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“AHHHH FUCK!!” Cat screamed as Kyle savagely fucked her ass on Sunday morning.

“Fuck yeah… fuck yeah!” Kyle groaned as he sawed at her tight, huge backside, slapping the juicy rump repeatedly.

He reared back and began to really give it to her, sweat popping from his forehead and chest as he slammed his dick into her.

“FUCK MEEEEEEE!!” Cat screamed at the top of her lungs as Kyle’s pussy juice lubed cock continued slamming into her tight asshole as she squeezed him.

She leaned back and kissed him, Kyle squeezing her massive, soft tits as he fucked her faster as she began to cum violently, screaming into his mouth as she tightened her asshole even harder.

“FUCK!!” Kyle shouted as he began to cum, blasting his hot wads of jizz into her parched asshole. He groaned as he came without stopping, her ass guzzling every scorching, salty drop.

“Holy shit…” she groaned as he pulled out, slapping his sticky cock on her ass before falling back on the bed.

Cat turned to him and kissed him on the lips deeply before kissing down his chest and torso to his twitching cock and slurping him down.

“Oh fuck…” Kyle moaned, the busty and fat ass GILF bobbing her head in his lap.

Soon he was back to full hardness, Cat sucking him off with a fury as Kyle groped her heavy juggs while she fondled his swollen balls.

He then shoved a finger into her winking ass, still coated with his cum. Cat then moaned and gripped him tight at the root and began to suck him off even faster.

It was too much, Kyle tensing and shooting his thick load down her throat for a solid 3 minutes as she dutifully swallowed every drop.

“Mmm…” she moaned licking from the middle of his drained sack to his sensitive dickhead, “delicious…”

She slid from the bed, Kyle following soon after and heading for the bathroom to take a shower.

He found Marie was already inside, soaping up her huge ass when he walked in, her back to him.

She turned to see him standing there, looking at him seductively before opening the glass sliding door for him to slip inside.

“Good morning baby,” she said lovingly as she stroked his dick, “how’d you sleep?”

“Perfectly after you had that pussy on me all night,” Kyle replied, groping her huge, wet tits.

“Mmm… good,” she chuckled, pulling his head down to kiss him passionately.

* * * * *

After dumping four loads in Marie’s sweet cunt, Kyle made his way downstairs to find Emily and some of the maids whipping up a delicious breakfast.

“Morning honey,” she said as she kissed him.

“Morning babe,” he replied, pouring some orange juice, “how was your hookup last night?”

“Extraordinary,” she said with a smile, “I had to drive home naked, my clothes were absolutely soaking with jizz.”

“Sounds good,” he grinned, kissing her before she handed him a plate and soon the rest of the family trickled in for breakfast.

* * * * *

After breakfast, Kyle was back in his bedroom, Emily sucking his dick furiously as she had her head hanging over the edge of the bed as Kyle fucked her face, squeezing her perfect tits.

His thick shaft was completely down her throat as his heavy nuts hammered mercilessly against her forehead.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, Emily’s slobber dripping from his balls into her hair.

He was overwhelmed with pleasure, thrusting even harder into her mouth, barely giving her time to breathe. Both were in need of a truly massive orgasm so after a few more minutes of the brutal face fucking Kyle pulled out.

He picked her up and pulled her to his chest, her smooth hand stroking his solid cock as if thinking he was going to shove it inside of her.

Kyle however, had other plans. He flung her onto the bed, Emily landing on her back as giggling as Kyle crawled toward, instantly spreading her legs.

Emily cried out as his tongue made contact with her wet pussy, her hands playing with her tits as he ate her out lovingly and professionally.

Emily groaned and cried out as he lapped at her pussy like a parched dog, sucking and nibbling on her erect, swollen clit. Simultaneously, he inserted two fingers into her hot wet cunt upon which she screamed even louder and began to cum on his fingers and tongue.

Emily spasmed and screamed as she came hard into Kyle’s mouth, illegal bahis her husband swallowing it all eagerly before getting to his knees and kissing furiously, Emily moaning into his mouth as she stroked his hard cock, taking it between her tits.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, squeezing her big juggs as he enjoyed the soft, warm confines of his wife’s tits.

“That’s it, sweetie.” Emily moaned, her eyes on his as he fucked her canyon of cleavage, “Saw that cock between my titties. Uuuuuuup and dooown, uuuuup and dooooown.”

She briefly stuck her tongue out to lap up a stray bit of pre-cum from the tip of Kyle’s dick as it darted towards her face before disappearing into her cleavage cave once more.

He began humping vigorously, squeezing her tits as he slid his dick between them rapidly. Emily held her mouth open wide, sucking on the 5 or 6 inches which would sprout from her tits on each thrust.

After a few more minutes of this incredible pleasure, Kyle pulled back, trailing the wet head of his dick between her tits and down her toned stomach to her pussy, beginning to shove it in.

“Fuck…” she moaned, gripping the edge of the bed.

Soon he was ramming her wet pussy, Emily screaming and clawing at his back as his nuts slammed against her ass. He gripped her ankles and spread her legs, ramming it in deep.

“FUCK!!” Emily screamed, cumming hard as he kept at it, grunting with each deep thrust into her sweet, wet cunt.

He roughly gripped her big tits, looking down to see her wet, tight pussy clinging his swollen dick.

“YES!” he growled, lowing her face to suck her tits hugely and as he fucked her her a rapid speed, groaning and dumping his hot cum into her pussy.

Emily panted, feeling her body swallow his thick jizz throughout his long and powerful orgasm before he pulled out.

“Holy shit…” she groaned as he lay beside her, grinning from ear to ear.

“Yeah…” he replied with a chuckle.

His eyes moved to her perfect tits and she glanced down at his hard cock, their eyes meeting against to which they smiled at one another.

Soon, Emily was on her knees on the floor between Kyle’s legs, fucking his fully hard dick with her tits.

“Fuck baby…” he groaned, “Damn, I love these tits!”

“Yeah honey,” she said, slowly licking the tip, “fuck these big tits…”

She began sliding them up and down even faster, Kyle groaning and howling, feeling his nuts twist as he cried out and felt his dick pulse and fire onto her big soft tits, covering every inch of them in globs of thick, white hot cum.

“Mmm…” she moaned, raising both tits to her mouth and licking up as much of his salty cream as she could capture.

* * * * *

After a shower in their private bathroom in which Emily soon was sucking Kyle’s dick until he shot another huge load down her throat, the pair headed downstairs to find everyone fucking full swing.

Kyle walked up to Thomas was fucking Aaron hard in his ass on top of the coffee table. He pressed his lips passionately to those of his son as Thomas reached down to stroke Kyle’s dick.

Kyle then held him by the chin and spat in his mouth, the two of them kissing agains and swapping spit. June, watching from the couch was rubbing herself to the sight as Thomas groaned into Kyle’s mouth and emptied his nuts into Aaron, Thomas’ seed oozing from his asshole and down his shaft.

Kyle and Thomas continued to make out as Aaron got to his knees and ate his mother out just the way she liked it.

“Damn, that’s hot…” Kyle groaned, Thomas kissing his chest as they jacked one another off.

He then yanked Aaron from her pussy by his hair and kissed him also before turning and shoving his dick into June’s pussy, beginning to fuck her hard.

She screamed, spreading her legs as he fucked her hard, sucking her huge chocolate titties as he slammed his dick in her to the root.

“FUCK!!” June screamed, “FUCK MY PUSSY GOOD, KYLE!”

Meanwhile, Thomas was fucking Cassidy in doggy, Aaron fucking her face just as aggressively.

They heard a loud groan and looked at Grayson finished in his brother Ash’s cunt. Ash, Victoria’s third child, made his way, his swollen clit making Thomas’s mouth water as his nut slammed against Cassidy’s pussy.

As he had rejected top surgery, Ash’s juicy 36F illegal bahis siteleri jugs jiggled with each step as he played with them. With the testosterone Ash was on, he was starting to develop facial and build some muscle.

His mother, just having taken a hot load from Little Charlie in her divine ass was his next target, running over and beginning to rim her, eager slurping as much of his brother’s load as he could.

Thomas continued fucking the shit out of Cassidy, June now riding Kyle’s dick furiously, her tits taking turns in his mouth as he gripped her massive ass.

All that you could hear were bodies slapping together. People moaning. Obscenities. It was magnificent.

Agnes had her ass up in the air as Justin frantically fucked her sweet, tight hole.

Marie was getting fucked in missionary by Nicky, her massive tits bouncing as he squeezed them, slapping his slick pole into her cunt.

Emily was taking turns sucking off Ronnie and Ethan, both boys moaning as she pleasured their dicks.

Gabby now had Simeon on his back, fucking his ass brutally with a strapon as she jacked him, Cat riding her great-grandson’s face.

It was too much for Thomas, groaning as he dumped his seed into Cassidy and then leaned down to take Aaron’s load onto his face along with her.

“Damn son,” Kyle groaned as he pulled his sticky cock from June, “that ass of yours is looking pretty empty.”

“Mmm…” Thomas moaned, stroking his father’s cock, “care to fill it up?”

Kyle grinned and gave it a slap. “Indeed I would. How about giving my pole a nice polish?”

Thomas grinned and got to his knees between Kyle’s legs, giving his cock a tug before taking him into his mouth.

Kyle groaned, reaching over to finger Ash’s pussy just as Wendall was fucking his face. Ash moaned around Wendall’s dick, playing with his tits.

Feeling Kyle back to full size in his throat, Thomas pulled off.

“Ready to shove this in my ass, Daddy?” Thomas asked, admiring his father’s huge cock, covered in his saliva.

Kyle nodded. “Let me suck you first, son.”

Thomas grinned and stood, Kyle sucking his dick into his mouth, his son moaning softly.

Ash was now riding Wendall as they both watched the scene, Wendall squeezing Ash’s tits as he played with clit, stroking it like a tiny cock.

Kyle gagged on his son’s dick, pulling back and beating him off as he played with his balls. He then took back into his mouth, gripping his ass as Thomas fucked his face.

Just when Thomas felt he was about to cum, Kyle pulled back and gave him a lick from his nuts to the tip of his cock, Thomas grinning and laying on his back on the coffee table, Kyle spreading his cheeks and spitting on his ass before sliding his dick inside of him.

It wasn’t long before he was fucking his son brutally as Thomas stroked his hard dick. Kyle then took over, hammering his fist down his son’s prick as Thomas screamed, Kyle fucking him like a rag doll.

“OH FUCK!!” Thomas screamed, loving every second of Kyle’s baseball bat of a dick sawing into his asshole.

“I’m gonna cum…” Kyle groaned, driving his dick into his son even more powerfully.

“Yes… cum in my ass, Dad!” Thomas pleaded, “I want to feel you jizz deep inside me!”

“FUCK!!” Kyle yelled as he came buckets into Thomas’ ass, both of them groaning and panting as they made out, Thomas milking his father’s cock with his ass, desiring every drop.

After they were both spent, Kyle pulled his dick out and let Thomas suck on it softly. Kyle soon groaned and soon came again down down Thomas’ throat as kissed him, tasting the jizz coating his cheeks.

Soon after, Kyle was behind Grayson, fucking his ass as Grayson was fucking Savannah in doggy. Victoria was sucking off Wendall as Little Charlie was pounding her asshole raw.

“OH FUCK!!” Savannah screamed, Grayson’s nuts smacking against her clit as he squeezed her tits, crying out as Kyle fucked him hard.

It wasn’t long before Grayson unloaded in her cunt. Next, Savannah got to her knees beside Grayson and she began to suck Kyle’s dick.

Grayson watched, jacking off as he fondled Kyle’s nuts and then took over, swallowing Kyle’s shaft.

It wasn’t long before Kyle was making out with Aaron, each of them stroking the other’s dick as Thomas made canlı bahis siteleri out with his mother, his fingers in her pussy as she stroked his cock.

Emily and Selena kissed and groped each other’s tits.

“This is so fucking hot…” Candace’s husband Derrick moaned as Marie energetically sucked his cock.

Thomas was bouncing on Ethan’s dick as Roxie sucked him off as Ash was beside them on his knees, getting fucked up his ass by Little Charlie.

“Damn right,” J.T groaned as he fucked Stephanie in missionary.

Kyle groaned as he came down Savannah’s throat, moving around to slide his dick in Melanie’s ass, palming her huge tits and giving them a suck as he fucked her hard.

“OH MY GOD YEAH!!” she screamed, arching her back as he drilled her deep.

The room was a chorus of grunts and moans, bodies slapping together in perfect sexual harmony.

Joseph was hammering Jonathan in his ass as Cassidy sucked his dick. Wendall was getting his dick sucked by Mark as Dana was bobbing her head between his legs sucking his dick and stretching her long tongue around his swollen balls.

“YEAH!!” Kyle grunted as Ash crawled up behind him and began to eat his ass as he continued to fuck the shit out of Melanie.

“FUCK!!” Tariq yelled as Victoria sucked him off, getting her pussy eaten by June.

Shane meanwhile was fucking Denise, sucking her her big barely legal tits as he drilled her beautiful cunt in missionary.

Emily was riding Steve on the floor and making out with Cat as she rode his face. One of Wendall’s assistants, Chloe was walking around naked, filming as she came up on Shane and Denise.

“How’s it feel with your uncle’s dick inside you?”

“I LOVE IT!” Denise groaned, “I JUST FUCKING LOVE IT!!”

Shane grunted, picking up speed as Chloe giggled and offered her pretty 32D tits for him to suck and he attached his mouth to her succulent left nipple and fucked his little niece even harder as she came on his dick.

“HOLY SHIT!!” Grayson yelled, Ronnie fucking Natasha’s ass and sucking his dick.

Kyle yelled as he came in Melanie’s ass and then flipped her over, sliding into her cunt with hesitation and fucking her just as fast as before.

“I’M CUMMING!!” Shane croaked, his dick swelling inside Denise and he fired off twice inside of her before pulling out and blasting 6 more globs of hot and creamy white cum onto her belly and tits.

By now, Thomas, Aaron and Ethan had formed a chain, Ethan fucking Aaron’s ass as he fucked Thomas’ as he jacked off.

“Oh yeah,” Ash cried, Melanie’s son Max’s fucking him in reverse cowgirl as he palmed his bouncing tits. “OH FUCK YEAH!!”

Joseph was now fucking Vanessa in a spooning position while she lay her head back, sucking their son Justin’s dick.

Kyle then came again inside Melanie, cumming so hard that his load stuffed her pussy and fired out onto her thighs.

Gina, fucking Nicky, watched as Thomas came over, his ass stuffed with Aaron’s cum and began beating his dick, covering their faces and her tits with his jizz, she and Nicky sucking him clean as Nicky came inside of her.

Chloe had set the camera on a specially made rotating tripod as she rode Mark’s dick, taking a massive load in her pussy.

Victoria and June sucked off Tariq until he burst down each of their throats and the fuck fest continued until no one could go on any longer.

After hours of sweaty and hardcore fucking, everyone cleaned themselves off and chattered before mostly everyone left to head home.

“Thanks for a lovely evening Kyle,” June said as she prepared to walk out of the door, kissing him deeply and stroking his dick.

“My pleasure,” he replied, kissing her again and squeezing her round ass.

* * * * *

The next morning, Emily came down to find Kyle in the living room, looking at the edited video on the TV of the orgy Wendall had uploaded the night before.

His eyes were glued to the screen, his dick rock hard. Emily smiled and walked over, kissing him passionately and stroking him.

“Yesterday was really fun,” she said.

“Damn right,” he replied with a grin.

“Gets me excited…” Emily said, dropping to her knees and licking Kyle’s dick from the underside of his nuts to the tip, “for what today has in store.”

Kyle grinned. “Might as well get it off to a bright start.”

Emily smiled and sucked his dick down, getting him fully hard in seconds and Kyle lighting a blunt, his mind already burning with the thoughts of all the depravity he would bring upon the world that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32