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Bobby and his mother, Rachel, arrived back at home. They got out of the car and neither one could look at each other. Bobby went to his room to get on the computer while his mom started to make dinner. His twin sisters Lisa and Theresa were spending the night at a friend’s house meaning that he and his mom would be alone until tomorrow evening.

Bobby was totally unsure what to make of what just happened. He had just come from the doctor’s office where a sexy older woman jerked him off and let him cum all over her face and tits, and not only that but he did it in front of his mom! Then she prescribed “manual masturbation” as Dr. White had put it three times a day, or in other words have someone else jerk off his huge cock, and surprisingly enough, his mom volunteered for the job!

This was just too unreal. Although his mom was hot, he never thought about her sexually before. He wasn’t really sure if he wanted her to jerk him off or not, but it was obvious that he couldn’t cum without someone else, and the doctor said that it would be for the best. He used to jerk off three times a day when he could still get himself off, and his balls hurt if he didn’t do it at least that many times, but he didn’t want his mom to jerk him off if she didn’t want to. He decided that he wouldn’t mention it to her, that way she could have an easy out and not have to do it for him.

Rachel was also thinking about what had just happened while she was making dinner. She didn’t know what had come over her when she volunteered herself to jerk her own son off three times a day. She was thinking about just asking Dr. White to do it instead. But then again, she thought, Bobby has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life, and so much cum! I don’t care if he’s my son, I’d do anything to see that thing shoot again.

She considered trying to find an excuse to watch Dr. White as she jerked off Bobby but couldn’t think of anything believable. After awhile, she decided that it was hopeless. If she wanted to see Bobby’s cock let out a fountain of cum again, she’d have to do it herself.

Bobby was playing solitaire on his computer when his mom called him down for dinner. He came down and sat across from her at the table as he always did. He grabbed the plate before him and shoveled some food on it, all the while keeping his head down as to not look his mom in the eye. Rachel obviously noticed the change in her son because she asked him, “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

Bobby looked up at her finally, a little shocked that she could even talk to him after what happened, “N-n-n-nothings wrong mom, why w-w-w-would you say that?”

Rachel put down her fork. Obviously Bobby was troubled about something, and she could guess what it was. “Is this about, um, what happened in the doctors office Bobby?”

Bobby was really taken aback at this, he wasn’t sure how to respond and just stared at her dumbly.

“Bobby, you don’t need to feel embarrassed about that. I can imagine what you must be going through. I mean, with balls as big as…”

“MOM!” Bobby practically screamed, not believing that his mom was just about to talk about his nuts.

“Look hon, considering what the doctor prescribed for us, I think we should both get as comfortable as we can with talking about these things. Alright, sweetie?”

Bobby stared dumbly a little longer. He realized that she was right, “Okay, fine, we’ll talk about it mom, illegal bahis but I’m still not completely comfortable, okay?”

“That’s fine Bobby. I’ll try to talk about it as professionally as I can.”

“Thanks mom.”

“Okay, now as I was saying, I know it must be rough for you, not being able to cum, I mean, ejaculate must be very hard on a boy your age, since you are in your sexual prime. And it must be even worse for you, since I can tell by how much, um, semen you produced earlier that you need to, um, ejaculate many times a day, and you don’t have a girlfriend to help you, so whether we like it or not, I’m the one that has to” She reached across the table and gripped his hand, “Now I know it will be hard to adjust to our new situation, but we’ll get used to it.”

Bobby gripped her hand, he didn’t know how to feel about this. For one thing, he was now no longer going to have to jerk himself off (not that he could anyway) but it’s going to be his mom helping him. She was one hot tamale but he didn’t want to commit incest with her. “Mom,” he said, “I appreciate all the help and everything, but, well, you’re my mom, and I don’t know, it just seems wrong.”

Rachel smiled and tightened her grip, “Don’t think of it like that sweetie, this isn’t going to be anything sexual,” yeah right, she thought, “it’s just a mother helping out her son when he needs it.”

Bobby smiled, she was right, this wasn’t anything like incest between mother and son, it was just following the doctor’s advice. “Thanks mom, I’m glad you feel that way.”

“Okay,” she took her hand away and picked up her fork, “now let’s finish our meal and you get ready for bed while I clean up here, then I’ll help you with your ‘little’ problem before bed, okay sweetie?”

Bobby dropped his fork, but he nodded yes. He ate a little too fast because his mind was elsewhere and got up long before his mom did. He went up to his room and tried not to think about any of the possible things to come while he picked out a t-shirt to wear to bed. He hadn’t worn anything but a t-shirt to bed since he turned 13, since wearing underwear usually chafes his dick during the night and besides he likes the feeling of the blanket on his oversized cock and balls. He grabbed a T-shirt and went into the bathroom opposite his bedroom to take a shower.

He started the water and got in taking far too much time to wash himself. He paid particular attention to washing his balls and his dick since he wanted those parts to be clean when his mom wanted to jerk him off. He started to get hard while thinking about it and by the time he got out of the shower he had a raging boner. He grabbed a towel and put it on, making a huge tent in it when there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” He asked even though he already knew.

“Who do you think silly?” Rachel replied, “I thought I could help you now, before I take my shower so I can wash up afterwards.”

Bobby just stood there, trying to will his erection to go away, he knew that he’d have to be erect in order for his mom to “help” him, but he didn’t want her to think that he was waiting for it. His mom pounded on the door some more and asked to be let in, Bobby finally just gave in and unlocked the door.

Rachel entered, greeted by Bobby’s muscular body in nothing but a towel and she could already see that he was sporting a huge erection. She licked her lips in anticipation, but illegal bahis siteleri pretended to be shocked, “Bobby, you already have an erection! You must be in more need than I thought!”

Bobby looked his mom over, she was only wearing a tiny silk robe, that barely covered her, her tits were so big that they were practically begging to be released and it was cut short enough near the bottom that it was just barely covering her pussy.

Bobby thought about what his mom had said and decided that he could probably use this as an excuse, “Um, yeah, that’s right, um, I’m used to uh, jerking off a lot, so when it gets hard I don’t really know what to do now that I can’t, uh, wank myself.”

“Oh Bobby, why didn’t you say so? Mommy’s here to take care of that for you. Whenever you need to be wanked, just ask me, okay baby?”

Bobby smiled, he had the best mom ever, “Okay mom, that sounds great.”

She smiled back, “Now remove that towel, I want to see your monster.”

Bobby didn’t know about his mom calling his cock a monster, but decided she probably just said it to make him feel more comfortable. He removed his towel showing his mom his large cock for the second time today. Immediately she knelt down in front of it saying that it was the best spot for her to help him from. He just nodded and watched as she reached up with both hands and placed them on his giant pecker.

Rachel was finally feeling the entire length of his dick with her hands. It was all she could think about since she was at the doctor’s office earlier that day, she gripped it on both sides as tight as she could as she slowly started jerking his dick. She heard him moan a little but he quickly apologized, “That’s alright hon,” she said not taking her eyes off of his enormous cockmeat, “it’s perfectly natural.” She continued stroking, this time a little faster then before and he moaned again, this time louder. She could see pre-cum already start to come out of her son’s dick, and she had to keep herself from just leaning forward and licking it off of his delicious looking cock head.

Bobby looked down at his mom kneeling before him while she jerked his dick. She was kneeling with her legs wide open and he really wished that she wasn’t wearing her robe so he could look at her pussy. He caught himself thinking this about his mother, but was so overcome with pleasure that he just thought about it some more. His cock was now leaking pre-cum all over the place and was falling right in front of his mother’s pussy in a steady stream making a puddle on the floor. She put one of her hands up on his cock head and got it good and soaked with his pre-cum which she used as a lubricant for stroking the rest of his cock.

Rachel could feel her pussy leaking juices all over the floor, she was just glad that his pre-cum was coming out at such a speed that it completely covered her juices up. She thought about their juices mixing together on the floor and started to feel a mini-orgasm. She tried to hide it as best she could from her son, but too late she let out a tiny gasp.

“Is something wrong mom?” Bobby asked.

“NO! (ahem) I mean, everything’s fine.” She replied, she now wanted nothing more that to suck on Bobby’s cock while she used her other hand to fuck herself. She scooted herself in a little, making her lips just millimeters away from the tip of her son’s cock. Only common decency kept her from wrapping canlı bahis siteleri her lips around him and sucking the pre-cum from his dick.

Bobby could see just how close her face was to his cock and could feel himself getting close, his pre-cum was now leaking down onto her robe right in front of where her crotch was, at first he thought that this was really hot, but realized that he didn’t want to ruin her nice silk vestment. “Mom, I’m um, getting your robe dirty,” he said.

His mom looked down and saw that he was right. She looked back up at him and said, “You’re right, I better take my robe off before you ruin it.” She took both hands off of his cock and removed her robe. Bobby’s eyes widened in response. First he looked at her gorgeous perfect tits, then down to her wet, clean shaven pussy. His knees buckled for a minute and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to stand for much longer. She looked up at him and saw that he was absolutely going nuts looking at her naked body. She thought about grabbing her nipples and squeezing them just to see what he’d do, but decided that that wouldn’t be very motherly behavior. She went back to jerking his dick with reckless abandon, and his pre-cum was now falling all over her pussy, making Rachel even hotter than before.

Bobby was staring at his cock juices dripping on his mother’s pussy and it set him over the edge. He yelled that he was about to cum, and his mom sped up her stroking. He felt his cum shoot out and watched it as the first streak went all over his mom’s lips and chin. She pulled away from him a little and the next shot right in between her eyes. She gripped his cock and aimed in downward so the next few shots of cum went all over her tits and belly. Finally it ended with just a few dribbles falling all over her pussy.

Bobby looked at the mess he’s just made of his mother. She was so covered in his cum that he was sure she was going to yell at him for making such a mess. Instead she opened her mouth and asked for a towel, as she did so Bobby noticed that cum fell straight into her mouth and to his surprise she didn’t spit it out. He turned around to grab the towel from around his feet.

Rachel couldn’t believe she just swallowed his cum, but it tasted so good, so thick and sweet. She had no idea that cum could taste so good. Bobby turned around and as he did so she scooped his cum off of her tits and licked it off of her hand quickly, Bobby turned around and didn’t notice a thing. He gave her the towel.

Rachel smiled at him, “Okay sweetie, you get to bed, I’ll come in after my shower to say goodnight.” Bobby just smiled back at her and left the bathroom, his dick was still as hard as ever since his mom covered in his cum was now permanently burned into his mind.

Rachel watched him as he left and shut and locked the bathroom door. As soon as he was gone she started scooping up all the cum on her and stuffing it into her mouth. The more she at of her son’s cum the more she wanted to eat, Oh god, she thought, I’m turning into a cum fiend. Finally she scooped his cum out of her pussy and licked off both his and her juices, feeling herself getting wetter than she was before.

She got in the shower and turned the water up as hot as her skin could take. Then she started squeezing and twisting her nipples making herself hotter than even the water on her body. She started fingering herself a moment afterwards and had an earth shattering orgasm all the while thinking of the taste of her sons cum in her mouth.

She went to bed, completely forgetting to say goodnight to Bobby, all the while thinking about jerking him off the next morning.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32