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I could not believe it had come to this. My long time enemy is curled up behind me with his dick sliding across my naked ass. The last few weeks had been leading to this moment.

I was letting him do it, letting him press his cock into me. No, it was more than that.

I wanted him to fuck me.

We were counselors at a summer camp and fate had thrown us together, rivals in every sport.

We had never met except across school rivalry lines until the first day of camp orientation. He seemed just as uncomfortable as me to hear we would be cabin mates but neither of us wanted to start any problems so we accepted the assignment with resignation.

Our first classes would be arriving in Camp Lake Surprise in just three days and the counselors had a lot to do to get ready. I was handling the archery part of the camp; my roommate Eddy was handling the softball. I checked the condition of the target bales and bows and arrows and Eddy went to the softball fields to check on the equipment and the condition of the grounds.

When I returned to the cabin the third night Eddy was still out so I took a quick shower in our mostly open bathroom. As usual I spent some time on my cock and as usual it got hard. I thought I felt a draft but chalked it up to being in a cabin in the wilderness. There were bound to be drafts in the cabin.

My dick was sticking straight out as I washed my hair with my eyes tightly closed. Then I heard the cabin door softly close. Eddy had just caught me naked with a hard dick and he did not want me to know he was there. I was about to turn away so he could not see my hard cock but thought better of it and continued as if I did not know he was there. Much to my surprise my cock seemed to get harder.

I rinsed and turned the water off. After stepping out and drying myself Eddy walked past me to take his own shower. My dick was not completely covered by the towel and was still obviously hard. He had a towel around his waist as he walked past me but he clearly had a hard-on too.

“Interesting,” I thought. It had never occurred to me my nemesis could be bisexual. I knew he was not gay because we had fucked girls that were sisters and they blabbed to everybody about it.

As I got dressed for dinner and the evening meetings I stole glances of him in the shower. When he washed his hair I took advantage of his closed eyes and just stared at his cock. He was presenting it to me just as I presented mine to him.

His dick was a bit shorter and slimmer than mine and very erect. His blonde pubic hair was sparse and it made him appear clean-shaven. His ass was shaped like a heart and I felt like I was looking at a woman’s ass.

My dick stayed hard until I was completely dressed. I sat on the only chair in the room and waited for him to dry himself off and get dressed. I pretended to be reading our manual but I was in fact still checking him out. When I realized what I was doing I became embarrassed but continued to watch as he got dressed. It did occur to me I may be bisexual myself.

Our little dance picked up that evening. I listened to the age-old cadence transmitted by his bed and knew he was masturbating. Immediately my dick demanded the same consideration so I pulled it out of my shorts and started to make it happy.

Moonlight bathed illegal bahis our room and I could see Eddy clearly. I knew he could see me clearly. We were both jacking off under our covers but that is never optimal, so I pulled my cover to the side and allowed my dick to be seen in the moonlight.

I rationalized that Eddy had seen my cock for a long while in the shower so there was no sense in secrecy. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted him to watch me jack off. I also wanted to see him jerk off. He apparently read my mind and flipped his covers off.

We watched each other and timed our stroking together. Once he came close but saw I wasn’t so he stopped. When I got close he sped to catch up with me but when we at last shot our cum we did so within seconds of each other. Our cum shone like pearls into the moonlight. Neither of us bothered to clean up or cover up. We were both asleep quickly.

Eddy boldly took the next step as we were again jacking off for each other. We had been going to bed nude with erections since the first night we masturbated in full view of the other. We had done this every night for nearly two weeks.

We had just started that session when we noticed that neither of us was in a hurry to cum. In fact we were more interested in watching the other fist his dick than getting off.

Eddy got up from his bed and walked to mine. He may have looked for a reaction from me but all he saw was me staring at his dick. I guess that was good enough for him and he sat at the foot of my bed and resumed masturbating. I had never completely stopped so he had to pull hard to catch up with me.

We found ourselves breathlessly waiting for the other to cum. I shot first, shooting a long stream in his general direction. The next spurts landed on my thigh and my balls. As I started to calm I looked at Eddy. His mouth was open, and he was stroking his dick furiously. His eyes were locked on my dick. I held it up for him.

The first of his cum shots hit my balls and before I had a chance to react the second hit the head of my dick. The rest fell on my bed between us. I just stared at his cock and at his cum on my dick.

Eddy went into the bathroom and came out with a washcloth. He held my dick in one hand and wiped our cum off my cock and balls. He then wiped his thigh where apparently my cum had landed on him. Without saying a word he walked back to his bed and went to sleep.

My bed had cum everywhere. It was cool when my body slid over it. I tried not to be too obvious that I was wallowing in it but I am sure Eddy noticed.

We repeated the same bed masturbation on his bed the next night with the same messy results. The difference was that Eddy wallowed in the pools of cum before I got a chance to get a washcloth.

The next night another step was taken on my bed. Eddy had shot his load but I was having a hard time getting off. He watched me for a while then his hand settled on my inner thigh. He stroked my leg until his hand reached my balls and caressed them.

That sent my cum flying right at his face. He did not move and my second and third bursts covered his chest. Exhausted I turned my dick loose. Eddy had not taken his hand off my balls and slid it up until he grasped my cock and gave it a squeeze. He went to his bed covered in illegal bahis siteleri my cum. As I fell asleep I had to admit I had fucking loved that.

Naturally we incorporated that into our next session. To start we played with each other’s sack while we masturbated but it was a bit of an awkward reach so we decided it would be best to do it one at a time. That put us hip to hip.That arrangement lasted only two nights because I upped the ante by simply moving his hand off his dick and jacking him off myself.

I used one hand on his cock and one on his balls. He leaned back on his elbows and watched me pleasure him. He did not last long and some of his cum landed on my face. I made no effort to wipe it off.

He of course returned the favor, but instead of sitting next to me he lay down with his head on my thigh and stroked my cock slowly, softly. His other hand played softly with my ass.

He had no intention of just getting me off. He loved my dick in his hand. My dick loved his hands on it. As he slowly masturbated me his head moved higher up my body. I soon felt his breath on my cock and I roared towards eruption. He backed away a bit and held my dick tightly at its base. The danger passed and he resumed stroking my cock.

I could again feel his breath on my dick. I watched incredulously as he kissed my cock then backed away. I was so stunned by the kiss that my dick started to recede.

Eddy seemed very upset over that and sat up to resume his caresses of my thigh and balls and as he picked up the pace of the masturbation. After getting into a good solid rhythm my dick revived and got ready to spew.

As I grunted trying to delay my orgasm I felt the hand on my balls slide towards my ass. I felt a finger caress my asshole. I erupted like never before. My first shot nearly reached the ceiling.

The rest did not go far. Eddy had clamped his mouth on my dick and was swallowing my cum. His finger had invaded my ass and that combination gave me the longest and most powerful orgasm in my life. When I was completely spent Eddy simple got up and went to his bed.

I fell asleep quickly but woke three hours later. Eddy was sucking my dick. I caressed his head to let him know I was awake and approved. He changed from sucking my cock to making love to it. I lasted about twenty minutes. A finger was fucking me in the ass most of that time. When he at last allowed me to cum I was drained. I made no effort to resist his kiss. I tasted my cum and enjoyed it. Eddy slept in my bed that night.

When I awoke next morning his hard cock got my undivided attention. I caressed it, kissed it, allowed it to penetrate my mouth. I liked it.

I worked on my cock sucking technique, trusting the cock to tell me what it liked and what left it unmoved. I heard or felt a grunt and suddenly my mouth was filled with cum. I swallowed most of it thinking that in large quantities it had to be an acquired taste.

The day went by in a fog. All I could think about was that I had sucked a dick and liked it.

All that brings us back to our present situation. Shortly before we got to our cabin tonight the weather turned very nasty very quickly. Luckily this was a transition day and there were no kids in camp.

We were soaked and freezing by the time we canlı bahis siteleri sprinted into our cabin.

We got naked quickly and he followed me into the lukewarm shower. The water was not hot enough to keep the cold away so we hurriedly dried and jumped into out beds.

The wind was howling and the temperature was plummeting. Our cabin had no heat and our blankets were not enough to keep us comfortable.

I had him help me put our beds together thinking body warmth sharing and two blankets would do the trick. We had been in bed about twenty minutes and our bodies no longer shivered with cold. We had slowly moved closer to each other. We were now “spooning”, he was hard behind me, his dick crawling up my butt. It liked that.

I got out of bed and sprinted to my bag in the bathroom and pulled out a bottle of aloe lotion. I squeezed a generous glob onto my hand then thrust it deep into my ass. I sprinted back to the bed. I shivered as Eddy hugged me from behind, a little from the cold, mostly from knowing what was going to happen next.

I reached behind me and put my hand on his ass then pulled him towards me. I soon felt Eddy’s dick on the crack of my ass searching for the entrance.

I was really turned on by the feel of his cock wandering over my ass but our angle was not good so I turned over to my stomach and pulled my knees to my chest.

Eddy understood that he was very welcome to fuck my ass.

He found my hole with a finger and slipped it right in. A few strokes later he put two fingers in. His dick was no more than three fingers wide so by the time he withdrew his fingers I was more than ready for my first ass fuck. His cock went into me easily. After a short lived burning sensation I decided it felt nice.

He started to fuck my ass slowly but his excitement increased quickly and soon overtook him. I heard his grunts.

I squeezed my ass on his dick and he shot his sperm into my butt with a groan.

I felt his cum in me.

I felt his kisses on my shoulder.

He caressed my ass and reached around and circled my half-mast cock with his fingers. By the time his dick slid out of my ass I was fully hard.

Eddy left the bed for the bathroom. I turned to my back and was stroking my dick slowly while enjoying the feel of the slow exit of Eddy’s cum out of my ass.

He came back quickly and straddled my body then slowly sank my cock into his ass. If he had prepared himself by other than lubrication I did not know. My dick was a bit larger than average and certainly thicker than his. Yet he appeared to have enjoyed the penetration.

He fucked me with his ass expertly. I pushed up with my hips hard, sinking my dick as deep into his ass as I could. The excitement and the feel of his ass around my cock conspired to keep me from lasting very long. I spewed my cum into him.

Each of my orgasms with him had gotten more and more explosive. Cumming in his ass was the most dramatic of all. I was wrung-out.

Eddy leaned over me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips then laid his head on my shoulders. I hugged him to me and kissed him. I was nearly asleep when my dick plopped out of his ass. He slid to one side and he went into a deep sleep in my arms while the storm continued to rage outside. We were toasty warm.

As I was about to fall asleep it occurred to me that my last two cums were into him, one in his mouth, one into his ass. His last two cums were into my mouth and into my ass. I guessed that was the perfect definition of fuck buddy.

Or a lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32