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“Hi, it’s me. I decided I do want to go ahead with what we talked about the other day.”

“Ok, if you’re sure. We’re still good with the five thousand we talked about?”

“Yes, five grand is good. I’ll Venmo you a grand now and if you’re successful I’ll get you the rest.”

“Perfect, that should be plenty for all my out of pocket expenses. I’m actually looking forward to it a lot. She’s really cute, I understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. I’m fairly confident I can get you the results you’re looking for.”

“I really hope you do. I’ve been fantasizing about it for years. Keep me updated as often as you can and I’ll feed you all the information from her side of things.”

“Sounds good. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.”

“Bye, and good luck”.

Chapter 1

It was a Saturday afternoon in August. Jaime called her best friend Carrie. “Hi Carrie, how are you?”

“Well, same old. What’s new with you?”

Jaime smiled and said “I’m going on a date tonight!”

“Oh my god! Jaime! How, what, where! How come this is the first I hear of it?”

“I met him online. I broke down and finally created a profile. When you threatened to create a profile for me, if I didn’t, I thought I’d better do it myself.”

“This is wonderful news Jaime. Tell me about him.”

“He’s French and …”

“Shut up! Of course he is.” Carrie said with a chuckle. “Those Europeans sure are your favorites.”

“Yes they are girlfriend. His name is André. He’s really cute and has this really smooth and deep voice, like he could be on the radio. He’s just returned from a volunteer mission in Africa too.”

Jaime had been born into a strict Christian church. Young men who were members of her church were often asked to leave home for a few months to teach people the Word of God and help impoverished communities. It was very important to Jaime that she marries a man who had made that sacrifice because it represented to her that he would have a deep commitment to their shared faith. She was 30 now, and had started to feel as if she may never find the right man to marry. She had kept herself pure all this time, a virgin. She had decided to wait and give herself to a husband on their wedding day. As a very independent woman, however, she hadn’t felt a need to get married güvenilir bahis too quickly. Other interests, such as traveling, had taken up her time and attention. It was only recently that she had started to say to herself that it was about time for her to start dating in hopes of one day starting a family.

“He sounds like quite the catch.” Carrie replied.

With a smile on her face Jaime said “He does seem like a good catch. I’m just hoping he’s got good teeth. He doesn’t show his teeth in any of his pictures. He also better really be six feet tall, as his profile says. You know I don’t date anyone who’s shorter than me and I’m exactly six feet!”

“You won’t know until tonight! I’m sooooo excited for you. You have no idea. It’s not good for a thirty year old girl to be alone. You don’t know what you’re missing, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh Carrie, thank you. I know you care for me and I love you back. I’m going to go get ready now. I just wanted you to know this was happening in case I go missing.”

Jaime said with a laugh.

“Have fun and CALL ME right after to give me all the details.”

“I will!”

Jaime arrived at the restaurant and parked across the street. She looked out the window and saw André waiting for her in front. He was dressed stylishly, something she thought a Frenchman would definitely get right. She felt very nervous so she took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and opened her car door. She saw André notice her and a shy smile crossed his face. As she walked across the street she noticed he was well built and most likely spent time at the gym regularly, but didn’t have those obnoxious big muscles she disliked so much.

“I’m so happy to meet you Jaime,” he quickly said.

“Very happy to meet you too. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long”

“You didn’t, but even if you had you are definitely worth the wait”

She blushed and gave a little laugh and felt embarrassed for blushing. She quickly noticed that he had not lied about his height and gave an internal sigh of relief. He led the way into the restaurants and they were seated.

“I’m surprised you know this place,” André said.

“I’ve been here a few times with my sister. I enjoy eating ethnic foods and this is one of my favorite places actually.”

“That’s türkçe bahis one thing we have in common. I love eating out and trying new foods, especially from other countries.”

Their conversation flowed easily. They were the same age and had graduated high school the same year. They quickly connected on many levels as they had shared many of the same life experiences. Jaime felt herself blushing the entire meal and hoped she didn’t look ridiculous. André had a shy smile himself throughout the entire dinner. She thought he looked darling. So far he somehow checked all her boxes of a potential boyfriend or even husband. When he finally gave her a big smile she was happy to see beautiful straight teeth.

“How come you never show your teeth when you smile? At least that’s how it is on your profile pictures,” she finally asked him.

“Oh, well, it’s because I had very bad teeth for a long time. I finally got braces when I was twenty-two and it’s just a habit I have. I never smiled with my teeth because I was too self-conscious about it.”

“No need to worry about that anymore. You have very nice teeth, and a very nice and sexy voice.”

Jaime blushed even more after she said that. She couldn’t believe she had just told him his voice was sexy.

“Well thank you so much Jaime. People often comment on my deep voice and say I should be on the radio. It would be something fun to do maybe but never really thought about it seriously.”

The pair finished their meal with more pleasant conversation and left the restaurant. André suggested that they continue their date at a nearby park and drove them there. They enjoyed the cool summer evening walking around a pond and watching the ducks and talking. Jaime felt a real connection to André and was very happy she had accepted a date with him.

“Can I see you again soon?” André asked her.

Jaime was very flattered and happy he asked her that. She answered a little too enthusiastically she thought, by saying yes she would love to see him again soon.

“Can I kiss you?” he then asked her.


He softly put his hands on her arms and gently kissed her lips. Just one kiss, but it was enough. She was in heaven.

When Jaime arrived at home she couldn’t stop smiling and thinking about the way André had kissed her. She started güvenilir bahis siteleri imagining him softly kissing her neck and feeling his warm breath on her. Next he would slowly lick her neck and nibble a little. His hands would slide under her shirt, unhook her bra, and touch her bare breasts. He would gently rub her nipples to erection. A hand would move down and under her panties, his fingers touching her pussy, softly rubbing her in a circular motion. She would be wet for him and tell him to finger her.

It was in that state of mind that she went to her bedroom. She opened a drawer and pulled out her Hitachi Magic Wand. She had bought it after seeing an episode of “Sex in the City” in which it was mentioned. She had found out online that it was considered the Cadillac of vibrators and decided she wanted to know how good it could make her feel. Although her church taught it was a sin to have pre-marital sex, or any other sort of sexual touching before being joined to a man in front of God, it was a vice she had allowed herself to have. She always felt, in the back of her mind, a small amount of remorse about being weak and giving in to temptation, but she always rationalized it by saying it was less of a sin than fooling around with another person. She had given herself many orgasms by hand prior to buying the vibrator but never any as intense as it had given her.

Jaime plugged in the Magic Wand to the wall and laid down on her bed with a towel laid out underneath her. She unbuttoned her Blue Jeans, slid them down to her ankles, but left her panties on. They were already wet. She placed the vibrator’s head right on her clit and turned it on. Jaime’s head jerked back a little. It was powerful. She firmly pressed it against her pubic area and held it there. She preferred the sensation to be centered on one spot, intense, and uninterrupted. Her eyes were closed and mouth slightly opened. Her breathing changed. Jaime held her breath for 5 seconds then take a deep breath, letting out a moan at every breath. Each moan grew louder as the vibrator did its work. She thought to herself “I want André to fuck me.”

She finally reached climax and yelled out “fuck!” as her head came up and her body tensed, feeling the waves of the orgasm run through her. The tension gave way to shaking and then water gushing out of her. She turned the vibrator off and chuckled. Breathing heavily she sat up and cleaned herself off with the towel and went to bed, feeling relaxed and satisfied, dreaming that maybe one day her orgasm would come from André.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32