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Getting to Kelly was easier than I had anticipated. Except for hearing her voice through our bedroom window as my boyfriend Tony fucked her senseless, I hadn’t seen her or talked to her since our days as college roommates. And that was, well, let’s just say it was a while ago!

Tony was out of town for a couple of days, so I had the run of the house and I made good use the opportunity to go through it from top to bottom.

Fortunately for me, Tony, happens to be a pack-rat. He doesn’t throw anything out. It only took a little snooping on my part to find Kelly’s phone number on a crumpled up piece of paper stuffed into the bottom of his sock drawer. That was all I needed, but a little more rummaging through his sock drawer provided a bonus; a pair of women’s panties! And they weren’t mine.

I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do or how I was going to do it as I dialed Kelly’s number, but I would think of something.

She sounded genuinely happy to hear from her old college roomie and it was even her idea that we get together at her place to talk over old times.

“Sure!” She said in that Southern accent of hers, a cross between Foghorn Leghorn and Scarlett O’Hara, “Tomorrow night at about 8ish would be just fine.” She gave me her address, which wasn’t that far from where Tony and I lived. We chatted for a while longer before Kelly said she had to call it a night. After I hung up, I thought to myself, “No, my dear, this was just a phone call. Tomorrow will be a ‘night’ – a night to remember — one way or another!”

I returned the phone number to Tony’s sock drawer. But, I stuffed Kelly’s panties into my purse.

As I got ready for bed, I wondered what tomorrow would bring. Even though Tony was out of town, I decided to sleep in the nude. I had put our satin sheets on the bed (anticipating his return in a couple of days) and even when I was sleeping alone, I just loved the feel of that slick cloth against my skin — every inch of it.

I fluffed my pillow, and was about to turn the light out and climb into bed when I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror on the back of our bedroom door. I took a long look at myself. I looked pretty good for my age. My breasts, which were never large, were still firm. My waist looked fairly good, I was never a size 2, but I wasn’t BBW material either.

Looking further down, I was pleased with the way I had trimmed my pubic hair. It formed nice wedge pointing straight down to my slit. It had been a while since I trimmed it so I decided run my finger along the border of it to check for stubble. At least that is what I told myself I was doing. The fiction evaporated as my index finger reached the point of my furry wedge and continued south in search of my clit.

No use denying it I was horny!

As I stood there exploring my woman parts with my fingers, I was vaguely aware of something new. Usually when I masturbated, my closed eyes would conjure up images of Tony, or, casino siteleri sometimes, past boyfriends, but that wasn’t the case this time. As my fingers gently spread my pussy lips, I began to see images of Donna and the wonderful night of lust we had shared not that long ago. I could see her naked tattooed body in the half light provided by the fish tank behind her couch. I could even taste myself on her lips as she kissed me deeply after eating me out like I had never been eaten out before!

However, as I began to work two fingers deep into my pussy, Donna’s image slowly dissolved into another image. It was a younger woman with flaming red hair. It was Kelly Mitchell as I knew her in college. She was walking out of our bathroom after a shower with a towel wrapped around her waist, naked from the waist up! I smiled as I wondered if her rather large breasts were still as firm now as they had been back then.

I reached out with my free hand to brace myself against the nearby wall. In my mind’s eye I could see Kelly doing something she had never done in real life. She started to remove the towel around her waist. I focused on her crotch. I wanted to know if the hair between her legs matched the hair on her head. Slowly the towel came undone. I would have my answer in just a moment…

Just then the doorbell rang. At first I ignored it, kids, I thought. Then it rang again, and I realized I’d have to investigate. Reluctantly I opened my eyes and withdrew my fingers from my pussy. I licked them clean and then grabbed my bathrobe and went to answer the door.

Looking through the peephole, my jaw dropped nearly to the floor. The red hair was unmistakable, the largish breasts were still firm and though the face wasn’t quite as thin as it had been, it was still as beautiful as I had remember it. She was wearing a pink sweatshirt, some name brand tight jeans and sandals — same old Kelly.

“Claire!” She called out, “Open up! It’s me Kelly, hon. We need to talk.”

Damn! How did she know? Oh, yeah, right! Caller ID! This wasn’t exactly what I had had in mind, but I decided not to let her have the upper hand if I could avoid it. “Just a minute”, I called through the door. I ran to my purse and retrieved Kelly’s underwear. Returning to the door, I held the panties up at eye level with one hand and opened the door with the other.

“Did you forget something, dear?” I asked innocently. It had the desired effect! Kelly’s jaw dropped nearly as far as my jaw had. She sputtered a little and then asked if she could come in.

“Definietly, hon.” I said. “You are right, we really need to talk.”

I led her over to the couch in the living room. I beckoned her to sit down and asked her if she wanted something to drink.

“Sure, how about some wine, hon.” Then reconsidering, she said. “No, perhaps, beer would be more appropriate tonight!”

Smiling a wry smile I headed to the kitchen and returned with a couple of Millers. I gave her one and then slot oyna sat down on the couch with her. After a moment, she started talking without any prompting from me.

“Look, hon! I knew Tony was seeing, well, living, with someone else, I’m not that dense, but I didn’t know it was you. If I did, I would have turned him down. I don’t do friends that way.”

I was really relieved to hear that and I told her so.

“I know Tony pretty well.” I said, “I ‘stole’ him from someone else, so I realized that someday someone might try to steal him from me.”

“Hon, I don’t want to steal him from you. I’ll stop seeing him if you want to keep him.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be necessary.” I said slyly as I set my beer down on the coffee table. I leaned back on the plush couch.

“What do, ya’ll mean?” Kelly said turning to face me.

“Kiss me.”

Kelly wrinkled her brow briefly in confusion, but shrugged her shoulders, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“You mean like that?” Kelly asked as she straightened up.

“Um, not exactly…” I said. And without any further explanation, I undid the belt of my bathrobe and opened it wide, so Kelly could see my naked body from head to toe.

“Kiss me!” I said again, locking my eyes with hers. “Kiss all of me!”

Kelly’s eyes narrowed and slowly a knowing smile turned the corners of her petite mouth upward. She slowly leaned towards me until our lips touched. I parted my lips immediately inviting her tongue into my mouth. As the tips of our tongues touched, Kelly moaned into my mouth. After a moment Kelly broke the kiss, her face hovering slightly above my own.

“I didn’t know you liked girls, hon.” Kelly said with the beginning of breathlessness.

“Neither did I, until I heard you and Tony fucking each other’s brains out through our bedroom window a couple of weeks ago.”


“It’s a long story that, apparently, is getting longer by the minute. I’ll explain it all after we finish with what we have started here.” I said as I reached up to Kelly and lightly caressed her left breast through her sweat shirt.

“Whatever you like, hon. But I have a feeling we won’t be finished here for quite a while.” With that she grabbed the hem of her sweatshirt and pulled it off over her head.

I reached up, unbuttoned and then unzipped her jeans. Standing up briefly to kick off her sandals, and remove her jeans and panties, she lastly reached around her back and unhooked her bra — letting each piece of clothing, in turn, fall to the floor.

Standing there totally naked, she turned completely around and displayed herself for my approval. She raised an eyebrow as I let out a little chuckle.

“Something wrong, hon?” Kelly said a bit perturbed.

“No, nothing is wrong. In fact everything is just perfect!” I said admiring her gorgeous body and focusing my attention on the rather thick patch of flaming red hair at her crotch. “It is just that after canlı casino siteleri all of these years I finally know that your ‘cuffs’ do match your “collar’.”

“You like?” Relived, she straddled me on the couch.

“Yes!” I replied. I reached my hand up between her legs and cupped her warm wet pussy in my open palm.

Kelly moaned her approval as I slowly moved my hand gently back and forth. Slowly she descended upon me until our lips met again. Her breasts crushed themselves against mine as we kissed a deep long kiss. I moved both my hands around to her ass and massaged it lovingly.

Eventually, I coaxed her over onto her back and once there, I began kissing my way down the length of her body. I spent a good deal of time licking, sucking and teasing her beautiful breasts and button hard nipples. Out of nowhere, I suddenly imagined Tony titty fucking her. Surprisingly, the thought didn’t upset me; instead, it made me wish I could have been there when he did it to her.

“Has, Tony ever titty fucked you?” I said in a hoarse whisper.

“Yeah, babe, he loves to do that!”

I closed my eyes and imagined Tony’s cock sliding up and down between Kelly’s ample breasts. I could see his cum shooting out of his cock and splattering in necklace fashion on Kelly’s neck. I fantasized about licking his cum off of her neck and chest just as I felt my pussy juices begin to really flow.

With that image burned into my brain, I opened my heavily lidded eyes and skimmed across Kelly’s flat tummy until I came to that sea of red curly hair I had seen for the first time just moments ago.

I licked at her curls and Kelly responded by giggling. Her hands were resting gently on the back of my head, her fingers entwined in my hair.

“That tickles, hon!”

“Sorry, hon.” I said in mock apology. Without any further hesitation, I placed my lips upon her pussy lips and then probed her pussy with my tongue.

Kelly moaned above me and I felt her fingers tense up on the back of my head.

I moved my mouth up until I found her clit and then began to alternately tease it with my tongue and suck it between my lips.

Kelly’s hands were pressing down on the back of my head and her hips began gently bucking up into my face let me know that she appreciated what I was doing. I continued, taking my cues from her physical response to my ministrations. Finally, her raspy breathing climaxed in a loud half moan half scream just as I felt her pussy juices flooding my mouth and dribbling down my chin and neck.

Her body froze solid for a moment and then collapsed, totally spent onto the couch. She was gasping for breath, her breasts, covered with sweat and saliva, moved up and down quick, uneven cycles. Eventually, her breathing became more regular and deep.

I sat up and looked at her sprawled out in front of me, the afterglow of lovemaking on her face, and smiled.

“Okay” Kelly said as she looked up at me. “Now that you have fucked my brains out, which I assume is at least part of your plan, what are we going to do about Tony?”

“I don’t know.” I smiled back at her, “I’m making this up as I go along!”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32