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Monday was a busy day for Jenny, with three classes in widely disparate locations. She spent the day criss-crossing the campus, map in hand, just barely making it in time for each one. By the time she returned to ABD around 5:00 she was wiped out; she crawled onto a couch in the freshman living area and dozed for a half-hour.

When she woke up she cracked open an economics book and tried to study, but she felt restless. She had gone something like 18 hours without an orgasm, after living 18 years without one, and she didn’t feel like she could stand it another minute. How would Kristin summon her? Was she just supposed to know when she was wanted?

Just then, a phone rang. There was a single old-fashioned land line in the dorm, complete with a rotary phone that looked like it had been there at least 50 years. Sofia, who was the only other girl there at the moment, answered it. She told the caller to hold a moment and called out to Jenny. “It’s for you.”

Jenny walked over and took the phone from the olive-skinned Italian girl. “Hi, baby,” said Kristin.

“Hi,” answered Jenny, surging with joy and relief.

“Come upstairs. I want to see you.”

“OK.” Jenny put down the phone, her heartbeat rapidly accelerating. After pausing momentarily to check herself in the mirror and smooth her hair, she bounded up the stairs at top speed. She opened the door to find Kristin sitting at her desk, gazing intently at an imposing-looking textbook. “Hi,” said Jenny, but Kristin did not look up or otherwise acknowledge her presence. After a moment’s worried puzzlement, Jenny remembered her instructions. Mortified, she quickly stripped off her clothes, fastened the collar around her neck, and knelt by the door with her hands crossed behind her back.

Even so, it was at least five minutes before Kristin looked up from her studying and allowed one corner of her mouth to curl up into a smile. Closing the textbook with a thud, she walked over to sit on the foot of the bed facing Jenny. She hiked her skirt up around her waist and spread her legs. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and at the sight of her naked pussy Jenny’s mouth began to water.

Kristin crooked one finger and beckoned for Jenny to approach. Instinctively Jenny knew that she was meant to be on all fours, so she crawled over until her head was poised between the senior’s smooth, muscular thighs. “You miss me?” asked Kristin. Jenny nodded. “Good,” answered Kristin and pulled the younger girl’s head into her crotch.

Once she’d been satisfied, Kristin pulled Jenny onto the bed and rolled her onto her stomach. Hastily attaching her strap-on, she plunged into Jenny’s wet slit from behind and fucked casino siteleri younger girl forcefully and with relish. Afterwards, they dressed and went downstairs for dinner. April was there with Emma, looking luscious in a denim skirt and black sleeveless t-shirt. Jenny caught Kristin staring at her ex-roommate several times, and felt a surprising pang of jealousy.

When the meal was over, Kristin returned to her room while Jenny pitched in on cleanup. After stopping briefly in the quiet dormitory to grab her history book, Jenny found Kristin reading in bed under a bedside lamp. Inspired by the senior’s example, Jenny studied with great focus until finally she was just too tired to concentrate. A great sense of peace settled over her as she curled up against Kristin’s side and drifted into unconsciousness.

This was the routine for the rest of the week: After class, Jenny made her way to Kristin’s room, assumed the position, and awaited her mistress’s arrival. Jenny still had a lot to learn, and Kristin conscientiously went about filling in the holes in her education.

Tuesday, Kristin decided to teach Jenny a lesson in patience. She bound the naked freshman’s hands and feet to the bed with rope, then blindfolded her and left her there as she went to her desk to study. Periodically she looked up from her book and grinned to herself at the sight of the nude, helpless beauty. After an hour or so she put her book down, stripped off her jeans and began to gently finger herself, reveling in her sense of total control over the younger girl.

Growing more aroused, Kristin shed her panties and walked over to the bed. Pulling off Jenny’s blindfold, she rested her knees on Jenny’s biceps and began masturbating directly over her head. Jenny strained to reach Kristin’s pussy with her tongue, but the effort was futile; she could only watch as Kristin increased the pressure on her clit, causing a few drops of her juice to fall onto Jenny’s face.

Once she had come, Kristin climbed off Jenny, dressed, and went downstairs for a bite. She took her time eating, savoring every bite as she thought of the frustrated girl in her bed. When she finally returned to the room, Jenny looked up at her with such wide-eyed desperation that it made her heart ache. Deciding that the lesson had been learned, she quickly got her strap-on in place and plunged into Jenny’s wet cunt without further ado. The long wait had Jenny at such a fever pitch that she came almost immediately, professing her gratitude in a series of moans as she strained against her bonds. Kristin never let up, fucking her mercilessly until tears were streaming down her face.

Wednesday was all about pure hedonism. slot oyna In the course of their conversations Kristin had discovered that Jenny had never been high. She wanted to rectify that situation, so on Thursday evening the two girls sat back in Kristin’s bed and shared a joint. At first they just giggled and kissed. Then, feeling giddy, they started wrestling. Kristin, the bigger and stronger of the two, quickly pinned Jenny and began tickling her mercilessly, which soon got Jenny wet between the legs.

At this point Kristin brought out the whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and fruit she’d stashed in a drawer. She unpeeled a banana, dipped one in end in chocolate, and inserted the other end into her pussy. She topped it off with whipped cream and pulled Jenny’s head down into her crotch. Jenny gobbled the banana down eagerly, whereupon Kristin dabbed a bit of chocolate on her clit and had Jenny lick it off.

They spent the next few hours eating whipped cream and chocolate off each other, feeding each other grapes, and devising ingenious new uses for the banana. When they were finally sated, they crawled under the covers, smoked a little more, and watched “The Big Lebowski” before falling asleep.

On Thursday night, the vibe was very different. Immediately upon stripping and assuming the position, Jenny felt a chill in the air, and not just because it was a cold and stormy night. Kristin was looking at her sternly. “I told you to be here at 6:30. It’s 7:00 already.”

Jenny was alarmed. “I thought you said 7:00…” She said weakly.

Kristin knew that she had in fact said 7:00; she just needed a pretext on which to punish Jenny. She wanted Jenny to understand that ABD was not all fun and games, that there was pain that went along with the pleasure. What’s more, Friday would be the day they met with Miss White to review how well Jenny was learning the ropes. Miss White would want to see evidence that Jenny had been introduced to some form of punishment.

“Don’t contradict me,” Kristin said with all the authority she could muster. After tying a gag around Jenny’s mouth, she pushed the freshman’s head down to the floor and quickly cuffed her hands behind her back. Kristin had purchased a brand-new riding crop on the internet for this occasion, and after picking it up she stood regarding the soft, smooth rear before her.

The key now was to use the right stroke. She wanted the lashes to sting, and to leave red marks that Miss White could see, but without really hurting the innocent girl. The first time the crop hit her ass, Jenny stiffened and let out a yelp that tugged at Kristin’s heart while turning her on at the same time. The second lash was a canlı casino siteleri little harder; Jenny’s cry was louder, but she stuck her ass out further as if asking for more.

After that Kristin found the right force and rhythm, and was able to take great pleasure in watching Jenny’s beautiful round derriere quiver and redden. She changed up with some lashes to the bottoms of the feet and backs of the thighs, then finished up with a series of stronger swats on the behind. With these last few she feared she might have gone too far, caused more damage than she’d intended, so she put down the riding crop and sprayed Jenny’s bright red ass with a cooling mist.

Next she tied Jenny to the bed spread-eagled, face up so that her pussy was fully exposed. Jenny stared up at Kristin with desperate, tear-rimmed eyes, and she had to turn away to steel herself to the task at hand. She felt a little guilty about lying to Jenny and about punishing her for no reason. On the other hand, she relished this heady sensation of power, and she knew from experience that this pain would make Jenny’s future pleasure that much more intense. She had in her drawer a black mask, which she now donned so that Jenny wouldn’t be able to see the look on her face. She didn’t want Jenny to see her doubts and guilt, but to think of her as the pitiless mistress of fate.

Raising the crop high in the air, Kristin began to punish Jenny’s most sensitive areas: her nipples, her inner thighs, and then her vulva itself. Though these blows were very gentle, more symbolic than anything else, Jenny cried pitifully through the gag, racked with an exquisite pain that was entirely new to her. For a moment she felt betrayed, wondering why Kristin had turned on her so cruelly. But then she remembered her Oath of Obedience and focused on surrendering herself, trusting that it would all make sense eventually.

As luck would have it, just at that moment Kristin decided she had made her point and threw the crop aside. Laying atop the bound freshman, she covered Jenny’s face, neck, and lips with tender and sympathetic kisses. Jenny moaned incoherently in pleasure and in relief as Kristin lavished loving attention on the younger girl’s sore breasts, then continued kissing her way down Jenny’s belly. Impressed with how Jenny had stood up to the punishment, and still a little guilty over her subterfuge, Kristin slowly and carefully licked and fingered Jenny to what was probably the most intense orgasm of her young life.

For her part, Jenny was completely bewildered. This was another unexpected turn of events, but there was no arguing with the way she felt when her suffering turned so quickly into ecstasy. When Kristin untied her, she curled up contentedly in the senior’s embrace and nuzzled her head into Kristin’s neck. They were bonded together now in a new way, but nothing needed to be said; they drifted off together into a blissful slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32