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“Amy, Debra and I would like to talk to you about my son Robert, said Marie, as the three of them sat in Debra’s living room. Every time Robert comes home from a date with you he has a huge erection that Debra or I have to take care of, or he can’t get to sleep.”

“Now we’re not really complaining, said Debra. Cause Robert’s cock is the nicest and biggest I’ve ever sucked or fucked. But we don’t understand why you don’t want this great cock, that most women would love to have. If you saw what my Raymond’s cock looked like, you would understand what I mean.”

“Yes Honey, We know you love my Robert, but if it’s because you would prefer another woman, I think Debra would be happy to play with you,” Marie added, as Debra put her arm around Amy’s shoulders and softly kissed her lips, her hand resting lightly on Amy’s thigh.

“And Debra, continued Marie, I have to add that my Frank’s cock is even bigger then Roberts.” Wow! thought Debra, it looks like Frank may get a surprise the next time he tries to feel me up.

“I’m so confused, cried Amy, I do love Robert and I want to fuck him, but I’m afraid of these other urges I have for another woman. I don’t want to break Robert’s heart if I start fucking him and he finds out I have this other love”

“Honey, whispered Debra, sexual feelings for another woman are natural for a beautiful, vibrant woman like you. When I look at you, I see a lovely, desirable woman. I see a beautiful figure with nice firm breasts, and beautiful long legs. I see a woman with soft kissable lips that I would love to feel on my body.”

“Amy, antalya escort I think what Debra is saying is that these urges are normal, and what the men don’t know is that I don’t come over here every day just to help clean the house.” smiled Marie, as she opened Amy’s blouse, removed her bra and began sucking on one of her tits, while Debra sucked on the other.

“Debra, Amy sighed, feeling the surges of pleasure through her entire body, You’re the reason I haven’t fucked Robert. You’re the woman I’m in love with. What am I going to do?”

“Oh Honey! That’s the best news I could ever have hoped to hear. Ever since Robert started to date you, I wanted to get you in bed and make love to you. I wanted to caress and massage your body, kiss and suck on your tits, lick and suck your mound and feel your juices on my lips.” sighed Debra.

“When Raymond is on top of me doing what he calls love making, I am thinking of you and how your body would feel on me. When I put my arms and legs around him, it’s you I’m thinking of. How I wish these beautiful breasts would be laying on mine and those beautiful lips kissing me.”

“Amy, I can guarantee you that you have no idea what you have been missing, added Marie. Debra has made me come more times then Frank’s big cock. She is specially good at sucking tits.”

“You can have the best of both worlds, Amy, said Debra. Raymond is clueless about what goes on in this house and would never know what we are doing. I believe there’s a way we can have our love and you can have Robert’s cock at the same time.”

“One serik escort of the times I was fucking Robert to calm his nerves, I told him that I was in love with you and fantasized having sex with you, admitted Debra. He got a strange look on his face and believe it or not, his cock got even bigger in me, as he pounded me even faster, and came so loud I thought the neighbors would hear him”.

“Somewhere there is a solution to this, but while we think about it, how about each of you girls sucking one of my tits and get your mommy off.” suggested Marie.

As they lay along side their mommy, sucking her tits, they entwined their fingers and began to finger fuck her hairy pussy.

“Oh My God! Marie exploded. Look at the time, it’s almost noon time. If I don’t have Frank’s lunch ready on time, he puts a collar on his cock for our afternoon fuck and only gives me part of his cock. He can get his rocks off, that way, but I can’t. I gotta go. Debra, you and Amy will have to work up a plan”.

When Marie left, Debra held Amy in her arms and said, “I think I have a plan that will work just fine.”

“Raymond will be on another of his business trips tomorrow. said Debra. If you arrange a date for tomorrow evening and hold out on Robert again, he will be here later for me to settle his nerves.I want you to follow him here and come in the house. When you hear us fucking, come up the stairs and wait outside the bedroom door for me to call you.”

All went according to plan, and minutes after Robert and Debra went upstairs, they were fucking, side escort while Amy quietly listened outside the door. She wasn’t sure what Debra was going to do, but was willing to try anything.

“Robert, I have a confession to make, said Debra with her arms and legs wrapped around Robert and his cock inside her. Amy came by today and one thing led to another and we ended up naked in bed, sucking and kissing each other.”

“I believe I’m in love with her, and she said the same thing about me. She said she is also in love with you, and I wondered if the three of us could have a relationship, cause I don’t want to give up that cock of yours that is so nice and big compared to your brothers. Amy really loves you too and also wants that cock of yours, but she also wants me and I want her”.

“Oh My God! Amy loves me, and wants my cock? And you want my cock instead of my little brother Raymond’s cock? cried Robert. How lucky can a man get?”.

“If my little Amy wants to play with you that’s fine with me, as long as I can play along with you

By this time, Amy had all her clothes off and was standing in the doorway, tears of joy streaming down her face.

“Robert, close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” cried Debra.

Amy quickly took Debra’s place and started sucking his cock. Debra watched, smiling as she played with his balls.

“Robert, you can open your eyes now.” whispered Debra.

“Oh My God, Amy!! Oh My God!!Here I come, Here I come,” as Robert shot his load all over Amy and Debra.

That morning, Robert lay with Debra on one arm and Amy on the other. He had just finished fucking both of them and could not yet believe his luck. Their legs were intertwined with his, as they both stroked his cock. His thought as their hands stroked him was, “If only little brother Raymond could see me now”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32