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(It was 1885 and, as a nineteen year old boy, I was staying with family friends at their large house in the English Midlands. I was there to learn French conversation under the tutelage of Miss. Marie; the family had two 18 year old twins, Anna and Sarah who were also learning French with me, this is part four of my tale)

Following Sarah’s coughing fit and ‘delicate condition’ it was decided to abandon our lessons for the rest of Friday. Anna took Sarah up to their room, which was on the same long corridor as mine but nearer to their parents. I was left with Miss. Marie, who stood in a dark green day-dress which was pushed out by masses of cotton petticoats. Not one inch of provocative lace could be seen, worse luck.

She sat down on the sofa and stared up at me.” Perhaps I have been a little harsh with you both; I may need to rethink my methods.” She spoke in carefully measured tones.

“I was wondering what happened to the Italian boy, Carlo?” I interjected, in an off hand manner.

“Well it took a while, but he became surprisingly good at it,” and she glared at me intensely knowing exactly what I was thinking. She spoke more openly as the two girls were now not in the school room.

“His mother. Mrs. Scanalli, wrote to me sometime later and said that she had problems with both her housemaids. Apparently they were forever cleaning Carlo’s room particularly when he was having his afternoon siesta. In her long letter she also happened to mention that many more village girls had applied for ‘maid-training’ than usual, which Mrs. Scanalli often used to provide, but had to stop, because her own housemaids objected and refused to help. I believe Carlo is now at Milan University, reading medicine,” she said and I was left in complete confusion.

Later that evening, over dinner, the girls’ parents reminded us all that they were shortly going to their other smaller home in Ireland for three weeks, and that they were shutting down part of the house, including the West Room which was to be redecorated while they were away. They were taking their housekeeper, ladies maid and Charlotte. ‘Cook’ would remain in charge. Most of the other servants including the parlour maid had been given one week off to attend to family matters if they so wished.

The next week was taken up with further French tutoring in the school room. Miss. Marie became genuinely pleased with our progress and the Friday incident, of the previous week, was well and truly forgotten. I had formed a comfortable bond with the two eighteen-year old girls, having been in their company for almost two weeks and enjoying their vivacity and girlish, almost childish, behaviour and naïve sense of humour. I only needed to mention the word “Jelly, “and they giggled loudly, especially Sarah. Their bodies always moved in an exquisite manner beneath their crisp well- laundered wide skirted ‘Alice’ dresses, and many was the time I felt aroused.

On one occasion, feeling devilish, I asked Miss Marie what the French for ‘wank’ was, as it was not listed in the French dictionary. “Miss Marie said she had never heard of such a word,” and asked Anna and Sarah whether they knew the word ‘wank’? They both said that they had never heard of it and did not know what it meant, although I noticed that Anna appeared a little flushed.

“What does it mean David? Is it a noun, verb or what?” insisted Miss. Marie. I explained that it meant ‘to give oneself immense pleasure’ as in the verb ‘to wank’ in other words ‘I wank, you wank, he wanks, we wank, you, (plural) wank, they wank, and so on.

“And I assume the other tenses’ canlı bahis şirketleri declinations are regular too?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said, trying not to laugh.” Here is an example. If I had just enjoyed an Opera, say ‘Figaro’ I would say to fellow opera goers afterwards that I had ‘given myself immense pleasure’ by attending the performance. I could simply say in a loud voice to them all “I HAVE WANKED” or perhaps more subtly “I HAVE JUST WANKED IN THE AUDITORIUM,” I beamed, thinking I was getting my own back on what Miss. Marie had done to Sarah and I. “Thank you David, I will remember those phrases and next time I am at the Ladies Choral Society I will know what to say,” she said, writing something down in pencil.

Anna looked at me and mouthed silently “you are a terrible man Mr. Shaw, “I grinned back wondering how on earth she knew the slang word for male masturbation?

On Saturday the preparations were complete for the departure of my hosts.

I stood in the stone portico with Anna and Sarah. Two carriages stood on the gravel drive. One was full of luggage but had space for the housekeeper and Charlotte. The other carriage was for the master, mistress and ladies maid. Tearfully their mother kissed both her daughters and told them to look after each other while they were away.

They set off at a walk to catch the steam ferry at Liverpool for Belfast. When they had left, a small group of servants with bags and cases followed them out of the drive, waved off by ‘Cook’. Miss. Marie had booked a ‘fly’ to take her to her Ladies Choral Society meeting at Buxton. Anna, Sarah and I returned to the house with ‘Cook’ and ate some lunch in the large kitchen.

My eyes kept wandering over ‘cook’s’ large backside remembering what Charlotte had said about the cook being ‘better at facesitting’ than she. My imagination, unfortunately, led me to the cook’s bedroom where she was wearing just a chemise and open-crotched drawers. I was on on my back under her. Her massive ankles gripped me by my cheeks as two large air-balloons crash-landed on my face.

“Mr.Shaw, Miss Anna and Miss Sarah, I have to go to the village this afternoon to check up on a food delivery, order coal and do various other errands. I won’t be back until later this evening so I am afraid you will be completely on your own in the house until I return. I have left some bread, cold meats, cooked sausage and pickles in the dairy larder, under some basins, so that you may serve yourselves later. By the way Tom, the gardener’s lad, reckons we are in for a big storm this afternoon.” It was cook’s habit to deliver a speech then walk off, which she did, collecting her outdoor-boots, coat and bonnet for her four mile journey to Hethrington. We noticed as she left that the sky was becoming heavily overcast towards the west.

Anna and Sarah said they were going to their room to read books for the rest of the afternoon. They wore similar dark brown striped ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ style dresses, which were full skirted and calf length at the hem. Over these they wore protective pinafore aprons tied at the back in large bows. They also wore black stockings and light indoor shoes, delicately embroidered with grey leaves.

I could not see their petticoats but imagined lifting them up slowly and running my fingers along the backs of their thighs, above their stockings and into their bloomers.

I decided to take a walk next to the lake before the storm brewed up. After half an hour or so the wind got up and leaves, which had escaped from the wood, were chasing each other across the lawns. canlı kaçak iddaa

Several birds appeared to struggle in flight and whirled at speed over the water. I wondered if I should turn back or try and shelter in the folly near the bridge. I decided on the former and beat a hasty retreat towards the house, my hair and long coat flying wildly. Ten minutes of furious running in the cold gloom found me back in the vestibule, my boots off, as the first drops of rain hammered at the portico. The sky was almost black and clearly there was going to be a massive thunderstorm.

A violent flash followed shortly by a distant deep rumble announced its beginning. I went up to my room and removed my outdoor clothes. My underpants were my baggy ones which I wore in India when I stayed with my uncle. I decided to keep these on and not bother to get dressed until the storm was over. The house was in darkness except for lightning flashes in the distance and I lay on my bed staring at the patterns of rain running down the window panes.

Another flash was followed shortly by thunder, then another, and another. The storm was getting closer. I heard a slight whimper and a little scream, then another squeal from somewhere in the house and then I remembered that the girls’ bedroom was just along the corridor.

A series of intense flashes followed immediately by a huge thunderclap shook the house and several windows rattled. Loud screaming was heard.

Instinctively I dashed to the girl’s room wondering whether they were buried under rubble. I opened the door and found the room was intact but dark. I saw two shapes in the gloom lying on a big double bed. They were facing each other, fully clothed, on their sides, knees drawn up to their chests They clung to each other shaking. looking petrified. I asked them if they were alright and they pleaded with me to lie between them on the bed. I sat at the foot of the bed and quickly shifted myself up so I was flat on my back between them.

I put both put my arms round their shoulders and waists and they pushed their heads into my neck, their hair over my face and chest. I could feel them tremble and their breathing was uneven. I thought Anna was crying.

Suddenly a massive thunderclap detonated above us, shaking the structure of the roof.

Sarah screamed in my ear and hugged me desperately, throwing her leg over mine, gripping it tightly between hers, her skirts, bloomers and petticoats in disarray. I pulled her closer, feeling her hot breath in my ear. Anna was crying. Another flash of lightning caused Anna to quickly slide nearer and she also lifted her leg over mine and gripped it tightly. I pulled her closely in to me, my hand lost amongst her petticoats, tasting her blonde hair in my mouth.

The girls’ legs were firmly clamped around my thighs so I could barely move. Their knees met each other where my penis was struggling to stiffen inside my baggy pants. I moved my legs further apart in an effort to provide more space for my Sir Percy but they slumped themselves back over me, Anna’s knee was resting heavily on my genitals.

Another thunderclap, this time further away, set the two girls off into another session of frenzied squeezing and gripping and my body seemed to be their main focus. Their muscles could not have been tighter. My lower limbs felt exposed and cold and I told them so. Anna spread her dress and petticoats over my legs and Sarah let go of me for for a couple of seconds and did the same.

I lay there in the semi-darkness, my arms ‘symbolically protecting’ these two beautiful, blonde canlı kaçak bahis haired, eighteen year old girls, their faces nuzzling my neck and their hair across my face and naked chest. My hands were amongst their underwear. My legs were apart, like a Leonardo da Vinci drawing, and their knees were in contact with my penis. I could imagine the scene committed to canvas by some Pre-Raphaelite painter entitled “During the Thunderstorm.”

As the storm subsided I felt their bodies become less tense as they unravelled themselves from my torso. I kissed them on their hair as I could not see their faces. Anna emerged from under her blonde tresses and smiled apologetically for being a silly girl, given they were both ‘sensible young ladies of good breeding’ and should know better. I smiled back and said that she shouldn’t worry.

“People clearly are frightened of different things.” I said that I was most frightened of ‘lemon jelly’ which made her, then her sister both laugh. I took advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and kissed Anna firmly on the lips.

She lay there not knowing what to do with Sarah looking on. I kissed her again more gently, wondering if I was doing the right thing, I weighed everything up and thought that there must be a first time for everything and this was it for both of them. My mind went into a spin as I thought what we were going to do next.

I pushed their knees off my legs and extracted myself. I sat up and looked around. They were certainly dishevelled and they both looked up at me with their gorgeous big flashing eyes. Anna got off the bed and brushed her hair back behind her Alice band. She shook out her dress and petticoats and took off her shoes. Under the bed she pulled out a chamber pot, pulled up her clothes and had a piddle. This was quite loud and long and I felt somewhat embarrassed but my penis didn’t.

She didn’t bother to wipe herself although she did try and find a handkerchief. She got back on the bed next to me and I lay down again. Sarah sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her hair back and secured it with a large brown ribbon.

She stood up and also rearranged her dress and petticoats as well as pulling up her stockings. Removing her shoes she also relieved herself in her chamber pot, which sounded very intense and ended with a loud resonating fart, “Not more thunder I hope” I said, as Sarah turned red and Anna and I both laughed.

Sarah resumed her former position next to me on the bed. I resumed kissing Anna and she kissed me back, this time more intensely. “Sarah’s turn next,” I mumbled between kisses. I turned my head to Sarah and we kissed gently and then kissed firmly and then kissed again until I said “Anna’s turn next.”

Then there was more and more kissing, and more kisses as I turned my head to Sarah for more kissing. This went on for many minutes as I felt around in my baggy pants for my penis which appeared to be five times its normal size. I decided to wank into my pants as I had not time to explain to the girls where I would like them to place their hands to maximise my pleasure. We had the rest of the afternoon for that and other things anyway, I thought.

I began wanking with both hands as I kissed each of their beautiful lips in turn, my breathing becoming more laboured and fervent; the mattress began to shake as I increased the intensity of my masturbation. The girls knew something was going to happen as my face shook and I clenched my teeth on the edge of pleasure. I shut my eyes, felt seminal fluid rise up my penis then a millisecond later explode in seven vigorous thrusts which rocked the bed and filled my baggy pants with warm fresh semen.

The girls smiled at me clearly understanding what I had just done. I whispered to them both that they would soon be experiencing something very similar.

(Continued in part 5)

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