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This Fourth of July started out just like any other. Little did I know that this day would change my life forever. I went over to my boyfriend’s house in the middle of the afternoon for the family picnic. The plan was for me to watch fireworks with Danny, my boyfriend, and his family and then take his sister, Whitney, to their aunt’s house.

The day went exactly as planned. We went to Danny’s grandparents’ house for dinner, then to the park to watch fireworks. After fireworks, I gave Danny a kiss goodbye then Whitney and I drove to their aunt’s house.

“Want to come up and have a few drinks with me?” Whitney asked.

“Sure, why not?” I replied.

Whitney and I walked up the stairs. I made a few drinks while Whitney went to change. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked in the sophie shorts and tank top. Whitney is a petite brunette with double d breast and a nice plump ass. Her outfit showed off her body perfectly. I quickly looked away before she could catch me watching her.

“What are we having to drink tonight?” She asks

“Vodka and orange juice, is that alright?”

“Yummy, sounds perfect.”

As she waltzed over towards me, I was too busy watching her and spilt orange juice all over me.

“Damn, I don’t have any extra clothes with me.”

“Don’t worry, why don’t you go put on some of my clothes. I’ll go grab you something to wear if you’ll clean up the mess.”

I figured it was a good deal so I began cleaning while Whitney went to get me new clothing to wear. She came back quicker than I expected, startling me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Here are the clothes I promised you!”

I thanked her and walked toward the bathroom to change. It was only then that I realized she had given me a pair of tiny booty shorts and tight tank top. I decided I’d rather wear that then my wet, sticky orange juice soaked clothing and changed.

I came back to Whitney sipping on her drink already. I grabbed mine and sat down next to her. Over the next three hours, she and I talked about her relationship with her boyfriend and my relationship with her brother. casino siteleri

“Have you and Danny had sex yet?” She asked.

I was startled by her question. Even though we were drunk, I wasn’t expecting her to ask about my sex life with her brother.

“No, we’ve never had sex.” I replied.

“Well why not? Is it him or you?”

“It’s me. I’m too nervous to have sex with him. He’s very…well-endowed. I’m still a virgin and I’m scared it’s going to hurt.”

“That’s understandable. I was the same way before I lost my virginity.” Whitney comforted me.

We continued to talk and drink until about 4 in the morning when I finally decided I had had a little too much and needed to sleep it off. Whitney and I crawl into the guest bedroom’s queen size bed. As we lay down next to each other, I start to feel queasy from all the alcohol. Whitney offers to rub my stomach.

“How does that feel?” She asks, seemingly concerned.

“Mmmm…good. That makes me feel a little better.”

“Can you take off the tank top? I’ll be able to rub your stomach better without it in the way.” She asks.

I do as she asks without much thought. She keeps rubbing my stomach in circles, slowly making the circles bigger and bigger. Soon her fingertips are brushing against my breast. I have decent, c-cup breasts. I breathe in deeply as Whitney sneaks her fingers under my bra and her fingers brush my nipples. She repeats the action again, this time with a little more confidence.

“Does that feel good?”

I murmur that it does.

“If you take off your bra, I can rub your breasts better.”

I hesitate but slowly take off my bra. As soon as my breasts are released from the bra, Whitney begins rubbing them both. As her fingertips brush across my nipples, I moan a little. Without hesitation, Whitney takes one erect nipple into her mouth while she slowly tweaks the other.

“Oh god, that feels so good.” I moan.

Whitney slowly starts to flick my nipples with her tongue, alternating between the right and left one. I start to moan more and more.

Whitney stops for a slot oyna second and asks “Doesn’t Danny lick your nipples?”

“Mmmm, he does but he’s usually really rough and doesn’t pay them too much attention.” I replied.

With that, Whitney begins licking and sucking them again. I continue to moan her name and writhe under her tongue. She slowly starts kissing my breasts and up my neck. As she reaches my mouth, she hesitates. I grab her and pull her to me, shoving my tongue into her mouth as I do. My hands creep under her tank top, towards her breast. She pulls back, takes off her tank top and bra, and lies down. I crawl on top and straddle her. I can’t take my eyes off of her breast. They are just so perfectly round with hard pink little nipples that look like they need to be sucked. I dip my head down and slowly start to lick circles around the pink little buds. Whitney begins to moan my name. I can tell she likes it. I nibble on one of her little peaks and she moans louder.

“Oh baby, you like sucking my nipples don’t you? God, I love it.”

I can feel my pussy getting wet as I’m sucking on her little peaks. I can’t believe what I’m doing and how much I’m enjoying it. I slowly start to creep my hand down Whitney’s navel and slide under her waistband. She stops me. I begin to feel rejected until she flips me off.

“No ma’am. I want to do you first.”

I lay down. Whitney pulls of my shorts and underwear. She stops as she looks at my shaved little pussy. She slowly kisses my inner thighs, inching closer and closer to my wet cunt. She dips her tongue into my pussy and my entire body feels like it’s on fire.

“Ohhhh goddddd, do it again please Whit!”

Whitney licks my pussy lips, slowly tasting my sweet little virgin pussy. She licks my slit slowly, making sure I’m getting the best treatment. She teasingly avoids my swollen clit. She licks slowly but surely around it then finally swipes her tongue across it. I cum almost immediately, screaming out her name as I do. She continues to lick it while she begins to pump her finger in and out of my contracting pussy.

“Whitney, Whitney! canlı casino siteleri Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop fucking my cunt you dirty slut! AHHHHHH!”

Whitney slurps up all my sweet juices, slowly letting up on the assault on my pussy. After I finish my orgasm, she creeps back up and kisses me, spreading my juices all over my lips.

“You’re turn now. Just to warn you, I’ve never licked a pussy so I don’t know how good I’ll be.”

Whitney chuckles at me.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”

With that, I kiss her and slowly make my way down her sleek, sexy little body. I give each breast a peck on its peaks. I kiss all the way down her navel. I lift her hips so I can peel off her shorts to find that she isn’t wearing any panties underneath.

“You are a dirty little slut.” I exclaim.

I stare at her pussy as it comes into view. It’s completely bald, just like mine. I slowly spread her lips with my fingers. I hear her whimper but I’m too mesmerized by her pussy. I feel the wetness of her pussy. I slip a finger into her cunt and slowly begin to finger fuck her. I add a second finger into her already tight pussy and I lean my head down for a taste. The moment my tongue touches her wetness, I lose control. It tastes amazing. I find her clit and quickly begin assaulting while simultaneously pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy. Whitney screams and shoves my head further into her pussy as her pussy begins to contract and squeeze. I keep pumping and licking, bringing her into another orgasm almost immediately. I slip my fingers out and begin lapping up her sweet juices. I stop once I have all her cum. I slide back up and kiss her, my tongue swirling in her mouth, mixing her juices with mine.

“That was amazing. Are you sure you’ve never eaten pussy before?” Whitney asks.

“Never, you’re my first Whit.” I lean over and kiss her again.

She starts kissing me again and slides down to eat me out again.

We switched places all night, fingering and eating each other out. I can’t even count how many times she made me cum that night. We eventually fell asleep, our fingers inside of each other. We woke up to Danny calling to see what I was doing. I left to go home, kissing Whitney as I left.

From that day on, Whitney and I had “slumber parties” at least once a month.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32