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This story involves cheating, visual cuckolding, as well as separation of a couple involving an extra marital affair. If you are offended with this type of story go no further, any comments criticising this story on the above points WILL be deleted.

Thanks go to ‘Jill’ for first requesting my assistance, for her supplying the idea, plot and direction. Also thanking her, for her support throughout;


Hi my name is Ian, 30years old, 5ft 6inches, of slight build. I never had been a well built solid guy; I was also never one for all the muscle or gym, or for building yourself up thing. I was married to a wonderful woman, Jill thirty four years old, and had been for ten years. However that ended almost a month ago. That day had been like any other day in our life together, got u, went to work, left work, arrived home, that’s when my world changed forever.

When I drove up the drive, the first thing I noticed was my wife, Jill’s car wasn’t there. Nothing out of the ordinary, but usually when she wasn’t going to be there she would call me. I let myself into the house, and immediately had a strange feeling something wasn’t right. Now I know some will say it’s not possible, but it was like I knew something wasn’t right. Despite having noticed Jill’s car was gone, I called out, “Jill, honey I’m home!” Nothing, “Where are you honey?” still nothing. I began to wander around the house, and started noticing things that were out of place, her shoes were gone from the porch, not just one pair but all of them. Her coats and tops were also missing.

By now the feeling was one of dread in the pits of my stomach, I felt sick, worried, and desperate, and where was she why hadn’t she called. I ran to our bedroom and right away could see her clothes were gone from her drawers, the wardrobe, there was nothing of hers left. I felt physically sick, my mind racing, why? What reason? Where is she? I was in turmoil. I had that fear deep inside that she was gone forever. I began to cry, sobbing uncontrollably. Finally I pulled out my phone and rang her number, I listened to the silence as the phone tried to connect, and then I heard it ringing. Running from the bedroom the ringing stopped. I pressed re-dial and once again I heard it ringing, it was coming from the kitchen. I ran into the kitchen half expecting to see her standing there waiting for me.

Instead there was her phone on the worktop, no Jill, just a phone and an envelope with my name on it, my hands were shaking and I had started to cry again as I picked the letter up. I knew what it was going to say long before I opened it. I just kept looking at it and wandered back through to the lounge in a daze, and that sick feeling was back. Why hadn’t I seen the signs, what had I done, why was she doing this, I love her, she knows I love her, I tell her every day. I ripped the top open and sat down I stared at it not believing she had left me, the words were blurred through my tears. Wiping the tears away with my shirt sleeve, I tried to make sense of what I was seeing;

My Darling Ian,

I don’t know how to say this to your face, so I have taken the easy way out. You deserve better but I just couldn’t do it…My mind rushed with thoughts of how moody she had been over the last few days, realising she had been brooding over what to say to me. Through streaming tears I kept reading… I have been having an affair with Dave, the 26 year old guy, who I met at the centre for where I have been helping out, we have been having our affair for the past three months, I am really, really, sorry my dear. I think it was his ‘bad boy’ image that had appealed to my feminine side. You know what they say dearest all girls like the bad boys don’t they?

I never meant it to happen it just did. I don’t want to make you feel any worse, than I know you will, but he is the exact opposite of you in so many ways. At first it was just the sex, but as time passed we grew together and I knew I had to leave you for him. It was originally just pure lust, a wish to have a bit more excitement in the bedroom. To allow me to explore my sexual feelings without hurting your feelings…again I recalled her mentioning his name several times over the past few weeks, I had never suspected they were sleeping together or that Jill was cheating on me…

I know that has meant little to you reading this, however, you are a wonderful man Ian, you’re honest, faithful, loyal and so, so sweet and I know you loved me so much. I found it very hard to keep my affair from you especially when it began to take over my thoughts constantly. I know you can be a bit shy, and at times even I looked upon you unfavourably as being a bit Nerdy. I know this isn’t helping, all I am trying to say is sorry, and explain why.

Dave is so different, he is confident, very fit and has a chiselled body like a Greek God, and I have to admit that in bed he is just amazing. I’m not complaining about or bedroom exploits, you did canlı bahis şirketleri your best, but once I had Dave’s impressive tool inside me yours never quite did it after that. The size of his penis compared to yours dear is like chalk and cheese… I was openly sobbing like a baby now, my shirt was soaked with my tears, I was retching as I realised my wife was gone, never coming back… Anyway darling I must go, Dave is waiting. I will have my solicitor contact yours as soon as possible so we can start divorce proceedings.

Once again Ian, I am really sorry, but it’s for the best. I couldn’t carry on being unfaithful behind your back. Nor did I want to end up making you feel like a cuckolded husband. I wish you luck and all the best for life going forward. I have agreed with Dave that we will not contact, torment or make you feel any worse than you are already, I am sure, feeling. I am truly, So Sorry my dear.

Yours truly;


I sat back in the chair and stared out of the bay window at the darkness descending, at nothing in particular, as wave after wave of tears, anger, depression, sadness and more tears fell from my face onto my shirt. My head fell into my hands and I felt like my world had imploded on itself. That night was one of sleeplessness, anguish and worry. When I awoke I called in sick, then called my lawyer, told him what had happened and said her solicitor would be in touch, I left it at that as I was in no right mind to make any decisions at the moment. It took a couple of weeks to get back to some form of normality. I returned to work after three days of feeling sorry for myself, despite feeling pretty depressed, I ensured everyone knew we had filed for divorce.

1 month later;

I was sitting in the kitchen this Saturday morning, at the table eating some toast and drinking strong coffee, when I heard the door. Walking through I half hoped it was Jill back, begging my forgiveness, and I would have I still loved her despite her infidelity. I opened the door to find the mailman with a package. Taking it I wandered back into the lounge, opening it up I saw it was a DVD, written in black ink were the words ‘ for your eyes only’. I slipped it into the DVD player, and pressed play. I was surprised to find it opened with a picture of our lounge, and my soon to be ex wife sitting on the sofa wearing little but a nightie. A heading came up on the screen, OUR PRIVATE FILM NO: 6. the scene began to unfold as I sat with my mouth open, as first this well built man appeared naked, but for a pair of boxer shorts. I heard Jill say, “Come over here Dave, and let me see that big cock”

I was surprised at her use of the word cock as she had always been pretty conservative with sex words. However by the time the film ended, she had said a lot, lot worse.

I watched transfixed, on the screen as Dave, stood in front of my seated wife. He held out a hand and pulled her up so that they were in a clinch. He began to kiss, nibble and lick on Jill’s neck, her ears and her throat. I knew she would be getting aroused as she used to like me doing that. Then Jill’s hands grabbed his head and they began a passionate kiss, their mouths locked together, and I could see their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. They would break apart and nibble on each other’s lips, or lick the throats and ears. This went on for several minutes until Dave pushed her away and almost threw her onto the sofa. “You really turn me on baby, when you kiss like that”…”Look what you have done to my cock!” He turned towards the camera, which showed his boxers tenting at the front some several inches from his body.

“Take it out baby…play with it…you know you want too!” moaned Dave.

“God Dave, I want you so bad…Get over here and show me who the boss is!”

“You can have it any way you want!…you’re such a slut for cock Babes!”

“Mmmmm not just any cock big boy!.. Your cock and don’t forget your big heavy balls Mmmm!”

I watched hardly blinking as I witnessed just how much my ex-wife to be, worshiped that cock. She held it gently in her hands, sliding both up and down, along the full length of his shaft. Then she would dip her head in and kiss the very tip of it. Occasionally Jill would take the knob end of it in her mouth and suck on it like a big wet kiss, and then lick her lips afterwards. I realised she was sucking up and licking him clean of his pre-cum. There was so much oozing from the tip of that big dick, it reminded me of me and my coming normally.

I felt a little embarrassed watching the two of them make out, not anger as I had first thought I would. It was almost admiration for Dave as her lover, her boyfriend as her stud. Jill was now kissing, nibbling and licking up and down the full length of him gently, I reckoned his cock had to be 10inches at least, maybe even more, even with both her hands on his shaft there were still several inches sticking out of the top. Her hands didn’t come close canlı kaçak iddaa to wrapping themselves fully around his girth. I found myself looking at his cock myself and being amazed at its hardness, girth and length, it was truly a monster. Dave had a hold of her hair in one hand as he held the base of his cock with the other;

“Kiss me there baby… Lick every inch of me..Suck it for me you little cock slut!”

“Your wish is my command!” moaned Jill. Her lips spent the next ten minutes kissing every inch of not just his cock but his balls as well. She would pull one towards her mouth, suck it into her mouth, then I could see her roll it around inside her mouth, licking and sucking on it until she let it plop out and then do exactly the same to the other ball. Dave was moaning, and groaning whilst continuing to stroke hi own shaft. “Oooooh Yeeeaah!…That’s perfect you little cock teaser…now suck me off baby!”

Jill placed her mouth over the big knob that was dark purple, and slid the first few inches into her mouth. She began to stroke his shaft and work saliva into the length, spitting on it then using her hand to work the saliva into it. Then she would slide a bit more of the length into her mouth until she would gag. She would shake her head whilst holding herself on Dave’s cock, then allow herself up for air, before plunging her face back down on him. “Oh my God..Baby don’t stop! Oh my god, I love it when you do that!”

Jill looked up into his face and moaned between mouthfuls of cock, “Fuck Dave.. I’m so fuckin’ wet, just let me suck your sweet lollipop!”

Dave held her gently by the face. “Do you want more slut?…here take it!”

I was gobsmacked as she slid the whole fucking shaft down her throat. Her eyes bulged briefly then she bobbed up and down a few times before releasing him. Looking him right in the eyes, she moaned. “Give me that come, honey. I want it in my mouth. Come on, give it to me…Give me it all!”

Dave laughed, not a loud laugh more a gentle one, “You just can’t get enough slut, can you?”

Jill shook her head from side to side , whilst deep throating her lovers cock. Dave held her head and grunted “Okay, if that’s what you want you shall have it…now take it all, every last drop!”

He face fucked Jill, no mercy, just raw hard sex and fucking. Jill’s mouth was dripping in saliva, the camera, which must have been a really good one, could clearly pick up the wet sloppy sounds of her throat fucking. For the next five minutes Dave ploughed that mouth as if it was a pussy, grunting and moaning as he brought himself to the brink of fulfilling Jill’s request for his cum. “Mmmmmmph…Glluuuup… Urrrmph..Glloooomph!” were all I could hear from Jill. Then Dave held her face steady, his cock embedded in her throat and started to groan “Aaaaaaargh…Hmmmmph!”

Jill could clearly be seen trying desperately to swallow as he pumped his goo into her gullet. I could even see Dave’s cock expand and contract inside her throat.

I was then I realised I had cum in my pants, without even touching myself. I paused the DVD. What the fuck am I doing, why would she, do this I asked myself. This is just sheer torment, unneeded and unwanted. I took a beer from the fridge and wandered around trying to convince myself it wasn’t real. Yet I kept returning to the TV control and would go to press play before stopping myself telling myself it is only going to hurt me more watching this. I started a second bottle, sat on the sofa and realised not only had I cum without touching myself, my own cock was still hard despite having cum. That was something new to me, as normally I would cum and go soft.

Whatever happened inside me, mentally or just acceptance, I had to see more. I sat down this time with my trousers and underwear around my ankles. I had a hold of my fully erect five inch cock and was tugging on it gently. My balls had disappeared somewhere up inside my body at that time but I didn’t care I just wanted to see what else my ex-wife and her lover got up too.

Lifting Jill’s legs up onto his shoulders, Dave kissed and nibbled his way up each thigh, travelling on up until he was planting small delicate kisses on Jill’s stomach only stopping when his warm breath reached the top of Jill’s pussy. Then He would kiss, lick and nibble his way back down until he was doing the same behind each knee. Jill seemed to like this as she was making gasp after gasp, moaning softly and entwining her hands in Dave’s hair. “Oh, that feels so good baby! Do that again!”

Dave did as requested until he slid himself up over her stomach, lying across her and began kissing Jill passionately, then softer, nibbling on her lips, licking her throat and her ears. This was making Jill squirm and pant, with lust. “Yes baby use your mouth on me…eat my pussy …eat it PLEEEAASSE!”

Dave slid down her body again, kissing softly, pausing at her breasts. He flicked at her nipples with his tongue, gently oh so gently nipped canlı kaçak bahis them with his teeth. Jill was moaning louder now “Ooooh” at every nibble. He sucked them one at a time, playfully squeezing them between finger and thumb. Rolling them between the same, making Jill really start to moan with pleasure;

“Aaaaaah…Ohhhh…my God…Aaaaah YEssss! Don’t stop!..Use your mouth on me. I adore that!”

Dave seemed to spend so much time, arousing her, bringing her to the edge so many times and he hadn’t even touched her pussy yet. Gradually he slid down until he once again lifted her legs onto his shoulders.” I could spend hours between your legs; teasing… sucking; sipping; tasting you…eating you”

Then he stuck his mouth over her pussy and began to lick her outer lips. Tracing his tongue all the way around them, over them until he nibbled on them. Jill let out a loud Groan as his lips obviously found her clit, “Oh my God!… I love what you do to my pussy…Lick me… Oh YES!.. Eat me, go on you fucker, shove your tongue inside me…Uuuuhh!.. God, Fuck I love it!”

Dave spent the next ten minutes eating Jill out; she must have had three or four small orgasms in that time. “You taste sooo good my little slut!”

Dave then stood up, his huge cock looked even thicker and bigger than before. Jill was still laid out on the sofa. Picking her up he turned her around so her ass was facing the camera, “Bend over you little slut, let me get a good shot of how wet your pussy is already!” Jill did as he said. “Now spread your legs wide for me, this pussy is mine!”

Dave stepped out of sight briefly before the camera zoomed in on Jill’s dripping wet and swollen pussy. Then the lens went dark briefly as he stepped in behind her. “Oh baby, what a sweet sexy ass! …Tell me what you want!”

Jill looked around at him and spoke gently but with emphasis, “I want you.. I want your big cock inside my tight pussy… to fuck me so hard and so often I can hardly walk, so fuck me NOW!”

Whilst Jill and Dave had been talking my vision was fixed on both my ex-wife’s pussy which seemed to be almost running like a river with her juices. Dave’s cock which had been as hard as a steel rod was resting against her ass, until he took a hold of it and started rubbing it all over her pussy covering it in pussy juice. Then he placed that weapon against her slit and stepped forward, several inches of cock slid easily into Jill. Her head drooped and her stomach could be seen to quiver as she opened up to accept that cock. Jill’s mouth was open and little gasps could be heard coming from her as Dave rocked back and forward each time sliding more of that huge pussy pleaser into Jill.

“Dave oh Jesus Dave, oh mother of saint’s fuck that is soooooo fucking good!” groaned Jill.

“You little slut, I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk! … You Ready?” Cried Dave. Jill was by now pushing back to meet his every thrust. The loud squelchy sounds of her overfilled pussy were clearly audible. I had my cock in hand and was frantically wanking myself at the scene before me. Jill whom I had been married to behaving like a little slut and taking that huge cock. No wonder she didn’t want me, I couldn’t ever have measured up to this stud. Jill’s moans and groans were increasing, her groans grew and grew, every so often she would talk dirty to Dave as he fucked her brains out, “Fill me up, and fuck my tight cunt! Make me scream with that big dick of yours!”

“Faster, Deeper, Harder…Oh god YEEEEEsssss…I love how hard your cock gets when I talk dirty to you!” Jill moaned.

“You like being fucked hard don’t you?. You like it hard in fact the harder the better isn’t that right?… you’re a naughty slut who likes it hard… you like it when I fuck you hard and rough like that don’t you”… “Tell me you like it hard and rough!”

“Yes, I like it hard and rough!” she squealed. At almost the same time Jill began to cum again, her legs started to shake, and as I looked between their legs her stomach was quivering madly until she buckled under Dave’s onslaught and he had to hold her up by wrapping his arms around her waist. Dave slowed down and let Jill ride the orgasm past. Then he stood up allowing Jill to catch her breath. “My god, you know how to fuck!” she said.

Dave firstly moved the sofa sat on it facing the camera, and motioned for her to straddle his legs, but backwards. This was going to give me a great view of Jill taking that huge cock clearly. I quickly glanced at the clock, over an hour and a half had passed, and they were still at it like bloody rabbits. Dave held his cock straight up in the air, until Jill took a hold of it herself, slipped it into her ravaged pussy and eased herself down on it. Her face was a picture of pain and pleasure. I could only imagine how deep inside her he was. No doubt he was not only filling her pussy but would have pushed well past her cervix and penetrated her womb as well.

Once Jill had got herself settled Dave held her arms back, Jill’s feet were planted firmly atop his thighs and he started to push upwards into her, as she began lifting herself up and down on his cock. “I know what you want, but I want you to ask…no beg me to give it to you slut”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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