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After what was just his first experience with getting a blow job and he thought for her first time Jane seemed quite awesome at it. He now looked forward to the next time she would suck on his cock just the thought of it had his cock beginning to stir. Jane was still resting on his legs as they floated around the pool continuing to kiss passionately. Her breasts were pressed tightly against his chest he loved the feeling of it. Jane shifted a little when she felt his growing cock begin to bob and slap against her pussy as they floated through the water. The feeling of his cock pressing against her pussy was getting her super excited again. So when she adjusted she reached down and pulled it up between them and forcing it to lay flat against his stomach. She felt Marcus leading them toward the shallow end of the pool near the built in steps. Once there he lifted her off his lap and placed her on the top step.

Then he swam up between her legs spreading and placing them over his shoulders. He moved in close now is cock pressing against the steps and he began to blow on Jane’s wet pussy lips. He saw goose bumps appear on her skin and with that he shoved his tongue between the folds of her lips beginning to lick up and down. Jane let out a moan and fell back on her elbows giving him better access to her pussy. He started sucking on her pussy lips one at a time for several minutes sucking, nibbling and twirling his tongue all over them. Then placing his knees on a step for better balance he moved his right arm up and using his fingers spread her lips wide. He moved his tongue up and began to lick around her pussy hole, almost fucking her with his tongue. She began to moan more loudly now and this told him he was doing a good job. As he moved his tongue upward and sucking on her clit now pulling it into his mouth and twirling his tongue all around it. Flicking it repeatedly, nibbling on it while now inserting two fingers into her very tight, very virgin pussy. As he did this he felt his balls begin to tingle wondering what it will feel like when his cock is these tight quarters.

He continues for suck on her clit and fingering her pussy for some time before Jane grabs the back of his head forcing his face tightly into her pussy as she lets out a loud moan. “OH MY GOODNESS I AM GONNA CUMMMMM.”

Marcus continued to lick her pussy during her orgasms until she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed him off of her. He floated back for a minute then stood up walking toward her as she still lay by the steps still recovering. She thought he was so hot walking toward her with his big hard cock bouncing up and down in bahis firmaları front of him. Then Marcus climbed up the steps and stepping over Jane he gave her a good up close teasing view of his swinging cock and balls. Her eyes followed him and admired his tight muscular ass as he made his way over to the bin with the towels he grabbed one for himself and one for her. He wrapped his around his waist which was followed by a loud boo coming from behind him. He then turned and made his way back over to where Jane was sitting.

“Why did you take the show away? I was admiring your beautiful cock and dreaming of what I want to do with it next.” She said smiling up at him.

“Well, we need to dry off then I figured we could grab some food as it is almost dinner time. Then you are free to do whatever you want with my cock.” Marcus reached down taking her hand and pulling her up to him. He wrapped the towel around her body and began to dry her off. Then they both made their way back toward Marcus’s new apartment.

Once inside the towels were removed Jane went over to the couch and picked up the phone.

“What are you doing?” Asked Marcus sitting on the couch near where she was standing.

“Well, since there is way too much going on right now to worry about cooking I thought I would just order us some food. Plus, I don’t feel like cooking tonight.”

“Good idea.”

Jane went about ordering them some pizza and garlic bread. Then hung up the phone turning to kneel between Marcus’s legs she took his hard cock in her hand.

“And just what do you think you’re doing?” He asked her.

“Well, today was graduation day so nobody is cooking dinner tonight. They said it would be about an hour so I figure we got some time to kill.”

With that and before he could say anything else she began to suck on his cock again. This time starting out fast bobbing her head up and down while taking the tip and a few more inches into her mouth, All the while she is stroking the lower half of his shaft with her hand. She is doing it in a nice rhythm as her head goes up so does her hand, and down they both go. Marcus tilts his head back the feeling is utterly amazing to him. The sensations that he feels growing in his groin he knows he won’t last much longer. Jane senses this as well and slows down, to a light gasp of disappointment from Marcus. Just then she pulls her mouth off his cock, and just smiles up at him stroking his cock slowly and with a light grip on the shaft. She knows how sensitive the head is and stops her upward stroking just under the big mushroom like helmet.

Then she releases kaçak iddaa the grip on his cock pushing it up and flat against his stomach. Then leaning her head down she begins to flick his balls with her tongue. Going back and forth, up and down coating his balls nicely in saliva along with enjoying how wet she is making them. Then she takes them one at a time into her mouth and sucks on them hard twirling her tongue on them at the same time as they make popping sounds when she releases them. Now moving back up she starts running her tongue up the full length of his cock starting at his balls, doing this several times. She grabs his shaft starting to stroke it again watching as it is oozing with precum. Licking it up and sucking him back into her mouth taking as much as she can feeling it bottom out at the back of her throat with several itches still not inside. She holds it for a second then slowly pulls her head back up. Continuing to bob her head up and down sucking on his cock in a nice rhythm again knowing Marcus won’t last much longer.

(Knock, knock)

With the sudden knock at the door Jane doesn’t hesitate a second leaping up releasing his cock and heading for the door. Marcus is in such a daze as he was right on the brink of an amazing orgasm. Jane walks over and opens the door seeing the pizza delivery girl standing in the door way. She recognized the girl as someone from their school who graduated today as well. Her name was Jill she just stood there in the doorway staring in shock at the fact that they were both naked she had recalled hearing rumors of some nudists in the school but never met any of them. She had always had a thing for Jane as well as Marcus so this was a total treat right now. She watched as Jane stepped away to get money and was amazed to see the size of Marcus’s cock standing there at attention. Jane handed her some money and then taking the food smiled at her and closed the door.

“Well, that should be an exciting story when she gets back to the pizza place.” Said Jane turning around to see Marcus slowly stroking his cock.

“What do you think you’re doing, if your gonna touch it then I guess I don’t have to finish.”

With that she never saw Marcus’s hand move that fast as he pulled it off his member. She stepped over and got down between this legs after placing the food on the end table. Smiling up at him she bent down kissed the tip before standing back up and grabbing the food and going to the bar like counter by the kitchen. Placing the food on the counter she went around and grabbed some plates putting them down then grabbed them both water from the fridge and kaçak bahis placed them on the counter.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I am doing, silly?”

“I thought we were going to finish?”

“Well, since you decided to touch it now you have to wait so why don’t you come over here sit down eat and if you’re a good boy I’ll give you a surprise.”

“Why don’t we eat in here and watch a movie at the same time.” Marcus said standing and walking into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around Jane from behind. His hard cock began to press against her ass then slide down running along her pussy lips.

Jane wanted to resist his advancement and hold her ground but she was way too horny at this point and gave in to him. Grabbing her plate and water and heading to the living room.

“Ok, you can have you way this time, but next time we eat over there. Now sit down on the couch so I can get comfortable next to you.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

As he said it he grabbed his plate and water and made his way to the living room sitting on the couch. Honestly she just loved watching him walk with his hard member bobbing and swinging in front of him. Marcus sat down where instructed Jane went over and turned the lights off so it was now dark in the room. Without warning he felt her hand on his cock, then just as he was about to say something he felt her wet pussy lips slide over his cock.

“Oh my, you don’t want wait?” He asked though hardly able to talk at the new sensation.

“Shhhh, just go with it…” The feeling of his fat cock sliding into her tight little pussy was a feeling all of its own. But she kept going taking it inch by inch until having to stop every now and again to adjust.

Then she felt her ass cheeks touch is lap, she couldn’t believe it but knew she had the whole thing inside of her. She sat motionless for a couple of minutes before reach forward grabbing her food and starting to eat it.

“So, you gonna put the movie on or what?” She asked.

“I…umm…yeah… but what about….?” Marcus could barely speak his cock buried balls deep inside of Jane was crazy, the fact that she was sitting there not moving was making him insane. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV quickly finding a movie.

Jane wiggling her ass only added to the teasing of Marcus’s cock then she sat still straighten out and began to eat her pizza. She had to use all her concentration to not let on to Marcus’s that this was teasing her way more than it was teasing him. Not really having any interest in eating while there was a massive cock inside her, she just wanted to fuck him already. But the teasing game would be so much more rewarding.

“Ok, before it gets to cold, let’s go eat your pizza and food.” Jane said taking another bite.

To be Continued in Chapter 03.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32