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“Mommy?” the nervous voice of Mary Grace Costello said into her cell phone as she looked at the woman who had brought her here after school, and while she was clearly fond of her gym teacher it was clear the instructor was not in a good mood. “Yeah, of course it’s me. Um – I’m going to go to Linda’s house after school. Kids are getting together for a little party.”

“Yes, I know graduation is tomorrow,” Mary Grace said after a moment. “No, no drinking. I swear. Not too late I promise, okay? Thanks. Love you Mommy.”

“Mommy?” the gym teacher sneered. “Are you sure you’re 18?”

“Yes. I dunno. Always called her that,” Mary Grace replied sheepishly as she was led down an unfamiliar street. “Where are we going?”

“My apartment,” Kyle Jensen replied as she pulled the student over to a multi family house in need of repair, and as the teacher led the way up the stairs she added, “I’m not sure if it qualifies as a party though.”

With an energetic stride that belied her 48 years, the gym teacher strode up the stairs briskly, leaving the pudgy teen in her dust as she navigated the three flights and waited impatiently as Mary Grace plodded up far less athletically.

“Seeing what you look like climbing a few dozen stairs make me feel I should have failed you,” her instructor hectored while running a hand through her short cropped hair. “Makes me a failure myself as well for not molding you into better shape.”

“Not your fault,” Mary Grace mumbled as she watched her teacher unlock the weathered door of the third floor apartment, adding apologetically, “Peanut butter cups.”

“Yeah, they fly off the store shelf and then unwrap themselves and jump into your mouth,” Kyle sneered. “Lack of willpower speaks poorly of a person. You must exhibit self-discipline to succeed in life. Go sit down on the couch.”

Mary Grace walked over to the couch which was in the center of the small apartment, and while she was prepared to say “nice place you have here,” she didn’t because there was nothing very nice about it. The dingy walls were desperately in need of a paint job, the furnishings were spartan, the couch she sat in threadbare, and the only entertainment seeming to be a large screen TV in the corner.

There was an elaborate set of weights in another corner and some kind of fancy treadmill, but the only memorable feature of the place was the oppressive heat which made Mary Grace feel like she had just taken a peek at something cooking in the oven.

“No point in beating around the bush,” Ms. Jensen said as she sat on the coffee table opposite her student. “There’s a reason you’re here. Funny that you spoke to “Mommy” about your graduation ceremony because some things have come to my attention that may put your participation in that ceremony in question.”


“I’d go so far as to say that you may not even graduate at all,” her gym teacher said, her lantern jaw and short spiked haircut combined with her serious tone of voice making the girl nervous. “Unless you have a good explanation for your behavior.”

“What? You mean laughing when Angela Morin got hit in the face with the dodge ball?” Mary Grace asked. “I mean, everybody laughed.”

“Hardly. While I can’t sanction girls making fun of a fellow student, if your idea of playing dodge ball is catching the ball in your mouth, you deserve to be mocked for your incompetence,” Kyle Jensen said bluntly. “No, I’m talking about something else. Last year some girl put a note in my mailbox – that’s the way cowards rat out people I believe – and this girl had a complaint about you.”


“This young lady, who didn’t put down her name, wrote something to the effect that she thought you were strange,” Ms. Jensen said as she reached into the pocket of her dark blue skorts that covered her legs to the knee where the school color purple and gold socks took over. “She said something like I should stop you from looking at the other girls while they were changing their clothes.”

“What? Ms. Jensen that’s stupid, I never…” Mary Grace answered quickly but her gym teacher held her hand up to stop her.

“It was one isolated complaint, and done so anonymously, so I pretty much ignored it,” Ms. Jensen explained. “Although I did observe you from a distance, but my investigation was inconclusive.”

“This year however, I got not one complaint but FOUR!” she barked. “A couple of them were even signed by your accusers. Would you like me to share them with you?”

“They’re lies.”

“You don’t even know what they are yet. Here’s one of them,” Ms. Jensen snapped. “Ms Jensen, you gotta do something about Mary Grace Costello. All the time in the locker room, she’s pretending to be doing something but she’s really watching when you strip down to put on your gym suit. I’ve caught her lots of times. Somebody’s going to punch that lesbian in the mouth before too long.”

“I – some of these – hey, I know I’m not popular with some of the cliques,” Mary Grace sputtered. “Do you have anything to drink?”

“There’s casino siteleri water in the refrigerator,” Ms. Jensen said. “Help yourself. There’s more here we need to cover.”

The gym teacher’s eyes followed the chubby student across the room, nothing that there was a streak of sweat on the spine of her blouse as well as dark rings in the arm holes of her baggy green short sleeved blouse. Mary Grace opened the ancient refrigerator and saw little else but bottles of water, so after grabbing one she opened it and drank half of it before returning to the sofa.

“Thank you.”

“So this person is lying?” Mary Grace was asked, and when she looked over at the note her gym teacher was holding even though her thumb was hiding the name she still knew who wrote it.

“Darcy McClintock. I recognize the handwriting,” Mary Grace claimed. “She hates my guts.”

“Here’s another one, also signed,” Ms. Jensen continued. “I’m one of the girls who likes to take a shower after gym class because I have to go to work after school and I don’t want to be funky. Anyway, is there any way you can keep Mary Grace Costello from checking us out when we get dressed? It’s bad enough there’s no privacy in the place, but having her watching us is creepy. If she wanted to know if I’m a natural blonde she should know by now.”

“I know who that is. Joni. Same clique. They all hate me, me and everybody else that doesn’t live up in the Heights.”

“Here’s one that’s not signed. Says, “The next time I catch Costello walking past the shower room trying to watch me dry off I’m going to go grab her, rip her clothes off and throw her in the showers and that queer can look all she wants,” Ms. Jensen read with a raised eyebrow before adding,”You know, I don’t think anybody would have said a word if you just went into the shower room like many of the other girls. Showering is like a social club in there with everybody yakking, and you can’t help but see.”

“I’m too fat. They would laugh at me.”

“Still, that might have helped you with your curiosity issues.”

“Ms. Jensen…”

“All of these people are lying?” Kyle Jensen asked and continued without waiting for a response. “Frankly, I should have just gone to the administration with these allegations, but I’ve had you in my class for what? Two years?’


“Three then. I’ve always been fond of you Mary Grace. You’re usually cooperative in class, have good attendance, and while you aren’t very athletic you usually put forth effort,” the gym teacher explained. “This though? Disturbing. I could see the administration barring you from the graduation ceremony as punishment for this voyeurism.”

“That’s crazy. All of those accusations? It’s arbitrary and capricious and there’s not a shred of substantial evidence.”

“What are you going to be, a lawyer?” Ms. Jensen snickered.

“No, but I watch Law and Order a lot,” Mary Grace mumbled.

“Well, regardless, this isn’t a court of law and as far as I’m concerned, it’s rather harmless stuff,” Ms. Jensen mused aloud. “Growing up, we’re all curious about things, and it’s natural to look around in a locker room.”

“So you think I did that stuff too?” Mary Grace croaked, and after draining the bottle of water asked, “Can I have another?”

“Of course.”

“Don’t know how you stand it in here,” the teen muttered as she went to the refrigerator again, the back of her blouse now drenched and the front not far behind. “It’s like a sauna in here.”

“The trick is not minding,” Ms. Jensen explained. “People who are weak of character let the most minor things bother them.”

“Can I go now?”

“You can go anytime you want Mary Grace,” the gym teacher replied, moving over to the sofa next to her student and producing a lap top, placing it on the coffee table where she had been sitting. “I do want you to see this first though. I’m planning on showing this to someone. You? Principal Monroe? Doesn’t matter to me.”

“What is it?’

“Let me give you a little backstory first,” Ms. Jensen explained. “Early last semester some things were taken from by office at school, that plus a little graffiti someone wrote on my wall. Seems you aren’t the only unpopular one at school.”

“Told you lot of these girls are terrible,” Mary Grace opined. “I always defend you when they say stuff about you.”

“So in an effort to find out who the thief was I decided to do a little detective work.”

“I never took anything from you Ms. Jensen. I swear. I’ll take a lie detector test” Mary Grace pledged.

“I didn’t accuse you or anybody else. In fact in the entire school year after I installed that security camera, nothing was ever taken,”

“Security camera?” Mary Grace croaked.

“Yes, I installed one above the door of my office. Simple to do and cheap these days,” Ms. Jensen explained as she patted her student’s knee, and the gym teacher couldn’t help notice that the girl’s sweating was now accompanied by a tapping of her foot and nervous twitching. slot oyna “Very educational. Here, let me show you.”

Kyle Jensen pushed a few buttons on her lap top and after a few seconds the screen lit up with the gym teacher providing some commentary.

“Let’s see, according to that clock on the wall the time is 3:45 in the afternoon,” she noted. “You know, they sell these cameras that make high definition recordings, in color no less, but I went cheap. As you can see, there’s some steam coming from the little bathroom in back. With classes over for the day, I usually take a shower. Did you know that Mary Grace?”

“No I uh I never uh…”

“And look at this. I have a visitor,” the gym teacher quipped, grabbing Mary Grace’s hand as it lurched towards the off button, and the student saw the veins bulging in Ms. Jensen’s forearm as she squeezed her hand. “Turning it off doesn’t change anything, you know?’

“I don’t want to watch this,” Mary Grace sobbed.

“But it’s just begun. There’s my visitor, creeping back towards the half bath. Trying to take a peek? Hoping I didn’t close the curtain?” Kyle asked.

“No, I was just coming to your office to ask you something,” Mary Grace offered lamely.

“Ask me what?”

“I uh forget.”

“So now my visitor is exploring – look! There’s the teacher’s clothes. Will my visitor rifle through my pockets, looking for money? Don’t think so. There’s no money in the bra either. Just padding,” Ms. Jensen snickered as they watched Mary Grace fumble with the padded cones that fell out of the cups and to the floor, and as the teen put the harness back together the gym teacher noted, “Seems we all have our little secrets, don’t we?”

“I’m sorry,” the student said as the tears continued to flow and the movie rolled on.

“Now my visitor looks confused. What to do now? Another peek in the back but the curtain must still be closed. You know, something I would have respected – even though I would have been startled at first I admit – is if you took your clothes off and jumped into the shower with me. That I would have respected,” Ms. Jensen related. “But you chose another path.”

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Mary Grace said but the hand on her shoulder was designed to keep her where she was.

“No you aren’t. Keep those peanut butter cups in your belly. Movie sign! Feel free to add any comments that cross your mind,” Ms. Jensen cackled. “So there you are going back to the little pile of clothes, and what do we find? A pair of teacher’s panties. There’s a pair of fresh ones over on the desk with my change of clothes but you don’t want those. No, not for Mary Grace. You want the worn ones.”

The tears had stopped and now Mary Grace just sat and stared at the screen while subtly shaking her head, watching herself bring the cotton panties to her face and then bury her nose in the crotch of them.

“So how did they smell? Didn’t the discoloration in the crotch bother you?” she asked Mary Grace, who said nothing but kept watching. “Now I guess I must have turned the shower off because your head goes up, and then you try to put the panties back but you knock the whole pile over. You try to pick them up but there’s no time, and if you run to the office door to escape you’ll be seen when I come out of the shower, so you duck into the broom closet. What if I opened that door?’

“Didn’t think about it,” Mary Grace admitted. “Scared. I didn’t want you to catch me and think I’m… never mind.”

“So here I am emerging from the shower, drying my hair and thinking I’m all alone. I see the clothes on the floor but I figured they just fell so I pick them up and keep drying off.” Ms. Jensen narrated. “After I first saw this film I looked at the broom closet even though I never paid much attention to it before. There’s those horizontal vents in the door and if you look the right way and what you’re looking for is nearby…”

“You can’t see much at all. Not real good anyway,” Mary Grace said.

“You spend any other time in there?”

“No never. Wouldn’t have this time either if I wasn’t a klutz.”

“I’m pissed about you invading my privacy like that Mary Grace. What you did? If I gave that to the police they would have you in family court, or in jail if you were 18.”

“I am. 18 I mean.”

“Why? That’s what I want to know,” Kyle asked.

“I like you and I was wondering – I mean I’ve seen you 3 times a week for 3 years, and I guess I like you.”

“You already said that at the beginning of the sentence.”

“I mean I really really like you. A lot.”

“Why didn’t you just come up to me and say something? I know I have a reputation of being a bitch but I’m not totally unsympathetic.”

“What was I supposed to say? That I had the hots for you and wanted to see you naked? What would you have said? Go to the Principal’s office?”

“Hardly. I would have said I was flattered, but you were a student and I could not get involved like that, but since you were one of the few students I cared for I canlı casino siteleri would have suggested that once your time at school was over we get together.”

“You would have?”

“Too late now.”

“Are you going to give it to the school?”

“No, and not just because I wouldn’t want everybody in the administration to see my naked ass either. As a matter-of- fact,” Ms. Jensen said as she stopped the film and hit a couple of buttons. “There. It’s gone.”



“Omigod thank you,” Mary Grace said and started to reach over and hug her teacher but stopped.

“You are going to be punished however,” Kyle informed the teen.

“I deserve it.”

“You do. Stand up,” she ordered, and after Mary Grace stood up she added, “Now take that blouse off.”


“The blouse. Off. What part of that eludes you?” Ms. Jensen snapped. “You saw me naked so I want to see you naked. That’s the punishment, for starters.”

“Didn’t really see you naked,” the teen mumbled as she got up and slowly started to undo her blouse, and after she was done Mary Grace set the sweat drenched garment on the coffee table, while the gym teacher sat and stared until the girl took off her slacks too.

“You know, if you had ever asked for help for things like exercise and diet instead of eating peanut butter cups, this might be gone right now,” Ms. Jensen said after standing up and grabbing hold of the little roll above Mary Grace’s panties. “Self discipline is the key, whether it’s with food or with your voyeur compulsion.”

“Not a voyeur,” Mary Grace grumbled as she reached back and started to undo her bra before pausing and asking, “How do I know you don’t have a camera on me now?”

“You don’t, but rest assured that if I want to see naked girls, I don’t have to violate their privacy. They’ll come up here and get naked willingly,” Kyle Jensen related as her eyes looked into the teen’s deep cleavage while the bra got unhooked, and as it came off Mary Brace’s full breasts eased down towards her tummy, her cherry colored nipples seeming to be swollen.

When Mary Grace dropped her panties, she was standing there naked in the sweltering apartment trying to hold in her stomach while attempting to hide her generously furred sex from the gym teacher’s glare.

“I’ll give you credit for having the courage to strip naked for me. I know it’s not easy for you, Mary Grace,” Kyle Jensen acknowledged as she walked around the teen, looking at her plump backside before facing her again. “Seeing you, I don’t know why you were reluctant to shower with the other girls. You’re carrying a few extra pounds, but you have a very nice body. Your breasts especially – you’re very well developed. That’s something I obviously can’t claim, as you saw for yourself.”

“Not really. Couldn’t really see well,” Mary Grace repeated.

“Well here,” Ms. Jensen said as she took the girl’s hands and brought them towards her chest, pressing them over her breasts and squeezing the girl’s hands on them. “See how flat I am without that padded bra?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Mary Grace said as her heart pounded so loud she thought it could be heard, and she kept kneading the little orbs until she suddenly realized her gym teacher’s hands weren’t making her do it any longer.

“Last year,” Mary Grace confessed. “I had lost my keys and so I came into the locker room after school hoping they were in my locker. They weren’t so on the way out I walked past your office hoping somebody had turned them in but I stopped before I went in because you were getting ready to take a shower. I swear it was an accident and I left right away.”

“I believe you Mary Grace. That’s nothing like what happened this other time though. Maybe I should start locking my office door, but then again I’ve never been ashamed of my body, shortcomings and all..”

“Anyway, I only got a glimpse of you, but ever since that moment I’ve thought about you. Your body was amazing. So much different than the other girls I had seen that I couldn’t get you out of my mind,” Mary Grace admitted. “You were everything we get told not to be. So confident, and all those muscles, and the body hair. Seeing you really… well, I just wanted to get another look at you before I went off to college.”

Kyle Jensen looked into the doe-like eyes for the student for a moment before calmly pulling the school jersey from out of her purple skorts, and with a smooth motion lifted the purple and gold top over her head and off, casting it aside and stood there facing her admirer.

“Omigod,” Mary Grace gasped as she looked at her thickly muscled gym teacher, whose features were masked by her baggy garb, and her teacher was even more striking than she remembered from that glimpse.

Mary Grace’s arms did a spastic dance of sorts, as if she was trying to reach out to touch Ms. Jensen but there was a force field in the way blocking her. Her gym teacher came to the rescue however, taking the teen’s hands and putting them on her chest, this time on the breasts themselves. Even though Mary Grace’s hands were small they were easily able to cup the tiny orbs which were mostly nipple, and the gym teacher’s broad chest made them seem ever smaller.

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