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I became a member of Literotica in July of 2015, as a reader. I got totally wrapped up in ‘Aquata Cove’, a fantasy love story by ‘feare909’, about a blossoming love affair between a young gay man, Adam, and a Merman, Merrick. This story actually ended, finally, at about 101 Chapters. This story had me captivated for many months. If you like stories that have a lot of love and emotion, and an awesome plot, I highly recommend it.

After reading the first thirty some chapters, which was all that had been published at that time, I was inspired to try my hand at writing, and started to write my first story, ‘Prison School’. As a new writer, I made numerous mistakes. The biggest mistake was to start writing a second story (DJ) before the first one was complete. I was trying to alternate uploads between the two stories, and I lost many of my readers, due to the time lost between uploads. I won’t make that mistake again. (Except for a shortie, like this one.)

The ‘Prison School’ series ended at, I think, 31 Chapters. I am currently working on Chapter 16 of the ‘DJ’ series, and have at least three more stories on the back burner, which I will not start until after the ‘DJ’ series is completed. (I try to learn from my mistakes) My mind, unfortunately, runs much faster than my fingers on a keyboard.

I am currently 76 years of age, and have been gay my whole life, but did try a straight marriage that lasted for casino oyna 5 years. I am the father of two awesome Sons, now 49 and 46, who were both raised by their Mom and Step-dad, so I have mostly lived a life of solitude. Unfortunately, I have never acquired that long-term relationship with another loving man, so there is no HEA in my life.

Abraham Lincoln once said that if you always tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said. But writing here is fiction, and it happens that what one writes in one chapter may be forgotten in a future chapter. I was reading an early chapter (3) of DJ yesterday, and discovered that Jamie had stated that he turned 18 a few days after graduation in June. Yet, in Chapter 14, only a few months later, we are celebrating Jamie’s 20th birthday on Christmas Eve, as he is suddenly a Christmas baby! OOOOOPS!

I have stated, regarding DJ, that he has a pretty cock, and about 6″ erect, just a comfortable mouthful. What I never mentioned, in the story, is that he is also uncut. Whenever I picture a naked DJ in my mind, I see that foreskin covering the head of his flaccid penis, about 4″ long, as it points toward the floor. When he is erect, the head protrudes, and is very noticeable and tempting.

I never really tried to explain exactly what DJ looked like, but I was in the Vape store I frequent, and a youngish black man, Nick, waited on me, and I knew then slot oyna exactly how DJ looked. Nick and DJ could almost have been twins. Slender, about 5’10” and both wear those skinny jeans that display just a small bulge to the left or right of the fly. The biggest difference was that Nick’s hair was a little longer, he has a goatee, and is actually 26 years old. I did learn that Nick lives with his girlfriend, so I would assume he is probably straight. What a waste!

I’ve never been much into dating black men. I’m not typically turned on to BBC (as in Big Black Cock). I did however, back in the mid 1970’s, have about a three month relationship with a black man in Orlando, FL. I found myself wanting to taste Nick’s meat, the same as I wanted to taste DJ, but of course I never made my desire known to Nick. I’m digressing.

When I started to write DJ, I knew it was going to be a multi-chapter story. I expected to finish it in six or eight chapters—and I’m now working on Part 16! Some of the situations that have taken place, are fantasies of things I would like to have experienced in real life. I would love to have a young man like DJ come into my life from the projects, of which I have some only a couple blocks from where I live.

The love, and the closeness that DJ and Jamie share with each other, are feelings that I have never had the experience of, but still can fantasize about. Many of their canlı casino siteleri day to day activities, and their sexcapades—oh well—I can dream, can’t I?

I’ve been writing this story in first person, and have even used my real first name, Doug, but my last name in reality is not Kendall. I guess I can hope that my Joe comes along and sweeps me off my feet, as he does in the story—but this is a fairy tale, folks, so it’s not too likely to happen in real life.

When I write, I only have a beginning outline in my head, and then the story takes control. I think the strangest experience I’ve had is when the characters come alive, and do things that were never in the game plan.

I had tried to explain in a comment on one of the Parts that this is a love story of a different dimension. DJ actually has two love affaires going on, one between he and myself, as a father and son love, and the one between he and Jamie, as boyfriends.

I’m certain the boys will have a great time at Disney World, and I know there will be some young ladies chasing them, after all, they are two very attractive 20 year old boys! How they handle that remains to be seen.

If you are a reader here on Literotica, and looking for a lot of steamy, hot, gay sex scenes, you likely will not enjoy my writing. However, I do try to make my stories interesting, and I have a tendency to create a number of emotional situations, some that even cause me to cry while I’m writing—stupid isn’t it.

Wrapping up, a lot of my writing is putting into words, the dreams and fantasies I wish I could have enjoyed in my younger years.

Doug, aka o2byoung (Oh too be young)

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