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It seemed like forever ago that I was able to see you. When you can’t see someone as often as you’d like it’s a different feeling for your body. Even the softness of their skin seems new against yours. All in a good way of course. So when you told me what a rough week you had I jumped at the chance to offer you a massage.

You took off your jacket and laid face down on the bed. You kicked off your shoes but nothing else. I got my shoes and jacket off too and climbed up on top of you. One of my favorite places to be, I thought to myself.

I reached up and immediately began to work on your shoulders. I could feel your tension in my hands. My fingers worked into your muscles, not too hard but with enough pressure to release some of your stress. Eventually, I worked my way up your neck. I felt bad because my fingers were a little cold and they were pressing into your warm neck. I did one side, working my thumb into you and then the other side. It felt so good to be touching your body again and to see you under me.

When I was done with your neck I reached down a bit further and put my hands under your shirt so I could rub the small of your back. Your skin was so warm to my touch. With both thumbs I pressed into your muscles. You let out a little groan to let me know I was doing a good job. I told you if I was being too rough to let me know and you assured me it was all fine. The small of your back looked so sexy and I was enjoying having my hands all over your body. Just touching your body had started to get me aroused and I could feel my pants begin to strain a bit.

Without halkalı ucuz escort me asking, you arched your body up a bit and awkwardly pulled your shirt off your body so that only your bra remained. My hands worked the rest of your back. Alternating between pressing firmly into your flesh and then gently dragging my fingers over your body. You seemed to be enjoying yourself quite a bit and so i figured it was time to get that bra off. I undid the clasp and you quickly pulled it off your shoulders and away from your body. I managed to get in a quick glimpse of side boob which made my day up to that point. My fingers went to work again kneading and pressing where the bra strap had dug into your body.

When I was satisfied that your back had received enough attention I ran my hands up over your shoulders and down your out stretched arms. I grabbed you by the wrists and with my body so far forward, I gently placed a few kisses on the back of your neck. My lips just barely touching your skin while the warmth of my breath sent shivers up your spine.

I asked you if you’d like me to keep going and do the bottom half. You didn’t say anything but rather gave me a nudge that I should get off the top of you, which I did. You rolled over and began to squirm out of your jeans. I tried not to stare but I was enjoying the show you were putting on quite a bit. You were always so modest about your incredible body. I watched as you jiggled and gyrated out of your pants. I wanted to suck on your nipples so badly but before I knew it you slipped free from your halkalı üniversiteli escort pants and flipped back over.

You said it was only fair if I was naked too but you really didn’t have to ask twice. In just a few seconds my clothes were in a pile on the floor and I did notice that you took a quick peak. I stayed on your side and continued my way down your body. I started with your thighs. My large hands wrapped around them and my fingers sunk into you. I brought my fingers up to your ass and then ran them down to the back of your knees. Seeing your beautiful ass next to me was really getting my cock hard. Every time I pressed my hands into you I could feel my cock stretch and get harder.

A few minutes later I moved myself down the bed a bit and to the back of your calves. My thumbs dug into you again and I worked my fingers along the back or your leg and down to your ankle where I rubbed your Achilles. I have to say, you have some incredibly sexy legs.

Then you asked if I wouldn’t mind getting your shoulders just one more time. You didn’t have to ask me twice. I turned around and straddled you again. When I moved up high enough to reach your shoulders my rigid member rested right on your ass. I leaned forward and started to work on your shoulders again. Each time I pressed down into your muscles my penis would slide just a bit between your ass cheeks. I kept up the massage just as best I could but soon I noticed you pushing up with your ass every time I leaned forward.

Leaning forward and really dug my fingers haramidere escort into your shoulders and then went I pulled back I let go of one shoulder and grabbed my cock. I put it between your legs and pushed forward. You were so wet I slid right in. I put my hand back on your shoulders and continued with the massage. Before long though I had developed a little rhythm. I rubbed your shoulders and my cock slid back and forth in your vagina ever so slightly.

Again, I ran my hands down your arms and to your wrists. This time when I kissed your neck my penis was buried inside you. I pressed my hips against your ass and ground my body into yours. Your hands were pinned against the bed and with my straddling you there was no where you could possibly go. No escape, not that you wanted to.

I enjoyed your little display of submission for a while before returning to a more upright position. I started to massage the small of your back again while also stroking my cock in and out of your wet pussy. I loved looking down at your body and picturing my cock deeply inside you.

The massage continued for a bit but then I found my hands on your hips and I began to fuck you with a sense of urgency. My hips slapped into your ass. You felt so tight wrapped around my shaft. I pumped and I pumped until I could feel my orgasm building. I grabbed your hips again and thrust my cock deeply inside you. My balls emptied out into you. Through it all you barely made a sound and barely a movement. I laid there on top of you for a minute, extremely content. The thought of my cum filling your pussy was something that had gotten me through many lonely nights so when I got to experience it in person it was always something special.

Finally I withdrew my cock and out followed a small stream of warm white semen from your vagina. I plopped down next to you and you came over to cuddle me while I threw the blankets over us. You’d made my day…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32