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She felt numb as she twisted the lock on the doorknob before closing the front door of her apartment on the crappy side of town. It had taken every ounce of energy she could muster to pull herself out of bed and makeup her face enough to feel comfortable going out. But she had to. The alternative was to spend another day moving from the bed she slept in in her son’s room to the smaller of the two couches she still owed money on in the living room, keeping her thoughts tied up in whatever she could find to distract herself on her phone. As Bellona continued to her clunker, she thought about how different her life had been just a couple of months ago. Some semblance of a family had occupied her two bedroom apartment. It was separated now and she knew it was for the better. She couldn’t let four year old Liam grow up thinking it was okay to manipulate and control the women in his life in whatever self-serving, conniving way best served his immediate needs. She’d leave that up to his dad. She was a good woman. For years she had tried to make it work with his dad but she would never, could never live up to his ridiculous expectations. She had come out of her naiveite two years ago and into the realization that she’d have to be the parent who taught her son about respect and love. She had spent the last couple of years treasuring the time she spent with her son because she knew eventually that time would be divided, shared between her and her ex-husband. Today was the beginning of the stretch of five days he would spend with his dad. She sighed as she started her old buick. She kept telling herself (and Liam) they’d get used to the new schedule eventually. There was just such a disparity between the days she woke up alive and happy when he was with her and the days she had to talk herself out of bed when he wasn’t. She had talked to her therapist this week and they had come up with a plan to get her out of the house on those sad days so the depression wouldn’t take hold.

She drove south, toward the coast. In years past she had gravitated towards the beach when life dealt her lemons. The ocean air, although tinged with sadness, always made her feel introspective and peaceful. This was the first time in a while that she had enough gas in her tank to make the forty mile trip. Admittedly, there was more than her typical reason for heading that direction this time in the form of a guy she had been texting for the last year or so. They had had met up for one chaste encounter last fall but she hadn’t seen him since. They had made plenty of plans since then but they just never panned out. She trusted God’s timing and knew there were reasons for the various obstacles that kept them apart. Even so, sometimes, like today, it added to her loneliness. She had stared at his picture over and over again willing him to kiss her through her phone but his stubborn image flatly refused. Today, at least for the drive, she could hold out hope of running in to him. He lived five minutes from the stretch of sand and ocean she was heading to and he had the day off from his job at the horse ranch he resided on. The hope was enough to have her singing to the country music blaring from her chest where she had stuck her phone, esenyurt anal yapan escort speaker side out, in the side of her bra.

Her optimism waned as she pulled into the sandy parking lot. How many times had she walked the same pier when she was feeling down, hoping to run into whomever she was stuck on at the time? Countless. And she’d never had any luck. She swung her sandaled feet out of her car anyway and headed toward the pay station. Might as well, she was already there. And what else would she do anyway? Couch sitting and feeling sorry for herself was getting old. She walked back and put the paid ticket in her window and headed towards the same old, fruitless pier. She slowly ambled until she was about a quarter of the way out and plopped her behind down on a concrete bench facing towards the shoreline. She gazed at the seagulls and busied herself trying to decipher the etchings of lover’s initials carved into the white wooden railing. The air was cool and refreshing and she felt the coldness of the bench through the thin fabric of her dress. She reclined back and tried to look pensive enough to keep people from talking to her, wanting to be alone in her melancholy. In the background of her thoughts she heard a masculine voice bidding goodbye, presumably to a group of friends. She wouldn’t have even noticed the adieu, except for that a second later he sat down next to her. Anywhere on the same bench as her would have been too close for her comfort, so she was both alarmed and annoyed. Only for a millisecond though, because she recognized the sturdy male counterpart sitting beside her. It was him, the one she had hoped to run into. Shock and giddiness ran through her as she realized that for the first time, her pier plan had actually come to be. Then she was immediately nervous. She hadn’t thought about how she would actually feel when she met up with him again. Since that first innocent meeting months ago her mind had imagined a happily ever after future, and oh so many raunchy scenarios to accompany that future.

“Hey you,” he greeted her through smirking lips. The familiar greeting sounded so much sexier when he said it aloud, his voice husky and virile.

Bellona laughed. “You’re here!”

Von replied, “You’re here!” His smile spread across his face as he added, “Finally!” and then, “Do you want to go for a walk?” standing as he gestured towards then end of the pier.

Bellona, who had sprung to life, rose and nodded in agreement. She smiled as the reality of her surprising and wonderful luck sank in. Here he was. He was here.

He took her hand as he walked beside her. It felt good, warm and familiar. They made small talk as they moseyed along, both of them still pondering the unexpectedness of the day’s turn of events. Neither one of them were focused on the conversation as much as they were on the feeling. They had come to know each other intellectually through messaging every day. Physically knowing each other, touching, seeing, hearing couldn’t be accomplished over text and the oddity of both aspects of knowing colliding at once was… unexplainable. Powerful.

By the time they made it to esenyurt escort the pointed alcove at the end of the pier, they had walked in silence for a couple of minutes. They turned into each other in a long hug. Von whispered something and Bellona left her arms around his waist as she leaned back to hear.

“Bellona. Look at me.”

Bellona blushed as she brought her eyes up to meet his and he was staring into her, intense. Her gaze dropped to his lips for a swift moment and then back up to his blue eyes. He touched his thumb to her cheek with the rest of his hand under her jaw, tilting her head up so they were in alignment. Her stomach flipped and she inhaled sharply as he brought his lips to hers. His mouth encompassed hers, sweetly at first. He pulled back. When she opened her eyes he was once again skewering her with the intensity of his gaze. She had but a moment to smile before he was devouring her mouth, demanding as he moved his hands to the back of her head, through her hair. For a brief moment she noticed the soft scent of his shampoo. She leaned the rest of her body into him and a growling sigh escaped from his lungs. When she felt his arousal against her hip all of her nervousness faded as she was overcome with the passion that had been building between them for months. She kissed him hungrily back as wetness and warmth began to pool between her legs. He pulled back again and she protested with a whimper.

“I know,” he answered with a hoarseness in his voice, “But we can’t…here.”

The air was noticeably heavier as they silently made their way back to the parking lot. They were both consumed with desire, longing. At last they made it back to Bellona’s car. Von stood behind her with his hand on her waist as she unlocked the driver’s side door with her key. He guided her, turning her around to face him. He bent down and pressed his mouth to hers again. The virility in his pants was obvious and she reached under his shirt and wrapped her arms around him. He held her in his hands. One hand was up in her hair and the other hand was exploring the outside of her dress until he felt the hard ridge of her nipple and softly grabbed it between his fingers as she sighed with pleasure. As he moved that hand up to her hair, she took that chance to caress the bulge in his pants and he groaned.

“Easy,” she whispered with a grin. She noticed the wet spot beginning to form on the outside of his pants and wondered if the wet, warm spot between her thighs was as obvious. He looked up and around, silently confirming that they were alone. Then, fixing his hungry gaze upon her eyes again, he pulled her dress up slightly and reached in, the fabric falling over his arm to allow modesty. He sucked in his breath when he made direct contact with her hot wetness. Crotchless underwear. Neither one of them had ever been more thankful. She hung on to his biceps as he used her juices to sink his large, rough finger into her. She gasped in ecstasy. He slid his finger back out and two back in and then out again, teasing her. Killing her. Or something she couldn’t articulate. With buckled knees she tried to reach through his arms to unhinge his belt. He didn’t esenyurt eve gelen escort cooperate. He slid his rugged, manly fingers into her one last time and then out and let her dress down. She almost cried in desperation. She hadn’t ever wanted someone as bad as she wanted him right then.

“Follow me to my place,” he commanded with a throaty, lustful voice. Bellona nodded, unable to speak coherently.

It was a tortuous five minutes as she remembered his burning touch with every bump in the gravelly road. She could smell him in her hair.

She parked behind his Harley and he was opening her door before she disengaged the engine. He pulled her gently out of the car by her hands and took her back in his arms greedily, his mouth giving and taking with hers. They fumbled their way to the front of his cabin and he pinned her up against the door as he unlocked it, his lips still on hers.

Once they were inside, cloaked in privacy, his mouth moved to her neck, tickling and exciting her at the same time. She hastily rid him of his shirt and brushed her hands over his nipples. He pulled her dress down and, with his mouth, returned the favor. She struggled for breath as the sensations he created in her nipple traveled like electricity down between her legs. He kept going, pulling her dress down past her hips to the floor. His eyes took her in for a moment before he was back to roaming the curves of her body with his mouth. Stripping her of her panties, devouring her sides, he led her to his queen bed at the end of the cabin. He helped her lay with her legs hanging over the side of the bed. Kneeling down in front of her, he spread her legs open and looked at what he was about to feast on. She could feel his breath across her clit and longed for his touch. He took his time, rubbing her feet, kissing the insides of her thighs, pressing and rubbing his thumb all around her knot, sinking his fingers in and out of her, taking her to the brink of craziness before finally taking her most sensitive spot into his mouth and clamping down softly and suckling her until her body, tightened from the tension, released. She could feel the stubble on his chin as she bucked until she was spent.

He kissed his way back up her body and found her mouth, engaging it with a quick kiss. She could feel his swollen hardness heavy on her leg. She undid his belt and he let her this time. His pants fell to the floor and she could see the outline of his ample manliness through his boxer-briefs. She knelt down before him and teased him with her mouth through his underwear and then peeled them off of him. She had a moment to stare before he picked her up and laid her back on the bed, this time with her head on his pillow. He crawled up her body to kiss her lips again, his manhood falling between her folds, the unrelenting tip massaging the right spot between her legs. She felt the pressure in her middle start to build back up as he slid his cock along her clit and then with one hard thrust, into her. She felt every wonderful, invading inch of his length, every ridge, as he slid his shaft in and out of her. She felt her body tighten up around him just as he slid himself back into her and stilled himself, looking directly into her eyes, moaning primally. Intense waves of pleasure overtook them.

He stayed laying on top of her until her lungs needed air. He rolled over and she protested as he came out of her. He laughed. She curled up in his arms. Before drifting off to sleep, she thought how glad she was that she got out of the house today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32