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It was about eight in the morning. I snuggled into her back — like two spoons in a drawer. Gradually I slid my hand down the silken material of her pyjama bottoms to stroke the material into the cleft of her buttocks. She responded by moving her hips towards me, drawing her knees up to part her buttocks more.

I stroked down her thighs which gradually parted to allow me to draw my hand up between her legs to stoke her love nest through her pyjamas, now warm with her moistness.

I drew my hand back to gently rub and tease her anus before sliding my hand to the top of her pyjama trousers to draw them down over her hips.

I was now able to push my fingers into her warm, silky, buttocks and slide my middle finger into her anus which was by now lubricated with the juices seeping from her vagina. She raised her knees even further up allowing me to penetrate her to the full length of my finger. She moaned softly as I withdrew it slowly before stroking between her legs to her warm, wet, pussy.

My finger felt no resistance as it slid into her waiting orifice as she ground her bum against me.

Gradually she bostancı escort turned onto her back such that I had to slide my hand from behind her, over her hips and down her stomach to her thick pubic curls.

I allowed my hand to linger there, enjoying the feel of her crisp curls between my fingers, finding those few, extra long hairs just above the start of her cleft. I indulged in one of my pleasures of entwining the curls in my fingers before gradually drawing the hairs up until she has to lift her hips from the bed to avoid the pulling becoming too sore. Slowly I release the hairs and she relaxes onto the bed.

My hand now slides between her thighs, gently prising open the wet cleft protecting her already erect clitoris. I tease her clit with my finger before sliding my hand further down to penetrate her waiting vagina with not one but two fingers to their full length. Now she begins to moan and writhe with every flick of my fingers in her.

Prolonging her sensations I withdraw my fingers to stroke her now swollen labia and the sensitive area between her open vagina and her anus. çeliktepe escort Again I thrust a finger in — meeting no resistance. Her anus is open waiting for me to penetrate.

By now she wants more. I slid from the side of the bed to my knees, drawing her with me by her hips. I can now place my head easily between her wide-parted thighs. She waits — poised for me to lightly brush my lips over her vaginal lips before flicking my tongue upwards over the underside of her uncovered, erect clit. She lifts her hips up, thrusting her wet pussy to my mouth. I lick harder before drawing her clit between my lips to gently nibble on it. Her quiet sighs of pleasure become louder, turning into moans and groans.

By now her love juices cover my mouth, moistening my chin.

I raise my head to look up her naked body — her pyjama trousers have long since slid off her legs. Her thick bush is before my eyes as I look over her stomach to see her kneading both her breasts with her hands, her nipples fully erect and hard, the size of small thimbles. Her head is slowly moving from side to side, her mouth cihangir escort partially open and her skin glowing from pleasure.

I reach over her to the bedside cabinet to get her Rabbit vibrator.

“No – I don’t know if I can take any more.” Are the first words she moans since we started.

“We’ll see.” I reply, as I slow slide the phallic shaped centre of the double-eared toy into her well-lubricated pussy. One set of ears fits perfectly onto her clitoris — the other set nuzzle at her anus.

I slide the battery control on for the gyrating cock in her vagina and increase the tempo — she begins to writhe. I then slide on the control for the ears, their vibrations must send waves of pleasure through her as she writhes even more — raising herself upwards onto to the Rabbit which penetrates her deeper. I move it forwards and backwards — side to side, she is now almost screaming with ecstasy.

I slowly withdraw the vibrator and mount her sliding my erect penis into her hot gaping pussy — but not for long — she needs to be taken further with the Rabbit.

I resume my cunnilingus of her love nest before re-inserting the Rabbit continuing to thrust it in her until she cannot take any more. Then I mount her again for my own satisfaction.

In some ways this is an anticlimax to the sight of the Rabbit in her and the taste of her love juices in my mouth and the sounds of her coming to orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32