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Big Tits

Chapter 3: Gang’s All Here

The call had come in the late afternoon, and I stood shivering on the small porch of the run-down little bungalow, even though the sun was still burning hotly. The Dark Angel opened the door, and, when I started for the stairs to the basement on my own, he grabbed me by the arm and pushed me toward the back of the house instead.

We entered what must have been his bedroom. The first thing I saw was the large wire dog’s cage in the corner and a chill went down my spine. I wasn’t fond of dogs and someone like the Dark Angel was sure to have a large, mean brute of one. Then I saw the bed. Just a double bed, but then I saw rising up from the sides, near the foot of the bed, what looked like two metal shepherd’s hooks. I saw that cuffs on short chains were attached to the top of the hooks and that what looked like a wide band of black leather sling was also attached there and hung down between the hooks.

The Dark Angel wasted no time in getting into the session. He stripped me down and cuffed my hands to the tops of the hooks and made me kneel on the bed, pointed toward the headboard. My chest rested on and was supported by the band of leather. He quickly prepared my ass for his cock, came down onto the bed with his knees, and was soon buried deep inside me and driving my ass walls wild with that Prince Albert cock ring of his. This was what I liked. This was what I came here for—his luscious cock pumping me hard.

Shortly into the fuck, he came off the bed onto his feet and lifted my legs and swung them out, holding them to his hips. I was suspended in air now, my chest straining against the leather sling, and he was pumping my ass hard and deep, swinging me forward and pulling his cock back and then ramming me deep as he pulled my body back toward his.

I was sure he was going to finish me like this; I wanted him to finish me like this, but he suddenly stopped fucking me. I could tell he was close to blowing, but he stopped. He uncuffed me and told me I’d better go take a piss, that maybe it would be a while before I’d be able to do that again. With a great sense of foreboding, I went into the small bathroom off of the bedroom and did my best to evacuate myself.

When I returned, I saw that he was sitting on the end of the bed an had the ball stretcher he had used on me in the last session down in his basement in one hand and the case containing the set of sounding wands in the other. I moaned as soon as I saw them and involuntarily turned toward the bedroom door, wanting to escape. But I knew there was no escape from him.

“Come here,” he commanded.

I hesitated.

“I said come here, now,” he repeated in a low growl.

I slowly walked over to him and he pulled me to him, spun me around, and sat me in his lap. I cried out in pain, as he forced my ass down hard on his engorged cock. I was once more skewered to his lap. I involuntarily lurched as he got the ball stretcher snapped between the root of my cock and the pulled-tight balls again. This time he cuffed my wrists, my arms spread out wide, on the hook apparatuses at either side. After he’d bounced me up and down on his cock for a few minutes and punished my ass walls with his ringed cock, he spread his legs wide casino siteleri and then lifted my legs out even wider on top of them and told me to lay back into his chest. When I was a little slow in doing that, he reached down with one hand and squeezed my balls and pinched my nipples with the other hand and told me he was going to continue doing so until I settled down. I fought through the pain and settled as well as I could under the circumstance.

I whimpered as I heard the sounding wand case being unzipped. Out came a wand a size larger than he had last used on me. I lay as still as I could as it slowly entered my piss slit and worked its way deep down my urethra. When it was in a good eight inches, the Dark Angel slowly rotated it about and moved it back and forth, nudging my piss canal to widen. He was humming again now, in his own zone of pleasure. He held the rod there deep inside me for a minute or more and then he turned his face down to me and, as I knew he expected, I met his mouth in a kiss. He was slowly pulling the wand out as he kissed me deeply, possessing my mouth, not permitting me to cry out.

He pulled his mouth away from me and selected the next thicker sounding wand.

“Auggh! Ahhhh,” I did cry out now as this one traveled through my piss canal. The wands seemed impossibly thick now. He was humming loudly. I was afraid I was beginning to hyperventilate and was panting with shallow breaths, trying to hold my pelvis perfectly still.

I wanted to pass out and think I almost did as the fourth wand entered me. I was just collapsed against the Dark Angel’s chest now, fully spent, every nerve of my body tuned to that thick, thick rod teasing my piss canal to spread wide as it invade deep inside me. I felt I as close to coming, but I was too weak to do anything about it.

And then the Dark Angel was pulling the wand out. And he must have felt me close to orgasm, as was he. When the tip of the wand exited, he squeezed my balls and I and he ejaculated at the same time, me in a profusion of cream just flowing out of my beleaguered piss slit and he deep inside my ass.

I thought the ordeal was over then. He was passionately kissing me, and I thought he had had enough. When he disengaged, I just lay my head back on his shoulder and stared at the ceiling, wondering what came next—fearing what may come next.

I felt cold steel at my piss slit again, and I jerked my head down in surprise. I was just in time to see the full length of the four-inch swordlike metal rod as the Dark Angel pushed it into the widened piss slit all the way to the hilt. There was a metal ring attached to the hilt by a short chain, and he proceeded to force the head of my cock through this and push it to the rim, where the head met the shaft.

“This is a penis plug,” the Dark Angel explained. “You will wear this until I take it out of you. And I wouldn’t even think of trying to piss with it in; you would not like the result.”

I knew better than to ask him why he was doing this to me. I knew it was all about dominating me—the most intimate form of domination—and me accepting that without question. The longer I took to surrender to him fully to his satisfaction, the more of this I would have to endure.

“And slot oyna these are weights,” he went on to say, showing me tiny black cylinders. “These are going on the ball stretcher to ensure your balls distend nicely.”

After attaching these to the stretcher and listening to me moan for a minute at being stretched like this, he told me to kneel down on the floor and grab my ankles with my hands. When I had done so, he cuffed the wrist and ankle together on either side and frog marched me over to the cage. I was whimpering again as he put me in the cage, hunched over on my haunches. I now knew what kind of dog he had; it was me.

He left me there for I don’t know how long, as the shadows lengthened and the light in the room dimmed.

At length I heard voices in the front of the house—men’s voices—and an increasing number of them. The Dark Angel was having a party.

After a while, he came back into the room, beer in hand, still naked and his cock at full attention, and released me from the cage, the cuffs, the penis plug, the ball stretcher. He told me I could—and should—take a leak in the bathroom, which I sorely needed to do and that I should take a quick shower as well. I was all cramped up and could hardly stand, but I shuffled straight for the bathroom and for relief.

When I emerged from the bathroom, the party had been moved to the bedroom. Seven hulking biker types in addition to the Dark Angel, were spread out around the room, waiting for me to appear. They all were naked. And they were all muscle men, except that a few had a bit of a beer belly. They whistled and gave cat calls when they saw me, all apparently half drunk, and I was passed around the men for the next three hours.

They all fucked me at least once, and some of them more than once. All of them were rough with me, but some were rougher than others. The Dark Angel just stood back and let me be banged time and time again. Some attached me to the hook apparatus and fucked me either from the rear or missionary style with my legs opened wide and cuffed to the stakes. Once in the latter case, I also had a guy sitting on my chest and feeding his cock into my mouth. A black dude wanted to wrestle, and, at first, wrestled me to a 69 position and then, when I had sucked him big on the Dark Angel’s command, wrestled me to where he was covering my backclose and pistoning his heavy dick down into me. Another guy had the nifty idea of stuffing me back in the cage and fucking me through the wire sides. He had a thin cock that just managed that.

Although the Dark Angel himself had started barebacking me two sessions previously, he apparently had insisted that all his guests had to wear condoms, which they did, and then just rolled them off and threw them on the floor when they were done. One smart aleck took it upon himself to ring out the count as each one hit the floor. I stopped listening to the count and gave up hope after the eighth one myself.

All the time the Dark Angel was standing nearby, watching me closely, and I fully understood this was some sort of testing of my surrender to him. So, I endured it, and just let them manhandle and manipulate me like I was a rag doll, a docile rag doll with a well-fucked hole.

The apparent height of canlı casino siteleri the evening for these dudes was when one produced the latest toy he had found. It looked like just a few interlaced small plastic tubes with a long plastic strip to me. But then, as a burly guy got behind me on the bed and got me in a full Nelson while my legs were cuffed up and out wide to the metal crooks, I realized it wasn’t just a simple little collection of plastic tubes. At the base was a ring, similar in size—and function, I was soon to find out—to the base of the penis plug I had been forced to wear. He took my penis in his hand and pushed the head through the ring until it fit tightly at the rim of the head. There was an attachment in this that came over the glans and pushed down into the now-enlarged piss slit. I could see that this had an electrode on it, and for the first time, I began to squirm and raise objections—all of which the men in attendance thoroughly enjoyed.

There was another, bigger ring at the other end of the plastic line attached to this devise, and now the dude, who had the biggest and thickest cock of all of the Dark Angel’s guests and who hadn’t fucked me up to this point, brought his cock close to mine and pushed his cock through the ring. There now was little give, about nine inches, perhaps, in the line attaching his cock to mine.

I soon learned what this toy would do, as with the guy behind me still hold my arms and torso captive and all of the other guests huddled around and licking their chops, my assaulter rolled on a condom and then fed that big cock into me and began to stroke me. When his cock bottomed out in my asshole, the line pulled tight and set off the electrode in my piss slit, so that with each deep ramming, a small electric shock buzzed through my penis.

Not only was the hulking biker big and thick, he also was an endurance fucker, and I had almost passed out from the rhythmic electrical shocking before he had shot his load inside me.

When they at lest had done with me and tromped out of the bedroom in search of more beer, I lay totally exhausted and spread-eagled on the bed. I was shivering and trembling and probably would have been sobbing if I had had the energy to do so.

But the Dark Angel was still there. He came down on the bed and replaced the penis plug and then pulled me to the floor and hog-tie cuffed me again and dragged me back to the cage through a pile of used condoms.

When the Dark Angel returned to the bedroom hours later, after his last guest had departed, there was no energy left in me at all—indeed, I had been just a quaking blob huddled in a wire cage for some time.

He let me out of the cage and removed all of the cuffs and the penis plug from me and let me use the bathroom, and then, when I returned, he hooked my legs back up to the apparatus and fucked me to his release. All the time he was humming.

He turned tender then, my having, I would guess, passed his domination test. We showered together, me being so weak that he had to hold me up and run the washcloth over me. And then he took me to the other bedroom, one not littered with the evidence of my ravishment, and took me into his bed, hugging me tight to him and quickly going to sleep.

I, however, didn’t sleep for hours, regardless of how exhausted I was. For the longest time, I lay there with a phrase going over and over in my mind, a phrase that I couldn’t even begin to understand: When he calls, I will come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32