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It was my Uncle Ernie who told me about the job; a friend of his, a retired builder who still did a few small jobs to keep his hand in, wanted a young boy to help him out for a few days during the school holidays. “Would I be interested?” my uncle asked me when visiting one day. I’d just turned sixteen, and when I heard of the wage that was offering, I jumped at the opportunity.

Uncle Ernie, with my parents approval of the scheme, took me to meet his friend Steve, and so it was all arranged; I would start on the Monday, and Steve would pick me up first thing that morning.

Everything went well. I found Steve to be easy going, and he chatted away in a friendly manner the whole time. The job was an extension to an existing house, and Steve showed me how to measure up and saw the timber, and soon we were both working away busily.

As I mentioned, Steve chatted away the whole time, asking all about school, what I got up to outside of school hours, and then asked about girls and whether I had much involvement with them. I must admit that at the time, I was a bit shy with girls, and although I was on friendly terms with a number of them, and talked away without a problem, it didn’t go any further than that.
“So no hanky-panky in the bushes, eh?” Steve had laughed when I told him the situation. I laughed in turn, but then Steve said with a grin, “what about playing about with the other boys?”
I was a bit dumbfounded and embarrassed at this totally unexpected question. The fact was that nothing of that nature had ever happened, and I shyly mumbled something to that effect
Anyhow, that subject was dropped, and nothing more was said along those lines.

We worked on busily all of the day, and when at about three o’clock, Steve said that we’d done enough for the day, I was happy because in truth I was feeling quite physically tired.
Steve paid me my day’s wage, and asked whether I was right for another day’s work tomorrow.
In truth I couldn’t see that he really needed any help, but I readily agreed to keep working as long as he wanted me. Perhaps, I thought, he just likes a bit of company while on the job.

Next morning I was picked up early at my house, and soon we were back at the job, and busily working again.
Once again Steve chatted away non-stop, and the time flew by so that before I knew it, it was lunchtime.
We sat down to our lunch, and Steve began telling me various anecdotes of his experiences on the job. Some were quite amusing, and others a bit dramatic, like the time that a trench collapsed and buried a plumber who was working in it. I felt quite relaxed as I listened to him talking on, but then he started telling about how he and another guy were replacing all of the windows in a house. The man of the house was away at work, but his wife was home, and was getting around in a skimpy top and a short mini-skirt.
“Which ever window we worked on,” Steve recounted somewhat excitedly, “that slut came prancing into the room, showing herself off. We were getting hornier and hornier,” Steve continued, “and then the slut stripped off and walked around in her bra and a little pair of panties. Fuck! That was it! We both went into the house and fucked the dirty bitch.”
I’d been getting hornier and hornier listening to this experience of Steve. “Did you get into trouble”? I excitedly asked him. “Did that sort of thing happen often?”
“Yeh,” Steve chuckled, “a lot of wives like a bit on the side when their husband’s out of the way. He started telling me of other instances much the same, then he laughingly said that I’d be getting too horny if izmir escort bayan he kept on with these stories. “Have you got a hard on?” he laughingly asked. I grinned and said, “yeh.”
The previous day we’d had a relatively short break for lunch, but this second day we sat on and on talking along these lines – or at least, Steve talked on and on; I just sat there excitedly listening.
“One of the horniest things that happened,” Steve continued with yet another sexy recollection, “was when we had a couple of gays working on the job. The owners of the house were both at work during the day, but their young son, about your own age, was at home on school holidays.”
“Well those two gays were onto him like dogs at a bitch on heat. They showed him heaps of porno, then got him onto gay porn, and soon they had him sucking their cocks and they were taking turns fucking him.”
I was a bit stunned by this turn in the conversation. I didn’t know what to say, and so I said nothing. Steve just kept on with his story: “it was only natural that the boy took to that sort of thing though,” he continued, “a young boy like yourself is so horny he’s ready for any sort of sex fun.”
I felt like I had to say something, and so I asked if the boy’s parents found out about it. “No,” Steve laughed in reply, “the boy wasn’t going to tell them, and we certainly weren’t.”
There was a moment when neither of us said anything; I was lost for words to say anything, and Steve seemed a bit hesitant all of a sudden. Anyhow, after just a brief pause he told me, in a strangely husky voice and looking away: “I’ve got some of those gay magazines that I found on the last job.”
Nothing was said between us, and there was an embarrassing silence, then Steve suddenly seeming to stir into life, jumped up and said that it was time to get back onto the job. We’d been sitting there for almost two hours. After that, Steve seemed a lot quieter than usual, and we only worked on for another hour before he called it quits for the day.

Driving me home, Steve said that I shouldn’t tell my parents about any of what he’d been telling me. He seemed quite relieved when I answered, “Hell no!” He then asked if I wanted to keep working next day, and seemed very pleased when I answered in the affirmative.

Next day at work, nothing was initially said of our talk of the previous day. About ten in the morning Steve received a phone call, and I hear him answer, “hi Ernie,” and I wondered whether it was my uncle Ernie.
“No, not yet, probably at lunch time,” I heard him saying as he walked away to be out of my hearing.
“Was that my uncle Ernie?” I asked Steve when he returned after a few minutes. “Yeh,” he replied, “just wanted to know something.”
I didn’t think anything more of it, and soon we were working away busily.

Lunch time soon came around, and I hoped that Steve would tell me more of his anecdotes, especially the sexy ones. He didn’t though, and seemed rather quiet. After a while he said, a bit hesitantly, “I had a look for those gay porn magazines that I’d found on the last job …. it’s incredible what those guys get up to.”
I didn’t say anything, but was hoping that he’d show them to me.
There was a bit of an embarrassed pause, then he added, “do you want to see them?”
I was thrilled, and answered “yes,” in a husky tone of voice that was caused by my intense excitement.
“Well ………,” he said as if considering whether to show me, “I don’t know……. they might make you want to do that sort of thing ……… a young boy like you might want to suck cock and that sort of stuff……… not that buca escort I’ve anything against it if you wanted to.”
He went to the truck and came back holding a small magazine. I was so excited.
He didn’t give it to me immediately, instead he stood flipping through the pages. “Yeh,” he said after a moment, “you’ll certainly be wanting to do this sort of thing when you see it,” and he handed the magazine to me. I turned the pages slowly, gazing at the naked men with their huge, rigid cocks – fondling each other – sucking each other – fucking each other. I could feel my cock hard in my pants.
Steve had stood by watching me for just a moment, but had then started packing the tools into the truck. I didn’t realize for a moment, so engrossed in the magazine was I, but when I did see that Steve was packing up, I got up to help. “Are we finished for the day already?” I asked in surprise.
“Yes, we’ve done enough here,” Steve answered.
Soon we were all packed and both climbed into the truck. Steve pulled onto the road, and instead of turning right towards where I lived, he turned left instead. “Wrong way!” I exclaimed.
“No,” Steve answered, “we’re going to my place first.”
In my innocence I simply assumed that he wanted to pick up something and that he’d then take me home as usual.
“Here we are,” Steve said as we drove into the driveway of a house not far from where we’d been working.
Steve opened the door and I followed him into the house, “this way,” he said, and led me into the bedroom. “I’ll bet you’re feeling horny after seeing those pictures,” Steve said in a strange tone as he went to a drawer and took out several magazines. He pushed me toward the bed and spread the magazines out one at a time. “Gay Cock Fun” – “Horny Gays” – “Hot Ass” – “Face Fuck”.
I gasped at the array that he had, and felt my cock immediately getting hard. “This lot will get you wanting it,” Steve said excitedly as he flipped a few of the pages to the best and most explicit pictures. He was dropping his pants and I was so confused I didn’t know what was going on. I soon found out though; Steve roughly pulled me toward him with his huge, hard cock swaying out in front, and grasping my head in his hands he pushed me down and forced his cock onto my mouth. “Come on you little slut, you want to suck this don’t you.”
My heart was racing. His cock was huge and heavy, with the veins standing out along its length and the head bulging as if fit to burst. I parted my lips and moved my head to take his cock into my mouth. I got a slight whiff of his sweat as I let the hard head of his cock push between my lips. Now I opened my mouth and took his cock right the way in. “Ow! don’t fucking bite!” Steve exclaimed. He showed me how to hold my mouth and tongue when sucking, and I then went at it with enthusiasm. I must have been doing it right because he began groaning and signing lustfully.
Steve soon pulled his cock from my mouth, exclaiming that he’d soon cum if he let me keep sucking his cock. Picking up the phone and dialing, I then heard Steve saying, “hi Ernie. Success, we’re at my place now.” There was a pause as he listened, then said, “ok, back door’s open, just come right in.”
My mind was in a whirl. “Was that my uncle Ernie?” I asked almost in disbelief.
“It certainly was,” Steve laughed in reply.
It began to dawn on me that this whole thing with the job helping Steve, had been a set up to get me to this point.
My uncle was there in a matter of only some minutes. I couldn’t look him in the eye, so embarrassed was I. It made no difference though; the two of them were immediately izmir escort taking turns in fucking my mouth.
“Let’s fuck the little slut now”, I recognized my uncles voice. I was roughly pulled into a kneeling position on the bed. Steve grabbed my head between his big hands and shoved his hard, swaying cock between my lips. He thrust inwards with his cock, and I choked on it as it all but went down my throat.
In the meantime, my uncle had gotten behind me, and I could feel him grasping my hips, then locating his huge, hard cock on my asshole. It felt queer as his cock pressed in slightly, but then he pushed forward and his cock drove all the way up into my ass. It didn’t hurt as such, but I could feel his cock stretching my intestines as it went right the way in. Next he was pulling back again, but at the point where he was about to come right the way out of my ass, he suddenly drove his cock in with such force that his thighs slammed into the back of mine, and I gasped and grunted as his cock rammed home right up inside my body.
Between the two men, my body was absolutely impaled on their hard, rigid cocks, and I grunted and choked as they fucked me vigorously.
Occasionally their hands would grope to my cock and balls which they’d fondle until I felt that I’d blow my load of cum all over their hands, but I never quite did, and so my cock was constantly hard and pulsing, absolutely gorged with lust.
Somewhere along the way, one of them suggested a swap of positions, and so they changed over with Steve now fucking my ass, and my uncle fucking my mouth. I thought nothing of the fact that Uncle Ernie’s cock, which moments ago had been plunging deeply up my ass, was now in my mouth, with me sucking lovingly and him sliding his cock in and out. After that, they kept changing back and forth from mouth to ass, and from ass to mouth.
God! This was heaven!

I think that I could have gone on for ever being double fucked, but it wasn’t long before Steve began to groan and moan, and saying that he was about to cum.
“Hold off a minute and I’ll cum in his mouth at the same time,” my uncle laughed. With that, Steve slowed up with his fucking, and my uncle, holding my head firmly between his hands, began fucking long and deep right to my throat. For my part, I sucked even more, with my tongue laying over my lower teeth and sliding up and down Uncle’s cock, eagerly anticipating the gushing of his cum into my mouth.
“Ahhhh …. nearly there” ……. my uncle began to moan lustfully.
With that, Steve began to pound his cock into my ass with great vigour.
The two of them were now completely out of control – moaning and grunting and panting as they were both totally overcome with their lustful urges. I was lurching about as if shaken by and earthquake as I was pummeled by their cocks driving into my body.
Now my uncles body stiffened and I thought that his cock would go right the way down my throat. I felt the tacky goo of his cum filling my mouth, and then he relaxed slightly.
At the same time Steve drove his cock into my ass with great ferocity, and held my hips tightly. I new that his cum was pumping deep within my bowels, and in fact, when moments later he withdrew his cock from my body, I could feel the sloppiness of my hole.
I moved my tongue about in my mouth, savouring the large amount of cum. I swallowed the bulk of it down, and flopped down on the bed, panting for breath, as had done Steve and Uncle Ernie.
“Phew,” my uncle panted, looking at me, “you’ll be getting plenty of this from now on.”

It was a little later that they told me that tomorrow they were going to take me to some public toilets that were a haunt for guy’s like themselves. “A nice young boy like yourself will be very popular there,” Steve laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32