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I open the door and there you are. Hands bound to the headboard above you. Waiting. I pause for a moment in the doorway. Hand on hip. Hand on doorframe. The pose accentuating the black corset and panties I chose for the evening. You lay with expectant eyes sparkling, wondering just what I have in store for you. I drink you in. Bite my lip. It’s playtime!

In an instant I’m at the bedside. Pull the little box of pleasures from beneath. Then pause again. Looking. You are so patient and unafraid. Just intrigued. As I climb onto the bed I pour oil into my waiting palm. Kneeling beside you, I begin to rub the oil into your skin. So much skin before me. I pay special attention massaging the tender muscles in your shoulders and the thin ropes in your hips. As the oil warms your flesh I turn my attention to other things. You watch me intently as I grasp your already hard shaft and make sure it too is oiled top to bottom.

Next, I grab the blindfold from my box, cover your eyes, slip quickly out of the corset and s l i d e my body along yours, purrrrring in your ear. My teeth dimple your ear lobe and my tongue makes it’s way along your ear’s edge as I stop to nip at its top. Then I run the pointed tip of my tongue along your jaw and down your throat, kissing along your collarbone. I gently blow breath on your body, cooling the oil and the skin beneath it as I move toward your waist. Quickly, I chill my mouth with an ice cube from the water glass on the bedside table. My tongue begins lessons in torture as its cold surface licks and massages your head. I run my strong fingers down your body and trail them up the inside of your thigh. As the sensations become too much and you start to shift and groan, I pull myself back up your body and plant a strong kiss on your lips. I pull back slightly and again draw you out with my tongue as you strain against halkalı bdsm escort your bonds. Soft ropes restrain you gently. Giving up for the moment you fall back to the bed with a groan. I straddle your body, knees hugging your strong waist, and grasp your shoulders.

Firmly tracing your collarbone with my tongue, I listen to your breath. I kiss and suck my way up your throat, appreciative of the heat running through your veins. Your heart beats a hungry rhythm. Your panting is in my ears as I tease the spot behind your jaw. The spot that makes your breath catch. The spot that pulls needy groans and muttered curses from your lips. “Ohhhhhh, fuck!”

“That’s what you want, is it?” I breathe, even as the air and my tongue tickle you.

“Ohh, FUCK! Ohh, PLEASE,” is the only answer I’ll be getting.

Grinning, I sit back, hear the intake of your breath as my weight settles onto you, feel you pressing stone solid against my favorite black panties. “Angel,” they say. I’m too dark to be an angel. Too wet to be an angel. Much too wet. But as my hips churn and my nails drag down your chest leaving petulant pink lines, I think “but demons are just angels who picked the wrong side.” So, maybe, I can be an angel for you. The black angel that binds you and takes possession of you and delights in each of your pleasures. An angel inching down your body, wetting her tongue in anticipation.

I try to focus, remember to breathe. A formidable task with your body hard and responsive beneath me. I drag a slow spiral around your nipple coming closer with each swirl. Blow cool air across your skin. I rub your now hard flesh with the tip of my tongue. Next I run quickly across the nipple with the smooth underside of my tongue, quickly replacing its presence with a slow moving thumb and shifting my halkalı elit escort attentions to your other nipple. Equal treatment is repaid by the catch in your breath. Biting gently at your nipple I drag my palms lightly down your chest as I kiss a path past your navel down to the point of your hip.

My teeth leave neat crescents along your hips that my pointed tongue follows hungrily. I take my tongue tightly along the contours of your thigh, achingly close to your ready cock, but not yet touching. Cup your balls in one hand and firmly tongue along their division, watching the flesh tighten beneath my mouth. Pulling one then the other into my mouth, massaging gently. My hands move around to sink my fingertips into your muscles, using your ass to draw you close as my tongue runs soft and flat along your shaft, sac to slit, drawing a satisfying moan from your mouth and an unbidden growl from my throat.

Swiftly, I turn, fighting off the last of my clothes. Again, you can feel my knees near your waist, but my feet hook behind your shoulders and I run my hands down your legs. My breasts, nipples hard, drag along your thighs, brush your straining cock. Then I rock back, taking your head in my mouth as you reach up to find my lips with your own. Kiss me tenderly. Tongue wide, you lap at me, gently pulling the juices from me. I circle your head, tease it playfully as your own tongue flicks across my clit, stretch my neck and swallow you as your tongue dives into me. Our moans combine and seem to hang in the air above us for a moment.

My concentration falters as you drag and prod and rub the pleasure from me, pull the growls and moans from my throat. Until I can’t wait any longer. I cease my licking, rubbing, sucking, feel your cock twitch in protest and turn again to face you. Your exasperated halkalı escort groans play in my ears. I kiss you once, teasing your lips open with my tongue. Then I grab your cock with my right hand, press my left hard on your shoulder for balance. I play your head along my lips, take you near my opening and note the intake of your breath. I use you, rubbing your head in circles on my own tight knot, working myself into a frenzy.

I shift my hips just a little and press your head inside me. Where I can feel the tiny pop as my body accepts you. Easy, slick, I take your head and squeeze it inside of me. Lift myself, losing you, wanting to feel you filling me. Again rubbing you against my clit, again taking your head into me, squeezing. Listening to the catch as you feel my muscles tighten around you. I lean forward, brush my lips on your temple. “Do you want me,” I ask as I squeeeeze tightly.

“God, yes,” I hear.

“Do you want me to fuck you,” I whisper softly. “GOD yes!”

I pull off your blindfold as I plunge downward, wanting you to see me as I ride you. Your lids slam shut against the light, against the rush of sensation. I rise, then fall again, watching your eyes snap open as you moan your delight. I open my hips, grind down on you, turning small figure-eights with my hips. Running my hands up your body I lay down, bring my legs together between your own. Cupping your face and kissing you I breathe, “tight enough?” As I leverage your shoulders to help me move. Stroking up and down your length, pressing and rubbing my clit against you as I move, I set into a rhythm. Soon my breath quickens and my hips begin to shift hungrily as I thrust myself down and up. You can hear, feel that I’m reaching the top. You stretch up, drag your tongue along my throat, plead “use me.”

“God,” I keen, shuddering, squeezing, panting over the crest of my orgasm, triggering the cascade of your own as my muscles tighten strongly around your cock and my fingers press into your shoulders. I manage to keep moving through the after shocks just long enough to draw your own climax to it’s shivering, straining end before collapsing and fumbling you out of the ropes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32