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Eileen’s ‘rogering’

Eileen lay there in the almost total darkness listening to herself breathe. Every sound in the building and outside was loud to her. She thought that she could hear footsteps in the hallway outside her room, but if she did, they just kept going past her door. She did hear a family, with at least two kids, go by her door. All of them were talking, at about the same time, amazing. Then silence. What seemed like hours was actually only a few minutes. Then she heard the key in the lock and the door swung open. The light coming in from the hall hurt her eyes and she could only make out a large dark shape that entered her room. He quickly closed the door and put the locking chain into the catch.

Eileen: “Walter?”

Walter: “Yes, it’s me. Is that Eileen?”

Eileen: “Yes”

Walter: “I’m supposed to say ‘Sherlock’.”

Eileen: “Yes, and I’m supposed to say ‘Mycroft’, right?”

Walter: “Right, and then we’re not supposed to talk?”

Eileen: “Right again.” With this, she pulled the covers down on the side of the bed and moved herself over a little making room for him. Walter walked over to the bathroom door and peeked in through the crack.

Walter: “For the light?”

Eileen: “Yes, I couldn’t see anything without it.”

Walter: “OK, now I’ll shut up.”

Eileen nodded her approval and then realized that he probably couldn’t see her so she just said: “Mmm.”

Walter then proceeded to strip off his shirt, tossing it casually onto the dresser. He sat on the bed to remove his shoes and socks, slipping them under the bed. He stood again and dropped his trousers, putting them on the dresser next to his shirt. Leaving his jockey style shorts in place he sat on the bed, turned and put his feet under the covers and laid down flat on his back. Thinking that just lying there next to him was not going to get anything accomplished, Eileen rolled onto her side facing him and put her arm across his chest, resting her hand lightly on his shoulder. She felt very brave for making the first move.

Walter rolled to face her and put his arm across her waist with his hand at the small of her back. They could feel each other’s breath but were not otherwise touching except for their arms and hands. Walter, thinking to himself: ‘Here goes,’ pulled her toward him. Eileen slid up to him, making contact from her boobs down to her thighs. It felt soooo good to be in contact with a man again. This guy, Walter, smelled so good and felt soooo good that she felt a little light in the head.

Walter could feel her against him and she fit well. From the points of contact, her smell and her softness, he was sure that she was both female and the Eileen that he only met once. Before tonight, he probably hadn’t said a dozen words to her and now, here he was in bed with her. Meagan had sent him one picture of Eileen, from her phone. He did remember her, although vaguely, from last summers’ cookout, but he was relying on just that one picture to imagine her, in his mind. Unable to see much more than her general shape, Walter moved his head forward and nuzzled his face into her soft neck. Eileen responded by arching her back, pushing her boobs into his chest. And she was already impressed by his big strong chest and apparently flat stomach.

Eileen could already feel herself moistening down below. It felt so good to be held so close. Walter’s body was so warm and his arm around her felt right. Reacting to her body against his, Walter felt the effects of a significant blood flow diversion to his crotch area. Restricted by the jockey shorts, his cock was trapped pointing downward and he needed to shift things soon to ease the slight discomfort. Eileen turned her head and put her face into Walters’s neck, enjoying the scent of his cologne even more.

Walter started to rub up and down her back. Going as high as her neck and as low as the top of her panties. He couldn’t help but to notice that she still had her bra on. The strap was right in the middle of her back. He let his hand catch on the strap a couple of times as he continued to stroke her back. Taking the hint, Eileen reached back and unfastened the catch and rolled over onto her back to remove the bra. She tossed it in the general direction of the dresser, accuracy was not her main interest. Walter took the opportunity to quickly reach down and adjust the position of his hardening cock to relieve the restriction. He was now pointed in the general direction of ‘up’ and his cock was pretty much up against his lower belly, still constrained by his shorts but much more comfortable.

When Eileen rolled back and moved up against Walter again; pressing her nipples up against his hairy chest felt absolutely wonderful to both of them. Her headlights were on ‘high beams’ and she was in heaven. She also noticed the feel of Walters’s now turgid cock pressing against her belly. Now, that really felt good and as she pressed herself against him with renewed lust, she could feel her insides preparing for action. Her little bud was beginning to poke its way through the lips of her vulva and everything was going along so well. She thought: ‘so far, so good’.

Then topkapı escort he kissed her! He actually kissed her, lightly and tentatively, but he kissed her. Oh, how she had missed that. A man’s kiss! Not Pappy, not Ian, not her brother-in-law; but a man’s kiss. Eileen immediately kissed him back. She really leaned into the kiss and pressed herself up against him even tighter. Eileen was heating up fast, she was getting a little short of breath. Walter was surprised at the ardor in her reaction to his kiss and went back again; this time probing gently with his tongue. Eileen parted her lips admitting his entry and met him with her own tongue. She could almost be happy with just this much contact, but not quite.

Encouraged by her response, Walter kissed her face, her neck and proceeded down her front. Eileen was ecstatic. Arching her back again, she encouraged his descent and soon found him rubbing his face on her admittedly ‘medium’ breasts. Every time the slightly rough parts of his five-O-clock shadowed face brushed against her nipples she felt a tingle that went immediately to her crotch. Walter dutifully kissed, licked and then gently sucked on each of her breasts, teasing her nipples to an even stiffer condition. Eileen held his face between her hands, encouraging him while he paid appropriate attention to ‘the girls’.

While enjoying himself at her chest, the arm that he had behind Eileen gradually worked its way down her back until he had his palm flat on her ass. And what a great ass! Still staying on the outside of her panties, Walter explored around and then under the best ass he had ever felt. He couldn’t remember what it looked like at the cookout; but he was sure that he would have noticed it if it had been ‘showed off’ properly, like nice snug shorts or, can you imagine, yoga pants!

Eileen decided that the attention to her boobs was nice, but the hand on her ass was getting more of her attention. Letting go of Walter’s face, she encouraged him to slide back up to a more face to face location. More tentative and then deep kissing ensued. Eileen took a deep breath, reached down and hooked her thumbs in her knickers. Sliding them down as far as she could reach, she pulled one leg out and then flipped the panties off the bed with her toes. As he became aware of her action, Walter slid his own skivvies down and off, in much the same manner.

They resumed the former positions and Eileen could only gasp when she felt Walters erect and naked cock pressed up against her belly. She almost came right then. Walter was thinking about going down on her and started to kiss his way down her front again. After a brief stop to visit ‘the girls’ again, he started to work his way a little lower. Eileen grasped his face and got him to come back up face to face. Breaking the rules that her sister had imposed, she whispered: “Just come into me.” She then put her leg up onto Walters’s thigh and tugged on his shoulder, encouraging him to roll over on top of her.

As he turned, Walter lifted himself up and Eileen slid her other leg under him while letting her top leg down onto the bed. She was comfortably spread open for him and he put his knees down between her legs. Balancing himself on one elbow, he grasped his throbbing cock and moved closer until he felt fur. He slid the head up and down the cleft of her womanhood, sensing both the warmth and the moisture. Each time that the head passed over her clit, Eileen gasped and thrust her hips up at him. Finally locating her center, Walter pressed forward and entered her ‘vestibule’. Oh, how she had missed this.

Knowing, from what Meagan had told him, that Eileen had not been with a man for over two years, Walter was reluctant to just thrust the rest of the way in. It was tempting, but he didn’t want to hurt her, as much as he desperately wanted to fuck her. Not understanding his delay, Eileen thrust her hips upward while, at the same time, she put her hands onto his ass pulling him into her. This put him almost all the way in and Eileen felt herself stretch to accommodate the most welcome intruder.

Walter could feel the warmth and wetness of this woman. She felt absolutely wonderful underneath him and he was as ready to deliver the goods as he had ever been. Eileen, now quite adjusted to him, draped her legs over his letting her heels catch on the back of his upper calves. Feeling her settle into place, Walter gave a gentle push seating his cock completely inside her vagina. Eileen felt the penetration and felt him reach the top of her canal, right up against her cervix. She thought to herself: “If I died now, I would die happy”.

Walter began a slow withdrawal, at first Eileen thought that he was leaving. But when he pushed himself all the way back in, she knew that the ‘rogering’ had begun. Eileen started to grind her mound against Walters’s pubic bone as he gently stroked himself in and out of her at a slow but steady pace. Eileen had never been this wet in her entire life. The pressure against her clit was certainly doing the job and Eileen could feel herself rapidly climbing that hill toward orgasm. Walter was having türbanlı escort a great fuck, too. This woman fit up with him better than any that he had ever been with. She fit him perfectly and he could feel the fluids welling up in him as his balls gradually tightened. Soon, they were in full fuck and, thank god, the bed didn’t make any noise because they had reached quite a pace.

Eileen saw the peak approach and she stepped on over. Starting deep inside her, she sensed a shudder that grew as it spread all over her body. The throbbing she felt in her crotch blossomed and she squeezed her eyes shut seeing lights flashing. The orgasm was so much better than those self-induced climaxes; there was really no comparison. She heard Walter groan and felt him give her a deep thrust as he unloaded his balls deep inside her. Eileen silently gave thanks for this so much needed release. She thanked the Earth Mother, Walter and especially her sister Meagan for setting this up.

Walter rode out his orgasm and stayed inside Eileen. He kissed her again, with passion, but with a closed mouth. Eileen would have none of that. She put her hands on each side of his face and gave him a long passionate kiss, with tongue this time. It was OK with him; really OK. As he felt himself softening, he slowly withdrew from her eventually coming completely out. He stayed over her for a few seconds. Eileen could feel the tide going out as the plug was pulled. She was amazed at the amount of their combined ‘body fluids’ that ran out of her puss and down through the crack of her ass to drip steadily onto the bed sheets.

While Walter hovered over her, Eileen brought her legs down to just alongside his knees. Walter moved back to beside her and she rolled over so that they were once again facing each other. Walter embraced her and held her close to him, while his temporarily limp cock hung earthward but up against her furry front parts. They stayed like this for a few minutes when Walter asked: “Are we allowed to talk now?”

Eileen was afraid to talk. She was afraid that she might cry, she was so happy. Steeling herself she managed to say: “Yes, I think so.”

Walt: “Thank You” followed by another of his closed mouth kisses; long, passionate but closed mouth.

Eileen: “No, Thank You. It’s been a long time, too long. It was wonderful.”

Walt: “Yes, absolutely” he held her closer and they lay there for a few more minutes.

Eileen: “I’m feeling a little sticky, do you mind if I tidy up a bit?”

Walt: “How about a shower?”

Eileen: “I need a shower?”

Walt: “Both of us, together. What do you say?”

Eileen: “Sounds like a capital idea. Meet you there!”

They separated and rolled apart; each going toward their side of the bed. Eileen rolled right through the ‘wet spot’ which had, by this time, cooled off enough to be noticeable as she passed over and through the small mess. ‘I must do something about that’ she thought as she got up and started to walk toward the bathroom.

Walt: “Watch your eyes, I’m going to open the door.”

Eileen looked down at the floor and waited for it. When it came, her eyes smarted for a few seconds. Like Walt, she adjusted to the sudden brightness and got her first good look at him. He was magnificent. Tall, lean and just beautiful. She couldn’t help but to look at his now limp cock hanging there in front of him. She thought: ‘And that was just way up inside me, I just love it. I hope we have time to do it again before he has to leave.’ She also caught herself peeking at his butt as he walked first into the bathroom. ‘Nice tight buns on that man, nice indeed.’

Walter went straight to the shower/tub combination and started the water running. While he waited for it to get warm, he turned to Eileen and tried to keep looking into her eyes, but he kept looking down. He could see nicely shaped, firm and delicious looking tits. The nipples were slightly higher than center and her areola were about the size of quarters and only slightly darker than her very pale skin. Her tummy was flat and she had a very neatly trimmed bush. The drapes matched the carpet, mostly brown with a healthy mixture of a deep red. She was beautiful. He remembered her face from the cookout, more now than just from the picture that Meagan had sent. He more than approved; this was probably the best-looking woman that he had ever been with, much less had sex with.

And then it happened. She turned around to take a couple of the little soaps from the shelf above the toilet and he saw her ass. Wow! She had the most perfect little ass that he had ever seen. Heart shaped but high. No sag in those cheeks and the cleft was straight and inviting as it curved down and under. He would remember that butt for a long time. He wondered if he could somehow manage to take her from the back before this wonderful ‘appointment’ was over. That thought started a little tremor in his lower regions that promised a re-emergence of that raging hard-on that started things going earlier this evening.

Eileen: “Feels warm enough to me.”

Walter put his hand under the flow and nodded his agreement. tüyap escort He twisted the valve directing the flow up to the shower head and stepped in. Eileen finished unwrapping the two little soaps; she handed one to Walter as she stepped over the side of the tub. She was between him and the water and she turned to put her face into the spray. Walter took the opportunity to again inspect that delicious looking butt while she wetted her face. She turned around, letting the shower hit her at shoulder level and looked up into Walters’s eyes. “Would you like me to wash you?”

Walter was sure that if she did, it would likely speed up his recovery, so he smiled and nodded his agreement. Eileen took the little soap and worked up lather in her hands. She stepped to the inside and invited Walter to move closer to the shower head. He did, facing the water, while Eileen soaped up his back and shoulders. She used her nails a little and Walter was soon enjoying the feeling of this feminine attention. She told him to turn around and she started to repeat the process on his chest. Again, the nails felt really good. Working her way down his front, she ever so delicately grasped his slightly recovered cock and massaged it with a soapy hand. That did it! He was well on his way to recovery now. She pressed herself up against him and gave him a big kiss. With her hands around him, she slid her soapy fingers down through the crack of his ass, her fingers just grazing over his puckered asshole. Wow! What a woman!

Walter smiled appreciatively at her and returned a little kiss. He invited her to change positions and as she did, he thought to himself ‘I think that I will return the favor and give her beautiful little ass a little wash, too. Eileen assumed the position facing the shower. Walter soaped up her back and then, without turning her around, he stood closer and proceeded to soap up her front. Running his hands up and down her wet chest, over and over her still erect nipples while having his cock nestled up against the crack of her ass had the desired effect on all concerned. He was at about half-mast when, as he moved his hand down to her bush, he said: “and here, too?”

Eileen moved her feet apart; about as far apart as she could considering the curve of the bathtub. But it was enough to let Walter slip his soapy hand under her and stroke it back and forward along her still damp womanhood. A little gentle washing and everything seemed in order to him. “I’ll finish that up” she whispered. So, reluctantly, he withdrew his hand and resumed a brief visit to her chest, while keeping his cock in close contact with the crack of her ass. He could feel her ass cheeks move a little as her hands delivered a little more washing to her crotch. Without any warning, Eileen reached out and turned the shower off. “Let’s get dry” as she stepped out.

Eileen grabbed one of the two big fluffy towels and tossed it to Walter as he stood in the shower. She took the remaining one along with one of the smaller hand towels and retreated back into the bedroom. Walter quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist. Noticing how it tented out from his now semi-erect cock, he abandoned the idea and draped the damp towel over the shower rod. He closed the door, almost all the way, as it had been before. He went out into the bed room to see Eileen lying exactly centered on the bed. With the faint light, he could make out that she had a big smile on her face and he actually felt welcome as he got nearer to her. He didn’t notice that she as lying on the smaller towel which was now covering the wet spot.

Kneeing on the end of the bed, he looked down at her, again marveling at how good she looked and said: “Can I finish what I wanted to do before?” Understanding him completely, Eileen again nodded her agreement and parted her legs just a couple of inches as a sign confirming her decision. Walter picked up her foot and gave it a thorough rub, which did get a couple of moans from her. He switched to the other foot after putting the first one back down, spreading her legs ever so slightly further apart. After completing a second generous foot rub, and while keeping her leg elevated, he began to kiss the inside of her leg beginning just above the ankle and slowly working his way up.

Eileen was in complete rapture. She had never been paid this kind of attention. Not any of her few boyfriends and certainly not that rat-bastard Robert. Again, she’s thinking about Robert. Forcing her mind back to the situation at hand, or more accurately, at her crotch, she realized that Walter was about to reach his goal and she couldn’t be more ready. Walter started to nuzzle into her muff with his nose and lips. Having just gotten out of the shower, Eileen was sure that she was as fresh as she could be. This thought let her relax even more, and she anticipated Walters’s next move by spreading her legs just a little bit more. Walter, sensing her readiness to proceed, gently lifted her legs, one at a time, and put them up on his shoulders. By this time, he was laying prone on the bed, hanging off at the bottom from the knees down. Using just the tips of his fingers, he gently parted her labia and applied one long continuous lick from as far back as he could get right up to where the cleft terminated right above her clit. This actually took Eileen’s breath away. She had never experienced this and could not believe how good it felt nor how intimate a thing it was.

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