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Allie Haze

Sonali and Jina took a taxi from the train station to the house, an old colonial set on the outskirts of the main city. The house was not very large but the grounds where spacious and beautiful with plenty of privacy.

The taxi driver helped bring their luggage in, Jina paid him and saw him on his way. Closing the door Jina turned around only to find Sonali lips on her own in a passionate kiss. As Sonali’s tongue entered her mouth and started to duel with her own, her hands were busy pulling away the sari from her chest and exposing her blouse and the charms that they hid from her view.

Putting her hands on Jina’s breasts she slowly started to squeeze them while they kissed. Jina’s hands slowly traveled down Sonali’s back and settled on her ass and she pressed their bodies together trapping Sonali’s hands, still covering her breasts, between their bodies.

When they finally broke their kiss Jina uttered a low moan and exposed her neck to Sonali, who immediately fastened her lips to her neck. Moving her kisses down her neck she started to unbutton Jina’s blouse as soon as the blouse was open, she started licking the valley between her breasts. Stepping back Sonali pulled the bra off Jina’s body exposing her breasts to the air. Placing her hands on Jina’s exposed breasts Sonali started to tweak her nipples with her fingers. Her actions brought a long low moan from Jina’s mouth as her body reacted to Sonali’s manipulations.

Burying her face between the heavenly and abundant breasts of Jina, Sonali started to lick slowly kissing her way to Jina’s right nipple and then back to her left nipple, not letting her lips leave her skin for even a moment. Fasting her lips to one of Jina sweet breasts Sonali started to slowly suckle her breasts as Jina’s moans grew in volume.

The heat of their aroused bodies and humid weather covered their bodies in a fine sheen, displaying Jina’s body even more gloriously and causing Sonali’s dress to plaster on to her body. Pushing Sonali’s lips away from her breasts Jina devoured them with her own, her tongue forcing its way into her wiling mouth where their tongues dueled together in a deep french kiss which left them both panting. Breaking off the kiss Sonali moved back and in one quick motion pulled the frock over her head.

She had been naked under her frock from the moment they stepped off the train and was now standing in all her naked glory. Stepping forward her hands went to Jina’s waist her casino oyna where she started to take off her sari while her face returned back to the valley between Jina’s abundant breasts. As her hand nimbly pulled out her sari her tongue and mouth with equal nimbleness continued to arouse and tease Jina’s breasts and nipples.

Jina’s sari was eventually loosened and fell down around her feet. Stepping back Sonali surveyed Jina who now stood naked except for her petticoat, her body now covered in a fine sheen of sweat which reflected the light off her flawless body. Her beautiful and abundant breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing.

Sonali went down to her knees and raising Jina’s petticoat quickly ducked her head inside and placed her lips directly on to her slit and started to lick her. Jina’s breathing became even more labored and she started to moan softly with the pleasure that Sonali’s tongue was bringing to her body as her pleasure mounted she felt her legs started to go weak and leaned heavily against the door to keep herself from falling down. Meanwhile Sonali was busy licking Jina under the petticoat as she continued to push her tongue into her cunt she felt her own arousal and quickly proceeded to push two of fingers into her cunt and started to finger herself.

As her arousal mounted so did the pace of her tongue on Jina’s slit and her fingers in her own cunt. By this time Jina was highly aroused and her moaning loudly and urging Sonali to continue. Jina placed both hands to Sonali’s head and pushed her mouth even more strongly on to her own vagina. Thus both women moved towards the peak of their sexual satisfaction and moments later Jina screamed out her orgasm the taste of her juices, and her fingers in cunt pushing Sonali over the edged also, her moans muffled by Jina. As her orgasm subsided Jina let go of Sonali’s head and she slumped back, spent and withdrew from under her petticoat while Jina also slowly slumped down to the ground her legs no longer able hold her up.

Sonali slowly crawled up to Jina and placed her head on her breasts. As they both slowly started to regain their breath Sonali lowered her face started to slowly suck on Jina’s nipple while her hands started wandering over her body. Jina meanwhile was also slowly running her hands through Sonali’s hair and over her naked body.

“Not now, Sonali, we will have the whole day and night to enjoy each other. Right now, lets us settle down and clean up the house. slot oyna Then we shall enjoy each other in the comfort of our bed instead of on the floor.” said Jina said.

Sonali raised her head from Jina’s breasts “You promise?” she said.

“Of course.” said Jina as she started to get up, Sonali also stood up, then moved forward she gave Jina a deep kiss.

“OK let’s go, the sooner we are done, the sooner we can get down to discovering each other” She said.

Sonali quickly put on her frock and as Jina reached for her blouse and sari she snatched them away from her. “You don’t need these. I want to see as much of your body as possible” Sonali said. Jina looked at Sonali but was secretly thrilled at the idea of going about the house just wearing her petticoat and quickly agreed to Sonali’s suggestion. The two of them immediately set upon cleaning the house and putting their stuff away. They worked fast secure in the knowledge that the sooner they finished the sooner they will be able to get to the bedroom.


Nikita slowly walked towards Reeva and got down on her knees in front of her. Tentatively reaching forward she placed her hand on the protruding end of the strap-on dildo. She wanted to take a closer look at this wonderful contraption that they had just enjoyed. As she looked at it closely, she could smell Reeva’s and her own sex. She slowly lowered her head and took the dildo in to her mouth and tasted her own sexual juices on it. Watching Nikita licking the dildo and taking it in her mouth plus the sensation of it moving in her moist vagina aroused Reeva and her nipples started to become hard, reaching her left hand between her legs she curled the fingers into Nikita’s hair and slowly guided her ministrations of her body.

As the pressure mounted in her, Reeva felt an urge to satisfy her hunger and taking Nikita’s face in both her hands slowly brought her face to her own. Looking into her adoring eyes she lightly kissed her lips several times and as Nikita moaned she kissed her in a more needful way and pushed her tongue into her mouth where it played and dueled with Nikita’s.

Nikita stood up with her lips still attached to those of Reeva and took the end of the double headed dildo and guided it in to her slit. Nikita slowly sat down onto Reeva’s lap and pushed the dildo into her self. Seating herself comfortably onto Reeva’s lap Nikita slowly started to move her hips back and forth.

The dildo inside canlı casino siteleri her started to move around and she felt the pleasure of being full shoot thru her entire body. Reeva placed her hands on Nikita’s waist and started to return her thrusts and while holding on to her body. Nikita broke off the kiss and moaned loudly holding on to Reeva by placing her hands on her shoulder. Reeva dropped her face in to her bosom and caught one of her nipples in her mouth and flicked her nipple with her tongue. Nikita moaned arched her back and grabbed Reeva’s head with one of her hands and pushed into her breast.

Reeva put her hands on Nikita’s firm behind pulled her strongly against her while pushing forward at the same time until the dildo was buried fully inside the two of them and there bodies were completely meshed together. There breast mashed together nipple against nipple.

Unlike their previous lovemaking they took their time with no fear of being caught and enjoyed each other’s bodies slowly moving their bodies against each other enjoying the sensation of the others body against the other and the feeling of being full and connected to each other. As they rocked together with Nikta sitting on Reeva’s lap they continued kissing long and tender kisses pushing their tongues in each others mouths.

As they both reached towards their climax the pace of their lovemaking increased. Nikta reached her climax first, breaking the kiss she let out a low moan as she came Reeva followed her and also moaned as she came, as they both climbed down from their orgasmic high, they continued to rock against each other and soon started to climb towards another climax. The two of them continued in this fashion for the next hour enjoying one climax after another until they lost count, their bodies covered by a sweat and their breath coming quick and short.

“No more, no more” moaned Nikita after a very satisfying orgasm her body covered in sweat and shaking from the long lovemaking session. Reeva was also out of breath and with no strength to continue after her own orgasms. She dropped her face to Nikita’s cleavage and licked the sweat off her body.

They stayed like that for a while catching their breath finally Nikita stood up and the dildo slipped out of her body releasing the juices that had been trapped within her, the juices flowed down her leg and made a small puddle on the floor. Reeva un-strapped the dildo and pulled it out of her allowing the juices trapped inside her to also flow. The two of them sat in the chairs and looked at each other and smiled in the knowledge that soon they will be enjoying each other again, and again, throughout the day.


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