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After her encounter with Eric in the laundry room, Doris wondered whether she was becoming a nymphomaniac. As hard as she had cum from his attention, it only seemed to make her need worse. She was hopeful this might be the night her husband would want his once-a-month missionary-position quickie. Even that would work for her, Doris thought. Not that her husband’s efforts got her off, but she enjoyed the residue of those quickies in a way he knew nothing about.

Sure enough, as afternoon became evening and the evening wore on, she got the usual clumsy signals from her old man that tonight would be the night. He gave her a little pat on the tush as she was doing the dishes. He stole a feel of her big tits through her clothes when she was getting his bowl of ice cream. He was feeling his oats, alright. Doris sighed as she thought of how unromantic he was and how little he must care about her, to have not given her an orgasm for years.

She barely even pretended to enjoy it when he mounted her, pumped his cock a few times, tensed up and came, all in a minute or two. He rolled off and was snoring a minute later.

He didn’t even rouse when Doris slipped out of bed and tip-toed to her sewing room downstairs. Doris booted up the family computer and logged on to her current favorite website. This one featured fisting. The ‘free sample’ video clip showed a woman of the same general description as Doris taking the hand of a somewhat younger man all the way up her pussy. As the image flickered on the monitor, Doris toyed with her nipples and snaked a hand down to her barely used pussy, which was leaking her husband’s load. Doris ran a finger along her slit and, feeling the wetness on it, raised it to her lips to taste the mixture of her pussy juices and her husband’s cum. She studied the face of the woman in the video clip. She grimaced as the illegal bahis hand was pushed inside her cunt. It must have hurt, thought Doris, pinching her clit gently and scooping up more of the gooey mess leaking from her snatch.

Doris was eating a big glob of the goo and staring at the fleeting image of the young man’s face. In her imagination he was even younger. Like her son or his friends. Doris began to imagine herself being fisted by one of them. Almost without conscious thought she began to work more fingers and finally part of her hand up inside her tight pussy. It was awkward, but it felt so good and made the fantasy seem so much more real.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder. Doris gasped and jumped and jerked her head around to see Eric, her son’s friend, who she had been with hours earlier standing behind her, his face illuminated by the flickering computer screen. His hand moved down to cup and squeeze one of her huge tits.

He whispered in her ear, “Would you like me to do that to you? Would you like me to fistfuck you?”

Doris half-turned in her chair to give Eric access to her, but so she could see the computer too. She was wearing only a sheer green dressing gown. Eric knelt between her spread legs. His eyes grew wide as he once again took in the sexy body of his friend’s mom. He fumbled with her dressing gown to get at those boobs and gave them a good feel. He knelt in front of her and cupped her melon-sized tits and sucked each nipple in turn. He tugged hard on them and shook the big tit by shaking his head. Doris ran her fingers through his long, thick, blonde hair. She was quaking as she felt her son’s friend feasting on her twin blessings. She could feel that tingle. Then he moved lower and began fingering Doris’ sopping wet cunt.

He could feel how wet and sloppy it was. One, two, then three illegal bahis siteleri fingers slipped easily in. The fourth took a little more work. He gathered his fingers together and twisted them until they were inside her up to his thumb. Doris could hardly keep still. She felt the pressure pushing open her cunt. It hurt a little, but she didn’t want it to stop. In fact, she wanted to grab onto Eric’s forearm and shove his hand inside her. She wanted to feel his fisting pumping her cunt hard. But it didn’t fit. Eric twisted and pumped, but it seemed like Doris had opened up as much as she could. Doris began to take gasping breaths in time to Eric’s pushing in. It felt like his hand was stretching her pussy to the breaking point. Eric was almost out of his mind. As fixated as he had been on his friend’s mom’s big jugs, he was now determined to imitate the guy on the computer and jam his fist up her drenched cunt.

Eric slowed his pumping and began to force his hand in all the way. Doris felt the pressure turn to pain and bit her lip to keep from crying out. Her grimace and obvious discomfort scared Eric, but not enough to make him stop. He took a deep breath and pushed in as hard as he could. He felt the ring of muscles surrounding the opening to Doris’ cunt. It wasn’t budging. Then all at once, the widest part of his hand, right at the base of his thumb, popped in. Doris let out a muted cry. Then she was overcome by a wave of sensation like none she had ever felt. She began to cum.

Eric’s heart was pounding. He feared he was going to rip Doris open, but once his hand was inside her pussy, he saw how she was reacting and relaxed a little. He slowly moved his fingers inside her, seeing her jerk and sigh at the smallest movements. He formed a fist and slowly began to twist and pump it. Doris could not stop cumming. Her cunt had canlı bahis siteleri been a slimy mess before, soaked with her husband’s cum and her juices. Now it was even wetter. Slurping, gurgling sounds accompanied the fistfucking Doris was getting. She glanced up at the computer screen and then down at herself. She saw Eric’s handsome young face intent on the pounding he was giving his friend’s mother’s pussy. Doris could not separate one orgasm from the next. Her pussy dripped from around Eric’s wrist. She seemed to be building to some mega-climax. She was in uncharted sexual territory for her. Eric wasn’t thinking anymore. He seemed possessed. As Doris pumped and twisted her hips, Eric became much bolder. He pulled his fist from the wet cunt. Doris barely stifled her moan.

Then he pushed it back in deep, all at once. Doris moaned loudly. He repeated this slightly violent action and Doris exploded in a chain of huge climaxes. She almost fell out of her chair. Finally, her orgasm subsided. Eric carefully removed his hand. Doris took it and licked and sucked the wetness from the sticky hand. Eric licked it too. They both savored the taste of Doris’ juices and traces of her husband’s cum. Doris was satisfied. But Eric stood up and displayed the tent his hardon was making in his sleep pants. He pulled them down and Doris began sucking his super-stiff dick slow and deep. He would not last long, she could tell. She sat up at the edge of the chair and took his cock between her massive tits. She let him pump at his own pace, just cradling his meat in her endless cleavage. A minute later he was suppressing his own cries of pleasure as he pumped his load all over her neck and tits. She sucked him clean and licked up the mess on her chest, noting the tang Eric’s cum had that her husband’s didn’t.

Eric half staggered back to the guestroom, barely believing the day he had just had. Doris shuddered as she realized that she had cheated on her husband twice in the same day with a boy her son’s age. She began to think of the awful power over her she had given this hormone-charged teen. Where would it lead?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32