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Thanks for all the feedback for my previous “Danielle” stories; feel free to write and let me know what you think of these!

A few weeks after her life had changed completely by fucking first her sons, then her niece then her sister and brother in law, Danielle figured it was time for a holiday. Her son Billy had opted to stay at home with his cousin Kayla, while his twin brother Jack accompanied Danielle on her two week vacation on the island of Kapthros.

After driving to the airport, checking in their luggage and going through passport control, Danielle and her eighteen year old son Jack settled into their seats on the plane. As Kapthros wasn’t a well known destination, there was only a small plane and a limited number of other passengers; most of the seats were empty and Danielle and Jack had two seats together, she at the aisle side, Jack at the window. By the time they took off, evening had settled and the cabin lights were dimmed.

“You okay, honey?” Danielle whispered as she noticed Jack was fidgeting.

“I’m okay, mom.” Jack whispered back. “It’s just . . . I haven’t had you since this morning and I’ve got a major fucking hard-on for you right now.”

Danielle glanced down at her son’s crotch where, sure enough, the big lump formed by his twelve inch cock could easily be seen. She reached out and stroked it, running her fingers along its length.

“My poor baby.” Danielle said with a chuckle. “I bet you wish you could slide that big fucking thing between these, huh?” she asked, pulling her already low-cut top down even further, exposing her cleavage and most of her tits to her son’s gaze. “Bet you’d love to tit-fuck me right now, wouldn’t you? Send a big load of cum all over my – “

“Excuse me, madam, sir?”

Danielle and Jack turned to find a pretty airhostess standing in the aisle looking at them. She was a brunette and looked to be in her early twenties at the most; she ataşehir escort bayan obviously made the best of the rather plain uniform she had to wear as it was pulled in tight around her tiny waist, making it strain to hold the two large tits she had trapped beneath her blouse.

Danielle smiled at her as she rearranged her top, hiding most of her cleavage. “Can we help you?”

The airhostess looked around the small plane quickly before tuning back to them. “I’m sorry to interrupt but . . . have you ever been in the movies, madam?” she asked.

Danielle grinned as she thought of the eight years she’d spent fucking in front of the camera, living the life of a porno star to the full. “I did some videos a few years ago, yes.” She said.

The hostess smiled. “I’m sorry if I’ve got the wrong person but . . . are you Danielle Daily?”

“I haven’t heard that name in a while.” Danielle said. It had been her screen name when she had been working in porn. “But yes, that was me.”

“Oh wow!” the hostess said, kneeling down beside Danielle’s seat, her gaze drawn to the expanse of cleavage on show. “I’ve seen as many of your movies as I could find, I’m a real big fan, Miss Daily. My brother lent me one and since then I’ve tracked down as many as I can.”

“Your brother?” Danielle asked, casting a quick glance at Jack and smiling. “Isn’t that a bit odd, a brother lending porn to his sister?”

The hostess blushed. “We have a . . . close relationship.” She said quietly.

“As close as me and my son here?” Danielle asked, obviously grabbing the thick lump of Jack’s still hard cock. The hostess gasped when she saw the size of Jack’s cock and nodded quickly. She stood up, straightening her skirt.

“Would you both like to accompany me to the galley for a moment? I think I’ve got something that could help your problem.” She said, just loud enough to convince any other passengers escort kadıköy who had heard that everything was normal.

Danielle and Jack couldn’t help grinning as they stood up and followed the hostess to the rear of the plane, walking into a curtained off area beyond the single public toilet.

“So what can we do for you, honey?” Danielle asked the hostess. “I think you’re after more than just an autograph.” She slowly unzipped Jack’s jeans and pulled out his long, thick cock. “You want some of this?”

Jack watched his mom drop to her knees and gently take the head of his cock between her lips, stroking his length as she worked more and more into her mouth, all the time watching the hostess.

“Fuck that is so hot.” The hostess said, kneeling down beside her to get a closer look. Danielle pulled her son’s cock free of her mouth and offered it to the girl. She leaned forward and eagerly gobbled on Jack’s prick, sucking and licking at the big knob before Danielle pulled it back from her and had another turn. The hostess moved closer and, to Jack’s delight, began kissing and licking at his cock at the same time as his mom, the two women kissing around his length. “Can I . . . can I see your tits?” she asked Danielle shyly, still licking at Jack’s cock.

Danielle pulled the bottom of her T-shirt up and over her bra-less tits, freeing her magnificent orbs to the hostess’s gaze. “You like?” she asked.

“God yeah.” The girl said, reaching out and stroking them. “They’re amazing. I mean I’ve seen them on video but in real life they’re even bigger than I thought.”

“Yours aren’t so bad either.” Jack said, looking down at the hostess’s stacked blouse.

“I paid for these so they should be pretty good.” The hostess said with a laugh. She looked at Danielle. “Can I watch your son cum on your tits?”

“Honey, if you get yours out he’ll shoot enough for both of us.”

“I maltepe escort can’t. Not now, as much as I’d like to. But let me see him cum on you. Please?”

Danielle looked up at her son as he stroked his cock. “You heard her, Jack. You got a big load for mommy, huh? You gonna shoot a big load of cum all over my big fucking titties?” She sucked and licked at the head of his cock as he jerked on it, before moving back a little, giving him room to wank over her. “Come on, baby, cover mommy’s tits in cum.” She urged him, holding her big tits up as a target.

“Fuck, mom, here it comes!” Jack groaned before unleashing a torrent of jism over her tits. Blast after blast shot out of his cock, sending thick ropes of cum splashing over Danielle’s huge jugs, neck and face, coating her in semen and yet he still continued cumming. Danielle dived forward, sucking his cock into her mouth and taking the remainder of his load down her throat, swallowing as fast as she could until his cock finally eased off.

As Jack pulled back, Danielle turned to the hostess who was staring wide eyed.

“That was fucking intense.” She said, watching as Danielle began scooping up her son’s spunk and licking it off her fingers. The hostess leaned forward and very carefully licked up some of Jack’s cum from Danielle’s tits, swallowing it down with a sigh.

“We’re staying at the Royal Grand Hotel in Kapthros city.” Danielle said. “We’re booked in under our surname of Kent. Why don’t you come visit us if you get any time off?”

“I think you can count on that.” The hostess said. As Danielle finished cleaning herself off, the pair of them stood and watched Jack put his cock away. “My name’s Adele, by the way.”

“Very pleased to meet you.” Danielle said. “I’m Danielle as you know, and this is my son, Jack. Hopefully we’ll see you soon?”

“Definitely. But I think I need to get you back to your seats as we’ll be landing soon.” The three of them walked back to their seats and, as Adele went back to the hostess area, she whispered “Thanks for everything and I’ll see you at the hotel.”

Once she’d gone, Danielle turned to Jack.

“You know, I think this could be a good holiday.”

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