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I meet you at the front door of my building to let you in. I’m so excited to see you that I give you a big hug and what I intend to be a quick little kiss. But, I’m so drawn to you that I linger and kiss you long and slow, sucking on your lower lip a bit as I finally pull away. As I do, I whisper in your ear, “Guess what panties I’m wearing?!”

As I turn around and press the button for the elevator, you reflect on this comment and take a moment to observe my whole outfit. I’m wearing the pink butterfly tank-top from when we first met, a very tight and very short jean skirt that makes my ass look amazing, and tall socks with cute ballet flats. The whole ensemble is rather school-girl-like, but with a bit less plaid and a lot less coverage.

While waiting for the elevator, you get more and more curious about the “panties” I mentioned. Looking around and seeing no one in the lobby, you slide your hand up my bare thigh, under my skirt, and on to my etiler bdsm escort tight, round, bare ass. You give it a little squeeze and I grin. Now you’re thinking I must be wearing a skimpy little thong.

Since you love to tease me so much, you slide your hand back down my thigh and around to the front of my leg. I tremble slightly as your fingers creep higher and higher up my leg and under my skirt. Your soft, light touches make my whole body tingle. Finally, when I know your hand is in just the right place, I move my legs a bit apart. Your fingers slip right in to my wet, warm pussy. They brush up against my clit and I shudder.

“You naughty girl. You lied. You’re not wearing any panties,” you say. You give my ass a good, hard spank for being so naughty.

“I know,” I reply, smiling, “And you like it.”

The elevator finally arrives. Luckily, there’s no one inside. As soon as the doors close, I decide etiler elit escort I need to have your big, hard cock in my mouth. I get on my knees, undo your belt, and pull down your jeans and boxers as quickly as possible. I’m pleased to see that our brief interaction has already made you hard. I take that cock I love so much in both hands and lick it from the base to the tip, looking up at you and smiling as I do. You run your fingers through my hair and gently push my head toward your body. I lean in and take your whole cock in my mouth. It’s so big that I gag a little, but I keep sucking it for all I’m worth.

“You’re so bad. What if someone sees us?” you ask.

In response, I stand up, slam the stop button in the elevator and say, “There, problem solved. Now put your cock in my pussy and fuck me ’til I scream.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

You hike up my skirt, pick me up, and hold me against the elevator etiler escort wall. I wrap my legs around your waist and slide my wet, warm, tight pussy on to your big, hard cock. It feels so good I let out a little moan.

You fuck me hard and fast while I kiss your neck. It feels so good that I moan louder and pant harder. Your cock is hitting the perfect spot and I come quick and hard, screaming as my whole body shakes. You feel my pussy clench on your cock and it pushes you over the edge.

“I’m going to come,” you pant. I grin; slide off of you and on to my knees once again. I suck your big, hard cock until you come in my mouth. I keep sucking until I get every last drop to make sure you’re fully satisfied.

Once you’re completely finished, I stand up, straighten my clothes, and start the elevator up again. You look at me and chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” I ask.

“I didn’t know I’d get that far that fast tonight. That was quite a hello.”

“I hope I didn’t wear you out already. I have plans for us.”

“Oh, really, and what are those plans?” you ask, looking quite curious.

“Well, since I was so demanding just now, I think it’s your turn to be in charge. Feel free to tie me up and tease me thoroughly to be sure I obey.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32