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I had planned to move from PA to Las Vegas in January of 2015. No, this was not due to any one thing; more so, to several reasons for the move. I began planning that event back at the end of Summer. I mean, how many hundreds of times I had shoveled and shoveled all the accumulating snow; just to have it pushed right back into place by a very thoughtful and fast-moving city snow plow. See how considerate the people in Hanover were! I guess they thought this was my most favorite hobby.

So, you see why it was so hard for me to make that decision. I mean, I must have dwelled on that subject for at least five possibly, six minutes; before I accepted the responsibility of moving in the near future, so I began preparing for such a monumental occurrence.

My first goal was to go through the mounds of paper I had accumulated over the past twenty or so years. Did I really need my 1986 income tax return, or my original checks dating back to 1983? I think not. Then, I had to tackle what all I wanted to take with me to my new apartment; then had to go through that stuff once more to get rid of some precious valuables, such as a thirty-year collection of over 8,000 business cards that I really did not need.

I also had just received a divorce from a wife of many years, plus handed her the keys to the house we lived in for over thirty years, and settled for paying a thousand a month for alimony; and so I said good-bye, kissey, kissey and all that nonsense.

I had an apartment already picked out, first month’s rent paid, and most of the furniture that one would need to survive the harsh weather conditions in PA … like a TV and frig stocked with beer. Oh yeah, and rolls of toilet paper!

Even though I was a full-fledged nudist; I never locked doors because we just did not have much crime in central PA. And for the middle of the day; temperature outside being in the low tens, and a very steady wind, well, I mean after all; I was in Pennsylvania, and it was the beginning of November, and we had just had a 5-6″ snow storm go through the area two days ago – who would be dumb enough to be wandering around in this stuff!

I fell asleep in front of the TV on my very comfortable Lazy Boy recliner, while I was watching news and drinking one more beer than I should have. Well okay, … maybe two. I mean, we all know how entertaining the evening news can be, right?

All I know was that I woke up … choking and gagging on something. Next, I realized that I must have unconsciously tied up my hands and feet somehow. Not only that, but the something interrupting my deep sleep and making me gag was about 6 ½” to 7″ long, extremely hard and squirting something very warm and very creamy into my mouth and the back of my throat.

I then also noted that my neck was quite sore and I was having one major problem breathing, but then; for some reason, I had blacked out again. Awakening, I had no illegal bahis idea when, I found a necktie around my neck, and was quite puzzled as to why I was trying to tie my necktie since I had not planned to go to some formal event. Plus, I was still naked!

For some reason, I must have slipped out of my comfortable chair and now was bent over hugging it as best I could all bundled up; and somehow thought something felt so wrong with the other end of me. AND I was wearing a pair of crotch less ladies’ panties!

Well, to my chagrin, there was this hard 7″ object again; but this time, it was checking out my prostate. Now imagine my surprise at thinking that I must have put the necktie on and went for my annual physical. But the female doctor I went to did not have that large of finger.

Nor would I have wandered into her office naked; though I would have loved that.

For a female doctor of perhaps early to mid-forties; she was beautiful, had one gorgeous body, and seemed to always wear tight-fitting clothes that showed off her quite nice breasts and butt… But not that I noticed. Or maybe that was why I had such a hard erection right now. Maybe it was that she found something on my prostate that bothered her some, so she was now taking her time at checking it out with two or three fingers.

No, that was not it … unless she changed her voice considerably to imitate a man; but even so, she was not that vulgar and would not say … you have such a tight pussy, I can’t hold off anymore – I’m cumming! But, geez, he forgot to tell me that he did not want to breed me, so being so considerate, just as he was on the throngs of ejaculation, he pulled out of my “pussy” and decided I could not get pregnant if he just let it squirt inside my mouth again. Which it did for another considerably size load of creamy liquid. Where was this man getting so much cum from? He had to have been saving it up for quite some time. Well, lucky me!

After he had his fun, I was able to relax (really!) while he first loosened the necktie on my neck … and then, proceeded to let me know he had originally stopped off to rob the place, but then he decided, after he saw such an available and willing prize, to instead have a little fun – of course, he still was nice enough to ask me for some money. I also was polite enough to let him know I had no cash laying around, since after all, it was the beginning of the week. Well … to my dismay, he thought I might be fibbing a little; the nerve of him. So, he again walked over, tightened the necktie with some kind of clamp, so that both his hands were free. How nice of him.

No use struggling in this situation – would not have done a bit of good anyway – except to delay the eventual, plus it caused a lot more pain. But I did realize that the movies had it all wrong! You cannot strangle someone for five minutes; then have them break loose and somehow turn illegal bahis siteleri the tables around on the strangler, so that now he was the strangle-ee … NOT gonna happen!

Although I gave it my best shot, within eight to twelve seconds, the blackening out stage started, and not condoning this at all, but actually once I went nightie-night, I felt no pain or anything actually other than I was having some sort of almost pleasant erotic dream, however; if you asked me what it was about right after, I could not remember a dang thing.

After I finally was giving a reprieve and revived somewhat; Mike, my new dearest friend, explained what was going to happen again, why, and it was about to take place again if he did not see any green stuff – cash, of course – in the next five minutes. And, not that I tried to have a look-see; but since he was standing right in front of my face, the son-of-a-gun; he was starting to get another erection, and it was all of three inches away from sliding between my lips and teeth again. Wow, how can one person be so lucky.

“No way!” I was about to say, “He must be on Viagra or something.”

Well, how could I refuse such a generous offer!

So, I was able to find about $120.00 and was extremely grateful that he did not question me or begin to look around in that same general area. I told him that was all I had … period. Wow, what a trusting sole, as he said you better not be hiding any from me, and then he retied my hands and he left.

Swell, now all I had to do is figure out how to get my hands free, which were very securely tied behind my back. Plus then, I had to free my legs as well … and all of this had to happen tonight; because bright and early tomorrow morning, my cleaning lady would arrive to begin all her weekly chores. And one of the things I did not relish doing, was trying to explain to her why I was laying there, all tied up, and leaking stuff from several of my openings. Then the lightbulb went off in the head – since he had not tied my arms and legs together, with the same piece of rope; all I had to do was somehow get into a contorted figure; slip my hands over and above my bent legs; then simply untie the knot, thereby releasing my arms so I could then untie the leg restraints and then hop in the shower. Ta-da, all figured out. Wow, and they thought Einstein was so smart!

Glad I had a very good and hard set of teeth (yeah, they are still all original equipment), so after about a half hour or so; I had managed to loosen the knot just enough that I was able to wiggle free of my prison. Shower than accomplished shortly after removing my leg brace, I grabbed a really cold beer from the frig; went around and locked the doors, turned the TV off and just sat there in the dark, contemplating what I should do versus what I was going to do.

Finally, after some time, I reached the same decision as I had made as soon canlı bahis siteleri as I grabbed the beer – I would do … nothing! But I did make sure that all windows and doors were locked, even if I was in the apartment. I mean, it seemed dumb to me to do so; there was no way he would try that again, especially during daylight hours.

Nice wishful thinking!

Approximately eight days later, I again became a bit slack in my “check all windows and doors” routine; and the nice thing was I had no visitor. Told you … I mean, I watched and I waited for him to try that stuff again – just let him try. And I was going to, … to do what? I mean, sure you were a tough kid, being born on the wrong side of the town and all; but first and foremost, you are not a kid now. Plus, you have this slight problem of breathing to get in your way of dishing out an ass-kicking – I mean honestly, look in the mirror babe … what do you see? An Ass-Kicker, … or, an Ass-Kickee!

So anyway, I woke at around 6:15 in the AM, still dark outside (hey, I did say it was November, remember); and after starting the coffee, I thought I would just lay down for a few moments while I anxiously awaited the end to the coffee-brewing process.

Well, lol and behold; I know not to close the eyes that early in the morning – but do I always listen to intelligence. Course Not! Plus, the medication I was taking at nightfall to help me relax enough so as not to have the flashbacks and nightmares caused by a previous life kicked in and usually stayed with me a while.

As was the case this day also. But hey, I am retired and the stress of all the decisions one has to make in that occupation, … well, no wonder I was so tired!

Waking up again, chocking- no idea of what time or even where I was – I heard my feeble brain send out a message that sounded just like, “Oh-Oh!”

Yeah, my newest and dearest of friends, Mike, had once again dropped by and caught me napping and just knew what I needed to get over the sleepiness. And it seemed to be about 7″ long, hard, and extremely full of a delicious juice that would go good with a cup of coffee. Well, that was what he told me!

So, after drinking all of my delicious, and I might add, plentiful juice like the good little boy I was, and not spilling a drop – he informed me of what today’s fun-filled activities would include. Yeah that again, plus much more he promised since it was very early in the morning, and the daily Cialis tablet he takes was just starting to kick in.

Ah! No wonder this hard thing jabbing against the entrance to my butt right now mocked the Everyready Bunny … Just keeps going and going …, Or in Mike’s case -cumming and cumming.

Well, not one to argue over minor details; by the time Mike left … Four hours and a few rest periods later, and after giving me three very large doses of protein, all orally, I might add – he tried to imitate a well-known actor and was going to play Arnold Swartz-a-whatever, and “I’ll be back!”


But I did see he had left the money he originally stole from me on the kitchen table. LOL. Maybe I should charge him the next time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32