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When I had cleaned up and returned I found that CJ had wiped himself off with a washcloth that Binggum had conveniently previously located in a bowl on the coffee table and was stuffing and buttoning his sausage back into his red-silk pouch. Binggum was stretched out on the sofa, another wash cloth lying near him on the floor, probably used with a gentle touch by CJ in the most customer-friendly fashion, his tumescent cock nodding up and down on his belly, and a definite satisfied smile on his face.

CJ hadn’t yet seen me, and was addressing Binggum. “So, dinner anyone? Or do we have the fortitude to move right onto the signing and the main course? Or do we just skip the main course altogether because the appetizer was too much?”

Binggum lifted his head and replied, “Not on your life on skipping the main course. But dinner might be a good idea, and I might have to pop a few pills to continue much beyond the signing. God, I wish you weren’t on the other coast, CJ—and you’re your company manufactured everything my company needed.”

Then Binggum and CJ simultaneously caught sight of me, and Binggum’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. I had shed everything down to my toes but the black net pouch jock and had only put back on the slender black leather vest and the smooth-leather black chaps. I was posing in the same doorway CJ had posed in, nicely and fully tanned, my left forearm running up the side of the door frame, my hand flopped down on the top of my head, and the line from my beefcake chest tapering down to my washboard abs and slim waist curved to my jutting right hip. I had combed my curly chest and stomach hair to fine down that trailed down toward and into my groin, and the sock jock almost, but not quite, met up with the studded leather ring at the thick root of my cock. The black netting left nothing to the imagination.

“Oh . . . my . . . God,” CJ muttered.

All Binggum could add was a husky, “I don’t think I’ll be needing any pills after all,” and, to back that statement up, his cock was already jerking to attention.

The three of us moved into the dining room. Binggum motioned for me to sit beside him, but I took the seat across from him, and CJ took the seat on the end. There wasn’t much conversation as we were being served. Binggum couldn’t keep his eyes off me. Late in the meal, I found a bare foot on mine under the table, and I had little trouble deciding whose it was. He was tentatively sliding his toes up under the fringe of my chaps. Just to show Binggum how dexterous I was, I lifted one of my feet up to his crotch and got his cotton pants-encased dick between two toes. He gave me a sly look and pulled his pants down over his hips and started massaging my foot when I returned it to his dick. I moved the toes down the length of his dick and applied my big toe firmly on his piss slit, which made him lurch and cough at the table.

“Perhaps its time for us to sign those agreements,” CJ said sweetly, as Binggum scrunched down in his chair, coming very close to going under the table completely.

“Later, I think,” Binggum answered. “I think there perhaps should be a salad course before the main course, don’t you think?”

“Oh, I think not,” CJ answered. “By the way,” he changed the subject brightly, “Did I happen to tell you that our friend Craig here had never been fucked before yesterday and that he has one of the sweetest and tightest asses you’ll casino siteleri ever meet?”

Binggum, who had been taking a swig of his ice tea sputtered and had a coughing fit.

“Are you all right,” I asked with concern, as I moved my other foot under Binggum’s ass and managed to wedge the big toe into his asshole.

“Okay, let’s sign now,” Binggum said. “Where are the contracts and a pen?”

As soon as both had signed, however, CJ pulled some leather straps out of nowhere and bound Binggum to his chair.

“What’s this all about? Let me go,” Binggum roared, but there was a gleam in his eye that belied his ire.

“Oh shut up. You know this is how you like it. You can have him, but first you watch. As I said, for all his charms, Craig is practically virginal. I’m the only one who’s had him, and that was mostly a trial. We’re going to put a little preamble show on for you here. Maybe Craig won’t be quite so tight when it comes your turn.”

“No. Stop. Let me go first,” Binggum pleaded. “God, you’re going to drive me crazy.”

“Oh, yes we are,” CJ pleasantly agreed. He dragged Binggum and his chair around and over until he could see a large open space in the middle of the lounge area. “Here, Craig,” CJ commanded. “Come over here and stand facing our host.”

I dutifully walked over and stood in front of, and about ten feet from Binggum. CJ walked up close behind me and placed his hands on my hips. He kissed and nuzzled my neck and throat until I began to shiver slightly. He then ran his hands up and under my vest, while continuing to nibble on my neck. Binggum moaned slightly and tried to pull out of his chair. His pants were still down around his knees, and I could see that he already had a good hard on. CJ gently pulled the vest up and off my back and discarded it on the floor nearby. He covered my nipples with his strong hands and massaged. Now I was sighing as well, and I turned my head for a tender kiss. I could feel him rising against my butt cheeks, and I pulled more closely into him. CJ was stroking down my chest now and onto my stomach. One of his hands continued on down, through my pubic hair, under the netting of my sock jock and wrapped itself around my engorging dick. The other hand returned to my chest and massaged a nipple. I moaned and raised one arm and laced my fingers into the hair at the back of his head. My other hand covered his down on top of the netting. I spread my legs a bit and nuzzled my butt closer to his ramrod. Binggum was licking his lips, enjoying his bondage and the view. CJ found the buttons on the sock jock and stripped it away and tossed it over by the vest. My cock and balls were now free and exposed.

CJ took my hand, wrapped it around my cock and said, “Masturbate for a few minutes for our host, while I get more comfortable myself. He moved over to the side, where both Binggum and I could see him, and slowly stripped. First his vest was peeled off, and then his pants, and there he stood in all his athletic glory. Meanwhile, I was slowly stroking my cock with one hand and moving my other hand around my body, feeling the ecstasy of solo flight. CJ moved back beside me, facing Binggum, and we both were masturbating ourselves, our cocks growing larger in unison. Binggum moaned and somehow managed to get his hand around his own cock.

CJ pulled a couple of strings on my chaps and they fell away, and there we both stood, fully naked. He slot oyna turned me until we were facing each other, our profiles to Binggum, moved to within six inches of me, took one of my hands and wrapped it around both of our sausages. I gently stroked them, and we kissed, as he covered my body with his hands. He broke away from the kiss, and, starting with my face, he kissed, tongued, and licked his way down my neck, around both nipples into both armpits and down my stomach, stopping for special attention to my navel, into my pubes, around my penis and to my balls, which he licked and slurped with a satisfying sucking noise that had Binggum banging away at his own cock.

Then he moved me closer to Binggum, told me to turn around, spread my legs and grab my ankles. I dutifully complied.

“There, have you ever seen such beautiful butt cheeks and asshole?” he asked Binggum. Binggum allowed as, no, he hadn’t. “And never seen this close by another man until yesterday,” CJ taunted. He squatted down between me and Binggum, and I felt my cheeks being spread. “Ah, look at the beautiful, tight hole. Still a little sore from its maiden voyage. You’d like to explore that hole on your own, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” Binggum said huskily.

CJ reached up and flicked my asshole playfully with his tongue. “Yum, yum. Musk, A musky fresh tail,” he said. Binggum moaned.

“And, oh look what I found under here.” I felt his hand glide over my balls and encase my dick. “I bet you’d like to get this inside you too, wouldn’t you? This is as little known to man as is his tight ass,” you might be interested in knowing. “You’ve already gotten more blow jobs off him and almost anyone else. Do you like to hear that?”

“Yes,” Binggum said in that husky voice.

CJ’s hand came back over my balls and stopped on the patch of skin between balls and asshole. He gently massaged me here and I sighed and squirmed a little. His tongue came back to my asshole; he flicked it and then ran his tongue around the rim.

“There, see, it’s puckering a bit, and it looks just a little less tight to me. Does it look a little less tight to you as well?”

“Yes,” Binggum whispered. I flinched as CJ blew on my asshole and then touched either side with his fingers and pulled ever so gently apart.

“You’d like to have a lick and a rim yourself, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” Binggum whispered.

“Well, I’m not in the mood to turn him over to you yet. I want one more dip myself first, I think.”

“But you might ruin him for me,” Binggum whined.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think it’s mostly in the preparation, don’t you?” With that, CJ turned me a quarter turn away from Binggum, but not so far that Binggum no longer had a clear view of my hole.

“I think we start with the tongue and some lubrication,” CJ announced. And then he brought his lips to my ass and I could feel his tongue rimming me and adding fluid. He pulled my butt cheeks apart again with his hands, blew on the hole, and then returned to tonguing. He let loose of one cheek and ran his hand up and down my calves and thighs and then up to my ass again.

“There, that’s a start. But I think we can make this a bit more entertaining for our host. With that, the strong athletic CJ stood me up, put his arms around my waist and the small of my back and inverted me backward until I was bent over backward in front of Binggum, and slid me, ass over head canlı casino siteleri up his trunk. He got his arms running down my torso and his arms hooked around my shoulders in a very secure pose. I draped my legs over his shoulder and behind him, and there I was, ass staring him in the face, balls hunched up below my penis, and my hardened dick pointed out to the world. As Binggum grunted in response, CJ buried his face between my butt cheeks and he started some serious tongue work on my ass. I must have started opening up, because in short order he had his tongue, which seemed to me mighty long and thick in and up to my prostate. I grunted, flinch, and moaned when he found that, and made a little attempt to escape, but he was holding me securely.

“Oh, oh,” Binggum moaned.

CJ came up for air and commanded, “Take your legs off my back and spread them like you’re doing the splits.” I did as he told me and felt myself opening up more. His tongue dug deeper and I felt wetter down there.

“Very good,” he said, as he flipped me back over and had me stand butt cheeks before Binggum once more. He left me standing there and went back to the coffee table for the ointment. “Spread them and show it,” he said to me when he returned, and I leaned over, spread my legs apart and spread my butt cheeks with my hands.”

“There, do you see a lot of loosening and opening, Jonathan?” CJ cheerfully asked.

“Some. But not enough, I’m sure,” Binggum responded. “Not nearly enough. You’ll tear him up. I’m smaller. Let me go first.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” CJ said. “Isn’t that a nice pucker,” he declared as he proudly showed off my butt.”

“Yes,” Binggum agreed meekly.

CJ lathered up the big, thick fingers on one hand lavishly and knelt in front of me. He took my rod into his mouth and my hands went to the back of his head and wandered down to knead his shoulders as he gave me gentle head. With one hand he held my hip in place and the lathered hand snaked behind my balls, across the divide between that and my ass before moving to the entrance of my hole, where the hand spread out across my butt cheeks. I could hear Binggum taking in breath in big gasps and I could only imagine the pleasure he had of seeing that chocolate hand appear from between my legs and spread around my hole—and the pain of not being able to participate.

CJ released my dong from his mouth and told me just to relax. However, I tightened when I felt the first, cold, lubricated finger at my door. Rather than pushing it in, though, CJ worked it around the rim of the hole until I relaxed. His index finger slowly worked its way in — in a fraction of an inch and then back out less than a fraction of an inch; hold until I’d relaxed and then in an inch and retracted half an inch. I tried to concentrate on what was happening in front and found that this wasn’t hard to do. He was rimming my glans with his tongue and giving some attention to my piss slit. I found that while concentrating on that, I’d missed the entry of the second finger. Both were in up to the knuckles now, and CJ started to slowly deep-throat my rod. He had his tongue underneath my dick and it was applying suction and pressure to the vein running the length of my cock. I wondered if I was naturally doing that as well when I gave head. It felt heavenly. I lurched as his finger found my prostate and gave it a little attention. That had two immediate effects. I, first, tightened my sphincter and almost expelled his fingers. But immediately after that, my ass canal just gave way and he suddenly had four fingers up the hole and was spreading it apart.

And, then . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32