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“Please inform our guests that the next part of this adventure is served — willingly.”

Ruby did not have a sense of the passage of time. The entire evening from the moment the first stranger’s car had shown its headlights to now was as if she had watched an entire movie and knew what had happened but could not now recall how long it was and how exactly the plot had unfolded. Now that there was a pause in flow of the evening she had time to think.

She reflected on some of the external stimuli of the evening. The men and their bodies and how each cock was shaped differently. How they all had smelled differently. One of the smells that struck her was that of cigarette smoke. Only one of the strangers smoked and he had smoked even as he had serviced him. Ruby knew now that she would always have that smell associated with this evening and she wondered how many years would pass before she did not associate that smell with what had happened.

What struck her most was her cooperation in this. She knew that if she was not at all willing her Master would have not forced her to comply with his wishes and she was a bit taken aback by the fact that in the past he had been very systematic and informative about any new activity he wished her to experience for or with him. Often they discussed at length the activities before hand and the process had insured that they both knew completely the factors that might impinge on their mutual exploration. He had constantly tested her and always prepared her completely so she was fully aware of the implications of their play. She mused at what this meant: Did she trust him so completely that she had given over completely to him? She thought not but made a mental note to ponder this in the future. She knew that she would be reviewing tonight’s encounter thoroughly and planned to journal it so she could be complete in her assessment.

His voice brought her back to the moment, “Slut, you will now follow me.” He bent down and fastened her collar on her and affixed a lead to it. Ruby surmised correctly she was to crawl on all fours now and he led her to a picnic table. On it was a sleeping bag laid out so she could lie on it. She climbed up the bench and to the table top and stayed on all fours. Uncertain what was going to happen next she waited for his instructions. “Take off your blouse and bra,” he said so ruby kneeled upright and removed her clothing. He took the items form her and pulled on the lead to signal her to get on all fours again.

Ruby took a look around and saw that the men had gotten some beer and were slaking their thirst and she realized that she was thirsty too. “Master, may I have a drink please,” she asked respectfully. “Of course,” said Master turning to the car and retrieving a beer. He placed it in front of her and produced a small bowl, opened the beer and emptied it into it. “Drink,” came the simple command and ruby bent down, pursed her lips and sucked on the beer from the center of the bowl, slaking her thirst. By the time she was down to licking the bowl the guests had gathered around her. Two of the men were actively touching her by caressing her back and ass and she squirmed a bit güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at this not unwanted attention. One of the men was standing in front of her now and Master pulled her leash firmly forward and led her to the edge of the table. The man began exposing himself and Master commanded, “Suck his cock slut.” The man moved forward to meet her face as it lowered down on his member and ruby began sucking his cock gently. Her hands where supporting her body so she was glad he put his hands on her hair and guided her in her pleasuring of him.

She felt hands tweak her nipples and pull on them to arouse and make them hard and then she felt the sweet pressure of a pair of nipple clamps being put on her erect nipples. She moaned deeply at this because nipple and breast play were a wonderful erotic delight to her. She felt the clips being manipulated and adjusted to prevent them from falling off and the pressure was slowly increased until there was a stinging sensation emanating from her nipples.

The hands of the other 2 men continued to caress her and she felt the pool table shift as the men, one on each side, kneeled on the bench of the table. In the background she could hear her Master make his explanation of what was being offered…

“This slut will service you anally. She will take you one at a time and you may explore her ass in any manner that you wish. You may not attempt to fist her but you can rim and probe her with your tongue and fingers. I have set some lube handy for you and please use it before using her with you cock.” She heard the men echo agreement and then Master ordered her to stop sucking cock and move so her knees were on the picnic table bench and her body was lying across the table instead of along it length. She complied and she felt her ass being pulled open and a man’s tongue on her anus. Tentative licks followed and then the sound of a man wetting his fingers and she felt a finger probing her, stretching her. Ruby was glad Master had used the butt plugs on her because she felt comfortable with the digital invasion of her ass. She went to look back at who was doing this to her and heard a sharp ‘No’ from Master. The finger slid out and the tongue pressed harder and she opened to it. The soft warmth of the man’s tongue made her moan and then a soft buzzing signaled something new.

As the tongue slid slowly in and out of her a vibrator was placed on her clit and rubbed slowly up and down. Then she heard Master, “Someone, pull on the chains between the nipple clamps…don’t pull the clamps off…just pull and create some tension.” Shortly after this she felt the chain being pulled and her nipples followed the tension created. Just as it came to the most tension possible without the clamps popping off the vibrator was slid inside her now wet pussy and the man behind her rimmed her as he masturbated her pussy. Slowly, inexorably he would slide the vibrator inside her as deep as it would go and then slide it oh, so slowly out. The other 3 men must have been directly behind her because she could not see them and this factor was particularly arousing to her. The tension came off her nipples and the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri vibrator was removed and a man moved from behind her and presented the vibrator to her. It was Master!

“Lick it clean slut,” Master said.

Ruby grabbed the vibrator and hungrily licked, taking the shaft as deeply as she could, “That’s it slut, hungry for your own pussy juice. Let’s see what else you’re hungry for.” The vibrator was taken from her grasp and she felt its tip on her anus. Master pressed it in and because of the rimming and previous preparation it slid in relatively easily. Slowly Master worked it in and out of her and she felt the bench weight and a man was now licking her pussy as Master masturbated her asshole. Master was very careful to not insert the vibrator too deep but it was the first time she had had a vibrating toy in her ass. New exquisite sensations filled her mind and she moaned as the vibrator was removed. The man, thankfully, still licked her pussy and then she knew what Master intended.

“Clean it slut,” Master said firmly. Ruby shook her head in refusal. “Are you a slut,” came the reply to her demonstration of refusal. She nodded and then she felt the nipple clamps being pulled off her nipples in one swift motion. She let out a short, sharp scream. She barely had time to process this when she heard, “Someone mount this bitch’s ass and fuck the shit out of it!” There was a scramble and then the winner was directly behind her. A squirt of lube on her anal bud and then penetration! This man’s cock slid to the hilt in one stroke and strong hands gripped her hips and began ass fucking her. Ruby bucked and tried to get away but the force of this man could not be denied her. He slammed her ass hard and the other men whooped and cheered her anal assailant on. The cheers only served to increase this man’s vigour and force. She was now sorry she had not complied with Master’s order. Through the haze of her ass fucking she tried to grab the vibrator from Master but he held it tantalizingly out of her reach. The picnic table was now creaking and swaying from the ass fucking she was receiving and then the man let out a guttural roar and came in her ass, warming her insides. He pulled out perfunctorily and Master motioned him to come in front of her.

“Clean him and suck him dry slut.” Again ruby refused and Master nodded towards someone behind her. This time she was mounted again and she knew this man had not used any lube. He began to use her ass and added his words to her ass fucking. “Take it slut. Take it up the ass. You’re mine now!” This man did not use as much force but she felt him insert his thumb in her used it to open her further. He pulled out and spit on her gaping anus and entered her again. He pushed all the way in and she heard him say, “Ride it bitch…ride it home!” She moved her hips automatically to these instructions and he began to slap her ass every time she pulled forward. Once she pulled forward too far and he fell out and Master pulled on her hair and she quickly got back into position. Her mind closed out any other external stimuli and she concentrated on making this man cum. She listened güvenilir bahis şirketleri and found a particular position that met his approval, for she could tell by his moans she had found the right posture to get him off. She moved her hips back and forth as rapidly as possible and then he came. She was just pulling forward when this happened and a stream of sticky cum struck her ass crack. With one last slap of her ass the man exclaimed, “Fuck’n yeah,” and got off the table. Again she was subjected to the order to clean and suck a man dry and she refused again.

This time Master reconnected the nipple clamps and moved behind her and applied the riding crop on her ass. Five lashes struck each ass with such force that the stinging sensation reminded ruby of the feeling like that of pins and needles one felt when their toes were warming after be subjected to bitter cold. She let out a whimper and immediately after the application of the crop she felt a tongue on her anus and the probing began again. But this time Master positioned himself in front of her, took out his rigid cock and as the new man explored her ass he grabbed her head by the hair and began to face fuck her. Suddenly he stopped and ordered her to lie on her back with her head over the picnic table edge. He slipped off his pants and standing on the ground used one hand to position his cock to enter her mouth and the other to support her head.

One word, “Begin,” signaled the next use of her. Now she felt her legs spread and being held. Two hands on each ankle, so obviously two men were helping the third position her body so he could use her from the top. Almost simultaneously a cock entered her mouth and ass. She tried to push Master away but he was too strong, the whole weight of his body bearing down on her. She felt his cock slide in her mouth and her neck bent and accommodated him as he began to deep throat her. His balls slapped against her forehead and she could feel the cock in her ass moving in and out rapidly. This man was using the ring of muscles at the outside of her anus to stimulate only the head of his cock and perhaps because of the arousal of her previous use anally this man came quickly. His load shot onto her pussy and midriff and she felt her legs being dropped so she could drape them over the edge of the table. Master was pounding her mouth mercilessly now and then she felt the hand supporting her head pull her into him hard and he came too! He withdrew swiftly and she gasped for air and rolled on her side, gagging from the load of cum filling her mouth.

She could hear the men thanking Master and calling good bye and the slam of car doors, motors starting and headlights illuminating and in seconds they were left in the darkness and stillness of the night. Ruby was uncertain how she felt but she was displeased with the rapidness of the departure of the men. Then she realized that as a slut there was probably not any ‘thanks’, just use.

Master approached her and letting her lie on her side removed her high heeled boots and slipped off her stockings. He rolled her onto her front and using the stockings tied her wrists to the picnic table supports so she was held in place and could not get away. He walked in front of her in silence and pulled her head up and moved his flaccid cock towards her mouth and she opened it at took it in. Slowly she rolled her tongue around his softness and soon he was hard again. He pulled out and walked behind her and began to fuck her ass…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32