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Double Penetration

I hated these damn meetings. They took forever and were usually boring as hell, and I was expected to sit idly by and take notes (I guess so all the idiots who nodded off could read the minutes and see what they had missed). I had decided this one was going to be different, no one was going to be paying attention to those boring ass stuffed shirt executives that almost always put everyone to sleep, I was going to see to that! All eyes would be on me, I may end up getting fired, but what the hell, I was going to have some fun in the process, and secretarial work was easy to come by in this town. Soon I would see if all my planning and preparations had paid off.

I had taken yesterday off to pamper myself beyond belief. Tanning, getting my nails done, legs waxed and bikini line shaved, a new wilder hairstyle, and just the perfect new outfit for teasing had put me in the perfect mood to really create havoc. I awoke to a bright sunny morning, showered and massaged my nearly perfect body with scented oils, and adding a touch of rouge to my nipples to make them just slightly more visible through my blouse. I caressed my legs as I drew up my new silk stockings and attached them to the slate grey lace garter belt snuggly surrounding my waist. The matching grey lace half bra lifted my breasts upward and outward just perfectly for what I had in mind. A white silk blouse just sheer enough to make people stare in wonder was added, followed by a new grey designer suit and five inch matching grey stiletto pumps. I had spent a small fortune, but looking in the full length mirror in my room, I knew it would be worth it. At a mere 17 inches, the skirt just barely concealed the stocking tops as I walked; I knew that would not be the case as I sat in that stuffy board room.

Eight AM, time to leave and catch the train for the ride downtown. I wondered what effect I would have on the other commuters. As I strolled towards the platform I found out in a hurry. With my heels clicking across the concrete announcing my approach, suddenly I was the center of attention. I loved it and my dampening pussy was proof. Aboard the train I chose to stand amidst several offers of men giving up their seats. I decided standing had more possibilities for teasing; I was right! Every one that could found a reason to rub up against me, more than one finding a way to casually feel a breast, or a leg, or an ass cheek. One guy went so far as to press up against me face to face and place his hand on my naked thigh under my skirt. He handed me his card as we left the train, inviting me to call ataşehir escort him later…..who knows, maybe….depending on how the day goes!

I strutted down the street towards my office, stopping to buy a dozen roses for my desk. The stares continued as I entered the company suite, proceeding down the marble hallway to my office, the echo from my high heels nearly deafening me in anticipation of what was to come. I closed my office door behind me, sat at my desk, pushed my chair back and promptly hiked my skirt up so that I could massage my clit with my perfectly manicured fingers; I couldn’t believe how aroused I was as I brought my self off in just minutes. As I finished , my assistant arrived. We had shared a few experiences before so she knew the look on my face and she immediately came around my desk, knelt in front of my chair and proceeded to lick my pussy clean just in time for the meeting to start. I stood up as she smoothed my skirt down; I could taste my own juices on her lips as we kissed briefly, then headed towards the boardroom. Entering a room that was normally very noisy, there was near silence as I took my place and crossed my legs. As expected my skirt rose up high enough to reveal my stocking tops. I unbuttoned my jacket to a chorus of sighs as my blouse appeared almost transparent in this lighting, making my nipples clearly visible. I whispered to my assistant that I may need another clean up quite soon; she just grinned at the prospect. At one point during the session, while in the process of crossing and uncrossing my legs, I noticed one of the VP’s staring at my legs. Taking advantage of this I made it a point to spread my legs a little farther than necessary so the he could see I was not wearing panties, I thought he was going to mess himself but good as he caught a glimpse of my naked pussy staring back at him.

As the meeting ended I was told by that same VP to remain so that we could discuss my behavior. This was it I thought, the fun was over, I was about to become unemployed! He asked me what I thought I was trying to prove by dressing and acting the way I had. I told him I was tired of being ignored and taken advantage of and had decided to make people notice me, whatever the cost. He thought for a moment then asked boldly if he had really seen what he thought or if he had imagined it, in response to which I invited him to find out for himself. He stood silent again studying my face as if to see if I was serious, then I felt his hand on my inner thigh above my stockings slowly moving upward avcılar escort under my skirt until he reached my neatly trimmed curls. I felt his fingers deftly stroking my outer lips as he stared deeply into my eyes for any sign of resistance. I hadn’t planned on taking things this far, but I was so turned on that I needed some kind of relief soon. He leaned in and kissed me, his tongue passing between my lips at the same moment as his finger passed between my lower lips and entered my cunt. I reached down to caress his cock, and began to unzip his pants. He leaned back to steady himself against the table as I crouched down to free his tool from his pants.

Stroking it with my nails I looked up into his eyes as I took it into my mouth and sank my lips down it’s full length leaving traces of my lipstick as I withdrew raking his underside with my teeth. Caressing his balls with one hand I dropped my other hand to my now dripping cunt as I plunged his cock into my mouth over and over. Feeling him begin to tense up I squeezed his balls, I wasn’t through with him yet. As I stood he placed his hands on my waist and lifted me onto the table, raising my skirt so that he could have full access to my pussy. He leaned forward to lick me briefly then stood again and aimed his rock hard cock at me. I cried out as he entered me fully in one long stroke, laying my jacket open to fondle my breasts. He unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it open while he fucked me so that he could kiss and nibble my erect nipples. Soon we both came as I felt him pump me full of his semen. It was only then that I realized my assistant was in the room watching us causing me to come again as I lay there, my blouse open and legs spread wide with a near stranger’s cock buried deep inside me. She then approached us and patiently licked us both clean, saying she had wondered what was taking me so long to return to the office and had returned to the boardroom only to find us going at it.

Shortly after that, I was summoned to the VP’s office and given an offer I couldn’t believe. He would nearly double my salary, and give me a clothing expense account if I would be willing to dress accordingly and entertain him occasionally. Now, most women would consider that harassment, but I jumped at the chance to explore this new opportunity. It was not going to be all sex and games I was assured, there were to be many new job functions in preparation for further advancement and my assistant could come along if I wanted her to.

I invited Karen to come to my place to discuss avrupa yakası escort this career move and as we boarded the train home I was amazed to find myself face to face with the man who had fondled me that morning. I decided to tempt fate and accepted his offer for dinner and drinks; agreeing to meet him later. He also made it clear that Karen was quite welcome if she wanted to come. Arriving at my place, planning on a quiet evening, I was now suddenly challenged with finding even sexier outfits for both of us. Stripping nude, we took a few minutes to admire and fondle each other; I even paid her back for her earlier consideration by kneeling in front of her an licking her cunt. She went weak in the knees as I probed her with my tongue, falling back onto my bed. She wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me into her crotch as she came.

I decided to go simple but bold, pulling on a pair of lace top thigh highs, high heels and an off the shoulder red dress with a flared skirt, absolutely nothing else! Whoever wanted to look was more than welcome! Karen’s outfit was almost identical, but in teal green. We were ready to fuck and we wanted everyone to know it!

We met Steve as planned and he nearly passed out as we both hugged him and reached for his cock at the same time. Sitting down at the table beside him I made it clear I was nude under my dress which was low cut enough that my breasts could easily be seen if I moved just right, which I did a lot that evening. Dancing after dinner gave me the chance to do a few spins, throwing my dress up which showed off my nakedness to any one who looked (and many did!). Back at the table I took his hand and guided it under my skirt to show him how hot and wet I was. I stared directly into his eyes and told I needed his cock inside me as soon as possible. When he asked about Karen, I told him we came as a team, proving it by raising her skirt, dipping my finger into her and raising it to his nose for him to smell her juices, then licking my finger clean. Not getting to his place fast enough, I reached inside his pants and stroked his cock causing it so stiffen to painful proportions. As the elevator door opened on his floor, I removed my dress and walked the length of the hallway nude. As we entered his apartment, I sank to my knees and plunged his cock into my hungry mouth. We separated just long enough to get to the bedroom where Karen took my place sucking his cock as I lowered my pussy onto his face. Karen rolled onto her back spread her legs and begged to be fucked. I took him by the cock and placed it at her opening as he entered her. Some time later we all fell asleep exhausted, having performed just about every combination possible.

Monday morning found me facing the career change again and having thought about long and hard over the weekend, I considered how best to show my acceptance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32