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Adriana Chechik

Author’s note: Please bear with my grammar. I only use English as my second language. I am not a writer or anything but I do aspire to be one as I found out I liked writing stories. I don’t have an editor only because I’m shy. Please read the prologue of this story, Event Horizon, so you may follow the lead. Please write your comments below as they are appreciated greatly whether they are good or constructive criticism as long as they are not homophobic or childish. (What are you doing here anyway?) Thank you and enjoy. 🙂

(Warning: contains graphic depictions of violence and. Also contains a bit of bisexual content. This is a fantasy related story. If you cannot tolerate these acts, please choose another story)


Chapter 1: Ray of light

In Ancient times for about millions of years, Earthworld planet was a dense planet populated by humans and animals. They live in civilizations around the world. That was before the planet met its Judgement day. Their universe as they had known was sucked into an event horizon caused by a gargantuan Black hole, the Anima. Inside its singularity is nothing but black void and the world as they know it, was sucked inside.

It was a miracle though as events following the Anima, Earthworld was not destroyed. When the planet reached the void depths, great energy surged from inside the void, enveloping the planet and it entered a Space time travel.

Earthworld along with its solar system were sent back to its orbit and everything were almost back to normal. Almost.

The events lead to death of majority of human beings especially women but not all. While the survivors were left to face post-apocalyptic era. Few days later, every living creatures evolved. Animals evolved to monsters and stronger creatures. Plants were mutated too. Some became poisonous, some became gigantic and some became vile creatures. Humans evolved very similarly.

Every human being had grew a new organ systems called Energy circulatory system or ECS. They were able to use powers of ki, chakra and mana which flows throughout their body with its center pool found in the navel area called ECS center. Another change was when they were also able to live longer, until 200 years in average while some took on full millennia and others were considered immortal. Those were only two of the pandemic events that have happened.

About 50 percent of the population were not mutated but remained human like but with powers, only some became very tall and bulky. 25 percent of the human population became Shifters. People who were able to shapeshift into monsters and animals. The most popular are the Weres, humans transforming into beasts and the Dranei, people shifting into dragons. Their human forms were altered according to their animals.

Weres’ humanoid forms while not in their beast form became very large, hairy, grew long teeths, fangs and different colored and shaped irises, some even grew whiskers, tails, horns, scales, gills behind ears, claws and animal ears on top of their head. Amongst all these transformation was their enhanced senses as well as their behavior became animal like but still human. One good example is when Werewolves or Lycanthropes grouped into packs led by an alpha male and their belief to fated mates.

The remaining 25 percent became elves. All of their ears became elongated and pointy, and they can grow beautiful wings for an amount of time. This time is what they call aerial mode. There are differences between male female elves. Male grew either deer or moose horns on the upper side of their head while female grow flowers and vines crowning their head while beautiful vines with either leaves, flowers or just vines flows cascading over their long hair. Male’s wings during Aerial mode is like a dragonfly or an insect’s wings in form but moth or butterfly in shape and are transparent or translucent while female wings are colorful opaque butterfly wings.

All elves became nature loving and their great city, Faeterra which is found in the most south eastern part of Earthworld is where they are populated the most. They live along with their great tree also called the world tree named Irminsul, which was as high as the middle of the Earthworld’s mesosphere, its base root is the same size as a mountain, its trunk was hectares in diameter and its root burrowed into the depths of the Earthworld’s mantel.

But the humans among the new flora and fauna did not stay alone. Portals opened from the Earthworld’s pole and hidden places. Demons rise from Demonic portal called Dark Gates while Nether Creatures emerged from purple portals called Void zone. Every human since had used their newfound powers to fight against these enemies. But not all of them are against these creatures.

Some found these events as blessings and desired to use every single demons and monsters for their own power. Thus the war between humans against humans began.

These pandemic events happened eons ago from the present time and casino oyna millions of wars had already happened. The most recent one happened 50 years ago…


“All hail our heroes!” everyone cheered as the warriors strode inside the great city of Methuselah, the strongest and most powerful nation in the Earthworld. The Knights and warriors were like a river of pure muscle. Every single soldier was never short than 6ft, all were like carved from marble and were built like tank, thick with bulging veiny muscles clad in armour and sweat. They were the most numerous of the war men. They wield numerous weapons for battle.

After a steady flow of gigantic men came battle sieges and tanks among with domesticated battle Animals. They include flying chimeras, sabertooth-lions, cerebrus, Rhino-mammoths and crimson razor-ostrich. They were led and ridden by beast masters, men that are smaller but not far away in built from those in front. Like the men in front, they are armoured and wields weapons.

Then came the rangers, men that vary in height and build, some are as tall as the Knights while some are short but all of them are leaner in comparison, some are even skinny and short. They carry either a bow and quiver, crossbows, or guns of varying sizes.

The next group that came are masked men in hoods and wears tight suit with cloak, hiding hidden blades and weapons. Their walks were silent. They are assassins. They also vary in build just like the rangers.

The last groups that came are men are the wizards and mages. They are wearing sorcerer’ suit, magus accessory like caps, boots, rings etc., and wield either a magician’s long staff or a magician’s wand.

Every civilian cheered but especially when they saw the 2 men that walked in front of the Knights and Warriors. Everyone knew them as they are largest, bulkiest and most handsome of the group, Prince Paxton Leonhard and Prince Magnus Leonhard of the royal Leonhard family, the strongest familial clan in the world.

They all gathered inside the Leonhard castle. Inside, already awaiting are aligned Royal guards, clad in golden armour. In front of them at the centre stand Paxton’s foster Sire, General Marcus Leonhard side by side with his foster father, General Lance D. Leonhard, both of which adopted him. The couple are looking at the warriors and their son with great pride. On the top terrace of the castle looking down at them stands none other than the mighty King Darius and his wife Queen Aurora, the parents of Prince Magnus and several people that lives in the castle.

“Well done Mighty my warriors. You have shown great valor to defeat the stronghold of the demons residing in the north part of our kingdom. I therefore declare all of you heroes of Methuselah!”

All war men including the two princes cheered and shouted they victory. “Tonight we will celebrate your victory with great feast! Let the feast flood your sores and wounds! Let us Celebrate Prince Magnus and Paxton’s Victory!” King Darius declared and the crowd went even wilder.

The kingdom was filled with mountains of food and sea of alcohol as each men celebrated. There were no deaths so far only casualty.

“Paxton we’re so proud of you.” General Lance said as he reached to hug his son’s neck. Paxton scooted down to hug his smaller father. At 5’5, he is more than 1ft and 1 inch taller than his father at 6’8, plus his father is built skinny, though you may be deceived at how powerful the little man is. “Well done my son.” General Marcus says as Paxton released his little father to give his respect to his larger sire. Marcus was 6’4 and built just like Paxton, all muscular, hairy, extremely handsome and very rugged. If he was biologically linked to anyone, it would be this man as their features look similar.

“How was your war? Were you hurt?” Lance asked him, his cute boyish face filled with worry. If they would be put together, no one would know that Lance was his Foster parent and s older than him in many years. “No father, the enemies were strong but we are stronger.” He declared with pride.

“Let us continue our discussion inside shall we?” Marcus stated as he led the two most important people in his life inside the castle. Paxton was as very handsome and powerful man. He had his own features that made boys and girls fall for him. His hair was black, his face was breathtakingly handsome, his eyes are sky blue and his skin is olive in colour looking like a man born almost like men in the southern region saved for his eyes. His body is hairy from his forearms, chest, legs and pits to a neatly trimmed beard without moustache. There is a tuft of hair at the centre below his lower lips. He also has cannon ball shoulders, huge biceps, hairy tree trunk arms and legs, sharp canines, ripped stony abs, huge pecks, sexy hips and finally, HUGE package that proportions to the gargantuan man.

“Paxton, welcome back” King Darius stated to the Prince. “It’s good to see both of you and our slot oyna son safe.” Queen Aurora stated as well.

She was a very stunning woman, looking like in her 40 years but she was actually living in her second century already, same with General Marcus and King Darius himself, while his little father is almost 1 century years old.

He and Magnus are already in their 50 years as they do not differ apart in age, but like the other evolved humans, they look like 25 years old with rugged masculine and tanned features. They were of same build and height but not including Paxton’s beast form which is almost 8 ft. tall. Nevertheless, they are built the same. Like Warrior Gods.

Magnus came through double doors from inside the castle; he quickly changed his armour to his usual clothes inside which are thin white collar buttoned shirt, dark fitting black pants and indoor shoes. Even though he took all of his features from his father including his hazel eyes, his hair colour are from his mother’s which is blonde, a rare feature as he should have taken the dominant gene of brown hair of the Leonhard family.

“Our fight was well done brother.” Magnus says as he manly hugged Paxton as they always do. They considered themselves like true brothers since they grew up and trained to together even if they are not blood related.

“The tandem Powers of your skills with Ganyang and my skills are legendary. Our opponents were no match.” Paxton stated, referring to the mighty sword that Magnus wields.

Ganyang was the powerful sword that King Darius found after beating the evil demon king that wields it from the war of Quasar almost 50 years ago, using the legendary Caliburn, which he wields now. It was the only sword that was able to parry and match the Caliburn as the latter was known to cut through everything.

“Yes you both were formidable fighters and your highly respected skills are the key to your victory.” King Darius stated and all of the people smiled with great pride.

“It is time for us to rest, you boys enjoy yourselves. Goodnight. It was a pleasant evening.” The king declared as he and his wife returned to their room, declaring privacy. “Magnus, Son, we would like to call it a night as well. Enjoy your night and your Victory but be careful.” Marcus stated as he held Lance’s lower waist to which the other man blushed and smiled bashfully.

“Yes Sire.” “Yes Uncle.” Both the men stated. As Marcus held Lance and practically dragged him to their home side of the castle. “Aw… your Parents look so sweet.” Magnus stated to Paxton which the man smiled in return. “Well, I love them with all my heart and I am proud of them. They were the parents I would never ever ask for anyone else in the world.” Paxton replied.

“So… what do you want to do? Drink? Eat? Dance? Or fuck those little boys and girls?” Magnus said smiling smugly.

They had known each other for 50 years and as hyper masculine as they are, they knew that they would stick their cocks to anything little that moves. They were men after all and a man has his own needs. “As long as you don’t get anyone pregnant or get yourself pregnant. You are a Royalty after all. Don’t want any outside family” Paxton said smiling towards his brother.

“Oh c’mon we both know how Alpha the Leonhard family males are. Anyone we want gets filled and drained at the same time. Oh how I would fuck cute things till they are filled with my load” Magnus said with Carnal lust inside.

“Heh, for a man with such grace you don’t know how pig you can be.” Paxton said his Lust barely containing as he and his Brother talk a man’s talk with each other.

“How about we fuck all those cuties at the bar at the same time? See who the better pig is?” Magnus challenged Paxton in which the man didn’t back down. He and Magnus have same tastes. They like to be dominant in bed and fuck and eat smaller man or woman. Makes their carnal selves more satisfied.

“You’re on” He said as both men with raging hardons left the castle. It’s time to eat their preys.


“Oh Baby that’s it, lick your daddy. Grrr…” Marcus said feverishly as he lied back down and let his tiny lover please him.

Lance’s face was flushed. He licks his lover’s cock up and down with his velvet tongue. It was 9 inch and he engulfed it all down in his throat to worship his big lover. He can taste Marcus’ manly sweat in his veiny manhood and the monster kept flowing precum which he laps up after removing the large manhood. He looks like a kitten or a puppy trying to worship its master. He looks up and saw his lover’s hazel eyes filled with lust.

“Hrrr! Ghrrrr! Urrgh!” Marcus growls soundly every breath. He is restraining himself from completely devouring Lance. He has this habit that once his snaps, which Lance was the only one to do by looking at him with his sapphire eyes and blonde hair, he explodes and tends to devour his lover, almost raping him. His control was quivering and is canlı casino siteleri about to be broken if Lance keeps looking at him like that.

Lance lets go of the cock from his mouth, his face so flushed and his sapphire eyes teary from being light headed from Marcus’ heady testosterone filled aroma. He can’t stand seeing his lover this way, restraining at what should be their most intimate and happiest moment of their life.

“You don’t have to restrain yourself. I want to please you as much as I want. I love you please show me you love me. I need you.” Lance’s looks at him with pleading puppy eyes and that was all it need to crumble Marcus’ control as he felt himself snap.

“Grrahh!” he bellowed as he suddenly grabbed Lance’s head and fucked him while growling and roaring loudly.

“LLAAAAANNNCCCEEEE!! AAAARRRGGGGHHH!!” he bellowed his lover’s name.

“Mmph!” Lance whimpered as his throat was filled with Marcus’ seed. It was spicy and manly it was like a hose as it filled him to the brim and he was forced to swallow down the cum. He felt like there is a living creature in his mouth. As he could not swallow anymore, Marcus’ seed dripped from the corner of his mouth.

Marcus heaved heavily and looked at Lance. His face was flushed, lips bruised and his chin was smeared with his cum. He was also teary. He was shocked at what he had done and was about to apologize when Lance looked at him with puppy eyes again. “I love you Marcus.” His thought was broken into oblivion and he grabbed his lover’s head and proceeds to eat his face.

Lance closed his eyes as he let his dominant lover lick his own cum off him before shoving his tongue into his mouth. It wrestled his tongue into submission and his throat was tongue fucked and raped. Then Marcus Inhaled. He whimpered as air left his lungs and Marcus devoured it. He was feeling light headed and his eyes are blacking out before finally Marcus lets go and he breathe heavily.

“So sweet.” Marcus said. He then attacked Lance’s twin nubs in which the boy whimpered and cried out Marcus’ name for all he is worth. While Marcus continued his assault, Lance cried when Marcus rubbed his manly beard on his nipples. “Oh Marcus.” The older man smiled smugly. He loves his lover’s nipples. His right one was pierced and had a ring. Marcus himself is that one that pierced that nipple and he bought the ring. It is a form of claiming his property. Another obvious one was to…

“OH!! MY LOVE!” Lance said as the older man bit and sucked a whole mouthful of breast, creating a mark that would leave for days. He then proceed to lick the sore mark and rubbed it with his beard. He knew that these acts makes Lance go wild in passion. He continued his way down the lithe body to his navel while pampering him with kisses. Lance was whimpering, sometimes he likes this side of Marcus. A little sweetness to a spicy dish of lovemaking is more than he could want for. He could feel the bristles of Marcus’ beard as it rubbed his body.

“My love please…” Lance pleaded.

“What is it that you want?”

Marcus asked without looking up to the puppy eyes. It might make him snap again. “Please… love me.” Marcus can’t help it. A true man always takes care of his lover’s needs.

Lance’s body shot up as he felt Marcus sucked bot of his testes at once. He gave a long sigh that ended in a high pitched whimper when his man’s tongue started rolling and mashing his balls inside.

“OOOHHHH!! More please… AHHHHH!!”

Lance was hysterical. It was like he is in heaven. Marcus then began to suck the orbs and pull them. He was like a lion trying to devouring his prey but his acts are masterfully controlled and he would never do any real harm, only spicy, bittersweet delicious pain.

“I-If you keep that I’m gonna… OOHHH!”

Lance whimpered when Marcus Inhaled his cock inside his big jaws along with his balls. The older man lifted his legs and spread them to gain better access to his meal.

Lance’s world was only in his manhood and Marcus. Here he was, lying underneath his dominant beast of a husband while his while his sex was being devoured balls and cock at the same time, their fate completely at Marcus’ mercy.

“MMMAAAAAARRCCUUSSS!! Lance bellowed his name as he began to orgasm. Marcus never let go. Instead, he began to shake his head from side to side rapidly like a devouring predator while increasing his suction like a hoover. “OOOHHH!! GAWD!! MARCCCC… AAAHHH!! Just as Lance’s orgasm faded, another one exploded, then another one again after that. He came three times back to back inside his husband’s devouring mouth.

“Mmmmmm!! PLOP!!” Lance’s sex popped out of the older man’s maw after he ate all he could give and finally let it go when he was sure his lover was drained. His lover’s essence was addictive. Like the finest wine he had ever tasted and swallowed.

Lance had already blacked out. He was up in the heavens playing with the angels before finally waking up to find his husband’s face still in between his legs. This time, Marcus was eating something else.

“Oh my love please have mercy…” but his please only fuelled his lover’s lust and Marcus became wild again. He began to eat his lover’s hole.

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