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Summer was never my favorite season, but the school system decided that was when we were off school. But this summer was turning out very well. My girlfriend from school came back with me for a few weeks before she had to go back for her research internship. Nicole was my longest girlfriend and we’ve been going out for almost two years. As long as our relationship was we still were very non-specific about future plans, for now it was fun and that’s all that mattered to us.

This weekend we were heading to my families’ cabin on a lake up north. My mom and dad were in the front and my little brother was in the second row. Nicole and I were sitting in the back on the SUV. Nicole was cuddled up against me, in part because of the pile of stuff on my left. I was sitting in the middle with my legs stretched out. Her hair smelled especially sweet today and I inhaled as I ran my hand along it, it was long and smooth as silk. Nicole and I both really liked bondage and her hair was perfect for hair ties. I had some rope in my bag for later this weekend and I couldn’t wait to use it.

Sitting in the car holding her thinking about how I was going to tie her, I felt myself getting hard. Nicole, whose hand was on my leg noticed too, she rubbed her hand on my shaft lightly through my shorts.

I like my shorts, they were comfortable had more pocket than anything else but at the moment I was really wishing they didn’t have a zipper. I was throbbing under the friction from Nicole’s hand rubbing me, her hair in my face. And it really was not helping knowing all my brother or parents had to do was turn around and they would see what we were doing. I wanted Nicole right there and it was all I could do not to yank her hair and kiss her into submission.

Nicole knew this of course. It was our little game. Who could resist the temptations of the other longer? She was just toying with me trying to make me lose, and she was doing so very good at it. I had to turn the tables on her soon or the inside of my shorts would be the least of my worries.

Leaning my head over I bit her neck behind her hair to relive some of my tension and make her pause. Taking advantage of my brief respite I moved my arm around her and pulled her closer to me, hand across her lean stomach. Lifting my head back from her neck I breathed out on her and into her ear and felt her shiver from the sensation. In return she gripped my cock and rubbed the head with her thumb and forefinger. No matter, while I had the advantage of a zipper and a belt to keep my pleasure in check, Nicole only had thin cotton panties and a small summer skirt.

To a passive observer we still were şirinevler türbanlı escort still sitting, if rather close, normally in the back seat. Provided they didn’t look too intently and our crotches we were being very respectable. But we were not being respectable, slipping my hand under her little skirt I ran my hand along Nicole’s mound through her panties, already warm to the touch. Nicole bit her lip but remained silent gripping my cock almost painfully now.

Moving my hand as quickly as I dared I flicked my hand back and forth across her pussy. Her panties were already becoming damp, she was as horny as me, and if she was not now almost unable to move her hand I would have lost control.

“Could one of you get me a Mountain Dew out of the cooler?” my dad called from the front seat.

“I’ll get it,” Nicole answer.

The cooler was on my left side near the top of the pile so we could reach it. I could have easily gotten it. Nicole however, took the opportunity to press down on my cock getting up and pressed her tits to my face as she leaned over me to get to the cooler. Having to take my hand out from her skirt I was completely at her mercy as she waved her assets in my face. Good sized but not huge, her tits were the perfect mix of firm and fluid, holding themselves with no bra but would flow jiggle when she moved. She knew how much I liked to play with them, and liked it herself, but here in the car it was just an effective taunt. Taking as long as she could and even managing to hump me when we hit some bumpy road she finally sat back down, handing the pop up to my dad.

“Here you go, let me know if you want anything else,” Nicole said cheerily as she started at me with her mischievous little smile.

It was my turn to play with Nicole and she let me slide my hand back in her skirt and rubbed up against me as she again laid her hand on my cock. Rather than flick my hand again I massaged her folds, pinching and rolling, pressing down on her pussy. Nicole squeezed her legs together on my hand, and it was her turn to bit my neck. Circling her pussy with my finger I made her shiver again and brought my fingers up to her pantieline. Her stomach pulled in she held her breath, pressing her tits out; nipples visible even though her clothes.

“So Nicole I hear your going back to the school in a few weeks?” my dad asked back as her drank the last of his pop.

In the backseat I took that moment to push my fingers inside Nicole’s pussy.

“YES, yes I’m going back, a few weeks, right.”

“You sound excited, what are you going to be doing?” my dad said şirinevler ucuz escort glancing in the mirror at her outburst.

Nicole smiled back at my dad before turning to me and glaring.

“Yes Nicole,” I said as rubbed her clit, “it was some research surface stimulation of pearls wasn’t it.”

“Opals, actually. We were studying how different wavelengths of light penetrate into the opal.”

“Oh really, how does that work? I though opals were opaque, they always look so white and milky.”

Nicole was struggling to keep her repose as I, taking her suggestion now had two fingers inside her pussy again.

“Natural opals often are, umm,” I rolled her clit in my fingers watching with equal pleasure her stuttering reaction, “th-the light is scattered inside of the opal and emitted randomly, rarely passing all the way through. But in a pure sample the bandgap of the material can be tuned to emit light of only specific wavelengths.”

“Before you lose me what, exactly will you being doing with that?”

Nicole’s legs were now throbbing with the effort squeezing together and my hand was being crushed. But neither of us was going to give up. I pressed a third finger inside Nicole she tried to mask a moan with her answer.

“Mmmh we use them to make lasers mostly. Because of the very fine-tuning we can make very pure lasers, with the same exact wavelength and direction the laser has a very tight pattern. My project this summer is to work on making very high power and efficient laser using this concept.”

“Man you kids are so smart, bandgaps and lasers you’ve lost me. You must work so hard.”

“She usually is very tied to her work but I manage to get in a thing or two before the night is over.”

Nicole was trapped between scorn and mirth at my puns, probably because she was on the edge in other ways she never really came to a decision.

Her pussy was now soaked as I played my fingers in and out of her. Unable to change position or tempo I kept us both at our plateau for a long time. Soon we were on the dirt road to the cabin and the vibrations my fingers inside her did most of the work as we drove down the washboard road. Her moans were masked by the sound and we soon pulled up to the cabin.

“Ahhh,” Nicole expelled in relief, “we finally made it. I really need to stretch my legs. I’ll come back and help unload after a quick walk.”

Half pulling me she pulled me out of the car even before my brother the row in front of us managed to get out. My dad made a face, but I shrugged, and he shook his head waved us off. We walked very quickly and as soon şişli escort as we were out of earshot she turned and faced me.

“I thought that ride would never end, you know how…”

“That was rude leaving them to unpack, very naughty of you.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

Grabbing her I pushed her to a tree roughly and held her neck.

“I’m thinking whatever I want starting with getting out these tits.”

Pulling her shirt over her head I picked her up so her tits were level with my face and sucked one into my mouth. Wrapping her legs around me Nicole humped my torso and moaned. I slapped her ass hard.

“Not even getting my bag, I will just have to hold you the old fashioned way.”

Dropping her I pressed her to her knees.

“Take my cock out.”

She obliged and after getting it out started to rub it and licked the tip. I slapped her.

“I don’t recall telling you to pleasure it. Stand up.”

Nicole was used to being my submissive and she obliged to my every command. She liked to be controlled and I knew I would give her more pleasure than she could stand, if she was good. Now it was my turn to kneel and I lifted her skirt a little and pulled her panties aside. Blowing on her still moist pussy I felt her body shiver again. Licking her pussy I tasted the sweet juice and nibbled her clit before standing back up.

“Time to fuck some manners into you.”

“Please sir, I can’t wait anymore.”

Lifting her once more against the tree I lowered her back down on my cock. Her cry of relief mirrored the way I felt. We had both be held so close for so long now, this was sure to be quick. Her pussy was warm and slick but still squeezed my cock as I slide all the way into her. Slamming back in Nicole cried out again, unable to voice her pleasure before she seemed to be compensating. Her nails dug into my back as she gripped me countering my thrusts with her own. Grabbing her long hair I pulled her head back and kissed her neck and tits and she was now almost screaming from my thrusts.

I could feel myself getting close, but I held on. Nicole was in pure ecstasy as I slammed her again and again. So much built up tension she was sure to have one hell of a climax and I was not going to miss it. Sure enough after no time at all she screamed louder than even and her body jerked in my arms. Somewhat unceremoniously while she was still riding her high I half dropped her half layed her down in the moss and climaxed myself all over her heaving chest and face. Her body covered in sweat, cumming from my fucking her, laying on the forest floor, and the build-up in the car got me off harder than it had in a long time. I collapsed along side her and we lay there for a time her body still twitching every now and again.

Nicole finally used her finger to wipe the cum off her tits licking her fingers clean.

“You said you have ropes in your bag right, cause you will need to tie me down for the next one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32