both her navel and her ample cleavage. Several women wore gowns slit up to the thigh or the hip. Most had long, flowing skirts, while a few were gathered at the hip to reveal much more leg. One woman wore a gown sewn entirely of revealing black lace; the absence of any undergarment was rather apparent, leaving very little to the imagination, even in the dim light.

The guests filed in, talking and laughing quietly, and arranged themselves on the available furniture all around the dais on which Daisy stood. She was acutely aware of the fact that she was not only naked, but her face was not obscured by any mask. She cast her eyes about the room, taking in what she could while trying desperately to avoid eye contact. Though the room was not particularly warm, she began to feel very hot.

Some of the guests had brought bags with them, little attaches or evening bags. Several carried in shoulder bags which seemed a bit out of place, but the material and construction of which seemed to fit the attire of the evening well enough. Perhaps it was a sort of sleep-over, Daisy thought.

There seemed to be a bit of a friendly argument in one corner of the room: a woman sitting on a man’s lap was giggling and pushing his shoulder good-naturedly. The man seemed refuse her at first, but at last he lifted her off his lap and stood. Daisy’s heart was already pounding, but it quickened as the man approached her.

He didn’t speak. He put his hand up to her face and, to Daisy’s surprise, shoved two fingers into her mouth. She looked at him in surprise, but knew there was no point in fighting back. He pushed the digits deep into her mouth, probing her tongue and the back of her throat. She grunted, but did not gag. Two more fingers slipped between her lips, and suddenly her mouth was full. His thumb stroked her cheek for a moment as he looked into her eyes.

Then Daisy felt his hand on her breast. He wasn’t gentle. He grabbed a handful of her flesh and squeezed, lifting and tugging the ample jug. He illegal bahis shook it roughly, his fingers digging painfully into her tender flesh. At last he released her, then drew his hand back and slapped her right tit, hard. Daisy moaned around the fingers in her mouth. He did it again, and again, and again, until even in the dim light, her skin appeared bright red. With every slap, her tits jiggled and bounced against each other in a most humiliating way.

When the man appeared to grow tired of this, he grasped a nipple and aerola in his fist and shook it brutally. Although her flesh was firm, the whole teat shook wildly. He jiggled it first up and down, then back and forth, slapping and jostling her other tit even worse than before. When he released her, his hand was wet. He wiped his palm across her cheek, leaving a wet smear.

Suddenly Daisy realized another man had come up beside her. He grasped her other tit the way the first one had, but instead of shaking it, he merely pulled it, as if trying to milk her. Daisy tried to shake her head, but the fingers in her mouth prevented her. Eyes wide, she watched as the first squirt escaped from her swollen nipple. The crowd gave a little collective gasp, and a few tittered. The man seemed encouraged, and he gripped her harder and began to tug more vigorously. Daisy moaned from the pain, but that wasn’t the worst of it. The next squirt was thicker, longer, and went further. The third sprayed so far, it actually dampened the lap of a woman sitting on the couch in front of Daisy.

The woman squealed and leapt up, trying to wipe the offending liquid away. There were more titters, and the woman leered at her companions accusingly. Then she turned back to Daisy. “You cow,” she said-the first words anyone had said to Daisy since the guests had arrived. She pushed the first gentleman out of the way, and suddenly Daisy’s mouth was empty of his fingers.

“I’m sorry,” she managed before the woman slapped her across the face.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses,” the woman said, and now Daisy detected a slight English accent. “Gag her.”

Daisy heard rustling behind her, and after a moment someone passed a length of silk over her mouth and forced it between her teeth. She felt it tighten snugly behind her head. “There,” said the woman, satisfied. She stood for a moment, appraising the naked girl in front of her. The man at Daisy’s side still gripped her left nipple, but he was no longer tugging-he looked back and forth between the two women as if he were watching a tennis match.

Finally the woman turned to him and pushed him angrily out of the way. He released his grip on Daisy’s teat as he stumbled back to his seat. “Give me that,” she said crossly, and herself grabbed Daisy’s swollen nipple in her delicate hand. “You want to be a cow? Fine. Who would like some milk?” The woman turned to the crowd, holding Daisy’s tit aloft. One man stood up eagerly and approached the dais.

“Open wide,” the English woman ordered cheerfully, illegal bahis siteleri and she began to milk Daisy’s tit into the man’s open mouth. It took several tries, but at last a long, thick stream of milk squirted from her nipple. The man caught most of it in his mouth and swallowed, smiling broadly. “Have another,” said the woman, and coaxed more milk from Daisy’s tit. It splashed across his face before the man could manage to open his mouth, but he didn’t seem upset. He returned to his seat, still smiling.

Several other men approached, each receiving several squirts of milk into their open mouths. Daisy stood helplessly, staring down as her body was manipulated utterly against her will, one stranger kneading her tit while more strangers consumed the milk that squirted out of it. The very worst part was when the woman at last released her tit and reached her delicate hand between Daisy’s thighs. Daisy felt the woman probe between her swollen lips before withdrawing her hand, holding it up for the audience to observe. A thick string of juice clung between her fingers. In her English accent, the woman exclaimed, “She likes it, lads!”

Before the woman sat down, she turned back to Daisy and wiped her fingers across Daisy’s tit, the same one she had just nursed. The nipple was even more distended and fat than the other, and dribbled a little when the woman touched it. The juice left a shiny smear across the firm, rounded flesh. The woman then returned to her seat, sitting back down and gazing up at Daisy with a look of smug triumph.

The next guest to approach her was yet another man who brought with him some heavy nylon cord-presumably from the attache he had carried with him. He set about wrapping it around her ribcage, then winding it around her tits. Daisy was already sufficiently humiliated that this new treatment didn’t much surprise her. Even when the cord forced her tits to thrust out from her body in enormous, bulbous orbs, she could only look down at them and pray that there was no lasting damage. The crowd seemed to approve of this new development, however, and many guests approached her to touch the taut skin and play with her bulging nipples. One man bounced her tits up and down in the palms of his hands, observing the odd, limited way they moved. Several women rubbed her fat nipples back and forth almost as though they were trying to pleasure Daisy, for the sensations did indeed cause her to moan softly against the gag. The women, giggling and whispering conspiratorily to each other, seemed not to notice.

But for every guest that touched her sensually, another was cruel, either slapping her swollen teats, or her nipples, or tugging the nubs until they squirted again. This was particularly painful with her breasts wrapped like this, and Daisy winced every time. The flesh of her tits was quickly turning purple, and her worry was growing.

At last, when she thought she couldn’t bear it anymore, someone began to undo the ropes, releasing her canlı bahis siteleri breasts. They immediately began to ache as circulation was restored, and Daisy moaned. The man rubbed the sore flesh, increasing the pain, but Daisy suspected he only wanted to get his hands on her tits. The man looked at least twice her age, although at 19, she knew that he couldn’t be very old himself. Surely he had touched girls as young as she, although (and she thought this with just a twinge of satisfaction) probably not with tits like these.

Suddenly she heard a click, and one of her hands was free. She yelped against the gag as her other hand was freed, relieved that her ordeal had been much shorter and less humiliating than she had anticipated. But the shackles around her ankles were not undone, and when she was forced down onto her hands and knees, Daisy realized her ordeal wasn’t over at all.

A metal pail was brought out. Someone set it beneath her, and a hand closed around her right teat. She felt the hand squeeze and slide down towards her nipple. The sound of her milk hitting the metal pail rang out in the quiet room, and Daisy closed her eyes with shame. Squirt after squirt streamed from her aching nipple into the bucket. Her jug was so large that it couldn’t fit properly in the pail while it was being milked, so that most of her flesh was forced to hang out over the rim. This seemed to impede the flow, however, so that eventually cinder blocks for her hands and knees were brought to the dais, and Daisy was forced to kneel on these. This additional elevation allowed her tits to hang properly, and for her to be milked more easily. The guests clapped and cheered as the squirts grew thicker and lasted longer. Daisy chanced a glance into the pail, and was horrified to see that nearly half of it was filled. Where was all this milk coming from??

Her second teat was worse. In this position, it began to squirt immediately, as if it had been waiting to be milked.

This was also when the harrassment began.

“Look at those teats,” someone muttered.

“Her mom and dad must be so proud of her. Their little girl grew up to be a milk cow!”

“At least those huge nipples are good for something. Can you imagine having nipples like that that didn’t squirt?”

“Not to mention those titties. What can you even do with tits like that?”

“She’ll never run a marathon, that’s for sure.”

“Porn. She could do porn.”

“What, and dress up like a cow to be milked? Yeah, that’s some hot porn.”

“Well, I’m filming it. Somebody’s gonna want to see this.”

“Fuck, I’m not even into the cow thing and I’m jerking off in my pocket right now. Those titties are so hot.”

“They’re too big for me. I’m going for a look at her backside. I hear she’s got a nice, ripe cunt.”

Daisy really did feel like a cow. The pail was nearly full and her tits ached. She knew every person in the room was staring at her, either at the milk squirting from her nipples, or at her bottom, exposed for anyone who wanted to inspect her.

She knew she shouldn’t have been surprised when she felt the first fingers probing at her private parts, but she was. It startled her so much, in fact, that she nearly knocked over the bucket beneath her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32