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Rachael was your mostly typical college student. She gave classes a modest effort, pulled mostly B’s, and had many friends and activities to fill her free time. The aspects in which she was atypical were her stunning beauty as a petite blonde with pert and perfectly sized breasts and her penchant for sexual domination. Ever since her formative years when she first uncovered her sexuality she had realized her desire to be in control sexually. Unfortunately she hadn’t really had the chance to do much of what she wanted in this regard. It seemed every time she had a quick fuck it was over too quickly for her to get anything good out of and no boyfriend she’d yet had would let her do what she wanted with them; and she wasn’t to the stage of really forcing them…..yet.

This began to change when she got accepted to be a student teacher her second to last semester of college. See, Rachael had been studying to be a teacher and was having bad luck finding a school that would accept her as a student teacher. She had filled out applications to countless schools. She’d almost given up hope of getting into student teaching this semester until she received a letter from a place called Dramatus University for Young Adults. She’d never heard of the school and only remembered having applied to it because it seemed to have the most and strangest questions in its application. She’d now forgotten what those questions were but she remembered them seeming odd. She didn’t care, though, considering she had gone to college out of her home state and had never heard of any of these schools to which she was applying and didn’t think much of it. Rachael counted her blessings to have gotten into a program, packed up her stuff, and headed off to this DUYA unsuspecting of into what she was about to get herself.

The school had provided her with on-campus housing. As she approached the old gothic stone building which seemed as though it must have been a converted church or something she was met by a man named Carl. Carl showed her to her apartment, which was small but clean and well furnished. Carl spoke with an accent that seemed strange to Rachael, it was Scottish but she didn’t know that. “Make yerself comfortable in here Miss. and if ye need an-uh-thing just let me know. The electric and plumbin’ in these here old servants quarters ain’t really what they should be and can sometimes fall apart on ye. Like Ah said, just let me know an I’ll’n get ‘er fixed up for ye.”

“Servants quarters?” questioned Rachael. “What was this place before it was a school?”

“Used to be an old mansion belonging to the Heyward family. Well, Heywards still own it but 60 years back or so they turned it into this here school. Mr. John Heyward the IV is actually the current Headmaster at Dramatus and has been for some years. These servants quarters were converted to be houses for the teachers, there’s over a dozen of ’em ’round the grounds. Few dorms were built too for the students, this is a private campus y’know.”

“I see.” nodded Rachael, still processing this information in her brain. “Will I meet Mr. Heyward soon then?”

“Aye, sure” said Carl. “Mrs. Heyward, sorta the Assistant Principal of the place as it were, will give ya the tour tomorrow and fill ya in on how things’re done here at Dramatus. Ain’t really my place to say n’athing but I advise ya to just keep an open mind and leave yer expectations at the door. Not every young’n like you we get here decides to stay after their orientation but those that do find they get a better education here than they would most anywhere else.”

Rachael looked at Carl concernedly. “What do you mean ‘how things are done here’? What makes this place….different?”

“I already said a bit more than I probably should Miss. Mrs. Heyward will give ya the full tour tomorrow. I just want you to keep an open mind, that’s all. I’d best be going now I s’pose. Hope you find it comfortable here.” With that Carl took his leave.

Rachael hadn’t been nervous about her student teaching but after her chat with Carl she found herself uneasy. She unpacked her belongings and set up the apartment as well as she could with the time she had. She went out to dinner and brought back a bottle of rum from the store. After a glass of the college student standard rum and cola she found she was feeling much less anxious. By the time she went to bed she had dismissed what Carl had said as just the ramblings of a strange man who didn’t really understand the finer points of American education. After all, what could be so different about this school? Even if it was a private university for “young adults” rather than the normal public school system to which Rachael was accustomed it couldn’t be anything too weird.

Could it?

The next morning, with the buzz of her drink long gone, Rachael again was feeling a little nervous about her upcoming endeavor. She’d just gotten herself cleaned up and dressed when she heard a polite but distinct rap on her door. She opened it to be met by a woman who surprised her a bit. The woman had güvenilir bahis to be in her mid to late 60s; yet she was stunningly gorgeous. The woman was noticeably taller than Rachael, thin and willowy but with obviously large breasts that managed to reveal themselves even through her indistinct black frock. She had long straight hair that showed just the remnants of its former jet black color and was predominated by its newer crop of silver. When the woman spoke in a British accent Rachael almost thought she must be talking to Helen Mirren. “Hello my dear, you must be Miss. Rachael. I am Mrs. Heyward. I’m the Vice Principal here at Dramatus and my husband, Mr. Heyward, is the Headmaster. Was your night comfortable?”

Her words were edged with what seemed like over enunciation to Rachael’s ears, but her tone was pleasant and sincere. “Yes, it was very comfortable, Mrs. Heyward; thank you so much for asking.” Rachael was turning on her social charm, wanting to impress Mrs. Heyward.

“Pleased to hear it. Are you ready, now, for your tour and introduction to Dramatus?” Again, Mrs. Heyward’s accent laden words were impeccably pronounced yet still friendly.

“Very much so, I’m excited to learn about your fine school.” Again Rachael attempted to compliment her hostess with her answer.

“Follow me then.” and Rachael followed Mrs. Heyward out of the small quarters and onto the sizable yard between their location and the school itself. As they walked Mrs. Heyward talked to Rachael about the history of the school. How the mansion was built over two centuries ago by Mr. Heyward’s family when they came over from England. She explained how she and Mr. Heyward had met in England when he’d come to visit some family. She also described the history of the establishment as a school.

The information Rachael found most interesting was the explanation that Dramatus was a private university for a very specific clientele. Though exceptions would be made for particularly promising young students the majority of the students at the University were from wealthy and well established families who had a history with the school. As they reached the front door Mrs. Heyward paused and turned to face the following Rachael.

“The students are already inside you see, they know to be early and ready to go when classes begin.” Mrs. Heyward took a deep breath, her expression and voice now lost their cheerful demeanor and became serious.

“Miss. Rachael, my husband and I picked you for this position because we believe you have great potential to excel here at Dramatus, perhaps become a full time professor when you are ready. It is maybe once every four or five years we actually admit a student teacher here. We are invested in you Miss. Rachael and we want to see to your success. What you will see inside these doors may initially shock you. The predispositions that have been plastered onto your intellect will wrestle with the emotions you will feel deeper down in your psyche. The questions you answered on your application and our research into your history have shown us much about you. I beg of you to keep your mind open, let go of that which you have been taught, and trust me.”

Now Rachael’s mind and body were in a fervor. What was nerves had now become an intense adrenaline rush. Her breaths were coming short and shallow, her heart was pounding to break her ribs, and her mind was firing all neurons attempting to find some logical scenario to anticipate what it would find within the walls of the old mansion so it would at least be even just slightly prepared.

Mrs. Heyward saw Rachael’s obvious trepidation. She laughed and placed a comforting hand on Rachael’s shoulder. “Relax my dear, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Come with me Miss. Rachael and see your potential future as an instructor.” With that Mrs. Heyward opened the doors, entered, and Rachael followed close behind her.

Both Rachael and Mrs. Heyward stood inside the door observing the students milling about in the halls. “Welcome to Dramatus University for Young Adults” Mrs. Heyward said. What Rachael saw was about what one might expect an old mansion that had been converted into a school to look like. It was still a mansion inside, but there was little in the way of decorations or anything of the like adorning the walls. Rachael then turned her eyes to the students. They were, indeed, young adults; truth told not much more than a handful of years younger than Rachael herself. After their age, the next thing she noticed was their dress. This was the first thing to seem a bit odd to her. The boys were wearing tight white dress shirts with ties. Their pants were black and equally, if not even more, tight than the shirts. The round posteriors of the boys were clung to securely by the pants which formed around them and even separated the cheeks a bit with the seam. She could also see a clearly visible bulge at the front of all their trousers, so much so that there was little mystery left to the question of the boy’s status of circumcision. Though her thought türkçe bahis process was too preoccupied to notice, her (sexual) subconscious was well aware that all the boys were in very good shape physically.

Then Rachael turned her attention to the dress of the girls. Again they were wearing tight white dress shirts with ties. These shirts appeared to be of a thinner fabric as Rachael could make out the evidence of dark colored bras under a few of them. Below the waist the girls were wearing rather short plaid skirts. The skirts came down the thigh less than halfway to the knee. As a few of the girls walked up some stairs Rachael could easily see their panties. Though most were wearing full panties of various colors there was one girl that had on either no underwear at all or a very brief thong as Rachael could see only her round and smooth bare bottom. All of the girls, like the boys, were in possession of well maintained and sexy bodies.

Though her cognitive mind was too busy processing what she was seeing, the sexual parts of her brain were greatly enjoying the show of young, nubile bodies. These thoughts were physiologically complimented by a noticeable warmth and wetness accumulating in Rachael’s own panties. Then Rachael saw a sight that tipped the scales of her comprehension.

A boy walked down the hall completely nude. He carried his backpack and the only other thing on his person was a black sheathe around his, obviously erect, penis. ‘I must be dreaming’ she thought to herself as her mouth hung open and she temporarily forgot how to blink. The boy glanced at the two older women as he passed them, bowed his head in embarrassment and began to walk more quickly on past them. However, his steps suddenly stopped. Not 10 feet away from Rachael he halted walking, reached his hand out to the wall and leaned against it. He bent slightly at the waist and Rachael could not help but stare at his bare ass that was now clenching and releasing repeatedly. The boy breathed heavily and squinted his eyes closed. He let out a series of quiet, high pitched moans that gradually grew. Rachael immediately recognized this as the signs that he was about to reach an orgasm. ‘That thing on his penis must be doing something to him’ she realized. Abruptly the boy stopped his moans and muscle contractions. His face showed a look of intense consternation as he looked up, almost pleadingly at Mrs. Heyward.

“Please ma’am” he said raggedly. He briefly met his eyes to Rachael’s and quickly turned back towards Mrs. Heyward, his utter humility showed clearly on his countenance. “Please may I be allowed to cum?”

“Move along John-Henry” said the woman not angrily, but sternly. The boy straightened himself and slowly walked away. Still Rachael’s eyes were transfixed to his nude form until he disappeared from her view

Rachael was shocked at what she had just seen. But she was also a very intelligent young woman and she thought about everything Mrs. Heyward had said to her. ‘Keep your mind open’ and ‘your mind will wrestle with your emotions.’ Rachael was not entirely sure what she’d just seen but everything she knew about education seemed to scream about how it must be wrong. However, as Mrs. Heyward had predicted, there was another side of Rachael, the sexual side, that was exceedingly excited by the spectacle. Her panties under her smart, grey skirt were now soaked and she felt that familiar feeling of warmth within her gentiles, radiating up into her tummy.

Mrs. Heyward looked at the speechless and unmoving Rachael and began to talk. “We here at Dramatus believe the sexual being is the most important aspect of our mortal structure. We believe that our highest level of existence is rooted in our sexuality; and that our sexual identity is our most true and honest identity. At Dramatus we, all of us, seek liberation through the full understanding and experience of mortal sexuality. We reward with sexual gratification, and punish with sexual degradation. What you just witnessed was the latter. Young John-Henry transgressed and is being punished by means of a device we call the ‘sleeve and probe.’ For five days, every minute he is within this building he is being kept at continual arousal without being allowed to release. At the end of each day he is inspected and if he has released without permission two more days are added to his sentence. It is what we call ‘chastity with continual stimulation’ or a CCS punishment; and it is just one of the many, many forms of punishment and reward we have here at Dramatus.”

Rachael struggled internally. On one side this was so far from what she’d expected to be doing as a student teacher she felt like she must leave and find a normal school to work at. On the other she realized that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. She’d always heard motivational speakers and the like saying ‘seize the opportunities that come your way.’ When would she ever get another opportunity like this? Never. This could be the start of a whole new life; and not the stodgy, rather dull life of a teacher güvenilir bahis siteleri she’d a few years ago relegated herself to living out. She felt she must go through with this. She must give it a try if only to look back on it one day as the strangest and most interesting few months of her life.

“What are you thinking Rachael?” Mrs. Heyward asked. She’d intentionally dropped the ‘Miss.’ in an attempt to reach Rachael on a more personal level now.

After some hesitation Rachael answered. “I’m thinking that teaching is about to get more exciting and interesting than I ever imagined.” Rachael smiled and turned to look at Mrs. Heyward. Mrs. Heyward smiled back.

“I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that. What are you feeling right now Rachael? Tell me the truth.”

“Well” began Rachael. “I’m feeling confused, excited, and…..” she paused.

“Go on” encouraged the older woman

“Horny” said Rachael with a sheepish grin.

“And what would you like to do about your current condition of sexual excitement?” asked Mrs. Heyward matter-of-factly

Rachael saw no reason to say anything but the truth. “I’d like to go back to my room and……you know…….touch myself. Like, to relieve a little bit of this pressure so I can get my mind under control.” Rachael blushed hearing herself say those words to an older woman who was basically a perfect stranger.

“Come with me, I know just the thing for you.” instructed Mrs. Heyward. Rachael tingled all over hearing those words, wondering just what might be in store for her.

Rachael was led through a few hallways. She saw into a few classrooms on their walk but the path was cleared out of students now as they were all in their respective classes.

Mrs. Heyward brought Rachael into a room with no window on the door. Inside was a desk with a man who appeared in his early thirties. The room was large and had a few comfortable looking sofas, chairs, and even a couple beds. Along the walls were all manner of interesting looking devices of a sexual nature. Though the object that most caught Rachael’s attention was a young woman, clearly a student, on her knees in front of the desk facing towards the door. She was entirely nude save a collar around her neck. Attached to this collar was a chain that was secured to the heavy looking desk in the center of the room. The girl stood as the two women entered. “Welcome Mrs. Heyward and guest.”

“Hello Bethany, this is Miss Rachael. Miss. Rachael, this is Bethany.” Bethany walked towards the two women, the chain around her neck just allowing her to get to them and shake Rachael’s hand. “Resume your waiting position Bethany” instructed Mrs. Heyward.

Without speaking Bethany turned and went back to kneeling at the front of the desk. Bethany was quite tall and very slender. She had rather little in the way of breasts but her small mounds were adorned with bright pink nipples. Her skin was pale to the point of Rachael thinking this girl needed to get out more. The skin tone was augmented by Bethany’s ink black hair and dark black eyeliner. Where her long legs met her back there was a gorgeous, pale skinned ass. On the reverse side her pubic hair was completely shaven clean.

“This is the reward room” explained Mrs. Heyward. “It is here that students and faculty who have shown exemplary behavior are allowed to come, pardon the pun, and be fulfilled in any number of countless ways. Bethany, here, is being punished. She was placed in CCS punishment and continually demonstrated that she was unable to control her releases. She is now serving one full week as a reward room attendant. She is to service any person entering this room to receive gratification in any approved way they desire. Bethany has demonstrated on multiple occasions that she is an expert in the true art of cunnilingus. I suggest you take advantage of this fact to alleviate your issue; unless, of course, you have something else in mind.”

Rachael began to smile at the gorgeous young woman chained to the desk who looked so ready to serve. Though Rachael had kept it a secret from most everyone else, it was no secret to Rachael herself that she was, at least, somewhat attracted to women and had often fantasized about being with one. Rachael thought quickly and assumed her new position of power with ease.

“Bethany” she began. “I want you to pleasure me with your mouth until I am satisfied.”

“As you wish Miss. Rachael” she replied.

Rachael walked over to one of the comfy looking chairs, unfastened her skirt, and let it pool around her feet on the floor. Her white cotton panties were a complete mess with her juices and she removed them as well. She revealed beneath them a very pretty vagina. Though not bare, she kept it well trimmed. She gingerly stepped out of the dress and panties around her ankles and sat down on the chair. Bethany had stood and had walked over to where Rachael was now sitting, the chain still anchoring her to the desk. There were pillows strewn about and Bethany grabbed one on which to kneel. Rachael watched in anticipation as Bethany positioned herself between Rachael’s legs. Rachael’s heart was fluttering and her pussy dripped like a sieve. She scooted her buttocks to the very edge of the chair and beckoned Bethany to begin.

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