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Snoozing on the grass, I was awoken by warm liquid on my face.

Dominique was squatting over me, her magnificent arse inches away, dribbling drops of piss, with huge self-control.

I rolled over, opened my mouth wide, she gushed all her piss directly down my throat, sighed, sat on my face, her cunt locking with my passionate tongue, took my cock into her warm, inviting mouth, and sucked me off; judging the moment perfectly, she orgasmed like a demon as I erupted and gushed spunk into her beautiful mouth.

“It’s good, this secluded bit of the park, isn’t it, my love?”

We strolled home to fix our meal. Soon after, the phone rang. D lay back on the settee, picked up the handset, and opened her legs as wide as they would go.

I knelt and sucked out her cunt, exploring every nook and cranny, as she chatted and giggled with her cousin, till she finally orgasmed in spectacular fashion.

I climbed up and sat astride her:

“Oh wait, my Amachi, you talk to me now for a few minutes, I shall have my mouth full.”

She took my engorged cock down her throat, sucking rhythmically, kneading my balls with her free hand.

Despite holding back as far as I could I soon came, watching the huge quantity of spunk pulse its way steadily out of my cock, as D gulped and swallowed, and I stroked her head and nipples.

When I was dry she took her mouth back to the receiver:

“I am sure you have told me that güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri before, cousin, but I was oh so pleased to get it from you again!”

She smiled at me, turned over on her front, and, leaning on her elbows raised her arse high in the air.

I knelt down again, probed her crack with my tongue, and delved deep into her cunt; she slammed her arse repeatedly back into my face as I pushed forwards just as strongly and licked and sucked out her cunt again.

This time she came more quickly. I moved around and she took my cock back into her mouth:

“Yes, now you speak, Amachi,” but this time she did not suck me off: when I was hard as a rock I went back and thrust my cock up her rectum. She moaned loudly:

“Oh yes, fuck me harder, lover – what’s that you say? – yes of course I was listening – am I not talking to you now!,” laughing, groaning a little as I thrust ever harder at different angles – “can I not laugh and be happy when I talk to my favourite cousin? Say hello to Ben from me.”

After more drinks and a little sleep on the settee Dominique shook me awake:

“Come with me to the bathroom, J, I really need to piss.”

We went into the bathroom, I lay in the bath, she stood over me, legs apart, and pissed a little into my mouth.

She stopped, turned, and bent over the side of the bath; I knelt behind her as she blasted out piss, farting copiously, and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri gulped down as much as I could swallow.

We showered and went into the bedroom. I lay flat on my back; D straddled my face with her thighs and rubbed her cunt all over my mouth and nose, as I pushed my tongue as far up her as I could.

Ramming her cunt into my mouth she sped up until she orgasmed again in tumultuous, noisy fashion.

As we rested briefly, D lying on top of me, my phone rang. Immediately she slid down and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck me steadily.

She paced herself, increasing the intensity if I seemed about to end the call, easing off if it looked as if it would continue, smiling up at me conspiratorially as far as her full mouth would allow.

Suddenly tiring of this game she grasped my balls strongly and gave a few mighty sucks, so that my spunk spurted in one great stream down her throat.

She swallowed everything I had to give, rested her head briefly in my groin, then resumed sucking gently, and had me miraculously erect again within a few minutes.

When I was as hard as I could be she sat up, turned around, and thrust me inside her from behind, leaning back on my supine figure and bouncing up and down so that my cock was as far inside her as it could go.

I abruptly ended the call to my bemused mother and gave my full attention to D-fucking (this reference güvenilir bahis şirketleri amused her greatly).

After more spectacular orgasms she was in an especially playful mood: she lay on top of me and rammed her huge tits into my mouth:

“I could easily smother you with these, J! Although this might be more effective,” and, so saying, she switched around into the 69, sucked my cock down her throat, then rolled on her side, so that my face was trapped inside her tremendous thighs, my tongue stuck as far up her cunt as it would go, and my nose clamped between her cunt and arse.

She squeezed her thighs together hard so that I couldn’t breathe, then released them, laughing:

“See how easy it is to kill a man who loves you – or who, at least, has most of his head up your cunt! I wouldn’t do that to you, J, but it is good to have the power.”

She rolled over so that she was back on top, took my cock in her mouth again, drew it all the way in to her throat, and with a gentle but insistent sucking motion gradually drained me of spunk, gulping and swallowing as she climaxed herself, ecstatically, for the seventh time that day.

D turned around:

“These are gifts we give to one another,” and thrust her tongue right down my throat: we kissed passionately, happily drowning in one another’s saliva.

Time slowed almost to nothing as sleep stole up and overcame us.

We awoke entwined:

“Now we shall eat; then you will fuck my arse and suck my arse and suck my cunt and fuck my cunt all through the night till I am half dead from exhaustion; and finally you will fuck my sweet mouth and give me your juice and oblivion.”

I considered for a moment:

“That sounds like a plan.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32