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It’s been a few months since the Christmas party now. My relationship with Zoe is going surprisingly well considering what happened at the party. I was worried I would catch her cheating on me, but that hasn’t been the case, she is very honest with me and tells me everything. I was worried about her flirting getting worse, but she just carried on as normal with my friends, just minor flirting. But I never really mind her flirting with my friends.

Work was a different story. Jason, who I must admit hasn’t been as bad as I thought he would be, told everyone what had happened. He hasn’t been bullying me as much, but does comment to me about Zoe and how he loved her ass. Some of my colleagues played off her actions at the party through drunkeness, others called me pathetic and whispered behind my back. My boss was the worst though. He would come in my office, slap my back and chuckle away reminiscing about the party. He would then point at the picture of Zoe on my computer desktop, saying how much he loved her and what a great character she was. I knew full well what he meant by that. But to be honest I never loved my work environment to begin with.

One Friday a couple weeks ago, Zoe surprised me when I got home from work. She wore her short floral dress with a decent cleavage showing. She had a spread of snacks and drinks all out on the table and had my PS4 on ready to go. She told me my buddies would be over soon and that she just wanted me to unwind after hard week at work. I was delighted, it had been a while since I had a chance to hang out with my friends, what a keeper I truly have in Zoe. I gave her a deep kiss, feeling her ass under her dress, appreciating her sexy thong. Then I went upstairs to change.

Soon enough after I showered and came back downstairs my buddies were then settling into their chairs, while Zoe took their drinks order. Zoe and my friends get on great with each other. They chat shit to each other as much as I do with them. They rib on me about how too good she is for me, which I just laugh off admitting I am lucky. I really don’t mind my friends flirting with her, it just seems natural to see them flirt. It is much to do with her nature. So after a few beers were down it didn’t surprise me to see a little sexual innuendo or a light ass spank. She just takes it all in her stride, giving back as much as she gets given.

Hours of drinking and playing video games have now passed. We were all pretty cut. The PS4 was now on pause in the background as we all just chatted. My friend Joe was asleep in my spare room, my best friend Steve had left an hour ago and it was just me, Zoe and Chris left. Chris is the ‘comedian’ of my group of friends. He likes to joke and kid around constantly. He finds himself in bother when out at bars when someone who doesn’t know him takes something canlı bahis şirketleri he has said the wrong way. He is around 6ft and has a naturally fit build from playing soccer. Zoe always teases me, saying he is the hottest of all my friends.

Zoe and Chris were playing off each other’s personalities ribbing and teasing me. Chris was telling me how Zoe keeps apparently starring at him in a longing way. She laughs back agreeing that she is and its because he’s so hot. Chris then accuses her of dressing slutty just for him. He said he could tell that she wants him. Zoe then winked at me, then went over and straddled Chris. She grabbed his hands and put them on her ass, laughing whilst telling him she couldn’t take the sexual tension anymore.

What started as just a joke, now looked to be a game of who will push it the furthest. Chris squeezed her ass over her dress and asked her what now. He put her on the spot daring her to make the next move. She turned to look at me as if to ask permission to win this ‘game’. I just nodded slightly and she lit up and gave me another sexy wink. She turned back to Chris and bit her lip as she raised the bottom of her dress over her ass. I had a great view of her sexy black thong as she still straddled him. It was milliseconds and Chris’s hands were back on her ass again. She asked him if he liked. He said yes as he then made the next move, grabbing the back of her head towards him for a kiss. She couldn’t turn to ask me if it was ok as he held her head. I guess she just went with it as they made out a little.

It had been a couple of minutes and she turned to look at me with a little grin. She stood up allowing her dress to fall back into place announcing she won. I was a little confused as the game still seemed to be going. I asked what she meant. She came over and sat on my lap explaining that she had made Chris embarrassed for the first time since she knew him. I looked over and saw Chris sat there a little flushed with a hard on sticking out of his pants. I shouted at him to cover up, but he just laughed, with his embarrassment quickly subsiding and his cheekiness back in place. He said yeah, she won man. Zoe started applauding herself, then explained that earlier when getting drinks together at the table, Chris had lifted her dress up whilst behind her and smacked her ass a few times. Zoe asked him if he ever got embarrassed by his actions, to which he replied never. Zoe said to Chris that she will make him blush by the end of the night, that’s how she won.

I sat there still a bit shocked at Chris’s cock still sticking out of his pants. It looked pretty big too. I asked Zoe why was his cock out. Zoe just laughed and said so I could embarrass him silly. She said she unzipped and pulled it out whilst making out with him. She said she canlı kaçak iddaa felt it grow against the front of her panties and that’s when she stopped. Chris was chuckling away saying he thought he was getting lucky. They laughed together at that.

After the game was finished and Zoe was done celebrating her win, she straddled me and then started making out with me. I obviously reciprocated and I kind of forgot Chris was still there. I really got into it and pushed my fingers into the front of her panties and felt her shaved pussy and noticed how extremely wet she was. I stopped and asked her if that was because of me. She laughed in my face and said of course not sweety, did you not see how hot and heavy it got over there. Then she turned to look at Chris. He was sitting there watching us with his cock still out, stroking his hard on. Zoe laughed at his brashness and raised her dress like she had earlier, giving him the view I had when she was straddling him. She was now teasing him.

Zoe whispered to me to follow her upstairs. She got off me, put her dress back down, she reached under her dress and took her thong off completely. She walked over to Chris, bent over and kissed him on the cheek. She told him to have fun as she wrapped her thong around his hard on and stroked him up and down a few times. She walked to the doorway and took off her dress with her back to us, exposing her cute bare ass, leaving her now completely naked. She turned her top half covering her boobs with her hands smiled and said goodnight, then ran upstairs. I told Chris to let himself out and chased Zoe upstairs.

Once upstairs we got straight to it. She was on fire and pushed me on my back to ride me, her favourite position. Once we both orgasmed she rolled to my side. She told me she had so much fun tonight and she knew she could get Chris to blush. She said she was glad all the teasing turned me on. She then went on about how big Chris’s cock was. I just moaned in agreement, not really enjoying my girlfriend talking about how much bigger he is than me. She went under the sheets and went down on me, getting me rock hard again. She has a habit of getting me on the border of my orgasm then asks me an obscure question that she knows that I will have to say yes to, I call it my cum question as it happens so frequently. She got me to the edge and this time she asked if I liked it when she stroked Chris’s cock. I then shouted out yes as she stroked me to completion. I came all over her face. She grinned and pulled on her skimpy silk robe and went to the bathroom to clean up. I then dozed off in a drunken haze.

She woke me rubbing my cock yet again. She told me that Chris was still here when she went to clean up. She got me hard and got out of bed again and showed me her thong that she had given to Chris earlier. canlı kaçak bahis She shoved it in my face and yelled he came on it! Look! Indeed he had, I didn’t even have to look I could smell it. She said she couldn’t believe it when Chris told her he did, then he gave her them back so she could see for herself. She said she called him a perv. She went to put it in the wash basket, she yelled “shoot!”. “I got his cum all over my hand”. She wiped it off and came back to bed.

She sucked me off a little before riding me again. She is so good at it, it really doesn’t take long for me to get there. Zoe was going for it frantically, she then started telling the rest of what happened with Chris downstairs. She said he was jerking off a second time while she was there talking with him. She said he has no shame at all. She told me he was close and asked for the thongs back to cum into again. She yelled at him no way, you might stain them even more. He then asked her to open her mouth then. She apparently slapped his cock and said no thank you. She stood and said she actually felt bad for him, so she gave him a goodnight kiss. He came in his own hands as she made out with him. She told him to go home and went back upstairs to show me her thong. We both climaxed as she finished telling me what happened. She told me she loved me and we both drifted off.

In the morning I woke up alone and went downstairs to get some coffee and aspirin. Zoe was in her robe making a fresh pot of coffee, then I got a surprise as I saw Joe sitting at the kitchen table. I said good morning to both as I remembered he slept in the spare room last night. Joe said he must have been hammered as he cant remember a thing and doesn’t even remember going to bed. Zoe said he frightened her after she got out shower. She said she forgot he was here and he got an early morning eyeful as she came out of the bathroom. They both laughed as he said he sure did. I enquired how much of a look did he get. She said everything. Everything? I asked rhetorically. She rolled her eyes and without a second thought opened her robe and said he saw this much. She was completely naked underneath, showing her pert boobs and shaved pussy. She closed her robe after a few seconds and giggled at my shocked expression. Joe then said he better get going and left.

I asked her if she really needed to flash like that. She argued that it didn’t matter anyway as he had already seen it all. She sensed I was getting angry. She said don’t be mad in a soppy voice as she dropped her robe. She dropped to her knees and have me head under the kitchen table, eventually swallowing, then getting on with the rest of the day.

I’m hoping that all this was just a drunken night. I don’t mind flirting, but it seems that Zoe is liking this over flirting too much. Is she too much of a flirt? Is she the one for me? I love her and she is an amazing women, maybe I should just suck it up. After all it’s the best sex I’ve ever had, the best relationship I have ever had and it seems that my buddies agree she is the hottest I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32