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A lot of people think fat chicks like myself are sexually repressed angels. We’re not saints. Fat chicks are sexually aggressive! And quite often we’re the biggest sluts around. Literally and figuratively. Getting my tight asshole filled with cock, all day and every fucking day , that’s this big white woman’s dream. And it’s got to be black for it to feel right. I can’t stand white dick. I’m sometimes partial to Latin cock, though. My name is Bridget Morris. A five-foot-nine, 250-pound, red-haired and green-eyed Irish chick living in the city of Hillcrest, down in North Carolina.

I’m a heavyset white female with huge tits, a chunky body, some really wide hips and a huge round booty. Bigger than most black women’s booties, if you can believe that. My booty is the source of much sorrow and happiness for me, folks. You see, my seventy-inch booty craves dick. Preferably black dick if you’ve got it. And this right here is my tale of doing whatever it takes to satisfy my craving for black cock.

Right now, I’m on all fours. Face down and fat ass way up as my lover Kevin Brown slams his ten inches of uncircumcised black man power into my asshole. My ass cheeks are spread really wide open, to allow for the maximum amount of black cock sliding into my asshole. And I absolutely love it. The only thing I love more than stuffing my face is getting my fat ass filled with cock. I love the feel of a big black dick up my asshole and if you think it’s wrong then I most definitely don’t want to be right.

Now, for those of you reading this, you’re probably wondering who in hell I am and how in hell I became a chubby illegal bahis white female anal addict. Well, it’s simple, folks. I discovered anal sex during my first year at Hillcrest Technical College. I was the only female member of the Women’s Wrestling program, a fact that didn’t faze me. What really bothered me was the fact that when I’m off the wrestling mat, I felt invisible. Just another fat white chick strolling through campus. So I decided to get myself a boyfriend. Being a twenty-year-old virgin wasn’t cute. It was downright pathetic.

Kevin grabs my wide hips and slams his big black dick even deeper into my asshole. The black stud is really into fucking fat white chicks up the ass. The bigger the woman, the tighter the asshole. That’s what he believes anyway. I wouldn’t know. I know my asshole is tight, but I can’t speak for other women. It’s not exactly something that comes up in casual, everyday conversation. I’m lucky to have found Kevin. At Hillcrest Tech, he could have had any woman he wanted. He’s a cornerback on the men’s varsity Football team and a really cute guy. When we met, it was most certainly lust at first sight.

There is a certain hierarchy at Hillcrest Technical College. The most popular female students are the gals from the Women’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Softball, Women’s Equestrian, Women’s Golf, Women’s Swimming and Women’s Track & Field teams. The most popular gentlemen are the guys from the Men’s Baseball, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Swimming, Men’s Football, Men’s Golf, Men’s Track & Field, Men’s Wrestling and Men’s Volleyball teams. The majority of illegal bahis siteleri the chicks from the Women’s Wrestling team are a bunch of masculine broads that not even the most desperate guys on the college campus would try hooking up with. And more than a few of them are die-hard dykes. I was in serious danger of living out my college days without ever getting laid. Well, I wasn’t going to take this lying down. Pun intended.

I spotted a sexy man who caught my attention the moment I laid eyes upon him. Kevin Brown. The six-foot-four, dark-skinned, hefty and handsome black stud who was one of the top players on the Hillcrest Technical College football team. This stud was alright. I like big men. The problem is that too often big men only go out with skinny women. Lots of big women like myself really like big men. Unfortunately, many of them don’t even notice us. Well, I decided to get Kevin Brown’s attention.

I’d seen him walking around with a couple of skinny chicks. Notably a tall, skinny young black woman named Joanna, from the Women’s Soccer team. I wasn’t too worried about Joanna getting her hooks on Kevin Brown. My only male friend on campus was Keith Hamilton, a big and tall Latino guy who’s a closet homosexual. He’s also a lineman on the men’s Football team. I’ve known since my days at Hillcrest Community High School. He was a football player and I was a wrestler. He dated my older brother Andy for a while. As it turns out, my friendship with Keith paid up because he was Kevin’s roommate. I could visit Keith whenever I wanted and cast admiring glances at Kevin without looking too suspicious.

Keith canlı bahis siteleri told me that Kevin had a thing for big women. When I checked on Kevin’s computer, I found it had been to an interesting place. The adventures of a dirty-minded director who butt-fucked fat women at his studio. I found the website quite erotic. Lots of women claim to be offended by porn. Not me. I’ve been known to buy the occasional porn DVD. Hey, even for women, masturbation isn’t always enough. I was thrilled to discover that Kevin Brown, the tall black football stud who could have any woman he wanted on campus was into big women. So I went after him.

Basically, I offered myself to Kevin Brown. My bare essentials. I promised him an eager mouth, wet pussy and tight asshole at his beck and call whenever he wanted them. Most women can’t promise this to the men in their lives. Kevin took me up on my offer. We’ve been together ever since. I love him. I love his cock. I love getting fucked in the ass. And nothing says I love you like hardcore anal sex! Which is why I’m on all fours right now, face down and ass up, getting sodomized by my favorite black man. I’m his favorite fat white bitch and to keep my status, I got to take it up the ass!

Kevin rams his big black cock so far up my ass, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of my mouth. His big dick is drilling deep into my asshole like a miner looking for gold. I’m screaming in both pleasure and pain as he fucks me. Yes, this is what I want. I’m a fat white woman with a big butt who loves to get fucked in the ass by a strong black man. Kevin calls me a fat slut and a punk bitch while fucking me in the ass. And I absolutely love it. For I’m a natural submissive who can’t get off any other way. When Kevin finally shoots his cum up my ass, I scream in sheer pleasure. Yes! I love it! More anal sex please!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32