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This is the beginning of a story I had previously written for someone I was exchanging stories with. Hope to find a new f friend like that again soon.


I come over prior to us going out. You are still in the process of getting ready. You have on a short skirt and a tank top with no bra on. You excuse yourself to finish getting ready. Before you go I tell you I have a present for you. You come back to see what I have brought. You open the package and find a leather collar and two nipple clamps connected by a chain.

I tell you how great I think they will look on you and that you should try them on. You turn around and I fasten the collar around your neck. I then turn you around and tear off your tank top. I attach one of the nipple clamps to your nipple and you wince a bit but are excited by the feeling. I run the other clamp and chain through a loop on the front of your collar and attach the clip to your other nipple. There is a slight bit of tension from the chain being run through the innovia escort ring, but you are really starting to enjoy the feeling.

I then have you turn around and bend at the waist. You support yourself by placing your hands on the edge of the couch. Leaning forward relieves the tension on the chain momentarily. I pull your skirt up and slide your panties down. I tell you a good spanking will be a great way to start the evening and a slightly sore ass will help you think of what might happen later in the evening.

I start to spank your ass lightly at first and slowly increase the force. As I do you start to move and your beautiful tits start to sway back and forth causing the pressure on your nipples to increase and decrease with every smack. The combination of the smacks to your ass and the pulling on your nipples causes you to moan louder with every smack.

I tell you that you should probably go continue getting ready or we will never leave. Before letting you istanbul escort up I reach my hand down to see how wet you have become. I am thrilled to find your pussy soaking wet and dripping juice, but I am disappointed to find that you have not shaved in a few days, and I remind you that you should always be clean shaven when going out with me.

I tell you to go lay down on your bed and I will be right in. I come into the room and tie your hands to your headboard and tell you I will be right back to help you get ready. After a few min I come in with everything I will need to shave you. I spread your legs wide open and expose your beautiful pussy. I slowly wash it and rub in some shave cream. Before I start shaving I reach up and release your nipple claps. The blood rushing back into your hard nipples gives you a whole new sense of pleasure and slight pain.

With that I start to shave you. I slowly shave your pussy making sure to use a finger or two to lightly rub your kadıköy escort clit and pussy while I do. You try not to squirm, but you are so turned on and in need of release.

I finish shaving your and wash all the shaving cream off you. Making sure to massage your aching clit as I do. I tell you that I am very disappointed and that you should always remember to be ready for me, That I will not be as forgiving the next time.

I realize one of your hands from the headboard and tell you that you are only allowed to play with your tits for right now. I then make my way down and start to lick your pussy and suck on your clit. I move my tongue down and shove it as deep inside you as I can. Fucking you with my tongue and rubbing your clit with my thumb. I then run my tongue down and start to lick the juices that have dripped down onto your ass. I flick my tongue on your asshole driving you crazy.

I move my mouth back up to your clit and continue nibbling and sucking on your clit, but maintain pressure on your ass with my thumb and slide a couple of fingers inside you. You then start to buck and cum all over my face.

After a moment I release your other hand and tell you to finish getting ready, and that you will not need panties tonight because I want easy access to you all night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32