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Sophie sits at her desk, twiddling her long, dark hair in her fingers and tries hard to concentrate on the screen in front of her. Ever since she opened her eyes this morning she’s been waiting to hear from him. She’s checked and rechecked her emails and text messages but there’s nothing. She considers texting him, again, but she’s already sent three and is kicking herself for it.

Keen for a distraction she wanders into the office neighbouring hers and arranges to go to lunch with her friend and colleague, Jo. Jo knows all about Sophie’s fiery relationship with Drew and is always a willing sounding board for her Monday morning analysis of the weekend’s events. Whether it’s the bouncy, delirious Sophie that walks in the door, high on a weekend of romance and exciting lovemaking or a confused, upset and frustrated Sophie after yet another disagreement.

With lunch arranged, Sophie pushes her phone into her handbag and out of view while she finally gets some work done. Quickly, 1pm arrives and Jo sticks her blonde head around the door, ready to take her to lunch. The girls chat in the coffee shop near their office and Sophie tells Jo that Drew being away with work is driving her to distraction. Last night they’d had something of an argument over the phone. Knowing his good looks and charming, sociable nature, Sophie worries a little about who he mixes with while he’s away. Right now he’s in the South of France surrounded, she’s sure, by beautiful and glamorous women. A perk of working in the Yacht industry. To her surprise, Drew had become agitated when she told him about bumping into an old, male friend and going out for lunch with him. His irritation and jealousy making her regret mentioning it very quickly. Just talking about the argument that ensued with Jo, makes Sophie feel a lot better but until she speaks to him, gets an apology and knows it’s forgotten, she can’t relax.

Back at work, Sophie’s phone finally beeps with a message from Drew.

“Do you have your bullet with you?”

“What the hell kind of message is that?” She replies then curses herself for not letting his lack of apology be brushed over. She does have the tiny sex toy with her, she keeps it in her handbag, at his request.

“Do you have it or not?”

She takes a deep breath, what is he playing at? She’s can’t help her annoyance now.

“You know I do, what’s your point?”

“Get it out”


“I know you want to slide it between your nylon clad thighs and pleasure yourself at your desk”

Sophie taps her angry response “I have a meeting to go to. Laters!!”

She smiles lightly at herself, for using his favourite ‘I’m done with this conversation’ phrase, and hits send.

She gathers her paperwork and pen and makes her way down the corridor to the meeting room where she places her phone on the desk waiting for his reply that doesn’t come. More people arrive in the room, greeting each other and making themselves comfortable around the huge desk. With a huff, she turns the phone on silent, but leaves it neatly placed on the desk, seething.

No more than three minutes into the meeting, the phone lights up on the desk and Drews name flashes on the screen. She has to fight not to answer it but knows she can’t with the meeting in full swing. illegal bahis She so desperately wants to make up but at the same time is so cross with him. He’s had all day, why call now when he knows she’s in a meeting?

The screen goes black and a few minutes later is illuminated again with a notification telling Sophie she has a voicemail to listen to.

It is over an hour later when she makes it back to the privacy of her own office and is eager to listen to Drew’s message. Just the sound of his voice makes her tummy flip over, as she settles back into her chair. His tone is quiet and soothing but there’s an authority in his voice which is unmistakable.

“Take the bullet out of your bag Sophie. Don’t mess around. It’s pointless pretending you don’t want to. Take it out of your handbag and turn it on. Do it now”

Theres a silence but for the sound of him breathing into the phone.

Sophie’s anger bubbles. How dare he? What is he thinking? Where is the apology? But her body betrays her. Her nipples have hardened making them visible through her white shirt and her face is beginning to flush. Damn him.

Holding the phone to her ear with one hand, she makes a grab for her handbag beneath her desk. The idea of turning herself on at work is oddly exciting.

“Got it yet? Good girl. Run the bullet over your perfect nipples. I know they’re aching to be touched”

With a quick look out through the glass door of her office to check there’s no one about, Sophie does as he suggests, flushing wildly as she teases her nipples through her shirt. This could be a disaster, imagine what would happen if someone caught her.

“Feels good My Girl doesn’t it? I want you to hitch your skirt up until you can see your knickers. Do it now”

Sophie’s brown eyes are wide, a little shocked by this suggestion.

“Rub the bullet along the inside of your thigh”

“Shit” she whispers to herself and wriggles her pencil skirt up her thighs a little.

In the next second, her desk phone rings, making her jump a mile. She hastily turns off the toy, ends her call to voicemail and pushes her skirt back into place before answering her desk phone and doing her best to sound both natural and professional although her heart is racing.

It’s a client with a list of jobs he wants doing by 5pm, leaving Sophie under 30 minutes to get them done. Caught between relief and frustration Sophie hangs up, throws the toy back into her bag and sets about the list of tasks she’s been given wondering what she’d been thinking. Before she met Drew the idea of doing what she’d been about to do, at work, would’ve been unthinkable. It feels a little like being under his spell, he has brought a confidence and sexuality out in her that she hadn’t known she possessed. It’s been noticed too, by her friends and work colleagues. She’s paying a little more attention to her appearance these days and has developed a sway in her hips as she walks. She can’t explain it. Everything just feels different to her but she is still shocked by herself sometimes.

She’s a little late leaving the office which means getting stuck in the city centre traffic. She hasn’t stopped wondering about what the rest of her voicemail suggested for her to do but simply hasn’t had time to find out, illegal bahis siteleri until now. As she comes to a standstill at another set off red lights, she dials her voicemail and Drews voice fills her ears through the car speakers. She listens again to his instructions and again her body’s response is instantaneous. A thought flashes across her mind. The long days of summer have arrived, its still sunny and there are plenty of cyclists and pedestrians around but could she follow his instructions here in the car?

Smiling to herself, she rummages through her handbag whilst keeping an eye on the traffic lights.

“Hitch your skirt up until you can see your knickers. Do it now. Rub the bullet along the inside of your thigh”

The lights change but the gridlocked traffic means the car in front doesn’t move. She shifts in her seat, raising her bottom just enough to tug her skirt up around her waist.

“Go slowly. There’s no rush. Stroke it up and down. Do not touch your gusset.” Drew’s voice is stern but Sophie can almost hear him smiling as he speaks.

Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, Sophie follows the instructions, as they are definitely instructions rather than suggestions, she decides.

Her eyes flick between her thighs and the traffic lights.

“You can’t believe how bold you’re being. You’re a horny slut Sophie. You’re MY horny slut! You’re getting wet already”

The lights change to green and the car in front of Sophie moves. She drops the vibrating toy in her lap, sticks the car into gear and drives forward no more than three car lengths before coming to a halt.

“Open your legs. Slide it all the way up your thigh now. Touch yourself. You’re so wet now. For me” he says, matter-of-factly.

She follows his command. Her heart beats violently in her chest and her breathing is shallow. The vibrations through the material of her tights and knickers feels good but it’s not enough.

“You’re desperate to fill your wet pussy. Look at your nipples. Can you see them, wanting to be touched and sucked too? Go ahead and touch them again.”

Glancing around outside the car, terrified of drawing the attention of the people now in her view at a bus stop nearby, Sophie removes her hand from the steering wheel and brushes her finger tips across her breasts, feeling her erect nipples through her shirt. She doesn’t watch though, her eyes are still darting around- the rear view mirror, the people standing at the bus stop and the car in front which now begins to move again. This time with one hand she drives a little further, the other hand still stroking circles on her gusset.

“You want to feel how wet you are don’t you?Are you brave enough My Girl?”

With the hand brake back on, Sophie doesn’t think twice, she’s desperate to see how wet she is and already planning on bringing herself to orgasm the minute she gets home. She just needs a second to feel it.

She reaches under her skirt and up to the waist band on her tights. It’s awkward but she can twist her hand and slip a finger between her lips. She closes her eyes on a deep inhale when she touches her clitoris. He’s right, she’s dripping wet.

“Do it. Touch yourself. You want to cum don’t you? Feel the wetness. That’s for me. Now stop, canlı bahis siteleri that’s enough. I’ll call you later, I’m so sorry about last night. Forgive me. I love you.” He says, and then a different voice announces “End of messages.”

“God damn it!” She mutters.

She takes her hand away, back to the steering wheel and hangs up the call as the traffic begins to move again, this time for longer and she rounds the corner of the road to see a very familiar junction.

This is the exact spot, she thinks, where it happened a few months ago. She had been sat in traffic and Drew had been in his car behind her, both on their way to her house. When the lights were red, Drew had jumped out of his car and jogged towards hers. She had opened the window to speak to him, concerned he might have broken down, only to be pulled towards him as his lips found hers. “I just felt a compulsion to kiss you” he grinned at her, leaving her gobsmacked as he raced back into his car before the lights changed again. She hadn’t stopped giggling the whole way home.

Sophie thinks about that kiss and the warm glow she had felt. Drew had said it wasn’t his choice, a compulsion, a need in him to touch her, out of his control. That was the day she knew he loved her. The thought has Sophie stroking the vibrating toy on her gusset again. Her body needs this. So what if he said she should stop?

Fiddling with the buttons on her steering wheel, Sophie redials her voicemail. She listens again to Drew’s sexy voice. She’s not following his instructions this time though. With another shuffle of her hips and a tug of her waistband, she forces enough space with her hand to bring the tip of her toy directly to her stiff, aching clit. Her internal muscles clench and in no time at all she can feel she is close to cumming.

The next time the lights change she doesn’t stop circling her clit with the toy as she drives. Changing gear means releasing the wheel but she doesn’t care, she manages.

She is concentrating on Drews voice speaking to her.

“You can’t believe how bold you’re being. You’re a horny slut Sophie. You’re MY horny slut! You’re getting wet already.”

Whereas previously the traffic hold ups on her journey had been annoying her, Sophie finds herself annoyed as the flow of traffic speeds up and she sails through the next two sets of lights unhindered. She’s not stupid enough to think she can cum while she’s driving but knows that she will need a minute at most to tip her over the edge, if she could only get opportunity. That opportunity strikes as she approaches some road works and a queue of cars.

She yanks the handbrake, shifts into neutral and replaces her left hand on the steering wheel, gripping it tightly. A little push of the button on her toy ramps up the intensity of the vibrations as high as they can go. She screws her eyes closed, pushing her head against the headrest and straightening her legs as much as possible in the footwell. She visualises Drew as he speaks to her.

“Touch yourself. You’re so wet now. For me. You want to feel how wet you are don’t you?Are you brave enough My Girl?”

Her orgasm approaches as quickly as she expected. Her hand working her toy in faster and faster circles, pushing harder against her sensitive clit. Her whole body shakes as she cums with a satisfied sigh and opens her eyes just in time to see the traffic moving ahead of her.

She takes a shaky breath and starts to drive, removing the bullet and pulling her skirt down to cover herself her thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32