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Disclaimer: This story is fictional, written to entertain and titillate. Some references to yoga and tantric practices or techniques are more realistic than others – which tradition, is a whole another conversation in itself. The text does not describe how a yoni massage should or could be done by a professional therapist.

Many thanks to my editor and beta RitualDominace – the text wouldn’t be the same without your expert advice.


Nora bended deeper into Cobra Pose. Her arms were on fire. Ignoring the fatigue, she pushed her chest more open, arched her back, kept her buttocks activated and strengthened her abdominal and root locks. Exhaustion made her normally steady Ujjayi Breathing hitch in her chest. This was her last pose of the day. Muscles shaking, she eased into Dead Man’s Pose on the grass and slowly allowed her breathing to return to normal. After calming her breathing she made a last round of Sun Salutations and relaxed into her final stretches.

Early morning sun shone warmly on Nora’s skin. Birds had already started their early morning concerto in the nearby trees. Slight breeze from the sea tickled Nora’s sweaty abdomen and thighs. Her soft terrycloth shorts were damp from her sweat, just as was her sports bra. Lying on the soft grass listening to the birds she was too relaxed to mind, though.

The grassy area Nora was lying on stretched between shoreline and a small copse of trees sheltering the spot from the rest of the public park. Nora had found the place a few months ago after moving into one of the apartment buildings rising on the other side of the park. She had soon realised hardly anyone ever came there and had decided it was the perfect place for her daily morning yoga routine.

As a natural early bird, it had become Nora’s custom to sneak out of her apartment at around four thirty right after waking up, to enjoy sunrise over the sea and some yoga. On most mornings she kept her routine gentle, but sometimes like today the thrill of the exercise made her push her limits.

Nora sighed and rose into sitting position. She stretched her neck first to right and then to left marvelling how loose every muscle on her body felt. With a start Nora realised she wasn’t alone. Behind and to her left, sat a man in Lotus Pose regarding her with smiling blue eyes. He looked to be around his forties or early fifties, some ten to fifteen years her senior. His simple faded blue t-shirt and light cotton twill shorts accentuated his toned arms and visible ropy muscles in his legs. The tan on his face made Nora think he was someone who spend a lot of time outdoors. His sandy blond hair was streaked with grey. Nora let out a surprised meep. The man looked alarmed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I do yoga myself and was drawn to your tranquility. I’m Jeff,” the stranger said, standing fluidly up from his Lotus Pose and extending his hand to her. After a small moment of hesitation Nora took it. “Nora,” she introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you, Nora” Jeff said. “I’ve never seen that sequence before. Mostly Solar Plexus Chakra balancing asanas, weren’t they?'” he continued. Nora idly wondered how long he had been observing her. “Having trouble with energy flow?” he asked.

Nora hesitated a moment. It felt rather personal to discuss her chakra blockages or the emotional issues connected with them with a total stranger. “Something like that,” she curtly replied. She bended down to grab the small towel that was part of her exercise gear and winced as pain shot through her lower back. Not again, she thought. So much for relaxed muscles.

“I’m sorry. I need to be going,” she nodded to Jeff and started towards the trees.

“I don’t mean to intrude, but I don’t think the problem is your Solar Plexus Chakra. I couldn’t help noticing that your pelvis seemed stiff throughout the flow of your poses,” Jeff said steadily.

Nora turned to look at Jeff who smiled warmly at her. He walked closer. “And just now your lower back hurt, didn’t it? Right here,” he reached behind Nora to gently touch the small of her back that still slightly smarted.

Nora stared the guy in front of her. What the hell. Slightly flustered she took a step back to break the physical contact between them.

“I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable,” Jeff said. “It’s just that chakras and the energy flows in human body are a bit of a hobby of mine,” he continued.

When Nora didn’t say a word, he added “I’m pretty sure the problem is in your Sacral or Root chakra. Am I right and your lower back has troubled you some time already?” he asked.

Nora stared at him surprised. How could this guy know?

“Over a year now,” she replied.

“I don’t mean to be forward, but I might just know the trigger point to open the blockage. If you’d like I could try and see if I can release it,” Jeff said. “It clearly hurts you,” he added as Nora stayed silent.

Nora was dumbfounded. Was this guy she had just met offering her a massage?

“Umm … I’m not sure. beşiktaş anal yapan escort I mean. I don’t want to be rude, but we’ve only just met,” she stammered.

“You’re right. You’re right. I’m the one who should be apologising,” Jeff said. “I really didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I should be going.” He looked genuinely ashamed and started walking towards the trees. Nora made a snap decision.

“Jeff, I’m sorry. I can see you only meant well. If the offer still stands, I’d love a massage,” she called to his retreating back.

Jeff turned looking surprised but pleased. “Sure,” he replied. “This shouldn’t take too long. If you’ll lie down, I’ll see what I can do.”

Nora settled on her stomach on the warm grass. Jeff helped her to roll her towel into a makeshift pillow and place it under her head.

“Is it all right if I sit between your legs?” Jeff asked. “That way I can access your glutes and thighs the best.”

Nora craned her head to look at him. Jeff smiled at her reassuringly.

“All right,” Nora stammered and spread her legs. This was now officially weird. Something made her trust the guy though.

Jeff kneeled between her spread thighs. Nora could feel the heat from his muscular thighs and shins and the hard bones and ligaments of his knees where they brushed against her adductors. Jeff set his hands lightly on Nora’s lower back.

“Is this where the pain is?” he checked. Nora voiced her agreement with a nervous hum.

Jeff’s hands were large and warm on Nora’s petite waist and pelvis. He shifted to grab a gentle hold of Nora’s hip bone and started to rub slow wide circles with his thumbs on Nora’s lower back. It felt like heaven and Nora couldn’t help the little moan that escaped her.

“This has been bothering you for over a year, huh?” Jeff asked.

“Well, more or less. It’s been kind of coming and going. It’s not like it has been painful all the time,” Nora replied.

Jeff moved his hands to knead Nora’s glutes. He soon found a pair of particularly sore spots located symmetrically on both sides of Nora’s tailbone. Painful pleasure radiated everywhere on Nora’s hips, thighs and buttocks. She could also feel a tug of tight muscles on her inner thighs. As Jeff continued his gentle ministrations the tightness in her inner thighs blossomed into pain and Nora shifted in discomfort. Jeff immediately stilled.

“Too much?” he asked.

“No. It’s just the pain shifted,” Nora said lifting her head to look behind her.

“Where to?” Jeff asked gently.

“Umm.” Nora blushed. “To my inner thighs.”

“Here?” Jeff asked and placed his hands to Nora’s midthigh where the pant legs of her terrycloth shorts ended.

“Umm. No. Higher,” Nora said still blushing.

“Here?” Jeff moved his hands up a little.

Nora’s blush turned crimson.

“No,” she hesitantly replied. “Near my groin,” she stammered. She moved her hand to touch her inner thigh just before it curved to form the apex of her thighs. “Here. Right here, where the adductors end.”

Jeff looked at her quietly for a while. Then he seemed to come to a decision.

“Turn around,” he prompted gently.

Still more than a little flustered Nora pulled herself to her knees and then self-consciously lied down on her back so that her legs were once again spread around Jeff.

Jeff gently placed his hands to the groove where Nora’s thighs met her torso careful not to touch her pubic mound.

“Here?” he asked looking unwaveringly into Nora’s eyes.

“Yes.” Nora’s voice was little more than a whisper.

Jeff moved his hands so that his fingers settled on both sides of the powerful tendon connecting Nora’s adductors to her pelvic bones and started carefully applying pressure on the stiff muscles on both sides of the ropy tendon. His thumbs, working underneath the sinew near Nora’s outer labia soon found especially sensitive spots on both of her thighs. Pleasurable pain shot through Nora’s pelvis on every measured knead of Jeff’s fingers.

Nora was dismayed to realise that slight arousal began to mix with the pain. Hesitantly she sneaked a look at Jeff through her half-closed eyes. He seemed entirely absorbed by his task and completely oblivious about Nora’s growing arousal. Nora let out a relieved sigh.

Her sigh seemed to catch Jeff’s attention. He stopped his ministrations and withdrew his hands. He looked at Nora his ice blue eyes gentle but serious. After a moment of silence he asked:

“Nora, have you ever had a yoni massage?”

“What’s that?” Nora asked.

Jeff sat silently for a while. For the first time during their short acquaintance it seemed to Nora he felt uneasy about the situation. Finally, he spoke out.

“Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina.”

“What?” Nora cried.

She sat up indignantly. All traces of her previous arousal were wiped out by her irritation.

“If you think I’m gonna let you fuck me, you think again!” She exclaimed beşiktaş bdsm escort angrily.

“I have no intention of fucking you!” Jeff replied looking affronted.

Something in those gentle blue eyes made Nora’s anger waver and her indignation fade away.

“The muscles that are causing you discomfort run through your pelvis and the best way to access them is through your yoni, your vagina,” Jeff explained gently.

“If you are open to it, I could try and release the muscles. There’s nothing more I can do otherwise,” he added.

Seeing Nora still hesitate, he added:

“I won’t do anything you are not comfortable with. If you want me to stop at any point, just say so.”

Nora stared at him feeling unsure. Now that her anger had dissipated her arousal had returned with a vengeance. The thought of this sexy older man putting his hand on her made her so hot it hurt. She couldn’t believe she wanted a total stranger to touch her – and in a public park out of all places.

“Umm. How do we move on then?” Nora was nearly shocked to hear her own voice ask.

“Just remove your shorts and panties,” Jeff replied holding Nora’s gaze steadily.

Nora almost felt like her body was moving on its own as she rose to her knees.

“Umm. I don’t wear panties under my shorts,” she said blushing.

“I completely understand. I wear as little as I can while doing asanas too,” Jeff replied with a smile.

Nora swallowed and while still locking eyes with Jeff, slipped her terrycloth shorts down her thighs, shins and finally completely off.

“Now what?” she asked returning to the kneeling position feeling extremely self-conscious.

“Lie down on your back as you were before. Your legs on both sides of me,” Jeff replied gently.

Almost mesmerised Nora complied. Her arousal spiked but was soon overdriven by embarrassment as Jeff’s eyes left hers to move downwards on her body. Nora was mortified. This man had offered to help her out of the kindness of his heart and here she was, turned on. Nora felt how her blush spread down her chest. She made a move to sit up, but before she could, Jeff laid gentle hands once again to the groove where her thighs met her pubic mound.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he said. “It’s quite natural and in fact makes things easier,” he reassured.

Before Nora could ask what he meant by that, Jeff’s hands started their kneading motion again and words died on Nora’s lips.

“Just lie down and let me work.” His voice was steady and calming.

Nora was acutely aware how Jeff’s long fingers brushed against her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

“I know that as a yogi you can control your breathing and muscle locks,” Jeff continued.

“Mhhm?” Nora half asked, half agreed.

She wouldn’t consider herself as a yogi. She did her daily asana practice accompanied by Ujjayi Breathing and had lately grown more interested in chakras and energy flows in her body. Despite this she had never had much interest in yoga as a lifestyle nor had much meditated, used mantras or worked with other breathing techniques either.

“Now, I’d like you to breath slowly in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth,” Jeff said. “Each time you breath out, I’d like you to imagine that you move whatever you feel on your pelvic region through your energy channels and through your chakras all the way up to top of your head to your crown chakra, where it comes out as white light. It doesn’t matter if what you feel is pleasure or pain or something else. I want you to move it through your body and out of your crown chakra, ok?” Jeff continued looking into Nora’s eyes steadily.

Nora nodded shakily. Her arousal was growing with every gentle stroke of Jeff’s hands. She would have happily imagined pink elephants dancing tango if it meant that Jeff kept brushing his fingers against her skin.

“Secondly I can tell all your pelvic floor muscles are tense and your root lock is on,” Jeff said. “I need you to relax those muscles so that I can work with them. I know it might be hard to keep them relaxed. If it makes it easier you can think you push out and forward with the same muscles you pull in and upwards when activating the root lock. Can you do that for me?” Jeff asked.

Nora nodded and did her best to follow Jeff’s instructions. Controlling her breathing was easy enough just as was imagining her pain and pleasure flowing through her body as bright white light. Opening her clenched pelvic floor muscles was another thing entirely. Her arousal made it nearly impossible. All her exited, quivering muscles wanted to do was to curl into themselves to increase the tidal wave of arousal and pleasure.

As relaxing the muscles didn’t seem to work, Nora decided to try and push them forward and out as Jeff had suggested. That worked better. Her efforts awarded her a hum of approval from Jeff.

“Very good, Nora,” he praised.

“Keep pushing and concentrate on your breathing. Try counting to three every beşiktaş elit escort time you breathe in and again to three every time you breathe out.”

Nora slowed her breathing. As she breathed steadily in and out she noticed the easiest way to control her stubborn pelvic muscles was to push them outwards during every inhalation and just try to avoid clenching them when breathing out.

“Very good,” Jeff said.

“We can start now. I want you to keep your breathing steady and the root lock open. Tell me if anything feels too painful or unpleasant in any other way, ok?” He continued.

“Ok,” Nora answered.

“I’m going to touch your outer lips now, all right?” Jeff told her. He moved his hands to caress lightly the curly hair covering Nora’s outer labia and mound. When Nora nodded, Jeff took a gentle but firm hold of Nora’s outer lips near the entrance of her sopping wet vagina. He slipped his thumbs inside Nora’s vulva to rub and glide along the pink mucous membranes there while his other fingers tangled on Nora’s pubic hair.

Moving his fingers in careful circles he worked his way up towards Nora’s mound. Every time he found a muscle kink, he pulled gently her labia outward until he had stretched the kinked muscle back into relaxation. When his hands met on top of Nora’s mound he started to work his way back downwards.

About halfway back down Jeff’s fingers encountered a particularly stubborn trigger point and he stretched Nora’s labia out and up with more force. Nora’s arousal soared and the pleasure mixed with pain from the trigger point shot through her causing her breath to hitch in her chest and her carefully controlled pelvic muscles clench into themselves.

“Don’t lock your muscles,” Jeff chided gently.

“Mmmm …” Nora vaguely replied. It took her several slow breaths before she regained the control over her excitedly quivering muscles again.

“Very good,” Jeff said approvingly.

“I’m going to move to your clitoral area now. I need you to concentrate on your breathing and muscle control, all right?” Jeff told Nora, who hummed her affirmative.

Jeff spread gently Nora’s outer labia to gain better access to her clit. Her clitoris jutted out proudly only partly covered by its hood. Jeff carefully pulled the hood to cover the sensitive gland more fully. He then steadied his hands on Nora’s outer labia and thighs and used his thumbs to stroke down the hooded gland along the feet of the clitoris increasing pressure the further he got from the hooded little knob. Nora’s vulva was so well lubricated by her own juices that Jeff’s fingers glided easily along the sensitive pink membranes.

After about ten agonisingly slow strokes he informed her:

“Nora, there are muscle kinks on the both legs of your clitoris. I’m going to press down on them now, and I need you to concentrate on your breathing and keeping your root lock open, all right?”

Nora hummed her approval through the haze of pleasure and arousal into which Jeff’s fingers had lulled her. She hadn’t known her clitoris had legs. The thought almost made her giggle. Before she could mull the thought over any further Jeff pressed his thumbs on the trigger points. Her body arced to the pressure in an intense flash of pleasure and pain, forcing her eyes closed. Somewhere afar came Jeff’s voice again:

“Relax your muscles and keep your breathing steady.”

Somehow Nora managed to do just that. She could feel sweat running down her stomach. All the muscles in her body shivered with the effort of keeping her pelvic floor and vaginal muscles from clenching. Stars swam behind her closed eyes. Her breathing had accelerated despite her best efforts. Her each exhalation was a quiet moan. Just as Nora was sure she would come, Jeff lifted his hands.

Nora’s eyes shot open a small disappointed moan escaped her.

“I’m pretty sure those kinks got opened,” Jeff smiled down on her.

Nora was nearly certain she heard a note of smugness in his voice. But his calm blue eyes were just as gentle and his smile just as jovial as before when he met her eyes.

Once again Jeff placed his hands to rest on the groove in between Nora’s thighs and pubic mound.

“Now, I need a little more space to work. I need you to open your legs as wide as you can for me,” Jeff said still holding Nora’s eyes.

A little shakily Nora did just that. She felt terribly exposed and exhilaratingly vulnerable lying on the warm grass in front of this complete stranger. She hadn’t realized before what a large man Jeff was despite his slender build. The realisation only served to feed her arousal.

“Good,” Jeff said.

“Now, I also need you to tilt your pelvis upwards for me. Flex your buttocks,” He instructed Nora gently.

Nora obeyed. Pushing her pelvis forward made he feel even more exposed if possible. She could feel her juices dripping along the groove between her buttocks and to the grass beneath her.

“Very good,” Jeff said smiling encouragingly at Nora.

“Now I’ll check that your inner labia is relaxed,” he told her. Jeff grasped Nora’s inner lips between his forefinger and thumb and started kneading and pulling the sensitive tissue carefully. Nora’s eyes drifted close and she fought to keep her breathing slow and steady. After about ten slow pulls Jeff stopped bringing his hands to rest on Nora’s thighs again.

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