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I was sitting at my favorite restaurant eating lunch the other day, minding my own business. The restaurant was fairly empty, and I could hear the conversation at the table next to mine. They were talking football.

Three of the adults were arguing with the fourth. I had noticed that fourth earlier, and was very appreciative of her. She was in her mid-to late-20s, about 5-2, with blond hair just below her shoulders, a tight ass, a flat belly and very huge breasts. Her shirt said “Kiss me” across her chest. I had to take a few steps away to read “I’m Irish” plastered on her shirt under her breasts, across her abdomen. Yeah, I thought, I’d love to kiss those breasts. But I thought it was just a passing perv moment, and sat down to eat.

The discussion at the next table regarded the Tennessee Titans, one of the better teams in the National Football League. “Irish”, as I thought of her, was holding on to her statement that Tennessee used to be the Houston Oilers. Her seatmates were arguing that this was not so. I could see her getting frustrated, and I understood why. The Titans had indeed started out as the Oilers before moving to Nashville.

I flipped open My cell phone and did a quick search. I found the history of the Titans, scrolled to the point where they moved and renamed, then stood up and walked to the table. My only thought was to stop the argument, so I could eat in peace.

I leaned against Irish’s chair and said “Excuse Me.” The table occupants all looked at me. “The Tennessee Titans used to be the Houston Oilers. They moved in early 1997.” I showed them the page on my cell phone, while Irish looked at me, smiling.

Her table companions begrudgingly admitted that Irish was right, and as they lowered their voices to change the topic, I went back to my lunch. I did notice Irish looking at me a couple times as I ate, but thought nothing of it. After all, I thought, she’s just another pretty girl in a town with many pretty girls.

Eventually the people at her table get up to leave. I noted their departure mentally, but I was finishing my lunch and not paying too much attention anywhere else. That’s when I heard a voice behind me. “Thank you for your support,” Irish said as I turned to see her. OK, I’m seated and she’s standing, so I’m looking at those breasts from an extremely close angle.

“You’re welcome,” I respond. “Your friends just didn’t want to believe you.”

“You didn’t have to do that,” she said. “I truly appreciate illegal bahis the gesture, and I want to show you some kindness in return. Have you had dessert yet?”

“No,” I said.

“Then please come have dessert with me, at my place. Its not far.”

I agreed and walked out with her. I followed her in my car a few blocks until she stopped at a two-story home. We exited our cars and I made my way to her side as we entered the home. “Welcome to my house,” she said. “I’m Erin, by the way,” she said.

“I’m Robert. You’re really Irish then,” I asked.

“That I am,” Erin said with a smile. “I saw you reading my shirt. Want to follow up on its suggestion?”

I needed nothing else to be said. I grasped her arm, turned her towards my body and kissed her, softly at first. Erin wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeper and harder. Her tongue darted into my mouth, and settled there for a few minutes. She squirmed against my body, making my cock respond in a natural way.

Slowly we broke the kiss. I looked at her as she smiled mischeviously. “You mentioned dessert?” I said, just to say something.

“Yes I did,” she said, pulling up her shirt. “I’m your dessert, Robert.” She lifted the “kiss me” shirt off her body, revealing her huge breasts at the same time.

I pulled her to me then and resumed kissing her, knowing now what she wanted. She reached behind her back and undid the bra clasp. My hands went to her breasts, lifting the bra and playing with the nipples. I pinched and pulled them, and they became very hard very quickly. As we stepped apart again, the bra fell to the floor, followed a second later by Erin, who dropped to her knees before me. Her hands expertly opened my pants, and a moment later my cock was out, limp and waiting.

It did not stay out in the open air for long. Erin greedily sucked it into her mouth, licking the shaft and tip while her hands pushed my pants and briefs down to my ankles. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my trousers, all the while feeling the pleasure of an expert cock-sucker attached to my rod. She would draw the shaft in, then slowly pull it out of her mouth, letting her teeth and tongue play with my rod. I also pulled my shirt off, keeping a watch on Erin as she continued to suck and lick and devour my cock.

Soon her hand started to scratch my balls, and I started to lose my willpower. “Erin, I’m gonna cum,” I said between moans.

“Do it, cum in my mouth,” Erin illegal bahis siteleri replied. Her sucking increased and I lost it. My cock erupted, and she started drinking down my semen. I shot three times into her mouth before she pulled my cock out and let the last couple shots decorate the top of her boobs. As I stopped cumming, she lifted one breast, then the other, to her mouth, licking off the cum when she could, smearing it with her fingers when she couldn’t reach it with her tongue.

I lifted her up to her feet, bent my head and kissed her deeply. I tasted my own cum in her mouth, hich made her moan in delight. I guessed that not too many of her lovers had taken their owen cum into their mouths.

As we kissed, I worked on her jeans. She stepped out of her sandals as I slid the pants down her legs. She wore a thong, which I also took down. I noticed she had a landing strip cut, and smiled. I pushed her down on to her couch and started at the end of her landing strip, licking slowly until I reached her clit. It was already out of its fleshy sheath and erect. As my tongue jabbed at the little nub, Erin started moaning and squirming underneath me. I kept licking, and her moans increased.

Finally I moved my tongue lower. I saw that her pussy lips were full and swollen, spreading open just a bit. I licked one, then the other, pussy lip before thrusting my tongue as deep into her as I could. She exploded, grinding into my face and flooding my mouth. She screamed “Cumming!” as she did so, but that wasn’t much of a warning. I did my best, licking and drinking as she came and came.

As her orgasm faded, I thrust three fingers into her pussy, replacing my tongue. She squeezed hard, trapping my fingers. I moved them, but they moved inside her, not slipping out. This girl had strong pussy muscles. My tongue returned to its up-and-down movements, licking the outer lips and her sensitive clit. I felt her second orgasm on my hand as she cried out its arrival, and I glued my mouth to her clit, sucking and biting it. Her third orgasm almost immediately followed her second, and her pussy was finally so slippery my fingers came sliding out of her.

She panted to me, “Fuck my tits, Robert.” I smiled and got on the couch, starting to straddle her. She said, “No, Robert. Not that way. Let me show you.”

A bit confused, I stopped. She sat up and scooted forward a bit. Erin took my cock into her hand and smiled, feeling it was hard again. She guided canlı bahis siteleri my cock head to her areola. Pushing her right boob out a bit with one hand, she guided my cock against her nipple with the other, then pulled my cock forward, pushing her nipple and areola into her titflesh. “Fuck me like this,” she practically begged. Then she grabbed her breast with both hands and held it for me.

I’m no fool. I started an in-and-out motion with my cock. I wanted to see how much of my cock she could take into her tit. I got the entire head in, then pulled back. Next stroke got a little more, then a little more. Erin was crying out, partly in pain, mostly in pleasure. My other hand went bto her left nipple and as I pushed in her right breast, I pulled her left nipple out.

A few more strokes of this and Erin wanted the full effect. She flopped back on to the couch, raised her legs and whimpered “Fuck me hard, Robert. Please, just fuck me as hard as you can.” I pulled open a condom from the table next to the couch, and slipped it on my rod. Erin grabbed it and rolled it on me, then placed my cock againsat her waiting pussy lips. “Fuck me,” she growled.

Say no more, I thought. I shoved my cock as deep into her pussy as I could. She cried out and came instantly, flooding my cock, wetting her insides, and making my strokes easier for me. I thrusted steadily, and Erin came again, and then again. It was a treat to watch her boobs bounce in time with my strokes. While it usually takes a while for me to cum twice, this time I was very close to my own orgasm.

I pulled back out of her and lay on the couch myself. Erin immediately hopped on my lap, lowered herself and slammed her pussy down on my cock. she leaned over and kissed me, her nipples, harder than before, rubbing on nmy chest. “Take me fully,” she begged. Actually, she was taking me, her hips moving up and down as she bounced on my cock.

I moved a nipple to my mouth and bit on it, and that released Erin’s next orgasm. Her entire body shook, and I could hold out no longer.

“I need to cum,” I whispered. Erin’s eyes lit up, and she grabbed her tits, holding them upright.

“Cum between my goalposts,” she hissed.

I pulled out of her and ripped the condom off. I stroked a couple times, then released. My fluids shot out, passing through her upright tits and landing and upon her face. The next couple followed, before the last couple spurts soaked her tits.

“You scored,” she whispered.

When we were done, she collapsed on to my body, holding me and kissing me.

I held her and kissed her back, very satisfied.

“Thank you for supporting me,” she said.

My mind thought, “thank you for knowing football.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32