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That Sunday evening after I returned to my room at my landlady’s house, I retired early for the night, I lay in bed recalling what had happened over the weekend and how thrilling it had been, so much better than being with Derek, orgasm after orgasm more than I’d had in a month.

My one worry was I queer? What if others had heard us and reported us, we’d have been expelled and from the noises we were making I thought it was a wonder no one heard us, or if they did they minded their own business. My thoughts triggered the adrenaline in my body and I’m sure I blushed as I pleased myself, thinking of my Jenny and her light fingered touches.

Soon I was in the throes of a beautiful orgasm, gasping for breath from the force of it, how could I ever enjoy normal sex again after the most wonderful experience I’d had. Finally sleep overcame me and I had a most fitful sleep, waking up to a new day and bouncing out of bed to get ready to go to classes. How I hoped I’d run into my Jenny, that’s right, I was thinking of her as “my Jenny”. I didn’t see her all day, how disappointed I was having to go home without as much as a glimpse of her.

Tuesday started as before, with me rising early and rushing to my classes, only this time I was rewarded by leaving my class just before lunch to run into her in the hallway. My face lit up at seeing her I’m sure as she smiled at me, thrilled to think she was glad to see me. She invited me to join her for lunch and we headed for the cafe together.

She asked me how I enjoyed our weekend, grinning at me as if she didn’t know. I told her it was the most joyous of my life to which she answered, “good”. Before we left to go back to our classes she asked me if I wanted to go to the pictures with her that night. Of course I agreed right away, nothing could have made me say “no”, so we arranged to meet at the theater.

I don’t remember what the picture was, I was just so thrilled to be with her I didn’t pay much attention to it anyway. We sat with our coats over our laps and held hands, and I was conscious of her pressing her knee into mine. Occasionally she would give my thigh a playful squeeze then take my hand and place it on hers, it felt so naughty to be doing this in public, or rather that’s how I felt although in the dim light of the theater no one would have been aware of what we were bağdat caddesi escort doing.

It felt good just being with her and touching each other like that, it was very arousing, I would like to have said I was creaming in my knickers but I never got that far. Still just feeling good like that sitting there with my Jenny felt wonderful, so when the picture ended it was a bit of an anti climax. We went to use the toilet before leaving the theater and once inside she whispered, “leave ’em off”. I hurried into one of the stalls and pulled them down and sitting on the pot relieving myself, I took my knickers off altogether and stuffed them in my hand bag.

It was now a little after 11 PM and she took my arm as we walked through the dark streets to the intersection where we would part, Jenny going to her residence, and me to my ‘digs’. It was quiet, very quiet with a slight breeze blowing and there was a chill in the air, and passing some shops we found a nice deep doorway in one of them for shelter and she steered me into it.

Within moments we were kissing each other deeply, tongues finding each other as we sucked each others. She undid the buttons of my coat and her own so we could get closer to each other. She had my back to the door as her hand found it’s way under my skirt to fondle my cunny. It wasn’t long before I gave out that cry that announced my orgasm to her, when she hesitated and told me to hold up my skirt then she lifted hers and I spread my legs as she brought her pussy to ‘kiss’ mine, then holding me with both her hands on the cheeks of my arse, rubbed our clits together.

She humped me good, really rubbing herself into me with as much vigor as she could manage with us standing like that. We took turns switching positions so she could lean against the door and spread her legs to let me at her cunny. She was wet, was she ever, slipping my fingers in and out was easy, then to rub our clits together was sheer ecstasy ’till we both had wonderful orgasms.

Finally sated we spent some time just kissing and talking about how good it felt, and she asked me if I wanted to do this again more often, of course I said yes and we agreed to get together at least once a week for a date, and to leave our knickers at home. We also talked about where we could go to find bahçelievler escort more privacy and she said she’s see what she could find.

The weekends were still filled by dating our boyfriends, but for Jennifer and me it also meant a chance for us to be together although not as close or as private as we would have liked. She was certainly bisexual as she liked a good shag, as evident with the vocal sounds she would make, and now her and I admitted we didn’t mind how close we were together and she enjoyed knowing I was being screwed as well.

I was started doing it more ‘barebacked’ during the off days between periods, I didn’t find it as enjoyable as I would have liked as I’d just be starting to feel good when Derek would suddenly pull out and cum all over my thighs. When he was wearing a rubber during the risky days it wasn’t much better really, as he would stop shagging me as he’d cum, still to feel it in my pussy as he squirted was nice.

In my letters to Emma I told her about Jenny and I finding time to go to the pictures together more often, as well as going to her residence to play cards or board games with other girls too. Of course I didn’t tell her about Jenny and I having sex, just we were hanging out more often together and having fun.

Jenny liked talking about sex, particularly our sex and with our boyfriends and she admitted she wanted to watch me get it on with Derek. I admit the thought interested me too, so it wasn’t long before we would watch each other get fucked by our boyfriends as we would do it in the same doorway together. It was awesome after that, watching her being pounded by her boyfriend the two of us getting shagged at the same time, and it was a real turn-on for all of us.

We did start to try it in John’s car, but it was really too awkward to do it without scrunching up. One night when it was pouring rain Derek and I were in the back seat with Jen and John in the front and they were up to something in the front so I sat up and took a look. There was Jenifer up on her knees on her seat, arse bare with John’s hand on it, and she was sucking his cock. I was mesmerized by this as I watched, and Jenifer certainly seemed to be loving it, she had hold of it by the base and licking and sucking it, teasing it with her tongue and deep throating and when bahçeşehir escort he came she kept it in her mouth and swallowed it.

Derek was hard too of course and I had my hand on his prick, after Jen sat up we made eye contact and she smiled at me licking her lips. I was turned on by what I’d witnessed and kneeling on the floor of the car turned to kiss Derek’s cock. From the beginning I loved the feel of it, it was so velvety in my mouth and I did gag when I took it too far into my mouth. When he did cum it was a shock to me, for some reason cum had always looked so creamy, I thought it would taste like cream and as a result got a shock, it tasted bitter, salty and gritty, I had to spit it out or I would have thrown up.

I admit to loving it, and with time and practice I would develop the ability to really suck and eventually deep throat a cock. It was to be some time before I learned to swallow cum quickly, then with time hold it in my mouth for as long as I wanted. With time and practice I would develop the ability to really suck and eventually deep throat a cock.

Before the end of November Jennifer and I managed to have another weekend together when her room mate went home for the weekend, and it was even more awesome than before. After a good shag by our boyfriends John dropped us off at the residence and Jenny and I hurried inside. Now we knew what was going to happen, we were both excited and could hardly wait to get inside and strip off.

We dispersed with the bath and fell into each others arms in her bed, at last we could love each other like we wanted to, her body was so soft and curvy. I loved her tits and was learning how to caress them to really turn her on, her sounds and moaning so beautiful and thrilling for me too. Clit to clit we shagged, humping one another like a man would, only now when we would cum we could keep going for another, it was so beautiful and fulfilling.

That was our last time in bed together before the Christmas break, as we would all be going to our respective homes for the holidays. I had mixed feelings about it, I did not want to be away from my friends for the ten days or so, still I was looking forward to seeing Emma again, she had written to me so faithfully each week and sending me a little pocket money each time to help out that I appreciated.

This time I would be confronting mother as a woman complete with make up, jewelery, nylons and heels and was a little concerned as to how she would accept it. Still I was determined not to be treated like a little girl any more by her or my Aunt. I had left home as a little girl, and now after nearly four months was returning home as a woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32