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I hope that this story finds you all well. The first Falling For A Girl is finished. It is not going to be easy to write this one. There will be more drama. Life changes as time passes. It has been 10 years since the girls were in college. Some things change for the better, while some things fall into disrepair. Please comment and vote, it is the life of the story. Also, I encourage you, contact me directly through my page to discuss the series. Ask questions, voice concerns, or just shoot-the-shit (so to speak). I welcome it all.

(*) denotes a new segment or chapter if you prefer to think of it that way. Enjoy.



*Sands of Time

The wind rose out of nowhere on the frigid September morning. Small puffs of white signaled the exhales of the Lexington denizens as they bustled across intersections, racing against time to clock in for work. Women clamped their hands atop the hats and scarves, protecting the styled hair beneath. Men’s business jackets flapped in the wind as their hard-soled shoes tapped a sharp cadence on the sidewalk.

James Williams blended in to the masses, his hands were scorched by the fresh Starbucks coffee his boss had ordered; his face, stinging from the bitter winter air.

“Hold the elevator!” He called out across the wide modern art-deco foyer of the Kronos business center. He made it just in time to slide his foot between the almost closed doors. He looked around at the emotionless faces, “thanks. Jerks.” James said. “55.”

No one moved.

“Will someone press the goddamn 55 button?!” He lifted the coffee cups, signaling no free hands. “Jesus Christ!”

The button lit up and the small, overcrowded carriage began to move up.

James did not like heights. At all. Period. It bewildered him, almost daily, that he had become the secretary to one of the most powerful women in the business industry today. Most days he controlled his height anxiety, by recalling the history of his boss’s rise to power. She was meteoric by al standards. The lighted numbers scrolled by as the elevator continued it’s skyward journey.

Forbes magazine heralded her as the beginning of the end for corporate America. Her ideas were revolutionary. She had forced the modern world to evolve it’s practice, both foreign and domestic.

Actively, the business she had created – Kronos – funded orphanages, homeless programs, disaster relief funds, and the development of new, more effective medicines to change the battlefield of modern medical practices. She accomplished all this at the age of 31 by establishing firm philanthropic standards when her communications business was only out of conceptualization. Oh! And she had established a stock portfolio which had, in the past 6 years, cut the national debt by 83%.

The elevator doors opened on the 55th floor and James stepped quickly from the box, rejoicing as the ventilated air blew a cooling breeze upon his face. At this height, the heat was unbearable. Maybe it was just his perception.

“Look alive people. I’m heading up. We go live in fifteen minutes. She will be making her rounds at 8:15. Conference call at 8:45 sharp. Do NOT be late!” James didn’t bother looking at the faces as he passed by, they had been through this ritual everyday for the past 3 years. If they fucked up today, he wouldn’t be held responsible.

He pressed open the stairwell doorway and climbed the last four flights of stairs to the Executive office. There was only one desk up here. Only one executive. This company would never go public. She demanded control in all aspects of the business.

There were no express elevators to the top. No floors between 55 and what would be 60. Instead, it had been her genius idea to build a buffer of floors between the employees and what she termed, “high value targets.” It never failed to amaze him that she had planned for the possibility of a terroristic power-play. What did she think this was? Die Hard?

He pressed his back against the push-bar at the top of the stairs and took one last calming breath before forcing his way through.

The Executive office was a massive amount of space for so little decoration. The walls were floor to ceiling glass affording an uninhibited view of the city. The desk was presidential in presence, unwieldy for the paltry amount of paperwork that actually passed across the unmarred cherry surface. Her back was to him as she considered the world around her thinking about . . . whatever executives of her stature think about. What did he know, he just fetched her coffee.

“Missus Miles.” He spoke clearly, but not loudly. He waited for her acknowledgement.

She swiveled her chair around to face him. Her dark silky hair was pulled back in a tight bun. She considered him through the lenses of her simple, black-framed spectacles. A smile danced in her eyes and bloomed magnificently on her lips. With the sunlight at her back, she may have been a goddess. Her caramel colored skin seemed to glow in the morning light. “This,” she said softly, “is going to casino siteleri be a wonderful day.” The word ‘wonderful’ came out like a purr.

James forgot about the height. He forgot about the coffee scorching his hands in the bitter winter morning. He forgot about climbing four flights of stairs. Suddenly, there was no place he would rather be.

Too bad she is taken. He thought to himself as he looked menacingly at the wedding band on her hand.

“Is that for me?” Spencer asked, indicating one of the cups in his hands.

“Oh!” James moved to her desk and sat down the Venti White Chocolate and Hazelnut Cappuccino. “Yes, this is for you.” He pulled the iPad from his messenger satchel and handed it over to his boss. “And here is the schedule for the day. The important meetings are in red. The secondary meetings, which we can press back until next week are green, and the meetings you will most likely cancel are in yellow.”

“You know me soo well.” Spencer replied. “But, no need to jump into things right now. Take a moment, drink some coffee, and relax. I know those stairs don’t get any easier.”

James loved his boss. Literally loved her. She could be ruthless if needed. Would not bat an eyelid to fight dirty if it meant she could accomplish a goal. But she was good to her employees, making sure they were well-paid, had plenty of support for the complex tasks she often assigned, and provided for their futures through company investment options. Since her company was estimated to be worth $500 Billion in private stock options, and since employees were able to purchase into those stock options, it was a good idea to stay on her good side.

James sipped cautiously at his coffee while relaxing in a stylish, comfortable armchair. He considered what his boss’s life must be like. He assumed she had a gorgeous husband who was evolved enough to handle the fact that his wife made astronomical figures on her pay stub. Someone tan with sun bleached hair. Probably well over six feet tall. Most likely comes from “old money.”

While James was lost in his thoughts about some hypothetical person, Spencer made use of her free time by texting her lover. At 5’9″ with blonde hair and blue eyes, there was no one in the world (in Spencer’s opinion) who could ever compete with Callie. The beautiful, feminine, absolutely squeeze-till-your-arms-hurt-and-you-become-one-giant-smile, knock-down-drag-out-undisputed-featherweight-goddess-of-the-cosmos, woman she loved with all her heart and soul.

“I always sleep so well next to you. -S”

Her phone vibrated.

“D’awwww! That’s so sweet. I really miss the nights when we didn’t sleep though. Can’t wait to see you. Till then, I had better start educating the future generations of the world! Love you more -C”

“I’ll make it up to you.” Spencer replied. “I promise.”

Spencer smile faltered. Callie had made it clear that something was missing. She missed the intimate times. She missed the connection. Spencer knew that her work was taking too much time, but she couldn’t bring herself to loosen her hold. She hoped Callie would understand. Some days, Callie was the only thing that could make Spencer’s day turn around. She doubted that Callie knew how desperately Spencer needed her. She resolved to show her. Some day. She realized with a start that James had been speaking.

“Sorry, James. I was lost in thought.”

“It’s okay. That’s why you make the big bucks.”

“Oh, no this was personal.” Spencer replied.

“He must be quite the charmer.” James replied.

“I could be broke and there wouldn’t be anyone more blessed than I.” Spencer replied. Though it annoyed her that James always referred to her spouse as a “he,” Spencer really didn’t think it was his (or anyone else’s) business. She never corrected him because it didn’t matter. “Well, let’s get to it. This place doesn’t run itself.”

Spencer walked from the room, her black high-heels clicking sharply on the floor. James followed in her wake.

The day flowed smoothly, as most days at Kronos flowed. Spencer maintained a firm grasp of the reigns of the company and possessed the uncanny ability to foresee problems. When the day ended, Spencer gathered her materials and left the building. Most days she was the first to show up and the last to leave. Today was no different. She locked the doors behind her and made her way home.

She kicked off her heels as she entered the Master bedroom of the lavish home she and Callie shared. After a quick shower she climbed into bed naked, naturally. Callie was awake, sitting on top of the comforter wearing a see-through nightie and matching stockings. Spencer loved the way she looked, but she was so tired from work.

“What’s the occasion?” Spencer asked as she climbed into bed.

Callie twisted her hair around a finger. “Someone said they were going to make something up to me.” Callie replied huskily. She crawled across the bed and kissed Spencer under the jaw.

Spencer returned the kiss, but without the passion. She took Callie’s hand slot oyna in her own. “I know I said I would make it up to you, Sweetie, but I’m so tired tonight. Can we have a rain check?” Spencer asked quickly before a yawn overwhelmed her.

“Don’t worry about it.” Callie said. “I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.”

“Babe…” Spencer started.

“No. Really. It’s my fault. I knew you would be tired.”

“Soon? Ok?” Spencer replied over another yawn.

“Tomorrow night?” Callie asked quietly.

“Yes. We will have a date night. Just you and me.”

Callie didn’t reply. Spencer was already asleep.

*Hard To Resist

Callie woke up to Spencer getting dressed. Again. Every day she was up before the Sun getting ready for work. Each night she would climb into bed naked and sleep like the dead until morning. Over and over. Callie was grateful for all Spencer had accomplished for them in their lives, but things had begun to change.

She couldn’t remember the last time they had actually made love. That was the major problem. Callie guessed she should count herself as lucky since there were bigger problems to be had, but this felt significant to her. She missed her lover.

Spencer worked almost all the time. Callie spent most nights alone working on her lesson plans and thinking of new activities for the class. Well, after she and her friends went dancing at their favorite club she would work on her lesson plans. Samantha had been an unstoppable force in helping Callie relax. For the most part. Samantha was young, single, and hot. Callie found herself wanting to seduce the girl on more occasions than she could count. She was very tempting. And WOW could she dance!

The days when Spencer was off of work she still took business calls, scheduled appointments, and held conference calls. It required a lot of work to build an empire on your own and Spencer had accomplished great things. Callie couldn’t hold that against her, but was it really too much to ask for a little affection? A little spark?

The most intimate action she had these days was thanks to a powerful massaging shower head and vivid memories from the past. Well, these were the things she acknowledge in her fantasies. If she were being truly honest with herself, she would acknowledge that Samantha had been popping up in her “play time” more and more. She shook her head. She would not start the day sexually frustrated and that’s exactly where she would be if she let Samantha pop up now.

Callie climbed from the bed and reveled in the extra plush area rug leading to the bathroom. When she hit the tile she jumped from foot to foot, trying to acclimate to the cold stony substance against her skin. She peed, brushed her teeth, and took a nice hot shower. Michel Foucault, a philosopher, accurately summarized that, “that which we attempt to bar from our minds and society, that is what we bring to the forefront of our minds and society.”

Try as she may, Callie could not keep Samantha from coming to mind in the shower. She moved the shower head to a more pleasurable area and only returned to her cleansing ritual when she was satisfied. She felt guilty that it was thoughts of another woman which got her off, but she did not have time to dwell on this fact. She slipped in to her a fun dress – pink with white star bursts scattered across it (professional for 3rd grade) and white ballet flats. It was off to the races as she downed some of the coffee Spencer had made before leaving.

The school was a place of raw energy. Callie was glad she had chosen to work with children instead of adolescents. It was so much more fun to be working with little kids. They had, most of the time, fewer major disagreements with one another and they were still filled with the wonder of the world. Callie fed off the energy until a smile was plastered to her face.

As she walked up to the building, she was oblivious to the world around her, until someone bumped in to her. She turned around with her hand out, ready to catch a rambunctious child before they fell to the ground. Instead, she wound up with her hand on the crotch of a female. She quickly pulled her hand back and started to make a hasty apology until a painfully familiar voice spoke.

“Normally,” Samantha spoke laughing, “people have to buy me dinner and six or seven drinks before they get an “all access pass.” Samantha giggled at Callie’s blush.

Callie licked her lips and straightened her back. “That was hardly an ‘all access’ pass. At best it was mosh pit!” She was all sass.

“That is such a disgusting comparison!” Samantha swatted Callie’s arm. “I’m going to get you back for that.”

“So, what is on the menu today?” Callie asked as they walked.

“I heard there is going to be a special assembly today. The kids will love it. It’s all about school spirit. My cheerleaders get to storm the floor for a few minutes. I’ll be dancing too, naturally.”

“Naturally.” Callie agreed.

“Oh!” Samantha squealed. “I also pulled some strings and . . .”

Callie could canlı casino siteleri feel something coming.

“Since you helped with the choreography . . .”

Callie could feel her stomach clench.

“You get to dance on the floor with me!” Samantha jumped up and down. “Team Cheer!”

“Wait.” Callie stopped. “Some of those moves require some acrobatics. I’m in a dress!”

“Then everyone will get to see your panties!” Samantha said laughing. “Just playing! I happen to have an outfit in your size.”


Samantha nodded her head ‘yes’.

“No!” Callie reiterated.


Callie rolled her eyes. It was hard to be mad at Samantha. She was just too cute for her own good. Of course, this meant that Callie was often being dragged into things that she didn’t necessarily want to do. She gave in of course, because Samantha was sooo adorable.

Samantha took Callie’s hand in her own as they walked. It was a friendly gesture, but Callie felt her stomach somersault from the contact. It reminded her of being young and in love. She missed that feeling. Spencer flashed through her mind and she guiltily pulled away from Samantha. The younger girl did not notice. She did kind of resemble Spencer, though.

Samantha was 5’11” with long dreadlocks hanging down to the middle of her back. On someone else they might look out of place, but the exuberant young girl pulled them off with ease. Callie was captivated by her complexion. Most likely she was mixed, but it gave her an exotic look anyone else would kill for. She had a small stud piercing on the right side of her nose and large, innocent eyes. Callie thought about corrupting her and it made her shudder. With long legs, a flat stomach, a perfect bubble-butt, and 36C breasts Samantha left everyone drooling. Callie licked her lips. Samantha was oblivious, swinging her hips seductively from side-to-side as she walked.

They entered the gymnasium and were overpowered by the noise of hundreds of small bodies laughing, screaming, and simply enjoying a break from the normal routine. Callie smiled as she looked at all the happy kids.

“You always do that.” Samantha said.

“What?” Callie asked, still smiling.

“Whenever you see the kids, it’s like they energize you. You get this, this, beautiful smile on your face. I don’t think I ever see you happier than you are when you are around these kids.”

“It’s infectious.” Callie replied. She didn’t want to admit it, but the fact that Samantha noticed little things about her made her feel special, important. It had been so long since she felt that way. She had brought it up to Spencer several times, but since the company had taken off Spencer’s interest in sex had disappeared. It left Callie feeling, unfulfilled to say the least. Spencer loved her, there was no doubt, but there is a world of difference between the love they shared and the love they once had. Callie felt that they were nothing but friends without the fire.

“You’re infectious.” Samantha replied, her smile spreading across her face.

“Whatever.” Callie replied.

“Time to get ready. The cheerleaders will need our support.” Samantha grabbed Callie’s hand and dragged her to the locker room.

Twenty minutes later Callie stood in front of the entire school in an athletic jump suit which, she admitted begrudgingly, actually complimented her figure. She looked over at Samantha sparingly. The younger girl had opted for a cheer outfit of her own. White sneakers, skirt, spanks, and tight top. It was a miracle no one had a heart-attack. Callie found herself wanting to pull the skirt off her friend. She shook her head and re-focused on the task at hand.

They went through the innocent motions of the cheer. Most of the moves had been liberated from Hyuna’s song “Bubble Pop.” There were some moves that were not taken. It seemed to Callie that no matter how Samantha moved, it was way too sensual for a pep rally. She looked around, but no one else seemed to see what she saw.

All-too-soon the cheer part of the rally was over and the principle took the stand. She spoke volumes of inspiration to the children about taking pride in their work, in their school, and in their community. She told them that every time they did something well, it bettered the world around them. Callie enjoyed the message but thought it a little too deep for such a young crowd. The kids were just happy being out of class.

Samantha forcefully cuddled up to Callie.

“I thought you were going to change?” Callie asked, trying not to stare at Samantha’s lick-ably long legs.

“I did, but one of the girls accidentally spilled nail polish on my pants. Couldn’t go around in that so now I’m freezing in this!”

“Poor thing.” Callie said.

“Awwww.” Samantha replied.

“I was talking about the girl. Nail polish can be hard to replace.”

“Sooo mean!” Samantha giggled. “Now, give me your jacket or I’m going to have to climb in those pants with you!”

Callie handed over the garment, but not before images of being wrapped up around Samantha filled her mind. The scent of Samantha’s shampoo and hand lotion were a fruity bouquet Callie could taste on the air. “Resist temptation, resist temptation, resist temptation,” Callie thought to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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