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Tails of a Headhunter lll

She stepped out of the car, glancing his way as he sat waiting in the truck. Heading to the bridge, which crossed the stream, she heard the truck door close behind her. It was fall of the year, but it was still nice out, just before the sun set.

Crossing the bridge, she disappeared into the stand of bamboo. Once inside this stand, it was dark, almost impossible for someone to see in, but you could see out.

She watched him from the cement bench inside the stand of bamboo. She knew what he wanted and he knew what she needed. He paused on the bridge, staring at the water as a car drove by the area. Once it passed, he came to the clearing where she sat.

“I almost grew tired of waiting,” she told him. She knew the reason for his hesitation. They hadn’t been with each other for a while. He was scared, with a lot to lose. She knew it and didn’t push him too hard.

The electricity between them was still as strong as it had ever been. She couldn’t leave him alone and she was still “forbidden fruit” for him. He had to keep coming back, if just for a taste, every now and then. She knew this, but could not stop herself anymore than he could.

He stood leaning against a tree, undecided. He wanted her, but guilt was written all over his face. It was hard for her too. She hated hurting him this way, but she could not get over wanting him.

Standing, she walked over to him. She took his face in her hands and lifted his head until he was looking directly in her eyes. “We don’t have to do this,” she told him, softly.

“I want to, and I don’t. Do you understand?” he asked.

“Don’t think about the other part. Only about us. It’s the only way you’ll get through,” she told him.

She knew she was taking a big chance. The attraction with his was way too strong. At times, he was almost an obsession. She was going to have to back away from him, but it wouldn’t be today. Not as long as he was here with her. Damn the guilt!! She had to have him.

“Come here and sit down,” she told him, leading him by the hand to the cement bench. Still holding onto his hand, she asked, sarıyer escort “Are you okay?”

“I’ll be all right,” he told her.

She placed his hand on her breast. He knew what to do next. She stepped closer, straddling his left leg, as he caressed her tit through her shirt.

“Show me!” he said.

She stripped off her shirt and laid it next to him on the bench. She was wearing no bra underneath. “Easy access,” she said, grinning and lifting an eyebrow.

He buried his face between her tits, breathing in her cologne. He would remember that smell forever, because “Poison” was what she was. Once she got on you, you couldn’t get her off.

Long hair spilling over her shoulders, she tipped her head back as he traced a path from the underside of her tit to her nipple with his tongue. He slid his hands up and down her body, hearing her whimper her need for him.

If only things could have been different for both of them. They wouldn’t have to be hiding out in the woods now. She knew it wouldn’t take much for her to fall for him, but she would never let him know. After all, he had told her from the very first, “Don’t love me.”

She felt his hands at her stomach, undoing the snap, then the zipper of her jeans. He slid them slowly down over her hips, following them down with his hands. His tongue was tracing an agonizingly slow line down the center of her chest to her stomach. As she stood nude before him, he bent his head to touch his lips to the top of her pussy hair line. She bit her lip to keep from making a sound.

Stepping out of her jeans, she spread her legs as his hand found it’s way into the dark curls. He cupped her snatch in his hand, running his palm over the lips a few times. Her hips pushed toward him as his fingers parted her. As he teased her, he felt her hands undoing his pants. When he had her wet, she dropped down in front of him.

“I know what you want,” she told him, reaching in to pull his cock out of his pants. He leaned back on the bench, his arms behind him, supporting his weight, as she went down on him. It didn’t matter how many times she had done him, it still never ceased to amaze him.

She worked at her own pace, sefaköy escort teasing him, running her tongue across the top of his cock. Her lips touching the head just barely, in a butterfly kiss. Opening her mouth just enough for the very tip of his cock, she probed the tip with her tongue for a few seconds. She felt him tense up as her moist, warm mouth encircled him. As she started down his cock, he murmured her name.

Going half way down, she stopped. He felt her lips tighten around him as she started back up, pulling slightly at him. She kept this up for a few seconds, then went completely down; all of him in her mouth and throat, staying there for a second.

“Shit!” he panted.

She started back up, lips tightening, pulling at his again, until she reached the end. Releasing him, she went down again, harder this time, making him grunt slightly. One of his hands reached for her head as she started down on him once again. Grasping her hair, he laid his hand on the back of her head as she slammed down on him once again. When she came back up this time, she kissed the head of his cock and stood up.

“You know what I need!” she told him, huskily,

He lay back on the bench as she straddled him. She guided him into her, riding slowly, savoring the feel of him inside her. She didn’t want to ride him too hard, because she knew that it could stop at any time. The overwhelming need finally took over and she began riding him harder, needing to get hers.

“Stop!” he told her urgently.

She did. She stayed still for a few minutes,

“Let me up!” he said.

She let him up, almost reluctantly, thinking he was through. She was wrong…

“Lay down,” he told her.

She lay down on the bench waiting for him to make his move. He took her legs, bending her at the hips like an L. He pulled her ass to him as she reached for him to guide him into her once again. Picking up where she left off, he thrust himself into her, coming at her harder each time. She gripped the sides of the bench to keep from sliding across the cement.

Just when she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore, he stopped, leaving her hanging at the edge of the climax. He stood rock silivri escort still, all of him buried in her. Slowly he pulled out. He could feel the muscles inside her trying to tighten around him and hold him there. He slammed into her again and she cried out as he sent her over the edge into a climax.

“Please?!” she whimpered. She wanted to feel his heat in her, but they both knew it couldn’t happen. There was too much at stake.

He slammed into her once again, driving her completely over the edge, feeling her heat flow over him seconds before he pulled out of her. He let himself go, sending hot spurts of cum over her stomach, as she lay twitching on the bench. When he finished, he stepped back, letting her legs drop down. She lay with her eyes closed for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling he had given her.

When she finally opened her eyes, he was still standing in front of her and she smiled at him. “Thank you, baby,” she told him and meant it. She knew she could trust him that this wouldn’t go any further; and he could trust her. They needed each other for completely different reasons, but for the short time they were together, the reasons didn’t matter. Only their own satisfaction mattered to them, and both were well satisfied now.

She sat up slowly and reached for him. Wrapping her arms around him, she pulled him close and laid her head on his stomach. He reached down, running his fingers through her soft hair.

“I have to go,” he said, sadly.

“I know,” she replied. While they were getting back into their clothes, she asked, “Will there be another time?”

“I don’t know,” he told her truthfully.

She let it go, not asking him anything else.

They walked to the edge of the bridge and he turned to her, kissing her long and hard. When they finished he looked at her and said, “If only…”

“I know,” she told him, letting go of his hand. He walked across the bridge, leaving her standing there, watching him go.

As he got into his truck, he turned to look back at her, but she was gazing into the stream. She couldn’t watch him leave. It hurt too much, but he would never see just how much.

She awoke from the dream which had been so real. Fresh tears had made tracks down the sides of her face. In the dream, she had come so close to saying the words she must never say to him. She would end it with him. But in order to end it, she needed to do it in her own way…

October 24, 1998

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