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David was standing at the window looking down at the parking lot, after the morning he had just experienced he needed his day to get better. His six foot frame, dark hair, and light eyes made him the most attractive guy at work. He often had female co-workers flirting with him and he loved it.

When Kim turned the corner and saw him there, she froze. She had always wanted the chance to take him, to passionately devour every inch of him. As she looked down the hall and saw that no one was near she approached him. When she got behind him she grabbed his ass. Surprised by this, David almost dropped his drink. He quickly turned around, ready to flirtingly push the person away, but when he saw that it was Kim he relaxed and began to smile. His smile was perfect, the way his eyes would light up would always make Kim melt.

Gazing into his eyes, with shear intensity, she stepped closer to him. When he realized that she was serious, he pulled her into his office and slammed the door. After his morning, he was going to seize this moment. When the slamming door made the loud sound Kim almost jumped out of her bizimkent escort skin, her heart was beating wildly with excitement and anticipation.

He paused a moment and looked at her, she was much shorter than him with a petite frame. For the past several months he had enjoyed watching her when she wore knee length skirts to work. Her legs were sexy as hell, and when she walked, her ass often made him grin like a school boy. Now sufficiently excited he began to unbutton his pants. Unwilling to wait, she almost ran to him, got on her knees and forced them down.

When Kim saw his hard cock she almost died, everything in her got excited, chills ran down her spine and the room started spinning. Closing her eyes, she let her lips and fingers guide her way. She slowly ran her fingers around his tip and slid her hands down his hardness. When she got to his balls she gently began to rub them. Hearing him moan, she decided to take him in. Wrapping her lips around him, she slid her mouth down is cock, sucking him up. When she got to the base she tightened her lips more and pulled bostancı escort back up. With one hand still rubbing him, the other hand followed her lips up his cock. Her fingers were wrapped around him and now that he was wet, they slid up and down with ease. Tightening her grip, she slid up and down him, licking him. Looking down, David watched as his cock slid into her mouth and he wanted nothing more than to feel her wet pussy around him.

Pulling back away from her, she stood up and his hands begin to explore her tits. He put his hands on her hips and slid them up and down until her top was out of her skirt. When he felt her skin his hands glided up to her bra. He felt the lace and wrapped his hands around her breasts. Cupping them he pulled her close and kissed her. Kim closed her eyes and began to moan as his tongue entered her mouth. His lips are soft and gentle and the kiss was so delicate and that she grabbed his strong shoulders and began to kiss him more urgently than she has ever kissed anyone. His hands tightened around her tits as her tongue swirled and investigated büyükçekmece escort his mouth. She bit his lip and moved to his ear and neck where she continued to kiss and nibble at him.

Unable to wait any longer David lifted her onto a table, spread her legs and pushed into her. When Kim felt his cock spread her pussy she threw her head back, bit her lip and began to moan. Holding her panties aside David thrusted into her, Kim was so wet and tight that David wanted to ravage her. He ripped her top open, pulled her bra down and bit down on one of her nipples, sending exhilaration down her spine.

Kim began to grab is cock as he pulled out, and when her hand got wet enough she began to rub her tits, squeezing them with a sense of emergency. Then Kim reached forward and grabbed his ass, she squeezed it tightly and guided his thrusts, deeper into her. As she approached climax her pussy tightened around him and began to pulse. Her pulsing sent David over the edge and she started to feel his bulging cock explode inside her, filling her with his hot come.

David slowly started to pull out, but before he does Kim grabbed his ass, pushed him back in, and made him fuck her until his cock has calmed down. As their hearts slowed and their eyes met, they shared one more kiss, and when their lips touched they both felt as though they had just experienced an amazing moment that they will treasure forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32