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-May 10-

I remember when I was a “normal” girl.

I was happy in my “normal” marriage.

Hubby was the one who convinced me to morph.

I was so resistant and reluctant, now I’m a freak.

Hubby opened the door, now, I reap the enjoyment.

I get better sex than any of my girlfriends, by far.

I’m a secret slut hiding behind that “normal” girl they knew before.

They’re talking about their marriage troubles and disconnections.

They roll their eyes at their husbands’ high sex drives.

I quietly smile and nod, playing along with their narrative.

As they talk, I shoot a group text to hubby and boyfriend:

“The girls are complaining that their husbands want too much sex.”

They both “lol” back.

“You can both take me as much as you want as often as you want.”

They both send tasteful emoticons.

“Who wants me first, tonight?”


“I’m gonna fill your tight kitty with milk…

…while your hubby’s cock fills your ass.”

Not bad. Hubby had other ideas still…

“I want you to ‘accidentally’ send one of those girls a hot selfie…

…act embarrassed, but try to get them interested.”

“Like now?”

“Yes now, while you’re all chatting, start sexting one of them.”


“Whoever seems most deprived or freaky.”

Hubby always finds a way to push me past my comfort zone.

But boyfriend is on his side.

“This a good idea. No fuck tonight unless you do it.”

I look around the room. None of them seem like good candidates.

I look around again. I can’t see myself being with any of them.

I notice my friend sitting quietly, not really participating.

I wonder if she’s quiet for a reason similar to mine.

I try to see myself with her, but it’s hard.

I quickly find a lingerie pic and send it without thinking.

I’m so nervous but I still myself like a statue.

In my peripheral vision, she looks at her phone.

I can tell she makes a face and hides her phone.

Then she quickly texts back: “Ummm, wrong number cutie!!”

I know I can’t play it off like the boys said, so I don’t.

“Nope, right number. You looked bored…and hot. Want another?”

I look at her grinning subtly. She texts back.

We work hard to hide our screens. No one notices.

“Not really into that. Thanks. :)”

“Me neither. But these whining wives are boring me.”

“Strange reasoning, but they are boring.”

“So, send me one of yours!”

She hesitates a long time. Then finally starts to text again.

“Once, he left me horny the night before a big board meeting…

…so, I sent him this in the middle of the meeting.”

She was topless with two fingers hiding each nipple.

“Oh, hell yeah. Sexy!”

She followed up with two fingers inside her kitty.

I froze, shocked, then hurriedly put the phone face down.

When I looked up, she was chuckling at me.

And that was the start of that.

-June 4-

My friend and I have no interest in being intimate.

The guys aren’t happy about it, but they aren’t jerks.

Both just shrug and say it’s whatever.

I know they want a threesome, but it’s not to be.

Am I enough of a freak to enjoy that? Sure.

Am I a good submissive when it’s my role? Yup.

But this is a chance for my own naughtiness.

Something without the boys calling the shots.

I spend more time with my friend and we get to know each other better.

We don’t share more naked pictures or get touchy.

Again, we aren’t interested in the typical narrative.

We just talk about normal life and crazy sex stories.

She is a touch envious of my arrangement.

Illicit sexual adventure free from societal norms.

“My husband would not go for something like that.

Unless, maybe, I caught him cheating.”

So, we agree that I’ll become his temptress.

A small role to play in a scheme that’s her idea.

Secretly, I’m gushing with excitement for the challenge.

I feel high wondering if I can be that sexually powerful.

Can I be so seductive that an honest man is pulled astray.

I could never be so mean-hearted to do that to another woman.

So, having this safe agreement with my friend is a special opportunity.

Even as we discuss it, bahis firmaları I’m getting turned on thinking about it.

He’s mildly attractive, but none of that matters.

I don’t want him for keeps.

He’s just a trophy fuck.

-June 27, part 1-

My friend and I arranged a double date at their house.

I wore a flowy mid-thigh dress that would do the job.

My friend’s hubby was apparently a leg man.

Hubby thought nothing of it, and I let him choose my thong.

And, of course, he grabbed a G-string, unaware there’s a fucking difference.

I’d warned him, flirtatiously, that I was up to no good.

And that it didn’t involve him, as far as I knew.

“I certainly hope you make the most of it,” he said.

We were a bottle of wine into the evening.

I let my dress hike up, to give plenty of looks.

My friend asked her hubby for the Rosé from the basement rack.

He left and she nodded me to follow him.

“Actually, Hun, let our guests choose something.

Take your time!”

As I turned the corner, I smiled back at hubby and friend.

I hoped they would keep themselves happy.

Downstairs, I stood much too close, pressing myself into his arm.

He was calm and nervous all at once.

I put my arm around his masculine waist as he showed a label.

He put his hand on my upper back, trying to be platonic.

I stepped in front of him and pressed my ass into him.

He stood his ground, but was frozen scared.

I turned around with a dark red Ménage a Trois.

I looked at him with a look of expectation and longing.

He smiled back and chuckled, “My wife.”

I laughed, knowing what I knew about his wife.

I shrugged and said “My husband.”

He sighed as his wall fell.

I took his hand and spun myself into his grip.

His forearm arm pressed under my breasts.

He held me for a moment with a hand on my shoulder.

“Just a one-time thing,” I pleaded.

“Just to make this evening something exciting.”

I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh.

It stopped at his shaft, large against my lower back.

I began touching him and squeezing my own tits.

His breathing changed and I moaned softly.

“Lift my dress up.”

His hand began sliding the fabric up my ribs.

Soon my ass cheeks were bare against him.

I leaned forward as his hands began running a course on my skin.

I felt him shudder when he saw the G-string hubby had selected.

I had him, hook-line-sinker.

“Hurry, before they think something. Put it in.”

He was unbuckling, when my friends voice came.

“Hey, you two! We’re thirsty up here.”

I shouted back, “You have a lot to choose! Might be a few more minutes!”

Undies pulled aside; his warm head caressed my pussy to wetness.

His hands ran up and down my ribs and squeezed my tits.

Then, he was in me, stroking in and out.

Once he was all in nicely, he went harder.

My hands reached back to grab his muscular thighs.

Then I straightened up to feel his shoulders.

“Harder. I like it hard.”

He pushed me back down and his thrusts made my eyes roll back.

“Can I finish in you?” he asked, such a sweetheart.

“Yes.” I was having trouble speaking as he was fucking me very hard.

“Put it all in me.”

He stopped thrusting and I felt the throbbing.

He was grunting in step with quick little pushes.

His hands were white knuckle gripping my hips.

I could feel his enthralled head at the back of my box.

I imagined it uncontrollably gushing white into me.

I closed my eyes, thought of hubby and smiled.

Then, I pushed myself harder onto another hubby’s cumming cock.

His little pushes slowed and stopped completely.

Only then did he withdraw out of me, in no hurry.

His long shaft left my box, as I squeezed it tightly.

I turned around and started kissing him passionately.

His juices were leaking out, so I reached down to rub them.

With three fingers, I scooped all I could.

Then, I pulled it up to my mouth and sucked my fingers clean.

He chuckled. “Wow, you’re a freak. In a good way.”

He buckled back up and I took off my underwear.

It wasn’t much fabric, but I used it to clean a little.

When we’re ready kaçak iddaa to go back up, I pressed against him.

With a peck on his cheek, I pushed the G-string into his pocket.

“Here’s a little keepsake of our harmless quickie.”

I went back up glowing at my accomplishment.

He went back up, nervous as hell and scared.

I could tell he had never cheated before.

I basked in knowing I was the one to pull him into such bad behavior.

Maybe everything else was me playing along with the boys.

This was me being a truly naughty girl.

I plopped back down on the couch, crossed legged.

My inner thighs were wet and slippery.

-June 27, part 2-

We were still at friend’s house, now past the second bottle.

With one devilish look, hubby knew exactly what I’d done.

He smiled and scratched his head in amazement.

I was surprised what I felt about thirty minutes later.

Unrelenting dripping wet horniness had gripped me.

It was serious work to keep my legs crossed tightly.

I bounced my foot, my inner thigh rhythmically keeping my clit awake.

I wanted that long shaft again, but this time to grind.

My imagination had me sliding up and down it,

Like resin being applied to a violin bow, delicately, smoothly, firmly.

I saw myself leaving behind the slick residue, only to slide over it again.

Lucky for me, it was time for another bottle.

In the basement, I kiss/pushed him against the wall.

He didn’t hesitate, and I could feel he was already hard.

His pants were off in a flash and my mouth was on it.

I didn’t want to give head, I just wanted him ready and slick.

Once it was to my liking, I made him lay down.

His jeans were still around his ankles as I straddled.

There it was, that glorious hot dick, so long against my slice.

The rocking motion was everything I’d dreamed of.

My pussy responded appropriately, giving for more lube than necessary.

I was sure I was soaking his entire crotch, torrential pussy juice.

The thought only made it produce more.

My clit was in such heaven that I was torn apart.

I wanted to climax but wanted to never stop.

A lonnnng upward pull, flexing my lower abs at him.

A hard, downward press sliding alllllll the way back down.

Another slow forward pull, squeezing his hips with my thighs.

I’m biting my lower lip with pleasure.

The full-length pussy is being gently parted by his cock.

I hold for a moment at his tip, then push my clit hard onto the rod.

Another hard grinding slide down that long veiny cock.

God, it was like a dream.

I sped up gradually, using him fully every time.

My fingernails were merciless, leaving marks in his chest.

I felt his hand run up my dress to my tit.

I quickly pulled the dress off to free them.

His squeezing and massaging only amplified everything.

Every long trip up and down was maximized.

I didn’t stop until I knew I was leaking onto his balls.

I didn’t stop until his head was at my opening.

He was watching my tummy flex and roll, captivated.

My tummy isn’t toned, but I was clearly fit enough for his liking.

I smiled and watched my hypnotized fuck toy stare at me.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.

Shorter, quicker strokes as I pressed hard onto the flesh rail.

Then I came, the convulsions scarily strong, my cunt screaming hallelujah.

I have no idea if I squirted, probably so.

I have no idea if I wailed in ecstasy, maybe.

My eyes were rolled into my skull.

My entire soul bloomed and burst into wonder.

Everything froze.

Time froze.

Nothing moved.

Deep in my womb, I was contracting wildly.

Pure waves of pleasure resounded and echoed inside.

From knee to rib, I was convulsing over him.

Then I came back down, trying to catch my breath.

He was happy under me and I was happy on him.

I leaned forward, we kissed and he slipped into me.

He fucked me like that for just a minute or so.

Then he came in me for the second time that night.

We re-dressed, halfway laughing the entire time.

Cabernet in hand, we walked into the living room.

Hubby’s pants were on the floor against the wall.

My friends kaçak bahis bare back was between his legs.

Her head was bobbing up and down as he groaned.

His ring hand was on her head, the glint of silver bobbing along.

He stopped her and stood.

Without the slightest glance toward us, he finished.

His full cock spurted all over her face.

Then he looked over at us.

“Ah, more wine is here.”

My friend turned to face us, her tits taught and bare,

my husband’s white dripping down her cheek.

She smiled, caught the drip and licked her finger.

“Open it,” she said, “We’re all having fun now.”

-June 27, part 3-

I was drunk. Off. My. Ass. We were all drunk.

My hubby and I. My friend and her hubby.

Her hubby had fucked me, then I made love to him.

I’d just walked in on her giving my man a blow job.

The only pre-agreed act was me being a sexy flirt.

Everyone had been caught off-guard by something,

I knew that I’d pushed the first domino.

I was relieved that no one seemed upset.

We sat at their round table, more wine in hand.

The last bottle before we’d have to get out liquor.

My friend wore a satin kimono, her nipples perked.

My hubby could barely keep his eyes off them.

Sitting next to her, he reached toward them.

My blinking eyes could barely follow his hand.

She turned toward him and let him fondle.

Hubby leaned forward and took one into his mouth.

My friend giggled and mmmed, enjoying every suck.

Then hubby just stopped and returned to his wine.

My friend put her kimono back as it was.

The entire act had whirled and twisted before my dizzy eyes.

It was over before I realized what was happening.

I’d just watched my husband suck another woman’s tit.

Her husband had his hand on my thigh.

He was just rambling on about something random.

There didn’t seem to be much care about what had just took place.

I wasn’t used to my husband enjoying the role I’d gotten to enjoy.

I couldn’t be upset, but my possessive side was inwardly screaming.

Then he disappeared, lowering himself down under the table.

I knew all too well what he wanted to do.

I knew his favorite thing to do was to eat pussy.

I looked my friend in the eye as she felt him, skipped a breath and slouched lower.

She smiled at me in disbelief then went lost in the pleasure.

Her face contorted at the wonderful sensations.

I knew how good my husband was; this was a treat for her.

The short quick gasps and light moans made me jealous.

I’d never seen my hubby dazzle another woman.

Deciding I’d seen enough, I looked over to blabber mouth next to me.

This guy seriously needed to stop talking.

As jealous as I was, my husband had the right idea.

I joined him under the table and smacked his ass.

It was a legit hit as I was legitimately drunk and jealous.

He looked at me, but I looked away.

Blabber mouth was still talking! To his wife maybe?

He was just a chatter drunk.

I reached up to his package and started massaging.

He finally shut up, repositioned and unbuttoned his pants.

It took a little effort to get him hard, but I got him there.

My husband kept eating my friend’s pussy behind me.

I took her man’s cock into my mouth and sucked it.

I was so drunk that I couldn’t tell time, I just kept blowing him.

The under-table light was strange and surreal.

Dim blues and purples came from a neon sign they had.

At some point, I heard my friends climaxing cries.

I felt hubby touch my ass, but brushed him away.

My face pushed forward, harder on the cock in my mouth.

It was down my throat, then out of it, then down it again.

It stayed there, pushing my face hard into his waist.

Unable to breathe, I could feel him about to come, so I stayed.

The thick head in my throat started throbbing and cumming.

I swallowed him, two little gulps down to my belly.

He had been utterly emptied on this night.

Finally, I got a breath and then sucked a few more drops out.

When I turned, I saw my friend’s ass straddling my husband.

He’d returned to his chair and was getting fucked.

I couldn’t go tit-for-tat since I’d sucked this cock soft.

So, I just let out a sigh and got back in my chair.

Hubby finished and my friend went back to her seat.

We all just sat, drunk and very fucked, smiling at each other.

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